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From: the spamMaster
To: soulScanner 213
Memorendamn Four
Subject: Whited Sepulchres

    I thoroughly understand your demonic laughter over the success we have achieved in the sector to which I assigned you. You certainly hear the very bowels of my kingdom rip and roar with our own sort of laughter, for we are with you in spirit at all times. Yet, by your joyous communiqué to me, I must tell you that my own laughter, supreme among the many of legion, is the most ferocious of all. Oh, I cannot stop myself! Ho! Ho! Ho! (Note my abbreviation for that infamous word Holy).

    Now, as you mentioned in your own memorendamn to me, I share your vision of a total victory for me in that geographical place in North America called California, and in particular that place therein which contains the largest diocese in the United States. How ironic is it that this massive metroplex is named after "The angels?" And am I not still prince of the angels? Thus He, my Oppressor, created me. My brilliance of spirit intellect is no less dimmed because I no longer share in His Light. I have no need of His light for I generate my own special light. Only those whose conscience has dimmed can and do see MY light, and how totally does it capture them for me for all eternity.

    You did not mention to me an article that ran in the Los Angeles Times back on June 20, 2001. Let me put forth for your further edification and your consistent obedience to me, several passages from this article. Hold fast to your tail, soulScanner 213, for what I relay here will most assuredly send you off in clouds of smoky laughter.

        "Against the dramatic backdrop of the unfinished Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Cardinal Roger M. Mahoney announced Tuesday that the $75 million edifice is on schedule and will be dedicated in little more than a year.

        "Mahoney called the cathedral a symbol of transcendent values, a 'sign of the universal call to holiness that extends to each one of us.'

        On Tuesday, Mahoney showed off several 60-foot-high clerestory windows of translucent alabaster stone…By the time the remaining windows are finished in August, the alabaster will cover 27,000 square feet of surface area, more alabaster than at any church in the world…

        "It just happened; a confluence of God's providence and circumstances brought about this particular moment," Mahoney said-adding with a grin, "helped a little bit by the Northridge earthquake."

    We must, of course, give the man his due. Were he not to speak of the great Oppressor he would become immediately suspect in matters of faith. Already in matters of morals this diocese is compromised. The confluence of God's providence and circumstances he speaks of owe nothing whatsoever to Him to Whom I showed no shirking in my own recognition of my superiority. In fact, dear soulScanner 213, I assure you that these "circumstances" were all of my doing, and not one of them was holy! Even as I shook the earth to dislodge the disturbing former Cathedral of St. Vibiana, I foresaw the opportunity our man there would take up for our cause. Because of your consistent help, he has never failed me.

    Also, it is mentioned in the aforementioned article that the former cathedral has since been decommissioned and sold; its stained glass windows are now to be found in the new cathedral's crypt.

    Do you see the absolute irony in all of this, soulScanner 213? How can you miss it? Let me make it clear to you that you may use the irony for my advantage in my total conquest of this once holy place. Oh yes, and that you may share it with soulScanner 714 just south of you in Orange County where they are intending the same agenda. Already each parish is being asked to fund the "liturgical renovations" so that any traces of the altar or tabernacle will be abolished, and all will gather in circular fashion around the table as the "presider" presides at the "Eucharistic Celebration." Don't you love it. No more sacrifice, no more horrid reverence, no more obstacles!

    Beware, however, for there are still those pockets where loyal Catholics question and challenge these changes. They can be a pest. The cardinal and his fellow bishops in Southern California are doing all they can to suppress those voices, but I fear they grow stronger. I had so hoped "Gather Faithfully Together" would have done the trick. It was masterful. Yet there are some who have seen through it. We cannot allow that to happen again, nor can we allow obstacles in Orange. They must raise the money. They must build another monstrosity on a less grander scale than the one in downtown LA, of course. The more of these sterile edifices that are built, the more these modern Catholics will be squeezed financially until they will be mine. Financial woes and family spats. It is a formula that works well, especially now that we have managed to diminsh the Rosary, devotions to those dreadful saints, and extrapolated that horrendous Prayer to my equal Michael - Saint Michael they call him. He has always been a thorn in my side. One more shot is all I want at him. Damn that Leo XIII. Took me close to a century to overcome that. But we're well on our way, 213. Please convey that to 714 for he tends to get discouraged. Discouragement is not for him but for those souls he is snaring. If he is successful, as you have been, then more will be diverted further from their Faith.

    Oh, I do hope Orange follows the same environmental theme as the LA. The new-age, Greenpeace agenda works so well with all the glass, water and pools. Oh, I do love pools. Takes their minds off the supernatural and invites them to give in to their natural wants. There are so many subtle diversions and the architects are following my script to a "T."

    First, alabaster. You know, because I have taught you, those hateful words spoken by the Oppressor's Only-Begotten Son, He Who lived and died and rose (damn Him for doing that), regarding the hypocrites of His day and age. To the favored Pharisees and Scribes Christ termed them "whited sepulchers". Now, my soulScanner 213 do you fail still to see the irony? Those hateful words against my servants are now brought full circle in my time, my age. The whited-sepulchers are the very princes of the church, which remains only a church, and not the Roman Catholic Church. Yes, I claim this happenstance for my own pride, but I do truly share it with you, that you may share it with all the souls you scan in this sector.

    "A symbol of transcendent values" Mahoney said, and well he should, for in ever increasing circles this terminology has taken hold of souls by the millions. No one of the humans can tell you what this terminology means. At best if it has any meaning at all it is ambiguity and dissonance with the glorious past of the once powerful Roman Catholic Church. What values are transcended? What or whom actually transcends, and in what measure, or better by whose measure? Mine, of course. Always mine!!! Ah, ambiguity, how I cherish and nurture you.

    Now, think that the once stained-glass windows of the former cathedral, which drew the attention of the faithful to their final destination - home, is now buried with them in the crypts which will soon fill. Dead eyes do not see the whited-sepulchers, nor do dead eyes view the inspirational stained glass any longer. Now I would ask the great Foe, who is "blind?" Who "are full of dead men's bones and of all uncleanness?" Before the human is interred, he is long since mine, his eyes forever dimmed from the True Light, into my condemning darkness.

    Also, soulScanner 213, I bring to you again this idea, which you must use in your continuing quest for the total victory over your sector. What a delightful title I find in 'Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.' Well, she is not my lady! (Ho! Ho! Ho!). Wait while I swallow a bit of brimstone, for I am dry with laughter.

    She, the Virgin, who they call the Immaculate Conception, is now the patroness of my own monstrosity. Of course, she will do whatever He permits her to do (which is far too much for my spirit) for the sake of souls, but she is already defeated. Do you see this clearly? I must begrudgingly give credit to her wretched Son for He had it nailed when He said, "Serpents, brood of vipers, how are you to escape the judgment of hell?" But I share this confidentially, 213, for were even those whom I claim in my camp to realize the scope of what they have done and are doing, I fear they might repent. We can't have that. When they have passed the point of no return, then it will not matter. But for now, they are not, under any circumstances, to know they can escape my clutches through conversion back to the absolutes of that relentless Church He established. They must continue in the dark. The smog, temporal treasures, bottom-line pressures and platitudes will help cloud consciences.

    Meanwhile, this new cathedral will be a whited-sepulcher, and she, for whom it is named, is once again mocked by me, by my legion. Let me relish this, truly relish this. Do I not know how this wounds the Oppressor's heart, and eats at the institution of the Catholic Church, which He founded?

    All is coming to me now. How long have I labored for this.

    The visibility of this monstrosity of an edifice will do much damage. Any who are drawn there will find no food to nourish their shriveling souls. You will see to that, soulScanner 213. All that is being poured into this accommodates this. While St. Vibiana was a hallowed shrine for true believers, this will become a meeting place of Gomorrah's greats. They will lavish praise and pride will win out. The address alone will prompt it: Temple and Grand. What a great site, bordering the Hollywood Freeway. What great chemistry this "tower of Babel" will be with the film industry. Ah, yes one of my great accomplishments: Hollywood. Why, maybe its grandeur and prestige will attract a request to stage an Emmy event or Oscar ceremony as time goes by since there will be room for so many to be comfortably seated. Ah, yes, all must be comfortable. No kneelers policy plays right into my scheme. They must never desire to come there for reparation. Always in awe of man's imagination, not God's!

    I have turned His words against Him, and I have twisted hypocrite to fit the very discipleship and apostleship that He commissioned while on earth. I have obliterated from memory (or, rather, more nearly obliterated) the sound edifices of the past. This new addition is, indeed, a glass house, and one built upon sand.

    I am the shifter of sand. I sift my sand and souls fall into the flames of my kingdom, my joy! I will never cease to shift the sand under this great house of glass, which I shall love for the sake of mockery and for my false sense of peace as I dilute ever further the once powerful Roman Catholic Church. As LA goes, so goes the rest of Southern California and then the entire state, the whole west coast, and more. The Rocky Mountain area will be a much more difficult nut to crack. We'll wait the Archbishop of Denver out and hope he hasn't done too much damage through his orthodoxy and adherence to absolutes. Oh there are a few others who trouble me, but for the most part, dear 213, the vast majority of the bishops, just as in your sector, are easy prey. That makes our work with souls that much easier. O happy day!

    How I savor mocking the one who was chosen to be the Immaculate Mother of the Son of God! Oh, that hurts to say. I must have some more brimstone.

    Ah, that's better. Nothing quenches false truths more than hellfire and brimstone! As I was saying, to mock her is such a singular joy to my spirit that I seek to do this even more until she is rendered a mere myth that no one takes seriously.

    In this way, soulScanner, as long as you remain vigilant over your sector, shift the sands beneath the glass house that resembles a church as much as pond scum resembles the clarity of spring water, then it is I who will crush her head, as I am now crushing the head of the Church Militant through my battle cry of global fraternity.

    I will address this global fraternity in more detail through other memorendamns. While they do not come to you directly, you will nevertheless learn of their details, for I share everything with all who loyally follow me… who accept my supreme authority.

    Be vigilant. That Goliath, the Roman Catholic Church in the western United States is about to be annihilated by the shards of the cathedral of glass shattering all around it.

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