March 30, 2001
volume 12, no. 89

The Truth Sets Us Free: The Palestinian Plight

By Father Labib Kobti ,

    Some people have send messages at different lists that can mislead us on the situation of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict and the things happening on these days in the Holy land.

    I believe as a Catholic Priest that only the TRUTH SETS US FREE as Our Lord Jesus has said.


  • 50 Years ago 100% of the Palestinians were in Palestine

  • 50 Years ago less than 1% of the Jews in the world were in Palestine

  • 50 years after more than 5 million Jews are in the majority of Palestine who became Israel since 1948. Jews came from Europe, Russia, USA, Ethiopia

  • 50 years after about 5 million Palestinians are refugees in the Occupied Territories and Gaza strip, in the Arab world: Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Syria as well in Europe and USA. (I serve in California over 3.000 people all Palestinian refugees, other Orthodox and Protestant churches serve more than that.)

  • 50 years ago more than 95% of the Palestinian land belonged to the Palestinians

  • 50 years ago less than 5% of the land was used by the Jews Palestinians

  • 50 years after less than 22% of the land belong to the Palestinians

  • 50 Years more than 78% of the land belongs to the state of Israel. Israeli settlers are building settlement everywhere anywhere in the Occupied territories and the Israeli government is extending its borders everytime a settlement is built claiming the land and confiscating it form the Palestinians.


  • a) The UN Resolutions have spoken about all illegal settlements, confiscating of Palestinian lands, the demolition of Palestinian houses, farms, trees, confiscating of Palestinian IDs, use of Helicopters, Excessive use of force etc.

  • b) Israel has always refused to implement the UN resolutions with the support unfortunately of the US different administrations who used their vetoes more than 37 times against an unanimous condemnations of Israeli practices in Palestine. Please see this on:

  • c) The current situation in Palestine must be analyzed within the context of over 52 years of American policy in the region and over 30 years of Israeli Occupation of Palestine with the support of America and approximately seven years of what has been creatively defined as the Peace Process.

  • d) When Palestinians live in a continuos frustration during these years of peace process" Israeli economy, which during the occupation and Intifada was miserable, with an international credit rating lower than Bolivia’s, has now improved to an almost European ranking. The high-tech sector has become one of the fastest growing in the world, expanding faster than even London or other Western capitals. This is because of a more secure investment environment, and the absence of any meaningful regional opposition..." Israel started to invest and send its products to the Arabic Countries when the Palestinians of the Occupied Territories have not been allowed to work outside of Israel... "Palestinians do not have access to water from their own wells, but must buy drinking water from Israel... There is no freedom of movement for the Palestinians".

  • e) This is why the Palestinians of today frustrated by the non sense on many summits and agreement and the refusal of Israel to implement the UN Resolutions, they used that have in their means to resist the Occupation of their country, recognize by the UN Charters, Fourth Geneva Convention and La Hague Convention that "People under occupation has the right to resist the occupiers by all means. Palestinians are using stone and light weapons, Israeli is using missile tanks, Helicopter Gunships.

        I do not call for violence. I am against the use of any violence. Killing innocent Israelis or Palestinian people using acts that are not on the charters of the UN, Geneva Fourth convention is wrong. I call for a RESISTANCE based on Ghandi, Martin Luther and Nelson Mandella way. Violence is not the solution. But the Palestinians has the RIGHT to RESIST Occupation: see this page:

  • f) BARAK: It is not true and fair to say that Barak have offered concessions as PM. Barak had only worked a continuous peace process that became a PROCESS only without peace. He build more settlements in few month that all the period of Netanyahu, he killed Palestinians using tank, helicopters, bombs against civilians more than any PM in the history of Israel. Now Sharon is continuing the task of Barak.

        Barak did not implement any of the already singed agreements with the Palestinians, he did not give them back the lands that the USA agreed with may summits that Israel should give. The peace process was speaking about 22% of the Palestinian land when the UN speaks about 100% of the Palestinian Rights. Already accepting to speak about the 22% the Palestinians and not the Israelis have given more than they can. And on the 22% the Israelis were asking to build more settlements and put them under the Israeli sovereignty which makes the 22% , 20, 19, 18, 10% at the end. This is unfair then to speak about the good will of Barak.

    You can read what the Israeli pro peace movement say about that on: 1) 2)


  • a) Palestinians acknowledge the need for Israel to live in peace and security forever but real security should recognize the needs of the Palestinians for security also.

        They do not understand why Israel want to get the most of the 22% that should belong to the Palestinians, when the Palestinians accepted to recognize the existence, the presence and the independence of Israel, since 52 years, on what used to be a Palestinian Land for thousands of years.

        They do not understand why confiscating Palestinian Lands and building settlements everywhere on this 22% Occupied Territories is so important for Israelis. There is an issue of justice here. If Israel really wants security building settlements is not the answer at all. There is a lot of empty land in Israel why they do not build there? We do not understand why building in East Jerusalem (Arab Jerusalem) is so important and so urgent for Israel, there is enough and plenty of room to build in many other places in Israel.

        They do not understand why the claims of the Palestinians for their own lands and houses is not as important as Israeli claims, there is an issue of justice here. They do not understand why Jews has the right of Return after 2000, 1000, 500 years to Palestine and the Palestinians have not the right to return after 50, 40, 30, 10 years.

        Palestinians have the same right of the Albanian Kosovars, in whose name the United States led NATO into war. It is no less than the right of Rwandans returning home from the Congo, or East Timorese going home from Indonesian refugee camps.”

  • b) What they should do: They resist the occupation of their land. THIS A RIGHT that the International LAW have given to any country under occupation.

        I do not agree for the use of violence and killing innocent people. But how you can deal with frustrated people.One time asked about the Palestinians Barak had said: IF I WAS PALESTINIAN, I WILL BECOME TERRORIST (yes because he wants to defend the Palestinian rights if he was Palestinian, he is then what is have said when he is ISRAELI!!)

        I had this message from a friend of mine who said: Please, let me understand. If you were forced to pay 5 times as much taxes as much as your neighbor, yet you got paid 2 dollars a day and your neighbor got paid hundreds a day, is that fair?

        If you were taxed on water usage 5 times as much as your neighbor, yet you could only use 2 buckets for your whole family while the neighbor had an unlimited water supply, is that fair?

        If you could only take a 3 hour dangerous route to work, while your neighbor was allowed to use a 15 minute paved route to get to the same location, is that fair?

        If, on the way to work, or the hospital, you had to go through humiliating and long checkpoint searches along the way, while your neighbor could go anywhere hassle-free, is that fair? If you were not allowed to bear arms, yet your neighbor could carry an uzi and use a gunship while walking around your town, is that fair? If you could not go to your house of worship, because your neighbor put military barricades around your church or mosque, is that fair? If you got home only to find your home demolished by your neighbor so that homes could be built for immigrants who weren't born on your land, is that fair?


  • c) If Palestinians walk the streets against Israel destroying a house, killing Palestinians people, using of tanks and helicopters, or against collective punishments and the siege of the Palestinian cities and houses: Israel says they are inciting people against Israel, and they come with their weapons and shoot against them. If they throw a stones they shoot them. At least, we call on the Jews to obey to their MOSAIC LAW: Eye for ey, teeth for teeth. Palestinian use stones, use stones, do this do it the same way ... at least you go with the Law!!

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    BECAUSE You are called to be free: the TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE.

        "... Thus says the Lord God of Israel: You shed blood, yet you would keep possession on the land? You rely on your sword, you do abominable things...yet you would keep possession of the land?" Prophet EZEKIEL 33:25-28

    March 30, 2001
    volume 12, no. 89
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