April 9, 2001
volume 12, no. 99

The Judases among us!

Part One

    This week we travel with Jesus on the path of Calvary as we commemorate Holy Week and the Paschal Triduum of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday leading up to the glorious Resurrection next Sunday.

    Today, in April 2001 we weep with Our Lord in Gethsemani. Remember, there is no past with the Triune Divinity, no future. God is always in the present as He says "I Am." Therefore, the events and atrocities occurring today are in God's present time and being done in His presence. That is another reason He weeps so. He prays alone, even His Own closest Apostles fail to take that extra step to join Him in the Garden of Olives. Instead they choose to sleep, afraid to commit. So also His faithful ones today are abandoned by the successors of the Apostles. They go it alone in praying with Christ to preserve their Faith and the Truths He teaches at all costs.

    The Son of Man weeps tears of blood, not for what He would have to undergo, not because, contrary to the experts of the "Jesus Seminar" and other heresies, that He was afraid of the physical torture ahead. No, He weeps bitterly over what He sees of His little ones. He weeps because Judas Iscariot is soon to betray his Master for a mere thirty pieces of silver. The Divine Son of Mary sees a mass defection from the teachings He has handed down over centuries; centuries of sacrifices by those who would do anything to uphold the absolutes of His teaching and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass from the early catechumens to loyal Catholics today who are being forced underground in order to preserve the Latin rite in the face of a protestantizing of their beloved Faith. He sees a selling out to the world in order to accommodate the flesh rather than the soul, forgetting His assuring and certain words in Matthew 16: 25-27. He sees a rampant disregard for the Laws set in stone and given to Moses to sustain mankind for all time. He sees a growing malaise among those He has given more responsibility to and He weeps that they fail to heed His words, "But of everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and of him to whom they have entrusted much, they will demand the more" (Luke 12: 48).

    The King of Kings kneels on the rocky carpet of Gethsemani and weeps some more. The blood trickles onto the rock, symbolic of the Rock upon which He has built His Church and promised that the gates of hell shall not prevail against it (cf. Matthew 16: 17-19), but the fallen angel is trying. Oh is he trying! The blood represents the millions who have given their lives willingly for Him over the centuries as martyrs so that, as Origen first said, "The blood of the martyrs has become the seeds of Christianity." Today those seeds number over one billion universally. Yet the bloodshed continues in China and other parts of Southeast Asia and Asia proper; in the Sudan and other parts of Africa; in Europe with the collapse of the Faith in the face of ecumenism which dilutes absolutes of the True Faith and lets down the shield against the seven deadly sins where hate rules in the Mideast, in Spain and in Northern Ireland; in South America where civil war for many decades has rendered an unstable atmosphere of confusion and distrust; and in the developed continents of Oceania and North America where we should know better.

    The tears of blood, which stain the rock and flow down seeping into the parched earth beneath Our Lord, also represent the blood spilled by the modern martyrs of the past three decades whereby over 40 million innocent martyrs have been slain in the unlikeliest death chamber of all - the womb. That very refuge which should be the safest, is now no longer a safe harbor but a prison cell that ends with the "legal" death penalty for so many innocent, defenseless preborns. The prophecy of "mother against child" has come true as has the reverse; for children today openly challenge parents, challenge authority, challenge and violate the Fourth Commandment. That has contributed to a direct and overt violation of the enth degree of every single Mandate handed down on Sinai. To go through every one would take a column per commandment and then some.

    Suffice it to say Jesus wept not for Himself, but for us. He did not suffer the tortures and ridicule for Himself, but for us. He did not willingly give His life on the Cross for Himself, but for us. When will we realize that? When will we realize there is a price to pay for being His disciples? When will we learn that He is the ultimate Authority and when His consecrated ones do not speak out in defense of His teachings, we have a responsibility before Him and His Holy Church to admonish in truth and love?

    It is with love that we have been running our "Herod's Heroes" series. Tough love, if you will, but love for we want these pro-abort politicians and the bishops who remain silent to return to right and be in full communion with all that His Holy Church has handed down. Today in our series we feature the governor from Massachusetts Paul Celluci as our 39th on the list to be revealed. Celluci last week was confirmed by the Senate and House as the new Ambassador to Canada. This despite the protests of Pro-Lifers and concerned Christians everywhere as to Celluci's agenda toward abortion and his liberal and permissive homosexual-oriented mindset. It has been documented that Celluci has openly promoted the sodomy agenda in his state, in schools and in Catholic schools.

    His appointment was pushed vigorously by President George W. Bush, who until this twist, had been faithful to all he had promised and had been upholding his Pro-Life initiatives. Is this a betrayal of our trust? Is Jesus also weeping for his failure to be faithful to his word? Consider what another ambassador has to say, one who has always been faithful to the doctrines of the Church and uncompromising in promoting the truths and fighting for them - Alan Keyes. He writes, "Bush administration pressure on conservatives to accept the nomination of Massachusetts Governor Paul Cellucci to serve as our ambassador to Canada is a perfect example of the great danger we face in the new administration -- the temptation to accept the implicit repudiation of our most fundamental goals for the sake of short term partisan advantage. If moral conservatives are going to draw the line at anything the Bush administration might do, it will be this terrible appointment.

    "Governor Cellucci has been an uncompromising advocate of the radical homosexual agenda in Massachusetts. I will spare you the details of his tireless -- and publicly defiant -- work for this cause, but you can learn all you wish and more about it by visiting the web site of the Parents Rights Coalition. Suffice it to say that Cellucci has used his office enthusiastically to provide government funding and encouragement of compulsory homosexual recruitment sessions for the public school children of Massachusetts.

    "I want to focus today not on the litany of the Governor's outrageous actions, but on the deeper reasons that advocacy of the homosexual rights agenda is disqualifying for any prospective holder of high public office. It is important to review this argument so that we will remember that we are simply not free to follow President Bush in such acts of so-called (and misnamed) "tolerance" unless we are willing to recognize them for what they are -- the direct repudiation of our most important principles.

    "The movement to achieve public acceptance of the radical homosexual agenda is the most powerful attempt today to prepare the nation to acquiesce in the abandonment of any notion of right and wrong. I believe that in important respects it has replaced the pro-abortion movement as the most dangerous moral temptation we face. Those of us who are keenly aware of the ongoing moral and physical cost of abortion may not always notice it, but we have actually won the moral argument about abortion. The advocates and practitioners of abortion in America today carry on in full knowledge that what they are doing is wicked and violates fundamental principles of American life and belief -- they simply insist that they have the power and will to do this wrong and will not stop. They have, for the most part, ceased the missionary crusade to convince the rest of us to call abortion a good thing. This is progress.

    "Compare this situation to the dispute over the homosexual agenda. Here, we are still being told we have a positive obligation to acknowledge moral parity between the homosexual "lifestyle" and the marriage-based, two-parent family. Those who actually defend the view that these two very different visions of the nature and purpose of human sexuality differ as right from wrong are stigmatized as bigots, no better than the racists who form judgments of human moral worth on the false basis of skin color.

    "Respect for the family flows from understanding that the family is the school of personhood -- the natural and divinely ordained basis of our most formative attempts to discern the will of God and our responsibilities to other human beings. Our experience in the family reveals to us the relations of pleasure to virtue, of private good to common good and of liberty to responsibility, that constitute the unchangeable structure of any well ordered and morally fruitful human life. Human reason can discern that God's plan for family and procreation is a plan for the formation of morally excellent human beings and that the subordination of sexual pleasure to the higher goods of fidelity, communion and responsibility is a relation organic to human nature itself.

    "For these reasons, the assault on the family by agents of the homosexual agenda is not simply the attempt to raise one particular sin to parity with one particular form of virtue. It is the embodiment of the desire to kill in the nest the very possibility of the formation of young people who can distinguish between virtue and vice, responsibility and licentiousness. The dispute over the radical homosexual agenda -- the fight about a redefinition of our understanding of human sexuality -- is also, more fundamentally, about whether we are going to continue to be a people capable of making principled moral judgments at all. If it is "intolerant" to refuse to re-order our common life on the licentious principle of doing whatever we want in sexual matters, it will soon be considered equally "intolerant" to order our common life on the basis of any moral principles whatsoever.

    "If these are the stakes, we should look very carefully at what public figures say and do on the issue of sexual responsibility and sexual conduct. We should apply such scrutiny particularly to those who offer themselves as leaders of the moral conservative cause, or with whom that cause is tempted to align itself. For if we are not careful, we will find ourselves committed to political alliances and strategies that -- whether in the name of "tolerance" or of "pragmatism" or of whatever other buzzword is used -- represent the abandonment of our resolve that there is no compromise of principle possible on the question of the family.

    "As with abortion, so with the homosexual agenda, much intermediate progress may be possible and many alliances with those who see only part of the truth may be advisable. But we must always distinguish with clarity and firmness between actions and words that seek only part of our goal and actions and words that compromise our goal by falsely conceding somehow that our principles are only partly true. The unborn are wholly innocent and abortion is wholly wrong -- even if we must proceed against this evil, at times, in partial steps. Human sexuality is wholly ordered to the marriage-based, two-parent family, and "alternate" forms of human sexual relations have precisely no claim to share in the dignity we accord to the family -- even if we must at times acknowledge the weakness of the flesh and the great difficulty of always living up to the ideal of family life.

    "By anything approaching this standard, Governor Cellucci's appointment to office by the Bush administration is utterly perverse. Then-Governor Bush summed up his position on the homosexual agenda in the presidential debate by saying that, "I'm a tolerant man. I just happen to believe that marriage is between a man and a woman." Now that he is President, Mr. Bush needs to understand that he may not "tolerate" in his administration high officials who say and do things that legitimize the misunderstanding of human sexuality that puts personal, individual, selfish and irresponsible gratification at its center. He may not "tolerate" those who remain willing allies of the effort to stigmatize the moral convictions of people of faith on these issues, dismissing as ill-tempered bigots those who wish to stand up for the true principles of human dignity. He cannot "tolerate" in his appointees those who would, as Governor Cellucci has, violate our First Amendment right to freely speak the truths of conscience."

    Celluci's shepherd in Boston Cardinal Bernard Law knew all this and didn't say boo! What are we to think about a Prince of the Church, who, by his silence, condones these atrocities that are directly opposed to Roman Catholic teaching? Yes, Our Lord weeps so that His Apostles' successors have become so weak, so afraid of being persecuted, being criticized. But as He weeps, what are we to think?

    Since His Eminence has been silent for lo these many years knowing full well Senator Ted Kennedy and Senator John Kerry's agenda; knowing full well what Celluci is promoting will undermine the absoluteness of the Roman Catholic Church; knowing full well that by not saying anything the majority of his flocks will not question him; knowing full well that we have been running this past week the Massachusetts congressmen and, before that, the senators as "Herod's Heroes" with definitive proof that they are promoting the culture of death; knowing full well that His Holiness Pope John Paul II has spoken out strongly about upholding life in all its stages...then we can only deduce that he has no intention of obeying his Sovereign Pontiff, no intention of enforcing the great Deposit of Faith which Holy Mother Church has passed down for centuries and is binding before God.

    The time for tolerance, the time for patience and understanding has passed. The Blessed Mother of God, the Sorrowful Mother has said many times to visionaries and messengers throughout the world in the past forty years that "the cup runneth over and she can no longer hold back the hand of her Divine Son from meting out His Justice." How many more innocents must be slaughtered, how many more souls corrupted by the ideology of Sodom and Gomorrah before they realize if the bishops do not take action NOW the same fate will befall America and other nations who have embraced the perversity of those two doomed cities of the Old Covenant.

    The New Covenant has reaffirmed this. Christ teaches love and forgiveness, but He never condones tolerance of sin and that is what the cardinal and his episcopal cohorts are doing through their silent action. Yes, we understand they have collectively published the document "Living the Gospel of Life" but it is only lip service, and besides, who really has read it? Not the pro-abort politicians who claim to be Catholic. I daresay, quite possibly the bishops themselves haven't even read it and if they do not even believe what they preach, then we can see all the more why Christ weeps. He realizes all too well, that it is not just one of His chosen whom kisses His cheek in betrayal, but many of the successors today, many who are Judases among us!

Michael Cain, editor

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April 9, 2001
volume 12, no. 99
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