April 4, 2001
volume 12, no. 94

A Return to Basics is Fundamental to our Faith

Part Two

    My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I continue the second part of this article begun yesterday. Thank you for having the interest to read further. May the Holy Spirit touch your hearts as only He can.

    I remember many messages I received, though unworthy I was, from Blessed Mary and her dear Divine Son about this, asking that we pray for our dear Holy Father Pope John Paul II because of the many crosses he had to carry. Each day I am given to understand more clearly what They meant and how it pertains to us today. So many of the messages have more clarity to me as time goes by. Yes, I miss the conscious communication with Our Lord and His Blessed Mother that I was blessed to be given for those five years, but my responsibilities didn't end when the messages did. No, that's really when my work began because I had been given the gift and after it was over, it was not something to discard, but rather live.

    Everything imparted to me was already given to me in growing up Catholic. My mother and father made sure I was imbued with the Faith and knew it fully through their example, their prayerlife, the Bible, and the Baltimore Catechism. They did this in the home and the choice of schools they sent me to. There is nothing new in anything Blessed Mother and dear Jesus told me, only a reminder of what we should live. Many have asked why me? I don't. God works in mysterious and marvelous ways and I firmly believe I was one of many, many God chose in order to help wake the populace to what is happening in our world and to His beloved Church. It is not for me to ask why of God, only to obey Him.

    Everything I was taught before Vatican II was true, it was right, it was reverent. Why now would it be wrong? Because satan works in such ways to confuse, to divide and conquer. There is an addage that when something isn't working, you go back to basics. I hear this all the time when Michael and the boys are watching baseball games and they keep talking about fundamentals, basics. That's what we as Roman Catholics need to do. Go back to the basics, the truths of our wondrous Faith. As bad as things may seem, there is still a remnant that has not been sullied by the new way of being Catholic.

    You would be awe-struck at the number of faithful Catholics who have, over the decades, remained faithful to the Latin Mass, and the numbers are growing daily. I, myself, having been brought back to this Mass by the Holy Spirit after four years of trying to reconcile with the Novus Ordo at three different parishes here, find that my soul is filled with such joy and grace, that I am lifted up out of myself into the celestial realm and I can speak for my sons when I say that both of them, who before were so easily bored and distracted at the side-show mentality of the Novus Ordo Mass they've seen here in California, are now on their knees, Rosaries in hand before Mass, and learning the Latin again so they, too, when the time is right, can truly understand the importance of serving Mass as altar boys. Yes, that's what they were called, more appropriately, acolytes, and it was meant for males only. The feminist movement is another transgression that has weakened our resolve for the truth. There is only one feminine standard I live by and that is the feminine ideal all should emulate: the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    In being given the rules and constitutions for the Institute of Divine Mercy in the early nineties, I was directed to stipulate that the sisters would say their daily prayers in Latin and their Masses would be in Latin. God was planting the small mustard seeds - infitesmal as they might be - to preserve the Latin Mass and, in His Infinite time, to hopefully move mountains. While in Dallas, where the Institute was approved, we had been blessed to have the Latin Mass and the Fraternity of St. Peter priest but we also had a very orthodox parish and so we divided our time between both for we were fullfiled by the Latin, but we were not being deprived at the Novus Ordo because, for the most part, it was reverent because the pastor was traditional. But then he retired and, well, you know the rest of the story.

    I think back on the messages given to the world through me from September, 1990 to the Feast of Corpus Christi 1995, and I am made aware of how Our Lady spoke of her faithful remnant. I am also reminded of the Scripture passage where Our Lord asks if He will find any faith when He returns (for the Second Coming). In this Scripture Passage, Our Lord is speaking of the One Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith, which He deposited in His Church when He set Peter as the first Pope. It is the foundation for the primacy of Peter. What has been passed down is the great Deposit of Faith. And, that is intact and doing well in parishes where the Latin Mass is permitted, my dear brothers and sisters, for there the Dogmas, Doctrines, Teachings, and Traditions of Holy Mother Church are preserved. There, Our Dear Lord is given all due reverence, adoration, glory, and praise, and the priest leads the faithful to God, rather than the other way around in the Novus Ordo today where God is lowered to our human, finite level, and the "presider's chair" has replaced the Tabernacle, and the Crucified Christ is too often replaced with a plain cross, not unlike any protestant church you might wander into.

    Let's be honest, my dear brothers and sisters, can you honestly say that the Faith has been preserved fully in the Novus Ordo with all of its inherent abuses world-wide? Can you say, with the fullness of knowledge that you have been taught the True Faith from the pulpit? Can you say that the very nature and need of the Sacrament of Penance is instilled in the liberal parishes of the Novus Ordo? It is in many parishes where orthodoxy is upheld, but then those parishes are mostly in dioceses where the bishops are loyal to Rome, understand the need for the Tridentine Mass, or Latin Mass, or Mass of All Ages - also called the Old Mass. In these dioceses you will not find the abuses that have made today's Novus Ordo on the west coast so foreign to loyal Catholics.

    I believe we can all agree that with these liberal abuses of the Novus Ordo Mass, we have experienced a social-hall mentality that permeates the entire Mass, which is no longer referred to as 'Mass', but rather the 'Banquet of the Lord', around whose 'table' we are called together. The significance of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has not been stressed for nearly three decades. Now it's a meal, and we are called to 'celebrate', forgetting all about the infinite Sacrifice of Calvary, and its perpetuation at every Mass. We forget that we, too, are called to Calvary with Our Lord, for there is the doorway to Heaven. We have been stripped of our duty and privilege of making sacrifices and penances for our own sins, and those of others, particularly the souls in Purgatory. In fact, so little is asked of us in this liberal American Church that has replaced the TRUE FAITH OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, that many are the people who don't bother to come to Mass on Sunday, who have no problem condoning abortion, voting for politicians who promote abortion.

    Look at the state of society and the silence of our shepherds today. Why is it we that we seem to have no problem at all in seeing a couple get a divorce, then remarrying and still going to Communion, not bothering to set the matter straight with an annulment? Why is it we have no problem contributing to these parishes for their financial campaigns, which are all too frequent and too demanding, knowing full well that we're contributing to further abuses in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and to the TRUE FAITH overall?

    Why, my dear brothers and sisters, don't we all stand up together and shout from the rooftops: "ENOUGH!" Why do we sit idly in the pew, smiling at our neighbor, gossiping before church and after, glad-handing everyone in sight, and ignoring Our Lord in the Tabernacle, and from the Consecration till after Communion, present upon the altar. Oops, I forgot, it's not called an altar anymore…it's just a table!!! It is not the Novus Ordo Blessed John XXIII intended and which is so beautifully said on EWTN. It has changed, oh, changed so drastically, at least here in the west coast of America and, from the correspondence we receive, from many dioceses around the country.

    Shame on all of us for not speaking up stronger and with loud enough voice to make the bishops take notice. Shame on the bishops for ramrodding these abuses down our throats till we've been lulled to sleep, allowed to slide into lukewarmness, nearing the brink of the abyss in our spiritual life. For the love of God, stop!

    If you truly love your Faith - a gift from God of which you have every right to be proud and grateful in the proper sense - then start by speaking up. Make waves; knock down the chancery doors charitably but firmly, till the bishops hear you. If they refuse to hear you, then I beg of you, for the sake of your soul, for the sake of your precious faith, go and find a parish that is loyal to the rubrics and GIRM and is reverent. Yes, today it can be called the "underground church." I know you'll find it for sure wherever there is a Tridentine Mass in your diocese. There, without a shadow of a doubt, you will find the TRUE FAITH, and there you will begin your journey back into a true spiritual journey accompanied by the fullness of the Sacramental Life. There, you will not have to hunt for the Tabernacle and then spend only a fleeting moment or two saying "Hi" to Jesus.

    You'll always find Our Lord waiting for you in the Latin Mass, because He is emphasized as the Sacrificial Lamb offered to the Father for us and our sins and it is a reminder of what He asked at the Last Supper, "Haec quotiescumque feceritis, in mei memoriam facietis" - "As often as ye do these things, ye shall do them in remembrance of Me." In the Latin Mass the emphasis is where it should be: on Jesus, not us. I know I just want to run into His arms and say "Thank You for what You have done for me and waiting for me, a sinner, so patiently, so lovingly."

    There is such a peace that comes over me when I attend a Mass in Latin. I feel that I'm always home and I thank Him and our Holy Father for allowing the Tridentine Indult in these difficulut times for it is so precious because it is still the Mass I grew up with. They can't change this Mass called the Mass of All Ages. Michael says it's because the liberals don't remember Latin. He also says those bishops who allow more Tridentine Masses in their dioceses are reaping more fruits of vocations. The Lincoln, Nebraska Diocese stands out in that respect. But I will leave that to him to detail when he writes.

    I received a letter just a short while ago and I must clear up one very important thing. I do want you to know we have not joined the Society of St. Pius X, as one reader misconstrued. That is why I want to clarify here and now we are obedient to Rome. Once, pray God, Rome and the Society are one again, then we definitely will become a part of the approved Society for it will have preserved all the elements of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and there will be so many who will flock to it. Also, there will be more available and less distance to travel for all. We seek always to be in union with Rome and I pray fervently that our dear Holy Father will not be swayed by the liberal cardinals who seem to be fighting the reunion. I also pray that those in the Lefebvre movement will not be too prideful to bow to the Vicar of Christ. We all should pray for the Holy Spirit to touch all in providing the graces to provide more reverence for all Catholics so our children and their children will always have the fullness of the truths and traditions of Holy Mother Church. I truly believe God is leading His Church out of the desert after nearly 40 years of wandering.

    For now, may the graces of Lent bring you to this understanding, may you be strengthened in your True Faith as never before and may the Holy Spirit enlighten you as He has done for my family and myself. Together, my dear brothers and sisters, we can make a difference. We all must stand together and be counted as obedient servants of God and of His Vicar on Earth - the Holy Father. And, if perchance, you feel yourself moved to do so, please begin reading the Documents of the Council, and then read with an open mind the arguments made against the abuses that we've tolerated for over thirty years. Then, I assure you, your eyes will be opened and you will be reawakened in your Faith - for Our Lord is waiting for you...with outstretched arms.

    Your very little sister in Christ, who is praying for all of you,


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April 4, 2001
volume 12, no. 94
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