April 30, 2001
volume 12, no. 120

Please, dear God, don't allow the rock to be crushed into smaller stones!

    Blame it on aging or drawing a blank, but try as I might, I cannot remember where the following quote comes from or who it is attributed to. If anyone knows, please let me know so I can give proper recognition and share the source with all for it is so pertinent to our day and age. It is a famous phrase that rings through louder and clearer than any event since the Reformation for indeed, dear friends and members of Holy Mother Church, we are in that day. "These are the times that try men's souls."

    Indeed, these are the times of chastisement. Oh, we may not think so, viewing it as something akin to the plagues of the bible and literally taking the signs of the Apocalypse as having to happen before we'll believe. But we must realize what is happening beneath the surface - in the heart, soul and mind of man today - is an unbloody coup that will engulf us in a chastisement that could have everlasting fatal results as in never being in the presence of the Beatific Vision because we followed man's vision rather than God's.

    Now there are a few readers that have expressed concerns that we might be crossing the lines when we criticize the bishops. They are right. Lines are being crossed. But who is crossing them? Could it be a great majority of the bishops?

    As the editor of this publication we have always made it paramount that the reader is getting solid doctrine: the truths of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church that stretches from Peter to John Paul II - that's 264 in an unbroken line of successors of Christ's chosen Apostle. He set Peter above the others by virtue of His words in Matthew 16: 17-19. He did not compromise His doctrines and neither should we nor those successors of the Apostles, those successors of Peter. When they do, it is our duty before God and His Holy Church to speak out in love and fraternal correction as to the truths passed down over nearly 2000 years. Years that were fraught with peril. No pain, no gain! There were many who paid the price to preserve these truths and uphold them. They're called martyrs; now saints in Heaven, all of them sinners on earth. Christ came for sinners, not saints. Saints are already saved as members of the Church Triumphant. The Church Suffering are paying a further price. The Church Militant is in a battle for the ages.

    It is not a new battle for schism has been a pest buzzing the rock of Peter from the outset. Were there bad Popes? Oh, yes! The Pontiffs who preceded the Reformation were excellent examples of this - especially the worst rascal of all: Alexander VI - the notorious Rodrigo de Borgia. There were many antipopes throughout history who unlawfully assumed the throne because of man's agenda, not the Holy Spirit's. There were Popes who were guided by temporal motives. Some of those ruled during the Avignon Exile when King Philip IV largely influenced the Vicars of Christ during a time of schism which engulfed Europe by cultural boundaries fostered by the strong allegiances of two camps - the Guelphs and the Ghibbelines. Be mindful this turbulent time was also a time of great saints for God greatly balances the scale when His adversary launches his infernal attacks. During the time of trials and tribulation, such saints are sent into the fray to counter satan's advances. Look at the 13th century: Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Anthony of Padua, Saint Bonaventure and the great Saint Thomas Aquinas, the Angelic Doctor of the Church upon which today our doctrine remains so solidly defined.

    As the papacy wallowed in France - estranged from Rome during the middle of the 14th century, a young saint from Siena - a religious Dominican Tertiary - was studying what Thomas had so brilliantly explained, the Scriptures that Saint Jerome had so clearly and correctly translated, the truths of what many other saints had passed down through Tradition. She realized something wasn't right within her Church. She knew something wasn't right because God had chosen her as one of His mystical messengers to convey the truth. Unlike the majority of her time, she spoke out. Unlike the faithful of that time, she took action. Unlike many of her fellow scholars and religious of her time, she knew whereof she spoke and disregarded the politial correctness of her era. Had she gone with the norm, you would never have heard of Saint Catherine of Siena, nor celebrated her feast yesterday in the new liturgy and today in the traditional liturgy. Chances are you would have heard no more of the 'Roman Church' for it might have forever set root in Avignon with increasing French influence. But thanks to this mystical holy woman who was not afraid to confront the Popes, they saw the wisdom of her logic, the holiness of her motives and returned the Papacy to Rome.

    After Blessed Pope Urban V had returned to Rome at the urgings of another saintly mystic Saint Bridget of Sweden, unrest broke out because the majority of cardinals he chose were of Gallic origin and this clash between Italy and France - one that continued from the times of Caesar until World War II - caused Perugia and, subsequently, the citizens of Rome to revolt. Urban fled back to Avignon, where upon his death as prophesied by St. Bridget, the Conclave met in the walled French city to anoint Cardinal Pierre Roger de Beaufort as the 201st successor of Peter. He chose the name Pope Gregory XI and, with the Papal States in chaos in body, mind and soul, he welcomed St. Catherine to Avignon where she counseled the Holy Father with the greatest of respect for his office and responsibility, but with the greatest firmness in adhering to doctrine and Tradition. After three months in Avignon and with his operatives working behind the scenes in Rome to rid the Curia of political allies to enable him to return the Papacy to the Seat of Peter, he listened to this wise saint whom Pope Paul VI declared a Doctor of the Church in 1970. It was his predecessor - once-removed - Pope Pius XII who had declared her patroness of Italy in 1939, a time when Il Duce - Benito Mussolini sought to socialize Italy. It was Pius' attempt to fend off communism within his beloved land and stave off the inevitable modernism that was no longer creeping up but was at a full gallop, stampeding into the sanctuary through Vatican II.

    What if St. Catherine were alive today? How do you think she would address the great "Silent Schism" that has permeated her beloved Church today? Do you think she would sit back and say, "Oh, we mustn't criticize the bishops - even when they're wrong." No, she would have insisted that the truths were preached and if not, "Why not?" She would have sought to put an end to any idea of apostasy or compromising the great Deposit of the Faith. So also would have two saints of the latter part of the sixteenth century.

    That would have been Saint Teresa of Avila, another Doctor of the Church and a Pope who should be a Doctor of the Church Pope Saint Pius V whose feast we celebrate today. Teresa would take no prisoners; Teresa would take no guff from the mealy-mouthed prelates today who seek to be politically correct and sit on the fence, allowing reform to run rampant with sins that far eclipse anything during Teresa's time. Yet even the trace of sin sent Teresa into a righteous rage to rectify the problems in reforming her Order. She and her confessor Saint John of the Cross suffered the ridicule of the bishops of their day who knew better but, because they chose a lifestyle not in conformity with their calling, set themselves up as thinking they knew better than the saints walking the earth. As we know, she proved them wrong and vocations flourished as did the Church.

    It was during this time also that the people were on the brink of despair for the Turks had made great advances and threatened the bulwarks of Christendom. Would the Church be plundered by the infidels? Would Islamism usurp the keys of the kingdom? Few there were with the vision of St. Pius V, few there were who called for a measure that was ridiculed by more than a few bishops and many of the faithful. Yet, like Francis, like Catherine, like Teresa, like all those who have given their lives and sufferings for the Church founded by Christ, and uncompromisingly stood up for the unchangeable teachings no matter the odds, he believed. With filial faith he summoned the faithful to pray the Holy Rosary, imparted to St. Dominic three centuries before. He realized the Heavenly power inherent in this mighty prayer given by the Mother of God - the same one who bore the Son of God in her womb, who stood with Him at the foot the Cross; who never doubted, never compromised.

    She also, like Jesus (cf. Matthew 16: 18; 28: 18-20; John 16: 12-15), is with us always, guiding us and exhorting us to stand by her Divine Son and all He imparted. It was Mary whom the Heavenly Father has sent from the first century on to remind the faithful through children (cf. Matthew 18: 3-4), most of the time not that well disciplined in the intricate doctrines of the Church as proof to those who are knowledgeable that what is being imparted to these children - from one to several - is from God. Consider the Age of Marian Apparitions from Rue de Bac on: all young Catholics, all with pure hearts who were open to God's Holy Will whether they realized it or not, such as Melanie and Maxim at La Salette and Saint Bernadette at Lourdes, and Blessed Francisco and Jacinta and Sister Lucia at Fatima, and many since then, though they have not officially been approved by the Church, have not been disproved because the message they carry is in sync with the solid doctrines and Sacred Scripture. Yes, the messengers are human, but the message divine the majority of the time.

    In future issues we will delve into the messages of La Salette to enlighten readers as to what we have been referring to in the Church today was warned of clearly by Our Lady there and Fatima, too, as well as in modern times - Garabandal, Akita and Betania and recent messages that ring true today as we see history unfold.

   Today many a bishop will furl his eyebrow and curl his lip at even the mention of private revelation, giving the oft-used refrain that there is nothing new in private revelation, that all has been revealed in Divine Revelation; i.e. Sacred Scripture and Tradition. To that we say a hearty 'Yes!' Then why, if all has been revealed, would God continue to bless us with mystical visits from His Mother through these many centuries? The answer is because she visits when we stray from those absolutes contained in Public Revelation. Because many of the bishops have strayed from those truths, truths that were solidly in place long before Vatican II was ever planned. Yet, even concilior periti misconstrued this, so cleverly has satan woven his web of half-truths, that what was truth and established as such in dogma and doctrine from Nicea to Vatican I, was masterfully altered verbally to permit the malaise that has permeated our precious Faith today in every corner of the planet.

    The fact of the matter is - and this is the crux of arguments we will be providing in small doses so our readers can digest and see for themselves for there are many Thomases out there who doubt and are further confused - is that if we are to subscribe to all that Vatican II professed and what has ensued since, then we are denying some of the truths of our unchangeable doctrines. If we deny even some of the truths, then are we not in schism from the Mystical Body of Christ? No matter how large that body is, it can never be larger than the Head which is Christ Jesus our King. We would say this of our Protestant brethren. Though they believe in Jesus, they have altered many of the unchangeable doctrines and, therefore, are in schism. We would say this of our Jewish brethren. They have been in schism because they still have not accepted Jesus as the Son of God. We say this of our Islamic brethren for though they respect the reverence and disciplines, they do not respect Christ as divine. Rather they consider one who came after Him as the divine one - Mohammed. Yet his lineage cannot be traced with any kind of clarity that solidifies the claim of the Son of David. We say Hindus, Buddhists, Zens, and all sorts of New Agers are in schism because they deny the truths of our Faith. We say the Eastern Orthodox Church is in schism - since 1054 - because they do not believe in the Holy Spirit proceeding from the Father and the Son - Filioque.

    And yet, more and more we hear that abused word "ecumenism" and the demands being made by other faiths for Catholics to consider without realizing the shoe is on the other foot. And the shoes of the fisherman - the Petrine Papacy - cannot be compromised, cannot bow to other faiths, cannot permit a body of bishops to weaken the rightful authority bestowed on his predecessor when Christ said, "Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build My Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it" (Matthew 16: 18).

    Note to all bishops and those who are buying into this masonic message of 'ecumenism.' Jesus didn't say "Thou art the apostles and upon these rocks I will build many of My Churches and the gates of hell shall not prevail against them." Christ was speaking of One Church; one that is One, Holy, Catholic, meaning universal, and Apostolic. Only one Church possesses those four indelible marks: the Roman Catholic Church that has its origins with Jesus. Only one Church can make that claim.

    And yet the way the truths have been twisted in the last century and gaining even more momentum in the infant stages of the new millennium. We find it alarming that even those who are faithful to all the truths are not in shock that Pope John Paul II is even considering lessening his own powers for the sake of one world religion. Every loyal Catholic should find this very, very disturbing. Ever since Ut Unum Sint and even before, the progressivists have gained ground in ecumenism both outside and inside the Church. But, you say, isn't unity what Christ asks? Only if all follow the One Shepherd. Consider John 10: 16, "And other sheep I have that are not of this fold. Them also I must bring, and they shall hear My voice, and there shall be one fold." Our question is, have those of our separated brethren heard His voice or their own voices calling for equality? Have the progressive cardinals and bishops heard His voice or their own voices calling for democracy in the Church? Have those calling for ecumenism both inside and outside the Church understood Christ's words? If we are to believe that compromising some of the teachings of the Church will help mollify our separated brethren and pave the way for unity and ecumenism, then we have already lost. We have already equated our faith with politics. Though there are politics within the Church from the parish level to the highest offices in Rome, the absolutes of Divine Revelation is where the Church must part company with anything that would compromise the Faith. This includes the ecumenism the Church has been leaning closer towards over the past forty years. The source of the idea of ecumenism is not from the Good Shepherd, but rather His adversary who has been hatching this idea for ions, beginning shortly after the Reformation and gaining momentum during the French Revolution and afterwards by way of the masonic movement. It has been the modus operandi of Freemasonry ever since to destroy Holy Mother Church from within. Through meticulous planning over decades, they now have in place those who can influence this to fulfillment.

    Our dear Holy Father cannot allow this to happen. He cannot allow the modernists within to destroy and alter the Church he is the visible head of on earth. With every ounce of his breath he must fight the demons of progressivism. The month of May and the ones that follow this year will tell volumes as to where John Paul II will go down in history: Either as John Paul the Great or John Paul the greatly manipulated Pontiff who gave the store away in seeking to please all the customers. No one has defended and been more loyal to our Holy Father than we, but the recent events are very disturbing and cause of grave concern for all loyal Catholics. If, as we are reading more and more in both Catholic and secular media, the intent of the special upcoming consistory of Cardinals from May 21st to 24th is to "discuss" how to lessen the powers of the papacy in favor of political correctness and please others, then you should be greatly alarmed as well. Very, very alarmed.

    This is all for the cause of modernism. It is what Blessed Pope Pius IX, Pope Leo XIII, Pope Saint Pius X, Pius XI and Pius XII fought so hard against. They knew the masonic mission to destroy the Church and didn't give an inch until Vatican II opened the floodgates when the Oath against Modernism and the Prayer to St. Michael were eliminated, thus allowing satan to march right in and take his place comfortably in the chanceries and dioceses throughout the world and even some chairs within the Curia of the Holy See.

    As I wrote one who challenged our speaking out, I for one refuse to be swept into the abyss by sitting back and allowing it to happen. I, along with so many other loyal Catholics, are going to lean out over the swollen river of confusion and extend the life-saving branch of absolutes that have sustained Christ's True Church for nearly 2000 years. That is what Our Lord teaches as true love. That is what He means by loving thy neighbor. True love means to give your life for another. We give up being "comfortable" in this world so that many others of our neighbors will hopefully and prayerfully be comfortable in Heaven as well. In other words, we have plenty of time to relax once we get there. Until then we've got lots of work ahead and so few to do it. "Many are called, few are chosen" Those who are chosen, had better be loyal and obedient to His teachings handed down in the great Deposit of the Faith that contains the absolutes of truth. If not, they'll continue to be called into question. That I can guarantee.

    So while it's true that "fools rush in where angels fear to tread" and we have traversed an area that is uncomfortable for many Catholics, we stand by the fact that we do so armed with the true teachings of the great Deposit of the Faith that will not stand for compromise when it comes to altering these truths and condoning sin through silence This the bishops as a whole have done in regard abortion and sodomy. "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." And if they do know, then God help them.

    With our last dying breath we will defend the truths that were in stone before Vatican II was ever conceived. It was built on the rock of Peter, sustained the blood-stained tufa of the martyrs, and with every layer upon layer on Vatican Hill over the centuries the rock has remained solid. We plead with His Holiness, for the sake of all that is holy, for the Communion of Saints, and the preservation of the universal marks of the Church, deny satan his most prized ambition. Stay the modernists from their attempted folly. Preserve the Faith. This is our fervent prayer! Please, dear God, don't allow the rock to be crushed into smaller stones!

Michael Cain, editor

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April 30, 2001
volume 12, no. 120
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