April 24, 2001
volume 12, no. 114

The Unborn Victims of Violence Act

The first vote on a pro-life issue in the New Congress will determine if we have a chance to become a civilized society

    The U.S. House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on Wednesday, April 25, 2001, on the “Unborn Victims of Violence Act” (H.R.503), a bill that would recognize unborn children as victims when they are injured or killed during the commission of federal crimes of violence. This will be the first vote on a pro-life issue in the new Congress.

    The laws of 24 states already recognize the "unborn child" as a victim of violent crimes for all or some of the baby's period of prenatal development. Numerous state and federal courts have ruled that these state unborn victims laws do not contradict Roe Vs Wade or otherwise affect legal abortion.

    Nevertheless, pro-abortion advocacy organizations, Planned Parenthood -- the killers of unborn babies, NARAL their cheerleaders and NOW -- the National Organization of [Pro-abort] Women are vigorously opposing the bill. These groups oppose any legal recognition of a right to life for unborn children, even when those who violate that right are violent criminals. They are so afraid that the public will learn the truth -- that unborn babies ARE human beings and that the future of killing these babies on demand, may be in jeopardy. They will flaunt our legal system. They will lie and do anything and everything to withhold the truth from the American people.

    The pro-abort opponents of H.R. 503 in the House are trying to kill the bill by pushing a so-called "substitute amendment" (the Lofgren Amendment), a counter proposal under which a criminal could receive a stiffer sentence for interfering with "the normal course of the pregnancy" while committing a federal crime, but only one victim would be recognized -- the mother.

    The above “one victim” proposal is more proof of what I have been saying all along -- the Democratic party has become satan’s pride and joy. How could any civilized person not vote in favor of the “Unborn Victims of Violence Act,” but then again, these are the same people, who say that a woman should have the right to kill her own child, if she so chooses, as long as it makes her life easier. They are capable of anything.

Here is one women's story:

    On the night of August 26, 1999, one day before her baby's due date, Shiwona Pace was assaulted by three masked men. "I begged and pleaded for the life of my unborn child but they showed me no mercy," she testified before Congress. She was choked, hit with a gun, slapped, punched and kicked repeatedly in the stomach by assailants who turned out to have been hired by her baby's father.

    Shiwona came to Washington, D.C., to plead for national legal recognition of the crime against her baby. "I lost a part of me -- a child that I was so looking forward to having. My son lost the baby sister that he'd always wanted."

    The Democratic party, which is 90% pro-abortion, will do anything and everything to continue the false impression that unborn babies are just a lump of tissue -- that they do not have any legal rights. They don't even care if babies are killed while they are being born and suffer excruciating pain.

    Sad but true, the once great Democratic party is nothing but a shill for satan, who in his wildest dreams, probably never thought it would be so easy to induce the people in the most powerful country on Earth to kill their young.

    Is there any doubt that satan has the Democratic party in his hip pocket? Please anyone -- tell me you have a doubt.

    Here we have Zoe Lofgren, a Democrat, what else, from California introducing a watered down bill, in which the assailant would just get a stiffer penalty because he/she terminated a pregnancy. Here we go again -- sugar coated euphemisms. Never the truth -- that the assailant killed her baby.

    Isn't it odd -- if you go to your physician and get a prescription -- say for a strept throat -- he hands you a prescription for an antibiotic and says, "this medicine will kill the germs in your throat. " It's OK to use the word “kill” when talking about a bacteria you can't even see, but it's a no, no to use that word when the life of an unborn baby has been taken by violent force. Then it's the “termination of a pregnancy.” Shouldn’t the pro-choicer’s insist that it’s the “termination of the bacteria.”

    When will these people get it in their heads that the word is “kill.” When the cessation of life is the result of a violent force from without, the word is “KILL.” They can sugar coat these despicable acts and use all known euphemisms until they’re blue in the face, but it still comes down to “KILL.” They may try to “con” the public, but God CANNOT be conned, as they WILL find out.

    A bacteria, invisible to the naked eye, gets more respect in death than a human being in his mother's womb. At least the truth is told, as to their demise. This is what legalized abortions have done to our once Godly and civilized society.

    The very fact that these pro-abort politicians, who will vote for the Lofgren amendment, means that they too, realize that the woman's enlarged belly is not just fat tissue. After all -- if the baby is not a human being, then why do they want a stiffer penalty for the assailant?

    They know down deep in their hearts that a human being has been expunged from the face of the earth -- BUT they will NOT admit it, come hell or high water. They have sold their soul to satan for political gain. It is a well known fact that one must be a pro-abort/pro-choicer to climb the Democratic political ladder.

    There is absolutely no way that they believe 100%, that there is a God, Who will judge us all for our actions in our short stay on this Earth. Because, just as sure as I’m pecking away at this keyboard, there is NO way that one can say that “a woman should have the right to kill her unborn baby, if she so chooses,” and still say that they are 100% sure that there is a God. They are in the range of 0-45 % that there is a God. This, I guarantee you.

    They just will not admit that unborn babies ARE human beings. To do so, would make them a party to the biggest holocaust in the history of mankind. But I have news for them -- they ARE a party to it and are just as guilty as the abortionists, who kill unborn babies for a living. THEY signed the death warrants. Just what excuses will they have, when they're ready to meet their Maker, who created all 40 million of the babies slaughtered since Roe Vs Wade, in what used to be the safest place on Earth -- their mother's womb. Now, thanks to these disciples of satan, it is the most dangerous place to be -- almost one-third of all pregnancies end up with the baby being killed.

    They will bow to the wishes of satan and do everything humanly possible to continue the myth that unborn babies are just a lump of tissue and their body parts should be thrown away with the garbage.

    They KNOW that the passage of this bill WILL send a message to the entire world, that unborn babies are indeed HUMAN BEINGS and DO have rights.

    Rather than admit this, the pro-aborts, which by the way includes the so called pro-choicers -- since both condone and propagate evil, would sooner be flogged than admit the truth. Maybe they would sooner go to hell -- because they are headed in that direction.

Other women's horror stories

    The following is Tracy Scheide's story: "I was nine months pregnant, due in just four days, when my own husband, the father of my unborn son, brutally beat me in such a manner that no unborn child could live," she testified. For Tracy, a "penalty enhancer" was not enough: "It does not treat the child as a separate victim."

    She had a question for legislators, one that still applies: "Could you live with yourself knowing you passed this off as just a few more years in prison for some bully instead of what the charge should really be ... murder?"

    "This 'one-victim' proposal is offensive to me," explains another woman, Tracy Marciniak of Wisconsin. "Its premise is this: On the night my husband beat me, nobody died. But that is not true. That night, there were two victims. I was nearly killed -- but I survived. Little Zachariah died."

    Please call your congressman/woman on the phone and send him/her an e-mail (phone is the best). There is no time to waste. Tell them to vote in favor of the "Unborn Victims of Violence Act." Tell your friends and if you have a list -- even better.

The House operator number is 202-225-3121
There is a toll free number, 877-762-8762. If busy, just keep calling back -- you won't have to wait long and ask for your congressman by name.

If you don't know who your congressman is -- go to the following site: www.visi.com/juan/congress

    Time is of the essence. This can be the break pro-lifers need in tipping the perception of so many that life indeed begins at conception and the child in the womb does indeed deserve recognition. Please for the sake of the babies and their mothers who strive to protect them, help protect them by calling. God will bless you for it.

Dr. Frank Joseph

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April 24, 2001
volume 12, no. 114
Dr. Frank Joseph's PRO LIFE PRESCRIPTIONS column
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