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WORLDWIDE NEWS & VIEWS with a Catholic slant:
  • Count on EWTN for excellent coverage of Pope's Pilgrimage
  • Fatima to lay out red carpet for Holy Father on May 13th
  • Cut over Pope's eye causes media buzz but it's merely a flesh wound
  • Rome's top Rabbi praises Pope, calls for further dialogue
  • Chaldeans celebrate their Jubilee with Pope and Patriarch in Rome
  • Cardinal Stafford salutes the late Cardinal Kung during his funeral Mass
  • Island's cardinal lashes out at culture of death agenda in his country forced on his people by the U.S.
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  • WORLDWIDE NEWS & VIEWS with a Catholic slant:

    Today in the Holy Land:


        VATICAN (CWNews.com) -- The Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) is providing live broadcast coverage of Pope John Paul's trip to the Holy Land.

        The EWTN coverage, available in both English and Spanish, will be broadcast across America's largest religious cable network, which now reaches into 58 million homes, and is available in Europe, Latin America, and the Pacific Rim. Much of the same coverage will also be available through the EWTN's worldwide short-wave radio service, and on the EWTN web site: www.ewtn.com.

        Beginning on Monday, March 10, with live coverage of the Pope's arrival in Jordan beginning at 6:30 AM, the EWTN coverage will also include live coverage and daily reprises according to the following schedule:

      Monday, March 20: 6:30AM 9:00AM (live); 1PM and 8PM (repeat)
      Tuesday, March 21: 2:00AM-11:30AM (live); 1PM 11PM (repeat)
      Wednesday, March 22: 1:00AM 11:30AM (live); 1PM 11PM (repeat)
      Thursday, March 23: 1:30AM 11:30AM (live); 1PM 11PM (repeat)
      Friday, March 24: 2:30AM 11:00AM (live); 1PM-9:30PM (repeat)
      Saturday, March 25: 2:30AM 11:30AM (live); 1:30PM-10PM (repeat)
      Sunday, March 26: 2:30AM-5:30AM (live); 12:30PM-1:30PM (live); 1:30PM and 8:PM (repeat)

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      Pope John Paul II confirms he will beatify Francisco and Jacinta at Fatima on May 13th

        The Holy Father has officially confirmed he will travel to Fatima on May 13th to beatify the seers Jacinta and Francisco with the third seer Sister Lucia in attendance in a glorious event for this Portuguese village and international shrine. The Pope placed the bullet from the assasin's gun that almost felled the Pontiff back on May 13, 1981 in the crown of the Virgin statue during his last visit to Fatima and that same statue will be flown to Rome in October. continued inside.


        VATICAN (CWNews.com) -- Pope John Paul II will travel to Fatima on May 13 for the beatification of two of the three children to whom the Virgin Mary appeared there in 1917, the Vatican has confirmed.

        The announcement-- made by Archbishop Crescienzo Sepe on March 20-- confirms the widespread belief that the Pope would preside at the beatification of the two Fatima seers. The Pope was shown a special devotion to the Lady of Fatima-- to whom he gives credit for his preservation from an assassination attempt on May 13, 1981. In fact, the Pontiff donated the bullet that was extracted from his body, to be placed in the golden crown of the original statue of the Lady of Fatima.

        Archbishop Sepe also announced that the same statute would be brought to the Vatican on October 8, for a special ceremony in conjunction with the Jubilee for bishops, in which the world and the third millennium will be consecrated to the Virgin Mary.

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        VATICAN (CWNews.com) -- Vatican officials told reporters on March 19 that a small cut on the forehead of Pope John Paul II was "no reason for concern."

        The Pope appeared at his regular Sunday audience with a small but distinct cut on the side of his forehead. The Vatican did not disclose how the Pontiff injured himself, but said that the damage was minor.

        Pope John Paul cut his head in roughly the same place-- and more seriously- - during his trip to Poland in June 1999. That injury was the result of a fall. Speaking off the record, Vatican officials said that on this occasion the Pope had not fallen; they did not provide any other details on what had happened.

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    Roman Rabbi Elio Toaff Comments on Papal Pilgrimage to Holy Land

        VATICAN CITY, MAR 20 (ZENIT.org).- "Very satisfied and pleased," were the feelings inspired in Chief Rabbi Elio Toaff of Rome's Synagogue, by John Paul II's pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The Rabbi's comments appear in an article in the Italian newspaper "Avvenire." The Rabbi said it is a "further and significant step in relations between the Church and the Jewish people."

        "The condemnation of any form of anti-Semitism, the sincere repentance for the faults of the past regarding the 'elder brothers,' coupled with other steps of great moral and spiritual value, like the visit to the principal temple in Rome, the first of a Pope to a synagogue, the recognition of the State of Israel, and now the visit to the Holy Land in the Jubilee Year, indelibly mark the new relation between the Church and Judaism, which this great Pontiff has emphasized, far from any expression of hatred or aversion, above all through reciprocal respect and the awareness of our great common spiritual heritage."

        The Rabbi said, however, that much remains to be done, both on the part of Christians as well as Jews of good will, and the Jewish community still hopes for much from the Church as, for example, "a condemnation, free from any ambiguity, for the culpable silences in face of the Holocaust, acknowledgement of the special religious and political value that Jews give to Jerusalem, capital of its first national State, and seat of the Shrine to which Jews all over the world have always remained spiritually united, even after its destruction."

        But Rabbi Toaff also recognized all that has been accomplished, thanks to this Pope "the Pontiff of renewed dialogue between the Church and Judaism." Because of this, he added, "I accompany him with emotion and hope on his pilgrimage to the Holy Land, pronouncing over him the biblical blessing: 'Blessed is the he who comes in the name of God.' " ZE00032008

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      Heirs of Chaldea celebrate Special Jubilee in Rome over the weekend

         Along with craftsmen from around the world, the Chaldean Church celebrated their Jubilee in Rome this past weekend and a festive spirit filled the air. Few remembered the disappointment of the Pope not being able to go to Ur, birthplace of Abraham in Chaldea in Iraq and instead celebrated with the Chaldean Patriarch as the Pope praised them all for their faith and their perseverance in the face of the Nestorian heresy in 431. continued inside.

    Refused to Follow Nestorius, Who Denied Mary's Divine Maternity

        VATICAN CITY, MAR 20 (ZENIT.org).- The inhabitants of the land of Abraham, patriarch of the three great monotheistic religions, today's Iraq, celebrated their special Jubilee in Rome today near Peter.

        The Hadu tribe or Chaldeans of the Aramean family arrived in Mesopotamia at the beginning of the first millennium before Christ. They abandoned their nomadic life and settled in the cities of the area where Babylon was later established, which at the time was subject to Assyria. Among these cities was Ur of the Chaldeans, Abraham's home town. The Chaldeans lost power toward the middle of the millennium and were subsequently conquered by the Persian and Macedonian Empires. However, the present day inhabitants of the area ethnically have little to do with those ancient Chaldeans, as the region was constantly invaded and today is predominantly Arab (71%) and Muslim in religion (95.5%). The Chaldean Church represents the great majority (80%) of the 580,000 Iraqi Christians.

        The Holy Father had to give up the idea of traveling to Abraham's birthplace, cradle of our civilization, because there were no real possibilities of guaranteeing his security in a country where air traffic is still prohibited, and bombings by British-U.S. Air Forces are sporadically endured. Moreover, the attempts by Saddam Hussein's regime to manipulate the papal visit for political reasons complicated the picture even more. So the Chaldeans themselves decided to come on pilgrimage to Rome to recreate the atmosphere for the Holy Father.

        A numerous delegation from this ancient Church came to Rome led by their Patriarch, Raphael I Bidawid. During the audience with the Pope, a group of religious and faithful waved an Iraqi flag and greeted the Pontiff's words with thunderous applause, especially when he referred to the wealth of the Chaldean Church's spiritual tradition, and his great joy to have Patriarch Rafael of Babylon visit the Vatican.

        The Chaldean Church is one of the principal Eastern Christian communities that did not adhere to the Nestorian heresy, denounced at the Council of Ephesus in 431. This was the third ecumenical Council, which debated the question as to whether or not Christ was essentially one with God the Father, whether the Holy Spirit was equal to the other two persons of the Trinity, and Mary's role as Mother of God. The followers of Nestorius, a Syrian Bishop of Constantinople from 428-431, of the Byzantine Church, stated that there were two persons in Christ, one human and one divine, and that the Virgin Mary was the Mother of the human person, and not of the divine Christ. Nestorius was denounced by the Council of Ephesus. ZE00032005

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      Cardinal Stafford officiates at Cardinal Kung's Funeral

         The President of the Pontifical Council for the Laity Cardinal Francis J. Stafford flew to the East Coast this past weekend in order to officiate at the funeral Mass for the late Cardinal Ignatius Gong Pin-mei affectionately known as Cardinal Kung who headed up the Cardinal Kung Foundation and who passed away last week. The Requiem Mass and Burial was held in Stamford, Connecticutt where Cardinal Kung had taken up residence and established the Foundation after being exiled from his homeland in communist China. continued inside.


        STAMFORD, 20 (NE) Around 800 people gathered this weekend in Stamford, Connecticut, for the funeral service of Cardinal Ignatius Kung Pin-mei, "outstanding witness of communion with the universal Church and the Successor of Peter," as Pope John Paul II recalled last week in a telegram sent after the Chinese Cardinal's death.

        The ceremony was presided by Cardinal J. Francis Stafford, President of the Pontifical Council for the Laity and Papal envoy for the occasion. Cardinal Stafford praised Cardinal Kung's "witness to the truth." He also recalled the former Bishop of Shanghai as a "noble son of China and of the Church." The ceremony took place on March 18 in the Saint John the Evangelist Church in Stamford, where the Cardinal lived his last years.

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        SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (CWNews.com) - Cardinal Nicolas Lopez Rodriguez of Santo Domingo, has decried "USAID death squads" in the wake of comments by the wife of the US ambassador praising the large numbers of sterilizations carried out by clinics funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

        According to the newspaper Listin Diairo, Kathleen Manatt, wife of US Ambassador Charles Manatt, who is the former head of the Democratic National Committee, said she was pleased that 600 sterilizations had taken place at the Rosa Cisneros clinic. The Rosa Cisneros abortion clinic is described as a "reproductive health" center by the operator, the Dominican Association for the Well-Being of the Family (PROFAMILIA).

        The US-based Population Research Institute (PRI) said it had placed calls last month to the head office of USAID in Santo Domingo, and an official there confirmed that USAID funds PROFAMILIA. In turn, PROFAMILIA confirmed that its main source of funding to operate the Rosa Cisneros clinic comes from USAID.

        Word of the cardinal's denunciation reached Congressman Todd Tiahrt (R-Kansas), who promptly sent a letter to US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. "Cardinal Lopez Rodriguez is the Archbishop of Santo Domingo and a former president of the Latin American Bishops Conference," Tiahrt wrote. "Clearly a person in his position would not use such intemperate language without provocation. According to those same reports, the cardinal was reacting to certain statements attributed to Kathleen Manatt, the wife of our Ambassador to the Dominican Republic."

        The US embassy has since denied that Manatt praised the Santa Rosa clinic's sterilization program. In fact, PRI said that repeated attempts were made by officials at the US embassy to kill a story on the subject that appeared in the magazine Our Sunday Visitor on March 5.

        In that story, Cardinal Lopez is quoted as saying: "I feel profoundly offended, primarily by the insult of [Kathleen Manatt] coming to this country to do what she doesn't have to do .... [S]he can do what she wants [in the US], and her government, which doesn't know much about morality, either, can do whatever it thinks .... We want to be poor but honest, we want to accept the truth; we don't want anyone to come to take advantage of our condition and defenselessness."

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