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  • CATHOLIC PewPOINT editorial: Put a patch over the CBS eye!
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  • Events today in Church History

  • Leave it to the media to further assassinate Pope Pius XII's good name on the eve of John Paul II's "Jubilee Journey"

        In today's editorial, we take on that vaunted news titan 60 Minutes for their scurrilous piece on Pope Pius XII Sunday night and how, by elevating the author of the book "Hitler's Pope" by John Cornwell, a dissident and bitter Catholic journalist, the network and "hit man" Ed Bradley took everything out of context and couched certain questions that would evoke the response they wanted. Through manipulative editing and subliminal footage of dark, forboding scenes whenever they were referring to Pius, they portrayed a man who hated Jews and blacks. Nothing could be further from the truth and we set the record straight in today's commentary. For today's editorial By its use of yellow journalism the once-mighty CBS eye is now black and blue! , click on CATHOLIC PewPOINT

    By its use of yellow journalism the once-mighty CBS eye is now black and blue!

    Michael Cain, editor

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    Appreciation of the Church guiding us in avoiding the Deadly Sin of Pride

        Today we continue with our new series in the search to uncover the wonderful treasures of the Church contained in the great Deposit of Faith. Today we present the catechesis on the Seven Deadly or Capital Sins with today's first sin of Pride as explained in My Catholic Faith for is the root of many sin and was the downfall of satan himself who would not serve. For the 135th installment, see APPRECIATING THE PRECIOUS GIFT OF OUR FAITH

    installment 135: Seven Deadly Sins: part one - Pride

          Pride makes one admire himself, in the belif that his excellence, imagined or real, is the result of hisown worth. Our Lord condemned pride in the parable of the Pharisee and the Publican. Jesus said that the humble and repentant publican was justified in the eyes of God, while the proud Pharisee went home unjustified. Pride is an inordinate love of one's own excellence, an excessive self-esteem.

          Our Lord is the best example of meekness and patience. Did He use His almighty power to punish those who did Him evil? For hours He hung meekly on the cross, until He died. Every day God is patient with sinners, giving them time to change their ways. God, the Supreme One, is not proud.

          The proud man overestimates himself, and believes himself the source of his own excellence. The virtue of humility, which disposes us to acknowledge our limitations, is opposed to pride. Some are proud of their appearance; others of their family, talents, poisition, money, and the virtues they imagine they possess. Even if we do have excellent abilities or possessions, we should not be proud of them, remembering that they all come from God. Instead, we should be humbly thankful, and see in what way we can make a return to God for such gifts. "Every proud man is an abomination to the Lord" (Proverbs 16:5).

          Pride may be called the mother of all vices, for most sins can be traced to it. From pride arise ambition, vanity, presumption, disobedience, hypocrisy, obstinacy in sin. "For pride is the beginning of all sin: he that holdeth it shall be filled with maledictions and it shall ruin him in the end" (Ecclesiastes 10:15). "Never suffer pride to reign in they mind or in they words, for from it all perdition took its beginning" (Tobias 4:14). Pride was the sin of our First Parents, who wanted to be as great as God. It was the sin of the pharaoh; he was so proud that in spite of the miracles Moses worked, he refused to be convinced. For this God "hardened his heart" (Exodus 9:12); that is, God permitted him to close the window of his soul against the grace of the Holy Spirit. "Because thou hast rejected the word of the Lord, the Lord has rejected thee" (1 Kings 15:26).

          3. The proud man tries to attract notice and praise, strives after honors, distinctions, and other worldly favors. He is over-confident in himself, and despises the assistance of God. Pride was the sin of lucifer. The proud man pretends to be greater than he is, and tries by all manner of means to attract the praise of others, even using false humility to do so.

          God hates pride, and punishes it severely. He often punishes secret pride by withdrawing His assistance from the proud man. And deprived of God's aid, the proud man often falls into grievous sins leading to his humiliation. "The beginning of the pride of man is to fall off from God" (Ecclesiastes. 10:14). "God resists the proud" (1 Peter 5:5). "Everyone who exalts himself shall be humbled" (Luke 14:11). Thus the proud King Herod was eaten up by worms and died. Thus, the proud Roman Empire fell and became nothing. Our Lord pointed out the pride in the heart of the Pharisee, and praised the humble publican.

          If we, however, despise sin as beneath us, that is not pride, but a virtuous self-respect.A decent regard for cleanliness and neatness is not vanity. The ambition to exceed in good things, as in studies, in order to make the best use of God's gifts, is to be commended. God wishes us to be His excellent children.

      Tomorrow: Seven Deadly Sins - part two - Covetousness and Lust

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     Today, the Jewish Feast of Purim, and tomorrow's liturgy are both Lenten Weekdays For the readings, liturgies, and meditations, see DAILY LITURGY.

    Tuesday, March 21, 2000

        First Reading: Isaiah 1: 10, 16-20
        Responsorial: Psalm 59: 8-9, 16-17, 21, 23
        Gospel Reading: Matthew 23: 1-12

    Wednesday, March 22, 2000

        First Reading: Jeremiah 18: 18-20
        Responsorial: Psalm 31: 5-6, 14-16
        Gospel Reading: Matthew 20: 17-28

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    Special Prayer for the Second Tuesday in Lent

    Mercifully perfect within us, we beseech Thee, O Lord, the support given by this holy observance: that what by Thine instruction we know we are to do, by Thine assistance we may be enabled to accomplish. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee in the unity of the Holy Spirit, One God forever and ever. Amen.

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    "Neither be called masters; for One only is your Master, the Christ. He Who is greatest among you shall be your servant. And whoever exalts himself shall be humbled, and whoever humbles himself shall be exalted."

    Mattthew 23: 10-12

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    Events that happened today in Church History

       On this day 854 years ago, Pope Blessed Eugene III charged a young Benedictine monk to begin preaching the Second Crusade throughout Europe. He chose wisely for the holy priest he selected was none other than Saint Bernard of Clairvaux the holy Cistercian, who would be an influential force to many Popes and the Church during his lifetime. For other time capsule events that happened in Church history on this date, see MILLENNIUM MILESTONES AND MEMORIES

    Historical Events in Church Annals for March 21:

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