July 24-25, 2000
volume 11, no. 125

CATHOLIC PewPOINT for Monday-Tuesday, July 24-25, 2000
Willing Webmaster Wanted!

    The Gospel Sunday morning was an eye-opener, "Come apart into a desert place and rest a while" (Mark 6: 31). It's not easy to slow down; and when we do, the whoa can be stifling. For a half century I have always been in high gear, juggling numerous projects at one time and meeting deadlines with deft precision. Most of my life I have been like an anxious stallion gnawing at the bit to run. But, as so often happens to all thoroughbreds, there comes a time where more time needs to be spent in the pasture then on the track. When Cyndi and I were first married I was active in softball, earning the nickname "the Roadrunner" because of my propensity to always stretch a single into a double. You should have seen her cringe when I'd go barrelling into second sliding or head first! Today, I doubt I could make it to first base, let alone hit a round tripper because my hitting prowess was never in the mold of Mark McGuire, but patterned more after Tony Gwynn. I'd hit for average, never power. Therefore, as every athlete eventually realizes, time waits for no one and the ol' wheels are gone.

    On the diamond that's understandable, but when the legs begin to ache and cause paralysis in the limbs while sitting at the computer, then I begin getting concerned. So does my bride who has had to also adjust from the fast-paced lifestyle her husband was so acclimated to for so long. As a loving husband, I must admit I don't always listen to the wisdom of my wife. I can hear a lot of wives chuckling over that one and not a few men clearing their throats. But in this case, her words of caution and love ring true and I feel it is not only her words but the Holy Spirit's Who is telling me to slow down. While I was healed of blood clots in Lourdes in May as Cyndi so lovingly illustrates in her SYMPHONY OF SUFFERING column in this issue, my arthritis is a cross Our Lord asks me to continue to carry. Because of my sedentary career in journalism, the hips don't work as well as they once did. Add to this that my family history is known for vascular/varicose vein problems and I'm not surprised it is all catching up with me. The doctors have discovered pinched nerves in both the neck and back that send pain up the leg and into the left arm. This makes it very, very difficult to sit for any length of time or, for that matter, to type. The keyboard has always been an integral part of my life since Father Clarence Zachman, OMI taught me typing 42 years ago on an antique Royal typewriter. Hey, that was even before WhiteOut was introduced! We have been blessed to have a laptop so I can use it while resting in bed, but even then the hand gets so numb that it is very, very difficult to type. I've never been the hunt and peck type so I wouldn't know how to type with one hand. While I've been in a state of semi-denial ever since my healing of life-threatening blood clots at Lourdes, I must face the reality that the ol' bod is slowin' down. This became manifestly clear when I was declared permanently disabled by the doctors last month. Since then I've been slowly coming to that realization. Believe me, it isn't easy.

    These recent events have also negated, for the time being, our hopes of publishing a Russian and Spanish issue beginning on the vigil of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I had been really excited because that launch date is the Feast of Saint Maximilian Mary Kolbe, the martyred Polish priest who is considered by many as the logical choice for Patron Saint of the Internet. But alas, God works in mysterious and wondrous ways and through prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Cyndi and I have jointly agreed the time is not right because I would be biting off more than I can chew. It has been difficult enough trying to publish three issues a week during this summer of decisions. Taking on a foreign issue, even though we had a few volunteers in both languages in place and ready, willing and able to translate, it is a major project and one that would swamp me of all strength totally. Therefore, rather than expanding, because of my health we need to condense. Sad as that is for me to admit, it has to be that way at this time.

    So then, the question is: Why? Why, when the DAILY CATHOLIC has been growing so and is about to surpass all the hits of 1999 within a week or so, would God allow this to occur where as editor and webmaster I'm unable to continue the pace I had grown accustomed to over the years? In prayer we believe it is because the Holy Advocate is going to touch others to come forward to help.

    Just as the shortage of priests has prompted the laity to step forward, so also somewhere out there is a person or persons who would be willing to take over the DAILY CATHOLIC as webmaster. We know there are many, many webmasters with talent far exceeding anything this self-taught editor has learned. The problem that arises is whether any of them are willing to come forward for the salary of constant graces? Because we are a non-profit, no one from the editor/webmaster on down receives any salary whatsoever. It is all a labor of love and you would be repaid one hundred-fold and up in Heavenly treasures. In other words, you name the price, God's vault is limitless.

    What we truly need is someone to come forward who would be willing to learn the ropes and routine of the DAILY CATHOLIC but knows high-tech, html, java, etc. so they could begin immediately. I truly believe there is such a person or group out there who have talents to contribute that could take the DAILY CATHOLIC to higher heights with streaming, audio and interactive tools that we have not had the time to implement. There might possibly be some seminarians who would like to take on such a project, or an informed Catholic youth group or a group of knowledgable nuns. Who knows? Just as the Pope assigns an auxiliary bishop to eventually become the bishop, we presently are in dire need of an auxiliary webmaster to keep the DAILY CATHOLIC going strong. We would hope and pray someone would come forward by September so we can return to daily issues once the summer is over. That is also the time when traditionally our circulation increases dramatically because folks are back to work, back in school.

    I still believe I have a lot of writing left in me because I want to continue our HISTORY OF THE MASS AND HOLY MOTHER CHURCH series. After 105 installments we're only up to the Reformation so there are many, many more chapters to go. In addition, at the urging of many, Cyndi and I are corroborating on a book called "Soul Mates on a Journey." We also want to work on transcribing the magnificent and mystical interior visions Cyndi received and related during her talk circuit back in 1993-95. Besides these projects, I want to continue to write a regular CATHOLIC PewPOINT and a few other articles on a consistent basis. All this takes time, but with someone else webmastering, I could pace myself without working into the wee hours both writing and webmastering.

    We have over 650 past issues in archives and all files and graphics would be available to the new webmaster. Perhaps it might be someone who presently has a site but would like to step up to one with tremendous traffic. After all we are averaging 25,000 hits daily and a quarter of a million a month. That's phenomenal when you consider we have not spent one dime on advertising or promotion, purely word of mouth and the Holy Spirit. Just think what we could do if we had a financial backer where we could afford a top-notch webmaster and staff!!! But then, the Apostles and Our Lord's Disciples didn't have financial backers for the most part. Other than Lazarus and a few others, poverty was the rule of the day. Therefore, since this apostolate began on the Feast of the Assumption a decade ago in 1990, we have thrived under the mendicant system. We have never missed a payment for services or to vendors regarding expenses for this ministry; though at times we were sweating it as bill time came due. But, as God has always done, somehow, someway He provides and just enough enters the black to pay off the red. After ten years of juggling, we can definitely tell you the difference between profit and non-profit. The latter, when sincere, gets a tremendous edge from above. Just look at the growth of the Franciscans, Missionaries of Charity, and many other loyal orders. God brings forward those who are called to help when it is time.

    We believe it is time, and, after Father Ken Kiefer, OFM's homily during Sunday morning Mass about taking time to rest and regroup, I'm going to take his advice, the same advice my loving bride has been telling me for months. Would I listen? Not until now. I know, I know, just like a man! But my stubborn days are over, I'm willing to listen to the wisdom of my better half for I know the Holy Spirit speaks through her. Therefore, regardless of how our plea comes out, we will publish a special Transfiguration-Assumption issue that will encompass from Friday August 4th - the Feast of another hard worker who was relentless in his passion for souls - Saint Jean Marie Vianney, affectionately known as the Cure d'Ars - through the Solemnity of the Assumption. This means we will resume on Wednesday, August 16th on the Feast of Saint Stephen of Hungary.

    Though we took our grueling but rewarding "Jubilee Journey of Joy for Jesus" pilgrimage in May, it was not a vacation and we gained very little true rest. No one rests when they're on one of Regina's cookie-cutter "you're-on-your-own" Tours! Therefore, we're going to take some time in August for the family before our sons head back to school. We're going to take a few days for family spiritual retreat, then a few days of fun and play. I have some tests to undergo with the neurologist for my pinched nerves and another doctor for vascular tests. We won't go far because we can't afford it, but that's okay because, to paraphrase that wise and dedicated Rosary Priest Father Patrick Peyton, "the family that prays and plays together, stays together and grows closer!" It is good advice for all. The Holy Father gets away to cooler climbs each year and then retreats to work in a more relaxed mode at his summer palace in Castel Gandolfo, where he is now. In fact Sunday he again extolled the merits and virtues of vacations to reboost the spirit and soul. It's vital! It's necessary! We hear him!

    We also hear Our Lord's soothing words in Matthew 11: 28, "Come to Me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest." We need to lighten that burden, not just by giving it to God, but making it known we need help to keep the DAILY CATHOLIC going strong! We will continue to pray as we take Christ's words in Mark 6: 31, to heart, "Come apart into a desert place and rest a while." While resting, we pray a willing webmaster will help guide us through the desert so we don't desert our readers! Therefore we're hanging out the help wanted sign: Willing Webmaster Wanted!

Michael Cain, editor

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July 24-25, 2000
volume 11, no. 125

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