July 24-25, 2000
volume 11, no. 125

SYMPHONY OF SUFFERING column for July 24-25, 2000

part three

Healing by God's Timetable

    As you remember from part two, my husband Michael had been in extreme pain after bathing in the healing waters of Lourdes. All that afternoon and into the early evening the pain Michael felt worsened. Naturally, I was deeply concerned. I checked his feet. There was no sign of edema, which had been so bad in Italy. The outward signs of the blood clots were no longer there, and to my hands his feet and legs felt quite warm, whereas before they had been ice-cold to my touch. When dinner time came, I went down with the boys to the dining room, and asked if dinner could be brought to our room, for Michael was in too much pain to make it to dinner. With great alacrity, dinner was brought for both of us, and we proceeded to eat in our room, although Michael was still in a great deal of pain.

    The woman on the pilgrimage, the one who was dying of terminal cancer, was also a vascular nurse. She had helped guide Michael's care throughout the long days in Italy as we awaited Lourdes. Word got around the dining room and before I knew it there was a knock on the door. This wonderful woman came in, and the first thing I noticed was a new color to her face, and a clearness in her eyes that had not been present from the moment we had first met. She was glowing…and I could only silently give praise to God that she had received graces and healings from Him. I did not know then, nor do I now, if she was fully healed of the cancer, but I am sure she received all that she needed.

    This kind woman, a thorough nurse, checked out Michael's feet and legs. There was no edema at all. All of the broken blood vessels, which had discolored his legs and ankles in particular were gone. Yet…Michael was in pain. The vascular nurse felt for the pulse in Mike's feet and legs. She took several long minutes doing this, and I was clutching my crucifix as she did so. Then, smiling, she turned to both of us and announced that the pulse in Michael's lower extremities was strong…really strong. It was going thump! thump! thump! For six years the pulse in Michael's lower extremities had been low, his feet often like blocks of ice without any feeling whatsoever.

    Immediately Michael and I both understood what had happened! God had healed Michael of his blood clots, and the vascular problems he had borne for over six years. Now, with the blood rushing back into the legs and feet, it was as if his lower extremities were being awakened from a deep sleep. The pain was the return of the blood to regions that had received very little blood flow for a long, long time. She was quite certain that God's hand was at work, and that by the next day the pain would be lessened, as Michael began to realize that he had been granted a true miracle from God!

    I wept then. I wept with relief, with gratitude, with thanksgiving, and with utter humility, that the Good Lord, through His Mother, should have given such a great miracle to this poor family! There are no other words I can use to express the emotions of that moment when I knew that my husband's blood clots were totally gone, that he was receiving a rebirth because once again the blood was flowing normally. Mike was overjoyed. He believed instantly that he was healed, but he was still unable to get up and move around because there was still a lot of pain. I went immediately to get the boys in the next room. I brought them in and told them what was happening to their father, and their faces were bright with awe, and with thanks and wonder at the miracles of God made manifest to them. They, themselves, were struggling, wondering if God had healed them of their maladies, a bit sad because they didn't "feel" any different than they had before being bathed in the Miraculous Waters. I assured them that God has touched them, just as He had touched their father, and that it would take time for the graces God had bestowed to be realized by all of us.

    This is so very true, for even to this day, I am made aware each day of another grace given by God at Lourdes, and these graces are life-changing, and they are something which I must witness to and share with all of you, for God so wants all to realize that they are Infinitely Loved by God, and His graces, His healings, and His miracles are for all…and they are very present in each life, if only the person is spiritually tuned into the Holy Spirit, who awakens the intellect of the soul and of the mind to the Love of God and His purifying graces. For each person, the knowledge of the graces given is different, and so are the graces, for God does for each of us what He knows is best for our salvation, and the salvation of others. That does not diminish in any way that His graces, blessings, and miracles are any less magnificent.

    Every single person on this earth, who has ever lived and will live, are miracles in themselves. God does not create junk. Each person has, in his or her lifetime, received countless miracles from God, and they are no less noteworthy because they are not the subject of a documentary on television, publicized in the paper or in a magazine. Perhaps the truth is that they are truly magnificent because they are made known only to the person who has received this grace, and in the silence of the heart, the miracle remains new and fresh each day, because it is not spoiled by any extraordinary announcement to the entire world.

    That night of May 19th, as Michael and I held each other close and gave glory to God, we didn't know what else God could do for us. We felt that He had given us the healing of Mike's life-threatening blood clots, and that was sufficient. Little did we know, with our finite minds, that the miracles were only just beginning. There was much, much more in store for all of us. But we wouldn't discover that until the next day…and we are still discovering the miracles each day as we awaken and invite the Holy Spirit to fill us fully, so that we live for God alone, and get out of God's way. In other words, we have learned anew to Choose God, not the works of God, for in choosing Him, all the rest follows according to His Will.

    I will share with you in the next installment the next day in Lourdes. As always I will remember all of you in my humble prayers, and thank you for your prayers for us. If only I could explain in human words the importance of our prayers for each other…this is another miracle, but I will touch on it next week.

    Until then, let us all remain little children safely tucked in God's sleeve, asleep on the Heart of Christ, comforted by His Mother's arms, surrounded by the glory of the angels, as we proceed on this pilgrimage of life to our eternal home in Heaven.

Next week: Lourdes' Love Pours Forth

Cyndi Cain

July 24-25, 2000
volume 11, no. 125

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