July 19-20, 2000
Month of the
Precious Blood
volume 11, no. 123
July 19-20, 2000
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Put on the Armor of God

The lazy, hazy days of summer bring great temptations and the Apostle Saint Paul understood that only too well as he imparted in Ephesians 6: 10-17. Based on that, Steve Palecki treats us to a special prayer that will help us be mindful that we cannot fend off the wiles of satan without putting on the armor of God in "Armoring for the Day."

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From his mountain retreat in the Italian Alps, the Holy Father sent congratulations to the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart on the 150th anniversary of the birth of Saint Frances Cabrini the holy Italian foundress and "courageous Mother of the Americas" as the Pope extolled her virtues, while also acknowledging the 50th anniversary of her being proclaimed "Patron of Immigrants."

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In his column today, Dr. Frank Joseph exposes yet another hypocritical Democrat, this time a man of the cloth in the Reverend Jesse Jackson who can't seem to understand God's principles even though he claims to. But his actions and rhetoric give Catholics all the more reason to dump the donkeys on their derriers and push the pachyderms of Pro-Life who will not forget the holocaust of abortion!

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Pope Saint Hormidas

Thursday is the 1,486th anniversary of the election of the 52nd successor of Peter. He was Pope Saint Hormidas appointed Sovereign Pontiff on July 20, 514. This Roman-born Bishop of Rome's pontificate lasted nine years during which Saint Benedict founded the Benedictine Order and the celebrated Abbey of Monte Cassino in Italy. Hormidas, who ruled against favored status for bishoprics, died on August 6, 523.

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Pope Pius XII's character assassinated by CBSMichael TuckTuck works for CBS affiliate who also aired 60 Minutes piece Anchorman Michael Tuck reassures readers he is not a "Catholic basher" in his sincere reply to our editorial Monday

60 Minutes' Ed BradleyYet the issue of Pope Pius XII's involvement with the Jews in World War II won't go away because CBS continues to fan the flames of prejudice and bitterness this past Sunday by rerunning from this past March their incendiary piece on the beleaguered Pontiff. CATHOLIC PewPOINTJohn Cornwell's book Hitler's Pope is a libelous piece of trash meant to stir hate    In this issue's editorial, we provide a counter reply to San Diego news anchor Michael Tuck who replied about our editorial in Monday's issue. We also reiterate our resistance to the liberties taken by CBS and that vaunted news titan 60 Minutes for their scurrilous piece on Pope Pius XII which they repeated this past Sunday night during rerun summer. Our editorial, which first ran in our March 21st issue, rails at how, by elevating the author of the book "Hitler's Pope" by John Cornwell, a dissident and bitter Catholic journalist, the network and "hit man" Ed Bradley took everything out of context and couched certain questions that would evoke the response they wanted. Through manipulative editing and subliminal footage of dark, forboding scenes whenever they were referring to Pius, they portrayed a man who hated Jews and blacks. Nothing could be further from the truth and we set the record straight in that first editorial and reinforce it today in our second commentary. For this issue's editorial "Soothing the Savage Beast of The Frustration Factor!" see CATHOLIC PewPOINT

   ...and for our original commentary from March, see By its use of yellow journalism the once-mighty CBS eye is now black and blue!

Vacations necessary to climb spiritual mountain!
    Holy Father emphasizes necessity of vacations in his Sunday Angelus Address; also reassures that all can overcome landslides of life by living God's Will in our goal of eternal salvation if we climb the spiritual mountain steadily and swiftly, allowing Our Lady to be our guide

   In only public appearance during his vacation in the Italian Alps, Pope John Paul II gave his Angelus Address on Sunday, July 16 from the Valley of Aosta. He made a point to remind all of the significance of the date for it was the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Even though the Sunday liturgy superseded this feast this year, the Holy Father stressed the importance of getting away to refocus and rest in order for all to be better able to function. He also likened his mountain retreat to another mountain - Mt. Carmel, tracing briefly the essence of Elijah in the Old Testament and the Carmelites in the 12th century, showing the way to how we can all climb that spiritual mountain to attain peace through adherence to God's Holy Will in all things. He concluded his address by reminding all that we have Mary to guide us on our climb. For the full text of the Holy Father's Address, see THE VICAR OF CHRIST SPEAKS


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