Month of the Precious Blood


June 19-20, 2000
    vol. 11, no. 123



Events that happened today in Church History

Pope Saint SymmachusPope Saint Hormidas    Wednesday and Thursday we observe respectively the 1,486th anniversary of the death of Pope Saint Symmachus and the following day the election of Pope Saint Hormidas in 514. Both Pontiffs were the only ones in the history of the Popes with those names. St. Symmachus' pontificate lasted sixteen years. He consolidated Church property, making it available for the use of the clergy with no strings attached. He also ransomed all slaves, giving them their freedom to whichever nation they wished to return to. It was this 51st successor of Peter who is credited with the first construction of the Vatican Palace. He was followed by St. Hormidas who was born in Frosinone within the area of Rome and died on August 6, 523. Hormidas' papacy is best associated with Saint Benedict who founded the Benedictine Order and established the celebrated Abbey of Monte Cassino during St. Hormidas' nine-year pontificate. He also decreed that Bishoprics should not be bestowed special privileges, leaving to the Pope to select shepherds of sees on their merits. For more events that happened during this time in Church History, see MILLENNIUM MILESTONES AND MEMORIES

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