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While relaxing in Italian Alps Pope extolls virtues of Mother Frances Cabrini on 150th anniversary of her birth
Mother Cabrini   From his mountain retreat in the Italian Alps, His Holiness Pope John Paul II took time out on Monday to congratulate the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart as they celebrated the 50th anniversary of their foundress Saint Frances Cabrini being proclaimed "Patron of Immigrants" by Pope Pius XII. It was also the 150th anniversary of Mother Cabrini's birth and it was another Pope, Pope Leo XIII who encouraged her not to go east, but west - to the Americas. Thank God she followed the Pontiff's wise advice. continued inside.

Bishops redfaced over expose of Catholic Relief Services endorsement of pro-abort Women's March as puppet of N.O.W.
   Before you write out that check for Catholic Relief Services - the official charity of the U.S. Bishops Conference , you might want to think about it after reports that they were at one time involved in supporting the pro-abortion themed World March of Women 2000. Though the NCCB has denied it, the reliable National Catholic Register has contended that CRS has indeed voiced support for the March, causing not a few redfaces within the Bishops' offices in Washington, D.C. continued inside.

Jihad horrors intensify in Moluccas as Bishop tells tale of decapitation by Muslim extremists
   The escalation of violence launched by the Jihad warriors is focused on the central area of Ambon city, where most of the Christians live. A Christian was beheaded on Saturday in a Christian area of Ambon city in the conflict-torn Indonesia region of the Moluccas according to Bishop Joseph Tethool, auxiliary of Ambon. continued inside.

Cardinal Law calls for US to lift embargo of Cuba
Cuba Cardinal Bernard Law    In support of the Holy Father's call to have compassion for all peoples, Cardinal Bernard Law, Archbishop of Boston and president of the U.S. Bishops' Commission for International Policy, requested that the United States lift the embargo that has weighed on Cuba over the past 40 years stating, "The embargo imposed by the United States has, in my view, long exhausted the moral legitimacy it may once have had and should be abandoned." continued inside.

Lebanon Patriarch calls for expulsion of Syrian military from land of cedars
Syria Lebanon    In keeping with U.N.Resolution 520, Cardinal Nasrallah Pierre Sfeir, Maronite Patriarch of Lebanon, appealed to his compatriots to unite in opposing Syria's continued military presence in the land of cedars. "We claim a free, independent, and sovereign Lebanon," the Cardinal said, and denounced the effort to "conceal" the 1982 U.N. decision, which obliged the Syrian army to withdraw from Lebanon.continued inside.

Holy See confirms that John Paul II intervened on behalf of his attacker to plea for clemency; remains mum on Agca's outburst
Turkey    Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls confirmed that the Pope personally intervened on behalf of the man who tried to kill him, asking Italian President Carlo Ciampi to grant clemency to Mehmet Ali Agca who, because of the Holy Father's intervention, was granted clemency on his life sentence on June 13 and deported to Turkey where he will finish a previous sentence and is on trial on other charges. Nevertheless the Vatican remained silent on their reactions to Agca's outburst calling for the Pope to resign and his slurs against the Church in Rome. continued inside.

Ecumenical spirit of Jerusalem Patriarchs encourages Arafat and Barak to come to a lasting peace in the Camp David talks this week
Holy Land    Giving impetus to the Mideast Peace Talks currently underway at Camp David, Maryland, the three Jerusalem Patriarchs of the Greek, Latin and Armenian Church urged Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Palestinian President Yasser Arafat to put aside their differences and compromise for the sake of the people in order to bring lasting peace and to transform Jerusalem once again into a holy city that can be shared by all faiths with no exceptions. They expressed this in a special open letter to the two mideast leaders. continued inside.

President of Filipino Bishops Conference condemns Muslim violence in Mindanao
   Archbishop Orlando Quevedo, President of the Bishops Conference in the Philippines, spoke out strongly against the Muslim attacks when an estimated 100 men from the Moro Islamic Liberation Force attacked and shot 21 Catholic farmers in a senseless act of violence. He reiterated the Church's strong stance, "The taking of human life, and the inflicting of injury and suffering on anyone, whether Muslim or Christian, whether as an act of aggression or revenge, can never be justified." continued inside.

Sudanese military bomb Red Cross Clinic as raids against Catholic Church continue in Northeast Africa
Sudan    Local aid workers stated that a Sudanese military airplane bombed a field clinic and passenger airplane belonging to the International Red Cross in Chelkou, Sudan, on Saturday, July 15. In six waves and over 20 minutes, the plane dropped a total of 15 bombs. It was another in a series of attacks that have included a Catholic hospital and school operated directly by a bishop. continued inside.

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