July 6, 2000
Month of the
Precious Blood
volume 11, no. 120
July 12-13, 2000
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Saint Henry

Thursday is the Feast of Saint Henry, the holy husband, father and ruler who came into prominence at the turn of the first millennium and played an important role in reinstating the rightful Pope and deposing the antipope. The following day we celebrate the Feast of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, the first Native American saint

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Six months are in the archives, six to go as we pass the midpoint of this historic Jubilee Year. July means time for the Holy Father to get some much deserved R&R in the remote village of the scenic Italian Alps for 12 days. He's regrouping for the busy fall schedule in which an Encyclical is expected later this year, possibly a Consistory, and definitely the beatification of two modern Pontiffs.

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The skulls and bones of millions of innocent preborns and the souls of those who survive abortion are at stake if we believe the lies Al Gore is spewing or if we unwittingly support him and his cronies because of party ties or our silence. Dr. Frank Joseph presents an "open letter to Gore" in which he challenges the Vice President to take the "vice" out of the highest office in the land. Sadly, we wouldn't know if Gore is listening because the truth is so foreign to him.

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Pope Saint Felix IV

Monday is the 1,474th anniversary of the election of the 54th successor of Peter. He was Pope Saint Felix IV appointed Sovereign Pontiff on July 12, 526. This Roman-born Bishop of Rome's pontificate lasted only four years. Though he was elevated to be the puppet Pope of the king of the Goths Theodoric, Felix's fidelity was to a higher King. For this loyalty, Felix was exiled by Theodoric. He died on September 22, 530.

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The separation of the wheat from the chaff has begun
   In this issue's commentary, we focus on the temperature within the Church and can see many things beginning to fall in shape - from talks with the Orthodox Church to plans to return the Tabernacle to the sanctuary to the increasing call from Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger on down to also return the reverence with the universal language of the Church - Latin, a language that was dumped unceremoniously after the "spirit of Vatican II" infiltrated the diocesan level. Now, thirty-five years later the Holy Father has in place loyal bishops who are ready to assist him with the "winnowing fan" and separate the wheat from the chaff for the harvest is near. For the editorial,The timing is right to right the wrongs! see CATHOLIC PewPOINT


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