January 27, 2000
volume 11, no. 19

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Dr. Frank Joseph's Pro-Life Prescriptions: LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!         INTRODUCTION

    We've enlisted Frank Joseph, MD, a committed retired Catholic physician from Southern California to write a special pro-life column for the DailyCATHOLIC which will appear each Wednesday exulting the Catholic beliefs on creation and procreation in upholding the Sanctity of Life. During Respect Life Week we will be carrying his column each day as an introductory promotion.

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Al Gore Thinks Jesus Christ is Pro-abortion!

        It never ceases to amaze me, the lengths, to which the liberal Democrats will go, to get votes. The latest, by Al Gore -- "when I have to make an important decision, I ask myself, what would Jesus Christ do?"

        It's common knowledge that Gore, at one time, was pro-life. Now, he claims that he was never pro-life, in spite of the fact that as a Tennessee congressman in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Gore voted pro-life 84 percent of the time. It would seem that lying comes natural to the liberals.

        It's apparent, that being pro-life was not in his best interest to climb the political ladder.

        Now, he thinks that Jesus Christ would condone the killing of unborn babies, which is why he (Gore) is pro-choice. Bear in mind that Gore, also, does NOT want partial-birth abortions banned. So now, he's trying to tell us that Jesus Christ, also, sees no evil in this barbaric procedure. This is pure blasphemy.

        And Gore claims to be a "born again Christian." WOW!! Maybe he thinks that statement will offset his pro-abortion stance, but it's not going to work. We must assume, that to Gore, the Bible isn't worth the paper it's written on. Apparently Gore must think, that the following phrases are just the figment of someone's imagination:

    • "Thou Shalt Not Kill."
    • "For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother's womb."
    • "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart."

        We are becoming a nation of self-indulgent people, with the morals of an alley cat. The degeneracy of our country should be a major concern for everyone. This country is going to hell in a handbasket so fast, that satan has got to be ecstatic.

        I have said many times, that there is a war going on in our country, between good and evil, between GOD and satan. How is it humanly possible that this man, Al Gore, is the front runner in the Democratic party to be president of the USA? Gore's rival for the Democratic nod for the presidency, Bill Bradley is no better than Gore when it comes to life issues.

        Bradley takes pride in the fact that he is pro-abortion and has gotten the endorsement of Planned Parenthood, the leading killers of unborn babies. He also, doesn't want to stop babies from being killed when they are 3/4 born.(partial-birth abortions) Bradley will not answer any questions regarding religion, or his views on faith. He says it's a personal thing. With the rapid moral decline of our country, for Bradley to say, he doesn't want to discuss faith or religion is repugnant. Does this mean, he doesn't believe in God, or he's not sure? If he does believe in God, -- why hide it? Why not shout it from the highest mountain, or does he think our society's morals are so far gone that the mere mention of God would cost him votes.

        After having to put up with Clinton's adulterous affairs and his lying for the past seven years, it would be a welcome relief to have a president who is not ashamed to express his devotion to God. People have been killed for professing their faith in God and Bradley, just doesn't want to take the time to talk about it.

        To me this is very strange. One would think that one of the main priorities of a president would be to stop our country's freefall of moral degeneracy. This can only be done by reminding people that there IS a God and there is satan; that there is good and there is evil. NOT, to just say, "don't want to talk about it."

        So there you have the two Democratic hopefuls for the Presidency. Not much of a choice is there? Both pro-killing of unborn babies.

        Isn't it amazing that all six of the Republican hopefuls for the presidency are pro-life, some even more so, than others. What a contrast.

        I, at one time was enthralled with the Democratic party philosophy -- why, they were for the indigent and the downtrodden. NOT anymore -- I switched years ago, when the handwriting on the wall, hit me squarely in the eyes. The liberals are all talk. The most downtrodden of all, are the helpless unborn babies.

        There is no more important issue that faces our country today, than the wholesale killing of unborn babies and yet -- to show you, how far our society has succumbed to satan's wishes -- there are people, who can see no evil in this. As a matter of fact, to help satan, they promote it.

        One would think, that those who claim they are compassionate would be leading the charge to save the lives of unborn babies. BUT NO, it's the Republican party, whose trying to save their lives.

        I am sick and tired of the Democrats saying, that there's is the compassionate party. They only use this false argument for VOTES.

        When it comes to putting their money, where their mouth is -- they're nowhere to be found. They would sooner put their energy into saving a tree or a fish, or are bewildered when animals are treated inhumanely. That's fine, but please, let's get our priorities straight and have compassion for the suffering and death of human beings.

        They even ignore recent studies that show that unborn babies, who are killed at 20 weeks gestation and after, feel excruciating pain. Some animals are given an anesthetic, when they are killed in late term. But human beings -- just let them suffer.

        You ask, "how could this be?" The answer is simple -- they will be for causes that will ensure VOTES. They will be for causes that will NOT, even remotely, infringe on their way of life.

        Someday they, their daughters, their wives, or their girlfriends may want to kill their unborn baby and they want to make sure it's a "legal killing."

        Then you have those who can't think further than their gender. Since Roe Vs Wade, liberal feminists have been on a power trip. Now, they do not have to answer to any man. Not their husbands or the father of their baby. "I am woman, hear me roar. It's my body and I can do what I want to, and I now have the power over life and death and no man can tell me what to do."

        Their number one argument is that if abortions are not legal, women will go to a dark alley with a rusty coat hanger -- get a complication and die. Don't buy this -- it's a lie. More women die, yearly, from complications of abortions now, than before Roe vs. Wade. Check my web page for details.

        God's most precious creations are killed strictly for ulterior and selfish reasons. Their body parts are sold to the highest bidder. And the liberal Democrats see NO EVIL in all of this.

        Also, they are fighting hard to keep the fact that women who have their unborn babies killed, increase their risk of getting breast cancer. WHY? Because, this knowledge would be a serious blow to the multimillion dollar abortion industry. Again, see my web pages for the proof.

        Then, we come to the question of homosexuality. Both Gore and Bradley, ignoring the Holy Scriptures, have embraced the Gay community. They want gays to serve openly in the service. Junk the, "don't ask -- don't tell." They have given their blessing to the Gay life style -- a life style that's antifamily and deadly.

        But then, everything the liberals embrace, winds up in suffering and death. Let's count them:

    • 1 - They have given their blessing to the killing of 1.4 million unborn babies, yearly.
    • 2 - They have given their blessing to women who die from complications of abortions. More now, yearly, than before Roe Vs Wade.
    • 3 - They have given their blessing to the suffering of women, who have developed mental problems after having their unborn baby killed. To women who have taken drugs and alcohol to try to ease their guilt; To women, who have committed suicide.
    • 4 - They have given their blessing to planned parenthood, and all of the other killing clinics, when they refuse to tell women the increased risk of getting breast cancer, after having an abortion.
    • 5 - They have given their blessing to the Gay lifestyle, which is killing off our young men and instead of condemning it -- they are perpetuating it.

        This is no longer "political" but a serious moral issue that transcends politics. But the pro-aborts are using politics to railroad through their immoral platform. Is there any doubt, that the liberal Democratic party is the party of misery and death? Think about it. I, for one cannot understand what's so appealing about suffering and death to the liberals. Now, satan, I can understand.

        If you believe in God, then you must believe in satan. So, I ask you: which party do you think satan is drooling over? Satan has been working overtime to permeate the minds of the liberals, of this I have NO doubt. May God help us if we elect Gore or Bradley, and the Democrats take over the House and Senate.

        For the sake of God, and your children -- don't let our country waste away. Remember -- "man reaps what he sows," and "For what will profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul."

        May God forgive us.

    Dr. Frank

January 27, 2000
volume 11, no. 19
Pro-Life Prescriptions: LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!

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