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  • VP as Pres would "Gore" the preborn to death! We can't let that happen!

      Vice President Al Gore's easy victory in Iowa should alert all of us how dangerous this man can be, especially when he tries to win Christians over with his take on what Jesus really believes in his opinion. In today's column, Frank Joseph, MD, a committed retired Catholic physician from Southern California, points this out and the doublespeak this pro-abort promoter of the culture of death spews. He emphasizes that for the sake of the children, we can't afford to elect him as the next president or it's curtains for the unborn children as we continue this special pro-life column for the DailyCATHOLIC throughout this Respect Life Week 2000. For his column today Al Gore Thinks Jesus Christ is Pro-abortion!, see Pro-Life Prescriptions: LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!

    Al Gore Thinks Jesus Christ is Pro-abortion!

         It never ceases to amaze me, the lengths, to which the liberal Democrats will go, to get votes. The latest, by Al Gore -- "when I have to make an important decision, I ask myself, what would Jesus Christ do?"

         It's common knowledge that Gore, at one time, was pro-life. Now, he claims that he was never pro-life, in spite of the fact that as a Tennessee congressman in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Gore voted pro-life 84 percent of the time. It would seem that lying comes natural to the liberals.

         It's apparent, that being pro-life was not in his best interest to climb the political ladder.

         Now, he thinks that Jesus Christ would condone the killing of unborn babies, which is why he (Gore) is pro-choice. Bear in mind that Gore, also, does NOT want partial-birth abortions banned. So now, he's trying to tell us that Jesus Christ, also, sees no evil in this barbaric procedure. This is pure blasphemy.

         And Gore claims to be a "born again Christian." WOW!! Maybe he thinks that statement will offset his pro-abortion stance, but it's not going to work. We must assume, that to Gore, the Bible isn't worth the paper it's written on. Apparently Gore must think, that the following phrases are just the figment of someone's imagination:

      • "Thou Shalt Not Kill."
      • "For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother's womb."
      • "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart."

          We are becoming a nation of self-indulgent people, with the morals of an alley cat. The degeneracy of our country should be a major concern for everyone. This country is going to hell in a handbasket so fast, that satan has got to be ecstatic.

          I have said many times, that there is a war going on in our country, between good and evil, between GOD and satan. How is it humanly possible that this man, Al Gore, is the front runner in the Democratic party to be president of the USA? Gore's rival for the Democratic nod for the presidency, Bill Bradley is no better than Gore when it comes to life issues.

          Bradley takes pride in the fact that he is pro-abortion and has gotten the endorsement of Planned Parenthood, the leading killers of unborn babies. He also, doesn't want to stop babies from being killed when they are 3/4 born.(partial-birth abortions) Bradley will not answer any questions regarding religion, or his views on faith. He says it's a personal thing. With the rapid moral decline of our country, for Bradley to say, he doesn't want to discuss faith or religion is repugnant. Does this mean, he doesn't believe in God, or he's not sure? If he does believe in God, -- why hide it? Why not shout it from the highest mountain, or does he think our society's morals are so far gone that the mere mention of God would cost him votes.

          After having to put up with Clinton's adulterous affairs and his lying for the past seven years, it would be a welcome relief to have a president who is not ashamed to express his devotion to God. People have been killed for professing their faith in God and Bradley, just doesn't want to take the time to talk about it.

          To me this is very strange. One would think that one of the main priorities of a president would be to stop our country's freefall of moral degeneracy. This can only be done by reminding people that there IS a God and there is satan; that there is good and there is evil. NOT, to just say, "don't want to talk about it."

          So there you have the two Democratic hopefuls for the Presidency. Not much of a choice is there? Both pro-killing of unborn babies.

          Isn't it amazing that all six of the Republican hopefuls for the presidency are pro-life, some even more so, than others. What a contrast.

          I, at one time was enthralled with the Democratic party philosophy -- why, they were for the indigent and the downtrodden. NOT anymore -- I switched years ago, when the handwriting on the wall, hit me squarely in the eyes. The liberals are all talk. The most downtrodden of all, are the helpless unborn babies.

          There is no more important issue that faces our country today, than the wholesale killing of unborn babies and yet -- to show you, how far our society has succumbed to satan's wishes -- there are people, who can see no evil in this. As a matter of fact, to help satan, they promote it.

          One would think, that those who claim they are compassionate would be leading the charge to save the lives of unborn babies. BUT NO, it's the Republican party, whose trying to save their lives.

          I am sick and tired of the Democrats saying, that there's is the compassionate party. They only use this false argument for VOTES.

          When it comes to putting their money, where their mouth is -- they're nowhere to be found. They would sooner put their energy into saving a tree or a fish, or are bewildered when animals are treated inhumanely. That's fine, but please, let's get our priorities straight and have compassion for the suffering and death of human beings.

          They even ignore recent studies that show that unborn babies, who are killed at 20 weeks gestation and after, feel excruciating pain. Some animals are given an anesthetic, when they are killed in late term. But human beings -- just let them suffer.

          You ask, "how could this be?" The answer is simple -- they will be for causes that will ensure VOTES. They will be for causes that will NOT, even remotely, infringe on their way of life.

          Someday they, their daughters, their wives, or their girlfriends may want to kill their unborn baby and they want to make sure it's a "legal killing."

          Then you have those who can't think further than their gender. Since Roe Vs Wade, liberal feminists have been on a power trip. Now, they do not have to answer to any man. Not their husbands or the father of their baby. "I am woman, hear me roar. It's my body and I can do what I want to, and I now have the power over life and death and no man can tell me what to do."

          Their number one argument is that if abortions are not legal, women will go to a dark alley with a rusty coat hanger -- get a complication and die. Don't buy this -- it's a lie. More women die, yearly, from complications of abortions now, than before Roe vs. Wade. Check my web page for details.

          God's most precious creations are killed strictly for ulterior and selfish reasons. Their body parts are sold to the highest bidder. And the liberal Democrats see NO EVIL in all of this.

          Also, they are fighting hard to keep the fact that women who have their unborn babies killed, increase their risk of getting breast cancer. WHY? Because, this knowledge would be a serious blow to the multimillion dollar abortion industry. Again, see my web pages for the proof.

          Then, we come to the question of homosexuality. Both Gore and Bradley, ignoring the Holy Scriptures, have embraced the Gay community. They want gays to serve openly in the service. Junk the, "don't ask -- don't tell." They have given their blessing to the Gay life style -- a life style that's antifamily and deadly.

          But then, everything the liberals embrace, winds up in suffering and death. Let's count them:

      • 1 - They have given their blessing to the killing of 1.4 million unborn babies, yearly.
      • 2 - They have given their blessing to women who die from complications of abortions. More now, yearly, than before Roe Vs Wade.
      • 3 - They have given their blessing to the suffering of women, who have developed mental problems after having their unborn baby killed. To women who have taken drugs and alcohol to try to ease their guilt; To women, who have committed suicide.
      • 4 - They have given their blessing to planned parenthood, and all of the other killing clinics, when they refuse to tell women the increased risk of getting breast cancer, after having an abortion.
      • 5 - They have given their blessing to the Gay lifestyle, which is killing off our young men and instead of condemning it -- they are perpetuating it.

          This is no longer "political" but a serious moral issue that transcends politics. But the pro-aborts are using politics to railroad through their immoral platform. Is there any doubt, that the liberal Democratic party is the party of misery and death? Think about it. I, for one cannot understand what's so appealing about suffering and death to the liberals. Now, satan, I can understand.

          If you believe in God, then you must believe in satan. So, I ask you: which party do you think satan is drooling over? Satan has been working overtime to permeate the minds of the liberals, of this I have NO doubt. May God help us if we elect Gore or Bradley, and the Democrats take over the House and Senate.

          For the sake of God, and your children -- don't let our country waste away. Remember -- "man reaps what he sows," and "For what will profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul."

          May God forgive us.

      Dr. Frank

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    Appreciation of the First Epistle of Saint Peter

       Today we continue with our new series in the search to uncover the wonderful treasures of the Church contained in the great Deposit of Faith, concentrating on the Books of the New Testament with today introducing the Epistle of Saint Peter. For the ninty-seventh installment, see APPRECIATING THE PRECIOUS GIFT OF OUR FAITH

    installment 97:

          Saint Peter, also called Simon (Acts 15, 14; 2 Pet. 1, 1), was the son of a certain John from the town of Bethsaida in Galilee (John 1, 42-44). He was led by his brother Andrew to the Lord, who conferred upon him the name Cephas, ie., "rock," or Peter (John 1, 42; Matt. 16, 17-19; Mark 3, 16; Luke 6, 14). Thereupon he followed the Lord and became the "Prince of the Apostles." After the Resurrection the primacy was conferred upon him and immediately after the Ascension he began to exercise it. After preaching in Jerusalem and Palestine he went to Rome, probably after his liberation from prison (Acts 12, 17). Some years later, he was in Jerusalem for his first Church Council (Acts 15, 68), and shortly afterwards at Antioch (Gal. 2, 11-14). In the year 67 he was martyred in Rome.

          The Epistle names St. Peter, Apostle of Jesus Christ, as its author (1, 1; cf. Also 5, 12-14), and the testimony of the early centuries of Christianity reaffirms this evidence. So constant was this testimony that Eusebius, the Church historian, placed the Epistle among the books of the Bible accepted by all. Its authoriship is also confirmed by the contents of the Episstle, in which the author appears as an immediate witness of the sufferings of Christ (5, 1), and by its similarity to St. Peter's discourses in the Acts.

          The Epistle is addressed to the Christian communities of Asia Minor that were being distressed by the enmity of their pagan neighbors. By their acceptance of Christianity they had become separated from their own countrymen, who abused and persecuted them. The Apostle therefore instructs his readers that Christianity is the true religion in spite of their trials and sufferings, and exhorts them to lead good Christian lives.

          The place of composition is given as "Babylon" (5, 13). From the Apocalypse (14, 8; 16, 19, etc.), the Jewish writings and the Sibylline books of the first century, we know that this name was a cryptic designation of the city of Rome. Since the author seems to be familiar with the Epistle to the Ephesians, which was written in 63 A.D., and since he makes no reference to the persecution of Nero, which began about the end of 64 A.D., it appears very likely that the letter was written in the latter part of 63 or the beginning of 64.

      Tomorrow: Second Epistle of St. Peter

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       Lord, may St. Angela commend us to Your mercy; may her charity and wisdom help us to be faithful to Your teaching and to follow it in our lives.

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       Today is the Third Thursday in Ordinary Time and the Feast of the virgin Saint Angela Merici while tomorrow we celebrate the Feast of the Angelic Doctor Saint Thomas Aquinas. For the readings, liturgies, meditations, and vignettes on these feasts, see DAILY LITURGY.

    Thursday, January 27, 2000

        First Reading: 2 Samuel 7: 18-19, 24-29
        Psalms: Psalm 132: 1-5, 11-14
        Gospel Reading: Mark 4: 21-25

    Feast of Saint Angela Merici, Virgin, Religious Educator and Foundress

         Born in Lombardy near Desenzano on March 21, 1470, Saint Angela Merici became an orphan at the tender age of ten and was turned over to her uncle who raised her in the village of Salo. At the age of 13 she became a member of the Third Order of St. Francis, beginning a life of sincere austerity. When her uncle died she decided to dedicate her life to educating the children of the poor, specifically the young girls who would grow into motherhood. Angela, guided by private revelation from Jesus, turned down an offer from Pope Clement VII in 1525 to supervise a group of nursing nuns in order to return to Brescia, Italy to train women there to teach. This was the begining of the Ursuline Order of Nuns, so named because the congregation dedicated their work to God through the intercession and protection of Saint Ursula, a tenth century saint whose feast is October 21. The Ursulines became the first teaching Order in the Church, being officially approved by Pope Paul III four years after Angela's death. Angela, since an early age had been a victim-soul and visionary with both Our Lord and Our Lady guiding her every step. Though the early formation of the congregation was rough at first with many naysayers, she, along with the other candidates of the Order, were encouraged by Saint Charles Borromeo (November 4) who made it a point to introduce the nuns throughout the villages of Italy. Unanimously chosen as the Ursulines' first Mother Superior, Angela guided the Order until her death on January 27, 1540 at the Mother House in Brescia. She was 70 years-old when she was called home to God. Her holiness and example led to more vocations and additional convents in France, Germany and Canada in 1636. It was the Ursulines who founded the first school in the United States in New Orleans in 1727 and the rest, as they say, is history. Pope Pius VII canonized her in 1807.

    Friday, January 28, 2000

      Friday January 28:
      Feast of the Angelic Doctor of the Church Saint Thomas Aquinas

      White vestments

        First Reading: 2 Samuel 11: 1-10, 13-17
        Psalms: Psalm 51: 3-7, 10-11
        Gospel Reading: Mark 4: 26-34

    Feast of Saint Thomas Aquinas, Dominican Priest and Angelic Doctor of the Church

          Few saints were more revered than this learned Dominican who contributed so much to Holy Mother Church in writings and songs. He is best known for the great theology tome "Summa Theologica", which incorporates three parts covering the entire teaching of the Church in regards Faith and Morals. He also penned the awe-inspiring Benediction hymns of "O Salutaris Hostia" and "Tantum Ergo". He was born of noble heritage in Aquino, Italy in 1226 five years after the death of the founder of the Dominicans Saint Dominic. Though Thomas studied at the Dominican University in Naples, his brother kidnapped him on his way from Naples to the Order's University in Paris. This absconding was ordered by Thomas' own mother, so incensed was she that Thomas was considering the priesthood. Thomas was forcefully taken to the family's castle of Rocca-Secca and kept there against his will for two years, often being coerced by his own brothers to abandon his holy vow of chastity. But Pope Innocent IV intervened, ordering Thomas be brought to Rome. From there Thomas, also an expert chemistry scholor, was free to go on to Paris to study. In France he studied under Saint Albert the Great who had joined the Dominicans in 1223. After graduating summa cum laude, Thomas landed teaching dockets at universities in Paris, Rome and Naples. So great was his tutelage that Pope Urban Iv summoned Thomas to personally advise the pontiff in 1261. Thomas stayed on for three years. There in Rome, he composed the Mass and office for the feast of Corpus Christi as well as writing the hymns "Pange Lingua" and "Adoro Te". Though he was an extremely learned man, he was also humble enough to realize his vital need for God. Once, while in prayer, he heard Jesus say to him from the crucifix, "Thomas, thou has written well of Me. What reward dost thou wish?" The holy preacher didn't hesitate in his response, "No other reward, Lord, except Thyself." Besides St. Albert, Thomas was a close confidant to Saint Bonaventure. He became such a counselor to the papacy that Pope Gregory X personally invited him to participate in the General Council of Lyons in 1274, but the Dominican scholar died on his way there at Fossa Nuova near Terracina, Italy on March 7, 1274. He was only 49 when he was called home to Heaven and exactly 49 years later he was canonized by Pope John XXII. Thomas was officially declared a "Doctor of the Church" in 1567 by Pope Saint Pius V and his feast day had always been celebrated on March 7th until after Vatican II when it was changed to January 28th.

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    "If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear." 'And He said to them, "Take heed what you hear. With what measure you measure, it shall be measured to you, and more shall be given to you. For to him who has shall be given; and from him who does not have, even that which has has shall be taken away."

    Mark 4: 23-25

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    Events that happened this Weekend in Church History

       Today is the anniversary of the death of two Popes, one in 672 - Pope Saint Vitalian, the 72nd successor of Peter whose 15 year papacy was highlighted by an expansion of Christianity to Western Europe and the conversion of the Lombards. The other is Pope Sergius II who died 26 Popes later in 847 after a three year pontificate remembered for his reconstruction of Rome, specifically the Praetorium or "Holy Stairs." For other time capsule events that happened in Church history on this date, see MILLENNIUM MILESTONES AND MEMORIES

    Historical Events in Church Annals for January 27:

    • 150 A.D.
    • Death of Saint Julian of Sora, martyr from Dalmatia who was imprisoned for his faith, scourged and then decapitated druing the reign of Roman Emperor Titus Antonio Pius.

    • 672 A.D.
    • Death of Pope Saint Vitalian, 76th successor of Peter. Born in Segni, Italy, he was elected on July 30, 657. During his fifteen year pontificate he sent Apostolic Nuncios to Gaul, Spain and England. He was the first Pope to regulate the liturgical use of organ music, using it during religious ceremonies. He played a significant role in the Lombards' conversion to Christianity.

    • 720 A.D.
    • Death of Saint Gamelbert, priest of Michaelsbuch in Bavaria. Though he was born into a wealthy family, his father was wise and made him a shepherd guarding sheep at an early age so that Gamelbert would understand Christ's call to "Feed My sheep.". That's exactly what Gamelbert did, serving for 50 years as a humble, loving shepherd of a parish.

    • 798 A.D.
    • Death of Saint Candida, Abbess of the monastery in Banoles in Spain who was the mother of Saint Emerius before becoming a religious once widowed.

    • 847 A.D.
    • Death of Pope Sergius II, 102nd successor of Peter. Immediately after his predecessor Pope Gregory IV died while the Saracens were at the gates of Rome, they laid seige to Rome and sacked the Basilica of St. Paul and other churches, leaving Sergius with a tremendous reconstruction project during his three year papacy. The infidels were finally defeated at Gaeta. Sergius reassembled the stairs of the Praetorium known as the "Holy Stairs."

    • 1540 A.D.
    • Death of Saint Angela Merici, Italian virgin, religious educator and foundress. For more on this saint, see DAILY LITURGY.

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    January 25th Medjugorje Monthly Message

    NOTE: We respectfully recognize and accept the final authority regarding apparitions, locutions and prophecies presently being reported around the world rests with the Holy See of Rome and the Magisterium of Holy Mother Church to whose judjment we humbly and obediently submit.

      "Dear children! I call you, little children, to pray without ceasing. If you pray, you are closer to God and He will lead you on the way of peace and salvation. That is why I call you today to give peace to others. Only in God is there true peace. Open your hearts and become those who give a gift of peace and others will discover peace in you and through you and in this way you will witness God's peace and love which He gives you. Thank you for having responded to my call."

    For more on Medjugorje, click on MEDJUGORJE AND MORE

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