February 16, 2000
volume 11, no. 33

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INTRODUCTION     In order to provide the reader more than just a rehash of what a movie or video is all about which really only serves to promote a film or program despite the rating, we have decided to bring you a more in-depth feature by enlisting Michael Vincent Boyer, editor and publisher of the excellent monthly tabloid magazine "Goodbye Hollywood". Like fellow columnist Pat Ludwa, Michael also hails from northern Ohio but for the past twenty plus years has lived in the deep south. Yet, because of his intrinsic inside work with the Hollywood establishment as Director of the Alabama Film Commission, he is well aware of the state of the industry and most of what he has seen is not compatable with the teachings of the Church. For that reason he began his monthly publication and has begun writing a regular in-depth, thought-provoking, sometimes shocking column for the DailyCATHOLIC. After Lent he will expand even further in providing a brief daily guide of programs that may not be all they're cracked up to be, or a program that might slip through the cracks and be forgotten even though it is excellent. This happens often and Michael will be on top of it to enlighten readers as to what Hollywood is truly up to as he infiltrates the devil's workshop - Hollywood USA!

   Because he will dealing with how all this affects Catholics we continue to call it: "MOVIES & MORALS." Also, because he will be treating videos both in VCR rentals and video games and how we need to be on our guard, we're also calling it: "VIDEOS & VIRTUES;" and finally, he'll also be covering programs and programming decisions for television and how we need to keep in mind the great cardinal virtue of Temperance to guard and guide us in our viewing - thus calling it: "TELEVISION & TEMPERANCE." Therefore, all three titles are appropriate to effectively convey the topics he'll be covering.

   For past columns by Michael Vincent Boyer, see MOVIES & MORALS-VIDEOS & VIRTUES-TELEVISION & TEMPERANCE Archives.    If you want to send him ideas or feedback, you can reach him at

    What Hollywood doesn't want you to know

    part two

    The devil's disciples: Hollywood and Washington part two: The Quagmire

        "It was Steven Spielberg who was shaking hands with the leader of a country where a high-ranking communist military officer funneled large amounts of money illegally into Clinton's campaign in addition to millions of dollars more coming from middlemen tied directly to the communist Chinese government."

          The increasing flow of money and support to President Bill Clinton's past campaigns and to his current Legal Defense Fund has put the American moviegoing public in a quagmire that has raised a new evaluation about separating a filmmaker's political life from his professional life. Steven Spielberg has produced some of the best movies of all times, like "Schindler's List" and "Saving Private Ryan", to name only a few. Yet, immediately after being impeached, the first elected president in history to earn such dishonor, Spielberg invited Clinton to vacation with him at his home in The Hamptons. It was Steven Spielberg who was among the first in line to shake hands with Chinese Premier Jiang Zemin when he visited the White House; the leader of a country which Amnesty International calls one of the largest violators of human rights in the world whose present day atrocities make Kosovo pale in comparison. He was shaking hands with the leader of the last major communist country in the world where thousands of political prisoners are arrested, jailed, and executed in ten days or less. Some are given show trials for the cameras before they receive a bullet to the back of the head and where very often the fresh corpses are immediately dissected for their body organs to be sold on the black market with the knowledge and involvement of top party leaders. It was Steven Spielberg who was shaking hands with the leader of a country where a high-ranking communist military officer funneled large amounts of money illegally into Clinton's campaign in addition to millions of dollars more coming from middlemen tied directly to the communist Chinese government. In exchange, the U.S. allows an alleged spy to work at the top-secret nuclear lab in Los Alamos where he downloaded the nation's most confidential secrets to his laptop computer and was only fired after reporters made public the following fact: Of all wiretaps requested by the FBI for investigation into potential criminal cases nationwide for a 12 month period, only one was denied; and that order came directly from Attorney General Janet Reno, denying the FBI authority to wiretap the phone of the highly suspected Los Alamos spy, Wen Ho Lee - who was finally arrested in December, 1999.

          It is communist China that bans Christians from gathering in private homes to worship freely. And through much of the 1990's many of the home worshippers had their homes raided, the occupants beaten, and many were killed. Did anybody at the White reception bring these matters up to Premier Jiang Zemin? Was Steven Spielberg even a little reluctant to shake the bloody hand of a ruthless leader?

          None of this has stopped Spielberg from hosting Clinton at his home. Perhaps Spielberg has plans for Clinton to raise production money for Dream Works once he's left office. What better place to raise money than communist China? Spielberg's partners David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg together have funneled almost $40,000 into Clinton's growing legal defense fund, not to mention the millions they've raised for his campaigns. Could this imply that the money we spend at the box-office watching a Spielberg movie could eventually end up in the hands of the most corrupt president in American history? Can we return our ticket stubs for a refund? This is the quagmire faced by many fans who desperately want good entertainment, but at the same time are betrayed by their cinematic heroes.

          Does contributions to Bill Clinton imply support and perpetuation of official corruption in high places? You be the judge. As we mentioned earlier, the FEC records all donations to candidates for presidency in amounts of $200 or more. Many celebrities hide their contributions through Political Action Committees (PACs) and special interest groups. According to Public Disclosure, Inc. these PACs may not always provide full information on their contributors due to a little known "Exception Clause" called "Best Efforts", a shadowy loophole in FEC reporting requirements that means the following lists are probably much longer if celebrities insisted on "Best Efforts", which many have.

          So just who are these people? Take a look see at $$$$$$$$ THE LIST $$$$$$$$: Michael Douglas…………$20,000, Tony Bennett…………….$10,000, David Geffen…………….$20,000 Jeffrey Katzenberg……...$20,000, and Lew Wasserman…………$10,000.

         Then there is the list of direct contributors to Clinton's campaign in 1996, and by their contributions they have endorsed the immoral principles and perpetuated the culture of death espoused by the Clinton administration. I'm sure you'll recognize those on this list: Marlo Thomas Donahue, Mary Stuart Masterson, Ted Danson, Sally Field, Jenny McCarthy, Jeff Goldblum, Melanie Griffith, Rene Russo, Kirk Douglas, Joanna Kerns, Kathleen Turner, Tom Hanks, Ali McGraw, Tom Arnold, Richard Dreyfuss, Chevy Chase, Peter Falk and Patrick Duffy.

          Finally, there is the list of Hollywood celebrities who have contributed to organizations sympathetic to the pro-abortion platform and the crooked ways of the Clinton administration: Glenn Close, Tom Cruise, Tyne Daly, Rebecca DeMornay, Laura Dern, Jane Fonda, Danny DeVito, Marla Maples, Michael Douglas, Marsha Mason, Faye Dunaway, Rue McClanahan, Shelly Fabares, Donna Mills, James Garner, Joanne Woodward Newman, Louis Gosset, Jr., Mary Steenburgen, Shelly Hack, Barbra Streisand, Larry Hagman, Roseanne Arnold, Woody Harrelson, Roseanne Arquette, David Keith, Alec Baldwin, Nicole Kidman, Kim Bassinger, Jack Lemmon, Meridith Baxter, Amy Madigan, Ed Begley, Annette Bening, Tom Berenger, Paul Newman, Peter Coyote, Leonard Nimoy, Carol O'Connor, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gregory Peck, Sydney Pollock, Robert Redford, Rob Reiner, Jason Robards, Tony Roberts, Cybil Shepherd, and, last but not least, Michael Eisner

          Also included in the list were numerous executives from Disney, Time-Warner, Universal, and Sony Columbia TriStar. Next time you hear the president give one of those prepared "scoldings" to the entertainment industry, please read this list again if there is any question of sincerity. Stay tuned to future installments as we tell you which celebrities are buying into the 2000 elections and who their "Chosen One" will be.

    Michael Vincent Boyer


February 17, 2000
volume 11, no. 34

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