Michael Vincent Boyer

    Michael Vincent Boyer, Editor and Publisher of 'Goodbye, Hollywood'   Michael Vincent Boyer was born a cradle Catholic in Port Clinton, Ohio on January 30, 1957 to Ruth and Ed Boyer, but he actually grew up in Huntsville, Alabama where his father worked on the space program for NASA. After achieving his degree from the University of Alabama, Michael worked his way up through the ranks of the movie industry, becoming site location coordinator for both the Alabama and Georgia Film Offices, then Director of the Alabama Film Commission. It was as director that he met his wife Gail Morrell Ihle and on New Year's Eve in 1993 the couple exchanged their wedding vows at Holy Ascension Church in Montgomery, Alabama where the Boyers now live.

        After twenty years in the entertainment industry, Michael realized the downward spiral it was going and decided to do something about it by beginning a monthly tabloid this year called "Goodbye, Hollywood." As, editor and publisher, Michael put it so succinctly in his inaugural issue, "The word 'culture' is used to encompass the wide range of human behavior that makes up the very foundation of civilization. The state of culture ultimately determines a 'healthy' or 'unhealthy' civilization at any given time. The term culture is applied in discussions of art, religion, politics, institutions, education, science, economy, law, morality and popular entertainment."

        It is the latter that he is turning his attention to both with his excellent monthly print tabloid "Goodbye, Hollywood" and as a regular columnist for the DailyCATHOLIC with his column: Movies&Morals-Videos&Virtues-Television&Temperance. Dubbed as the Director of the International Ministry of Culture, his magazine and columns give readers a comprehensive in-depth look at not only what the Hollywood agenda is truly all about, but also provides numerous entertainment titles and content merit in the categories of movies, videos, television, and video games for readers to discern if it is proper for Catholics to watch. We call his reviews the closest thing to the old, excellent Legion of Decency that was unfortunately scrapped decades ago and since that time entertainment, as noted comedian, philosopher, writer and talk show host Steve Allen says, has caused the entire culture and society to slide "into a moral sewer." In his own inimitable, dauntless way Michael Vincent Boyer is intent on telling the readers what Hollywood doesn't want you to know and uphold the values, virtues and morals necessary to be loyal to God and His Holy Church.

        We encourage you to subscribe to "Goodbye, Hollywood" by going to www.goodbye-hollywood.com, write him at IMC, P.O. Box 240291, Montgomery, AL 36124 or e-mail him at mboyer@goodbye-hollywood.com