August 2-3, 2000
volume 11, no. 129

The Holy Father's Sunday Angelus Address in THE VICAR OF CHRIST SPEAKS for August 2-3, 2000

    Dearest Brothers and Sisters!

    1. Even at the height of the summer, the Great Jubilee does not stop. Yesterday, among the numerous pilgrims who converged on St. Peter's Square were those of the "Cursillos de Cristiandad" movement, born 50 years ago, and now extended to many countries of the world.

        The characteristic of the Cursillos, as of similar ecclesiastical movements, is the new evangelization of adults. The Christian message is proposed through times of intense spiritual experience, capable of making one rediscover the beauty of encountering Christ and of being Church, as well as the joy of fraternity and reciprocal service, permeating the whole of life with a Christian spirit.

    2. The demand of integral Christianity -- that no reductions be made when it comes to truth -- at the same time, knows how to measure itself against history and modernity. It marked the whole of the last century and emerged with force during Vatican Council II.

        Through the unfolding of what at times were dramatic events of the past decades, the Church has understood ever more clearly that its task is care and responsibility for men and women, not in the "abstract", but the "real," "specific," and "historical." The Church incessantly offers Christ, the only Redeemer of humanity. In fact, only in Christ, and the Church does not tire of repeating it, especially in this Jubilee Year, can human beings find the real and full meaning of their existence. Therefore, Christianity cannot be reduced to a doctrine, or simple principles, because Christ, the center of Christianity, is alive, and his presence is the event that constantly renews the human creature and the cosmos. This truth of Christ is vigorously proclaimed today, as it was courageously defended in the 20th century by so many witnesses of the faith and illustrious Christian thinkers, among whom I am pleased to remember today Vladimir Sergeevic Soloviev, the centenary of whose death we commemorate these days.

        Remembering this Russian personality of extraordinary profundity, who with great clarity also warned about the drama of the division among Christians and the urgent necessity of their unity, I would like to ask you to pray so that believers in Christ of the East and West will be able to find their full communion as soon as possible. For this to take place, it is indispensable that they all be converted to the living Christ, yesterday, today, and forever. By living his Gospel without compromises, they will become the yeast of a new humanity. This is the prayer we raise to heaven today, sustained by the Blessed Virgin Mary, Seat of Divine Wisdom, to whom we now turn in trust. (ZENIT Translation) ZE00073020

August 2-3, 2000
volume 11, no. 129

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