August 18, 2000
volume 11, no. 143


Sister Lucy's GETTING TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER column for August 18, 2000


        A few weekends ago I visited Worcester, Massachusetts and the home of Little Audrey Santo.

        Iíve written before about that young victim soul, who will be 17 on her next birthday in December this year. Audrey, who is not in a coma, but in an akinetic-mutism state (she cannot move herself or speak), continues to pray and suffer for the conversion of sinners, and many pictures and statues continue to exude oil (some exude blood), which is unexplainable to human reason. The home of little Audrey has had four Eucharistic phenomenas occur, that is, four different hosts have bled real human blood, the same type of blood as found on the Shroud of Turin.

        Iím always impressed with my visits to the Santo home. I am always reminded of what real love really is. Itís indeed sacrificial!

        While sitting in the backyard of the Santoís Ministry house in Worcester, a friend and I were privileged to have Fr. LeRoy Smith from Ohio come over and join us. He shared with us something that I want to pass on to you.

        He said that he had a visit from some Mexican people, who reportedly have visions of Our Blessed Mother. Father invited them into the dining room where he gave them a cold drink. During their visit, the visionaries fell to their knees. Reportedly, Our Lady appeared to them right there and gave two notable messages.

        She advised that we do not travel after October 31. I took this to mean not to travel far from home. Secondly, she said that God was going to shake up the whole earth.

        I am usually not one to write doom and gloom and do not mean to do so now. However, anyone who has been following the various reported apparitions and locutions of Our Lady in the last several years (some of which have been approved by local Bishops) know that Heaven has been trying for a very long time to tell us to change our sinful ways, turn back to God, pray a lot or there will be a great chastisement, which we shall be bringing down upon ourselves because of our sinfulness.

        About three months ago, Father Don Stefano Gobi was featured on EWTN. Among the things he said was that many people ask him when Our Ladyís heart will triumph. He said: ďI mean to tell you. It will be this year!) Thatís this year of 2000!

        Whether the Mexican visionaries are authentic or not, we don't know, but the evil of today cannot continue for too much longer. God is sorely offended. His Hand will strike sometime!

        If you have not been to confession for years, I urge you go soon. Do not wait any longer. Your eternal salvation may depend on it, and I mean this literally.

        The shake-up may be in the form of a world-wide catastrophe. For sure, it will be a tremendous spiritual reawakening. We may see our souls as God sees them and that may be a greater ďshaking-upĒ than any earthquake could effect.

        Get ready, dear reader! God bless you!

    Sister Mary Lucy Astuto

August 18, 2000
volume 11, no. 143

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