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      The Ides of Sorrow
        A Beautiful Mom
          Cyndi's Angels
         Commemoration of 14th Sunday
      No Man Can Serve Two Masters

      Sixth Sorrow: Jesus is taken down from the Cross
     Day 6: Prayers for 7 Dolors
     No Triumph Without the Cross
     Dr. Tom Droleskey: Lift High The Cross

      Bishop Daniel Dolan: The Tragedy and Triumph of the Cross
       40th Rose: Admirable Effects of the Rosary
       Seventh Sorrow: Burial of Mary's Divine Son

       A Mother's Love Knows No Bounds
        Fr. Benedict Hughes, CMRI: Seven Sorrows of Our Lady
     Day 7:  7 Dolors Prayers
     41st Rose: Purity of Intention

          Bishop Daniel Dolan on Pope St. Cornelius and St. Cyprian, Mm
       30th Rose: Paying Attention to Praying
      Omens of St. Francis of Assisi for Our Times

       43rd Rose: Fighting Distractions
       Bishop Daniel Dolan on St. Joseph Cupertino
       44th Rose: A Good Method
      Bill Metallo: How the Faith Will Be Lost

       Bishop Dolan on St. Januarius & La Salette
     45th Rose: Reverence
     Bishop Dolan: St. Eustace & Mm
     46th Rose: Group Recitation
      Rosary Crusade

      The Fatima Prayers
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   We start off this third week of September, also Ember Week in the time after Pentecost, with two special feasts. It begins with the Greater Double Feast of the Exaltation of the Most Holy Cross, discovered by St. Helena, mother of the Emperor Constantine. After years of expedition it was found and from that day forward has been the standard for Catholics everywhere as a reminder of who we are and the price paid by Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to give His very life for us. And what do we do in return? We mock Him just as the Romans do. We scourge Him by our sins. We cry out "Crucify Him" just as the Jews did when we decide man has a better idea than God. Crosses today have either been discarded or seek to be erased because it is a reminder that we can't have it all here and expect eternal happiness, but that we must toe the mark on the narrow path, be persecuted as the majority of saints featured this week were either physically or psychologically, and stay the course. The cross is our compass.

   To assure we keep that compass on the right course we also have the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God to remind us that life is not a bed of roses, but a series of thorns, swords if you will, that will, like it did her, pierce our hearts. How we handle it will measure the length and breadth of our soul. That is what we should think of on her Double of the Second Class Feast of the Seven Sorrows on Monday. Just as Mary endured the mental pain of all her divine Son was subjected to, so also each of us have times in our family lives, at work, in other walks of life where we are wounded deeply by another's actions. Too often we react rather than humbly remain silent and, like Our Lady, offer it up to God Who knows everyone's heart. He cannot deceive nor be deceived. The very fact we have been deceived ever since the time of Vatican 2 should alert those willingly trapped in their comfort zones that they need a few more sorrows in their lives to snap out of their doldrums and to realize one cannot achieve Heaven without effort, without pain, without heartache. The Mother of God continues to be sorrowful as was only too evident in her appearance at La Salette this week in 1846 when she cried openly before the two children. God allowed her to know what lay ahead as she tried to warn through her messenger Melanie that "Rome would lose the Faith, and become the seat of the Antichrist". Think about that and weep with her. But realize we can still remain optimistic in her promise made at Fatima that "In the end my Immaculate Heart will Triumph"! It's up to us to expedite that triumph and to bring as many souls to that realization there is only one true Church founded by Christ, one where the gates of hell will not win, though many think today it is winning, but God will win the war. Only those who cling to Mary's Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart, only those who receive the true sacraments and remain in the state of sanctifying grace will persevere and be rewarded with unspeakable joy after we've paid our dues here on earth.

    One whom I know paid her dues was my dear late bride Cyndi Adele Cain who passed into eternity over five months ago. A thirty-day schedule of consecutive Gregorian Masses was initiated by Fr. Gerard McKee, CMRI late last week on the feast of Mary's Holy Name and will last through the feast of Our Lady of Pilar on October 12. Yes, this editor and her loving husband of 33 years truly believes she is already in Heaven. However, as I've said before, we can never presume on God and therefore all prayers will go to either speed her to the presence of the Beatific Vision or assist other souls to be freed from Purgatory. No prayer goes unanswered. And I appreciate all the kind words of consolation and prayers sent as well as donations to Cyndi's Angels. Through the generosity of a few loyal benefactors and several smaller donations I've been able to pare back the debt accrued for Cyndi's care from nearly $8000.00 to a more manageable $3000.00, as of this publishing, thus able to keep the wolves at bay. Though bill collectors don't rely on God's providence, I do, and so far He's guided those generous souls to help. I am eternally grateful to all who have contributed and keep each in my prayers daily even if the litany of names takes five to ten minutes. When I say I will pray for you, I mean personally I'll remember your name. It's the least I can do for your sharing and caring. However, and you knew this was coming, didn't you? Cyndi's Angels is not out of the wood yet, so to speak. I need to clear the books to maintain the excellent credit built up over the years, both personal and for this apostolate of SANCTUS. Anything you can give to pare down the remaining $3000.00 will be greatly appreciated. Just click the Cyndi's Angels logos on this site. Be assured your donation is tax-deductible. God bless you in advance for your charity.
Michael Cain, editor, DailyCatholic

In the Latin Roman Rite this feast is celebrated on September 14th each year to celebrate the Exaltation of the Holy Cross on which Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior, died. Historians record that the true cross was unearthed by the Empress Saint Helena, mother of the Emperor Constantine the Great in the year 326. With Constantine as emperor his mother had the funds and the visa so-to-speak to conduct an extensive expedition for the true cross for it was the sign of the cross in the sky that enabled her son to be victorious - "In hoc signo vinces." Though she was nearly 80 years old her mission was to uncover Christ's cross so that all the world could give it the reverence and veneration it deserved. On arriving in Jerusalem there was no visible sign of any evidence because the heathens had constructed pagan temples over anything Christian to show their disdain. This was the signal to Helena where to look and so she sought out where stones had been piled high, leading her to many discoveries including the sepulchre where Jesus was buried, finding the tools of torture as well after she had the pagan temples destroyed. In the process her expedition nearby uncovered three crosses with the nail holes still visible and, after more digging, discovered the ...More

There is a commemoration today for the 14th Sunday after Pentecost for the Collect, Secret and Postcommunion. The feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross supersedes the Sunday liturgy. ...More

Day Six of

Click on the image above to see a larger painting of Michelle M. Maher's copyrighted depiction of Our Mother of Sorrows.

The Sixth Sword that pierced Mary's heart is forever etched in the famed statuary The Pieta. Before capturing that moment, the Mother of God stood weeping at the foot of Her Son's Cross, and watched as He breathed forth His last agonizing breath, and gave up His soul to His Almighty Father. She watched as the soldier thrust a lance through His side, piercing His Most Sacred and Merciful Heart. She winced in physical pain for Her Son could no longer feel pain. He was dead. Thus the full physical pain mystically transferred to her who bore the brunt for the sake of souls around her and those to come in all future generations. She watched as the nails were pulled and yanked from His gnarled hands and brittle wrists, now smaller than her own, and His bloody, blackened and mud-caked feet. It must have seemed like an eternity as the lifeless body was lowered to the ground where Mary sat, waiting to cradle Him one last time. See the Sixth Sorrow: Christ taken down from the cross and placed in the arms of His bereaved mother

The crux of our faith rests on the Holy Cross for without Christ's ultimate sacrifice on the Cross there would be no Resurrection, no salvation. Thus we bring you the etimology of the word in a special feature to help the faithful focus on the message Holy Mother Church conveys in the liturgy of the Proper of the Holy Mass so the faithful can better understand the magnificent correlation of Sacred Scripture. It is also our hope that in choosing the Latin word with its meaning and derivative more will be attuned to hearing Latin read at the altar and better comprehend the beauty of the Mother tongue No Triumph Without the Cross
    To complement the above, we encourage you to read Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey's inspiring piece for this feast titled Lift High the Cross

Thanks to Traditional Catholic Sermons we are able to bring you an eighteen-minute sermon given six years ago by Bishop Daniel Dolan on today's feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. The bishop shares how, with the Church eclipsed, those opposing her and undermining her are nothing but lukewarm drips who will dry up soon. The bishop shows how Christ transformed the ignominy of the cross into the greatest triumph ever. He speaks of the martyrs over the ages who would not turn from the cross, whereas today the world, the flesh and the devil have taken over where apparatciks are afoot to persuade so many away from the cross of Christ and replacing the true cross with blasphemous, sacrilegious images. images. The bishop entreats us to look to the Cross as he explains in his sermon on The Tragedy and Triumph of The Cross

Even though the Sunday liturgy is superseded this year by the Double Major Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, John Gregory provides the Haydock Commentary by Father George Leo Haydock for the Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost where we see Our Lord's words from St. Matthew 6: 24 that no man can serve two masters; that one cannot serve both God and mammom, which means riches and worldly things. Therefore we realize the words of St. Paul in the epistle to walk in the spirit and rail against the flesh for the world, the flesh and the devil is our downfall unless we heed Christ's counsel. He chastises us not because He's mad, but because He loves us and reassures us here how much the heavenly Father does too with his reference to those wonderful things of nature God has placed here on earth for man's use as He intended. No man can serve two masters

St. Louis de Montfort completes the fourth decade, if you will, with a 40th rose in showing the promises, blessings and benefits of praying the holy Rosary with a list of success stories of sinners who, through the rosary, were converted and saved their souls. It is not easy in this day and age when the world, the flesh and the devil tempt man so, but with the Rosary it serves as a protective shield to fend off sin while serving also as a sword to slash through the doldrums and reach Heaven as St. Louis gives credit to St. Dominic, Blessed Alan and others who have documented the benefits as he offeres a Fortieth Rose showing the Admirable Effects of the Rosary

The Church commemorates by two Feasts the martyrdom suffered by Our Lady, one of two feasts devoted to this same devotion in union with the Passion of Her Divine Son Jesus and His Holy Cross. The First Feast, kept on Passion Friday before Palm Sunday especially commemorates "the Compassion of Mary;" while the second, kept today on September 15, the devotion to the Seven Sorrows. This feast commemorates the seven sorrows (Seven Dolors) of the Blessed Mother of God which are documented in Sacred Scripture beginning with the prophecy of Simeon (cf. Luke 2:34), the flight into Egypt (cf. Matthew 2:13), losing the child Jesus in Jerusalem (cf. Luke 2: 46), meeting her Divine Son on the way to Calvary, the Crucifixion, the Pieta, and laying Jesus in the Sepulchre (cf. Luke 23: 49-56). This feast was first introduced by Saint Anselm and various Benedictines in the 11th Century which took on steam in the following century but did not get promoted universally until the 14th and 15th centuries when the Cistercians and Servites emphasized its importance and relevance in Church liturgy and in devotion to Mary's role in the Church. In 1482 Pope Sixtus IV, who also instituted the feast of Mary's spouse Saint Joseph on March 19, established it in the Roman Missal as the feast of Our Lady of Compassion. In 1727 Pope Benedict XIII declared it as the feast of the Seven Dolors of Mary to be celebrated on ...More

Day Seven of

Click on the image above to see a larger painting of Michelle M. Maher's copyrighted depiction of Our Mother of Sorrows.

This is the signature feast for the month of September dedicated to Our Sorrowful Mother. In Passion Week this feast precedes Holy Week and the Triumph of the Cross, but this month it is that triumph, the Exaltation of the Holy Cross which immediately preceded this Double of the Second Class Feast of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Seventh Sword that pierced Mary's heart was what she might have thought, in her own human nature, the last she would ever see of her beloved Son for Then came the moment that meant for the Mother of God a physical separation from Her Divine Son as His body was hastily, but reverently placed in the tomb, and with the help of the holy women and St. John, she returned to the House of the Last Supper, to wait and watch in prayerful supplication to the Father, for the moment of her Divine Son's Resurrection from the Dead. The apostles were dispersed, devastated by the events of that past week when their emotions ebbed and flowed and fear took over. Mary, alone, had to remain steadfast in her faith. She could not and would not waver in her faith even for a ...More on The Burial of her divine Son See Seventh Sorrow: Burial of her divine Son

The VerbumQUO for the Feast of the Seven Dolors of the Blessed Virgin Mary is "Stabat Mater" meaning "The Mother stood" or "The Mother was standing" and is the well-known 13th century Gregorian Chant Hymn, taken from the Sequence Stabat Mater for the second of two feasts in the liturgical year for Our Lady of Sorrows; the September observance being the greater Double Feast of the Seven Sorrows. The entire month of September is dedicated to the Most Sorrowful Mother. In Passion Week this feast precedes Holy Week and the Triumph of the Cross, but this month it is that triumph, the Exaltation of the Holy Cross which immediately precedes this Double of the Second Class Feast of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We see the meaning in A Mother's Love that Knows No Bounds

Thanks to Traditional Catholic Sermons we are able to bring you a 15-minute sermon given last year by Father Benedict Hughes, CMRI, Rector of St. Joseph Seminary at the City of Mary in Rathdrum, Idaho. Father takes us through the seven sorrows, examining what Mary experienced in each sorrow. He speaks of how she encountered the unknown and yet her faith sustained and strengthened her, relying fully on God's love and providence. Even though she was without sin, she still had feelings and experienced sadness and great interior pain, but she never gave up. Strength and perseverence define Our Lady and we see in retrospect why God chose her from all time to be not only the Living Taberacle of the Father's only-begotten Son, but also the one to wean, form and educate Him for 30 of His 33 years. Father shares all this and more in his sermon on The Seven Sorrows of Our Lady

We now arrive in St. Louis Marie-Grignon de Montfort's "The Secret of the Rosary" the application of how to recite the holy Rosary. He points out that quality counts over quantity, in other words one sincere Hail Mary is worth a full Rosary or several Ave's just said to say them without concentrating on the prayer for St. Louis reminds us of Christ's words from St. Mark 7: 6 where it is nothing but lip service and very little if any sincerity. This is a trap that many fall into so easily because of the repetition of the prayer and that why we must have our hearts in it when we pray for it is the purity of intention that God weighs in gaging your true heart. Do you have your heart fully in praying the Rosary? St. Louis offers up a Forty-First Rose to assure when you say it, mean it

Known as Slave of the Blacks and the Slave of the Slaves, Saint Peter Claver was born after the Council of Trent in 1581 at Verdu, Catalonia. He was a farmer's son who studied at the University of Barcelona and became a Jesuit at the age of 20. Becoming a priest, he was greatly influenced by Saint Alphonsus Rodriguez to become a missionary in America. He ministered, physically and spiritually, to slaves when they arrived in Cartegena, Colombia, converting a reported 300,000, and working for humane treatment on the plantations for 40 years. St. Peter organized charitable societies among the Spanish in America similar to those organized in Europe by Saint Vincent de Paul. He died in ...More

Thanks to Traditional Catholic Sermons we are able to bring you a seven and a half minute sermon given eight years ago by Bishop Daniel Dolan on today's saints who were martyrs. He reminds us that in the third century the emperor was a pagan barbarian when Pope St. Cornelius was elected to the throne of Peter who was selected over a heretical priest. Cornelius corresponded with St. Cyprian who, as the Bishop of Carthage, was a pillar of Catholic truth. Both had to deal with apostasy, yes, this is not the first time the Church has been plunged into the fires of apostasy even though today is far worse and universal as in the Great Apostasy. Just as there are disagreements between traditional Catholics today, so also these saints argued as well. The bishop describes further their martyrdom as he shares in his sermon on Pope St. Cornelius and Cyprian, Martyrs

St. Louis Marie Grignon de Montfort delves further in emphasizing how important intention of the heart is when praying your Rosary. The secret is simple, whatever you do, do it with all your heart. Put your heart and soul into it because your soul will either benefit or be lacking. No one wants to be lacking when it comes to storing up graces, so isn't it better as St. Louis points out that though distractions will occur, focus on placing yourself in a state of mental prayer where you will not be so easily distracted or diverted from concentrating on who you are praying to and the mysteries of the Rosary as St. Louis offers up Forty-Second Rose for Paying Attention to Praying

While Saint Francis of Assisi, in September 1224, was rapt in meditation on Mount Alvernia, Almighty God as a mark of His special favor deigned to impress on his hands, feet, and side the likeness of the sacred wounds of Christ. Until the day of the saint's death blood flowed from these wounds at intervals. Pope Sixtus V ordered this feast to be observed by the whole Church. Clement VIII suppressed it, because the Church only dedicates special solemnities to the mysteries of our redemption; particular favors granted ...More

On this day of partial abstinence, all between 21 and 59 years of age are bound to fast and those over 7 must observe the law of abstinence. On days of fast only one full meal is allowed. Two other meatless meals, sufficient to maintain strength may be taken according to each one's need, but together they should not equal another full meal that includes meat. Eating between meals is not permitted but liquids, including milk and fruit juices are allowed.

While many eschew the possibility of sedevacantism, none other than the respected founder of the Franciscans begs to differ from his prognostication given shortly before his death in the thirteenth century. Thus on this feast of the holy friar's being imprinted with the visible Stigmata of our Savior's wounds, we bring you the essence of what he said and the rational to look at the facts as they stand today and ask yourself if you still believe that those men who so many consider 'popes' during this time of the Great Apostasy were or are not Destroyers rather than true Pastors for true shepherds would obey Christ and not veer one iota from the holy Faith. Truly the saint of Assisi saw into the future through Heaven's permission and through discernment of the Scriptures to know that this time was coming. He may not have known when exactly, but now we have the advantage of knowing we are living in that very time and it is up to us the faithful to do something about it and pass on to others these Omens of St. Francis of Assisi for Our Times

In his masterful work "The Secret of the Rosary" St. Louis Marie Grignon de Montfort acknowledges how it's so easy to get distracted because of repetition of the same prayers. It can become monotenous if we are merely repeating prayers and if that's all we're doing our minds are wide open for distraction. That is why Mary's holy Psalter has the mysteries, which are like pegs or anchors to cling to in order to prevent the storms of distractions and temptations from sweeping you away from your appointed prayers and keeping focused on your intentions. He understands only too well our fallen human nature and God registers how hard we tried, not if we were successful. It's important to recognize when one is distracted and discard outside thoughts then and there and return to meditating as St. Louis offers up a Forty-Third Rose for Keeping your mind and hearts on the Prize

Saint Joseph of Cupertino, a Franciscan friar in Italy, was born June 17, 1603. The feast of this glorious Son of the Seraph of Assisi was made universal throughout the Church by a Pope of the same Order, Pope Clement XIV. St. Joseph is famous for his evangelical simplicity and for his ecstasies. The whole of the Mass assigned to him brings out the mystical side of his sanctity when he was seen my many levitating above the altar. He worked many miracles, and died a happy death at Orsino on September 18, 1663, as he himself ...More

Thanks to Traditional Catholic Sermons we are able to bring you an eight-minute sermon given seven years ago by Bishop Daniel Dolan on today's saint St. Joseph Cupertino who is the patron saint of aviators simply because God gave him the gift of flight. Yes, he alighted into the air to move more swiftly so deeply was he in prayer union with God. Because he was clumsy and not too bright since he could barely read and write, he was dismissed by the Capuchins. Joseph's mother convinced another order to take him and he grew in grace through God's providence in learning the science of the saints. When praying and in ecstasy with Heaven he would elevate where some even thought he was a witch, but so lost in prayer, he didn't care. The bishop reminded that praying to this saint will help us focus more on God and all things holy as he explains in his sermon on St. Joseph Cupertino

You've heard the phrase, 'dress for success' but did you realize how you pray will give you an indication of how well you are dressed when you stand before your divine Judge? It's true as St. Louis de Montfort shows in the story of three virgins and how their prayers affected how Our Lady was dressed in appearing to them. This vivid description should be sewn into our psyches so that whenever we pray we think of how we can adorn the Blessed Mother in the finest of royal apparel as the Queen of Heaven. Sadly, most of us dress her in rags. Hopefully this chaptere will wake us to a more heavenly haberdashery consciousness as St. Louis offers a Forty-Fourth Rose to Pray to Dress for Success

St. Januarius and companion martyrs were martyred during the persecution under Diocletian. St. Januarius, patron of the city of Naples and bishop of ...More

Everyone between 21 and 59 years of age is bound to observe the law of fast. All over 7 must abstain from meat on Friday. Eating between meals is not permitted but liquids, including milk and fruit juices are allowed. When health or ability to work would be seriously affected, the law does not oblige. If in doubt concerning fast for health reasons, consult your confessor.

Listen to Bishop Daniel Dolan's Ember Friday sermon six years ago for this day when this year we celebrate 168 years to the day of that astounding apparition when Our Lady warned of the Great Apostasy. St. Januarius and Our Lady of La Salette

On this Ember Friday we are repeating Bill Metallo's article on Our Lady of La Salette mainly because today is the 168th anniversary of the apparition of Our Lady of La Salette and, as Bill wrote, if we had only had been vigilant then we would have realized well before now the destruction already underway in the mid-nineteenth century. The Blessed Virgin warned us and yet we did not listen. Now we reap what we have sown. With what has happened just in the past few weeks and with the Argentinian who seems to have fulfilled Our Lady's prophesy that "Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist", we all need to wake the masses to warn of further catastrophe she so rightly foretold as an omen. We need to bring Vatican 2 Catholics back into the fold of the true Catholic Church; and to reveal the truth to Protestants and all false religions that, contrary to the apostate unFrancis, NO ONE existing outside the one, holy and apostolic Catholic Church can have a share in eternal life. Bill highlighted the Prophesies imparted one hundred and sixty-eight years ago today that show only too shockingly clear How the Faith will be Lost How The Faith Will Be Lost

It is understandable, as St. Louis Marie Grignon de Montfort points out, that one may not be able to say the full Rosary all at once. In fact if one does, it can lead to more distractions since time duration can cause such because man's length of concentration is notoriously short. Therefore, he encourages us to pray in sections and spread it out throughout the day, never hurrying or just saying it to get it done, but focusing on the words and meaning. Thus St. Louis de Montfort offers a Forty-Fifth Rose for Praying the Rosary Reverently

Saint Eustachius, or Eustace, was an officer of the Roman army under Emperor Trajan. He was burned at the stake for the Faith, with his wife and children, during the reign of Emperor Hadrian. We pray to him to preserve us from fire, eternal or temporal. In art he is depicted with a stag and hunting equipment. Today is also the Vigil of Saint Matthew. If this is celebrated the vestments are violet. In accordance with her usual custom the Church appoints a vigil to the feast of the holy apostle, Matthew. It has been kept in the Church from ancient time and is mentioned in ...More

On this day of partial abstinence, all between 21 and 59 years of age are bound to fast and those over 7 must observe the law of abstinence. On days of fast only one full meal is allowed. Two other meatless meals, sufficient to maintain strength may be taken according to each one's need, but together they should not equal another full meal that includes meat. Eating between meals is not permitted but liquids, including milk and fruit juices are allowed.

Thanks to Traditional Catholic Sermons we are able to bring you an five and a half minute sermon given six years ago by Bishop Daniel Dolan on today's saint St. Eustace and Companion martyrs as well as the vigil of the holy evangelist and Apostle St. Matthew as well as being Ember Saturday this year, so as His Excellency notes there are three commemorations today. He talks about the patience of God and considering the miserable state the world is in today, the Almighty must be unbelieveably patient. But we cannot presume on this patience, but be grateful for all God has given us. What better way to give thanks, adoration, contrition and petition Him than through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as the bishop points out in remembering all those who have reached the Church Triumphant by their sacrifices and by the sacraments we are strengthened to persevere as he explains in his sermon on St. Eustace and Companion Martyrs

St. Louis Marie Grignon de Montfort emphasizes what Our Lord has said about how prayer is so much more powerful when two or more are gathered in His name. That is what the Rosary is, prayer to Jesus through Mary and as the famed Rosary priest Fr. Patrick Peyton said, "the family that prays together, stays together" so also St. Louis says about the Confraternity and a reason for the Confraternity as he lays out the benefits of praying in a group. The larger the better which is only logical. Isn't then logical to follow St. Louis de Montfort's advice as in every traditional parish the Rosary is always said before the Blessed Sacrament before Mass where congregants pray together. Join in and realize as St. Louis offers a Forty-Sixth Rose that there's Strength in Numbers

We urge you to click the Rosary banner above for the Twelfth Saturday in the Fifteen Saturdays Rosary Crusade organized by Bishop Robert McKenna, O.P. to do our part for the salvation of souls by bringing souls to the true Catholic Faith and Sacraments, for the welfare of our country, and for our own special intentions as we all strive for holiness in our role as members of the Church Militant. On this thirteenth Saturday of the Fifteen Jesus fulfills His promise to send His Spirit as the Apostles are rejuvenated, touched by the Holy Ghost to carry out Our Lord's command in St. Matthew 28: 18-20, St. Mark 16: 15-16, and St. John 21: 15-17 as we focus on the Third Glorious Mystery for the Thirteenth Saturday

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  • Unam Sanctam Pope Boniface VIII
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  • Quo Primum Pope St. Pius V
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  • Satis Cognitum Pope Leo XIII
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    by Mario Derksen

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    The links above and below provide almost daily updates. The two above can be trusted totally, while we urge a mild caution on the two below because of their refusal to admit Francis is a false pope.

    For other sites that provide the tenets of the Faith but are not daily, we refer you to

    V. The Angel of the Lord declared unto Mary.

    R. And she conceived of the Holy Ghost.

    (Hail Mary)

    V. Behold the handmaid of the Lord.

    R. Be it done unto me according to Thy word.

    (Hail Mary)

    V. And the Word was made flesh.

    R. And dwelt among us.

    (Hail Mary)

    V. Pray for us, O holy Mother of God.

    R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

    V.Let us pray.

    All Pour forth, we beseech Thee, O Lord, Thy grace into our hearts, that we to whom the Incarnation of Christ, Thy Son, was made known by the message of an angel, may by His Passion and Cross be brought to the glory of His resurrection. Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

    V. Angelus Domini nuntiavit Mariae.

    R. Et concepit de Spiritu Sancto.

    (Ave Maria)

    V. Ecce ancilla Domini.

    R. Fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum.

    (Ave Maria)

    V. Et Verbum caro factum est.

    R. Et habitavit in nobis.

    (Ave Maria)

    V. Ora pro nobis, sancta Dei Genitrix.

    R. Ut digni efficiamur promissionibus Christi.

    V. Oremus.

    All Gratiam tuam, quaesumus Domine, mentibus nostris infunde: ut qui, Angelo nuntiante, Christi Filii tui incarnationem cognovimus, per passionem ejus et crucem ad resurrectionis gloriam perducamur. Per eumdem Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen.

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      We encourage you to learn more about the Traditional Latin Mass - the true Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in these videos at this link because each time you worthily assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in person, you gain graces that are placed in a "golden chalice", so to speak, and is offered to God to be weighed in substance when you stand before Him at your Particular Judgment. The more you have filled this chalice, the better will it go for your spiritual welfare in eternity, enhanced by your cooperation with grace. Know the Mass

    To assist all in striving toward holiness, click on the Confessional to your right to review your transgressions through a thorough Examination of Conscience

    When One Cannot physically assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass we provide additional prayers that can be supplemented with the ORDINARY OF THE HOLY MASS and the PROPER OF THE DAY to enable you to better prepare yourself at home. Of course, this never replaces actually being there, but it is much better than attending the Novus Ordo services. Therefore we have gleaned from The Key of Heaven prayers to say at home. It is very comforting to know that the Holy Mass is offered for us even when we are not actually present. But to enjoy the benefits which it procures, we must by a SPIRITUAL COMMUNION become partakers of the altar from which we are temporarily banished. Here we provide prayers in preparation for fulfilling assistance in absentia in addition to the ORDINARY OF THE HOLY MASS and PROPER OF THE DAY. PRAYERS IN ABSENTIA

    The Fatima Prayers

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; and I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust, and do not love Thee.
    (repeat the above 3 times then bow your head in reciting the following:)

        O Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, I adore Thee profoundly. I offer Thee the most Precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in tabernacles throughout the world, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifference by which He is offended. By the infinite merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in unison with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg the conversion of poor sinners.

        O Most Holy Trinity, I adore Thee! My God, my God, I love Thee in the Most Blessed Sacrament!

        O my Jesus, it is for love of Thee, in reparation for the offenses committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for the conversion of poor sinners.

  • Pray for the Sick

    Pray for the Dearly Departed Souls
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