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        Afer the Modernists' SIN-ODD - BLACK SUNDAY: 'Paul the Sick Beat-if-fried'
            Fr. Luigi Villa: Paul VI beatified? No Way, Jorge!
          Prayer to St. Joseph

      Cyndi's Angels
      Haydock Commentary: 19th Sunday
      Bishop Daniel Dolan: Rosary History and Miracles
      St. Bridget: Cures for Fallen Human Nature

      Commemoration of St. Peter of Alcantara
           Mario Derksen: The Enthronement of Man
           Sermon by Fr. Benedict Hughes, CMRI on Our Lady's Rosary

      St. Bridget: Bold & brave on the surface, but rotten within
            Commemoration of St. Hilarion, Abbot
            Mario Derksen: Towards the Deification of Man

         Fr. Casimir Puskorius, CMRI: The Rosary Is a Weapon Against Spiritual and Physical Evils
          St. Bridget: Mercy for God's Daughter
          St. Mary Salome

       John Gregory: Part 11 on "The Catholic Church & Salvation"
     St. Bridget: Nature takes its course
     Bishop Donald Sanborn: The Rosary & Catholic Life

       St. Anthony Mary Claret
           Pope Pius XII: Humani Generis
           St. Bridget: If only...
          Fr. Bernard Welp, CMRI: Pray to Increase Your Love of the BVM

        Bishop Daniel Dolan on St. Raphael the Archangel
               Mario Derksen: An Anthropocentric Church
             St. Bridget of Sweden: Pierced by Five Spears

        Fr. Benedict Hughes, CMRI on the Holy Rosary
                 Why Paul the Sick can never be considered holy
              St. Bridget: The fleeting embers of the flesh

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       Sunday, October 19, 2014 is truly BLACK SUNDAY for true Catholics everywhere because one of the most reprobate apostates in the history of the Church is going to be BEAT-IF-FRIED (our coined word for the chances of Giovanni Montini having no chance for he could very well be beat and fried in the hellfires for his aggressions against God and His holy Church) by the current usurper who invalidly occupies the throne of Peter - one Mr. Jorge Bergoglio whose words and actions in the last 19 months have proven he is a disciple of the devil. His going forward with the unbelievable hubris to elevate the known sinister sodomite Paul the Sick is merely evidence for "he that readeth let him understand" this is part of the fulfillment of Chapters 17 and 18 of the Book of the Apocalypse for the CONciLIAR church is the "whore of Babylon" as Unfrancis attempts to finish what Angelo Roncalli started, proving it's only too evident that...

   Can it get any worse? Sadly, tragically for the welfare of souls, yes. Because so many sheeple will believe whatever they're told because they truly do not KNOW their Faith and because of that they have or will lose their Faith. Never was this more apparent than these past two weeks at Mr. Bergoglio's Mad-Hatter Tea Party he called the "Synod of the Family", but should rightfully be called the SIN-ODD because what these CONciLIAR potentates were doing was to relax, yes alter Catholic doctrine and truth. As has been the case with these heretics, after they float a trial balloon and it backfires, there's always damage control lest they be totally exposed for the Modernist apostates they are. The documents of Vatican 2 are an excellent example of this subterfuge through ambiguity. Think Bill Clinton's now famous remark, "It depend on what the meaning of 'is' is." This farce in Rome was capped on Sunday, October 19th with the greatest blasphemy and scandal in the history of the church - the next to last step towards declaring one a saint. Something one of the most reprobate apostates is not, for he was the worst to ever to occupy the throne of Peter, at least up until UNfrancis who could very well (since he's already on his way) surpass the evil of his predecessors.

    Be that as it may, to even think Giovanni Montini reached Purgatory is a stretch. Holy? No way, Jorge! But such is the factory of saints that another heretic Karol Wojtyla established to assure his own CONization. Yet, countless uninformed catholics will regard him as "Blessed" Paul 6 after Sunday, whereas we remember him as Paul the Sick who had no respect for Catholic truth and tradition, much is the same manner as the current occupant who is the epitomé of all his CONciLIAR predecessors. God help us!

   To commiserate this tragic occasion, we provide this week several articles proving this man can never be considered holy. We begin with a three-part series first published on these pages twelve years ago by Mario Derksen before he was a sedevacantist as well as fellow sede John Gregory, who provides his tenth installment on Monsignor Joseph Clifford Fenton's work "The Catholic Church and Salvation" in which he employs His Holiness Pope Pius XII's encyclical Humani Generis to refute not only Feeneyites, but those ecumaniacs who met in Rome this past two weeks to plot the total destruction of Catholicism. The next day we provide that very encyclical. We end the week with a compendium of Paul the Sick's heresies where you can see for yourself we're not whistling Dixie when we say he was a blatant heretic, reprobate apostate, and what he did was ugly as sin. Finally we also provide a link to the book above by the late traditional theologian Father Luigi Villa who, at the time, was able to delay Montini's beatification, but he didn't count on the end run by Bergoglio and his fellow Modernist apostates. Read it and weep: Paul VI...Beatified?

    We continue with the Prophesies and Revelations of St. Bridget of Sweden with chapters 22 through 28 of Book One for your edification. This week is devoid of well-known saints except for Saint Raphael the Archangel whose feast we celebrate on Friday, and how timely since he is known as the healer and both body and soul need to be healed in our time when Ebola, Enterovirus, Staph Infections, and several other diseases are fast reaching pandemic levels and flu season is just beginning. But that's for the body. For the soul needs much more healing since, to the world, it looks like the "Catholic" Church is ready to relax sin in order not to offend man, while greatly offending God so much so that Our Blessed Mother may not be able to stay His hand this time. We know those who occupy Rome are not Catholic, but the devil has blinded the rest. That is why we must pray for souls We remind you of the daily Prayer to Saint Joseph during October.

    Through the generosity of a few loyal benefactors and several smaller donations the debt is down for my beloved late bride Cyndi's care is now down from nearly $8000.00 to $1500.00 as of this publishing, but interest rates are preventing me from fully paying off her due debts. Though bill collectors don't rely on God's providence, I do, and so far He's guided those generous souls to help. I am eternally grateful to all who have contributed and keep each in my prayers daily even if the litany of names takes five to ten minutes. When I say I will pray for you, I mean personally I'll remember your name. It's the least I can do for your sharing and caring. The problem is not enough are sharing and caring. I'd sure like to make that specific daily prayer list longer by adding your name. Just let me know at Cyndi's Angels.

Michael Cain, editor, DailyCatholic

The Mass of this Sunday reminds us that all men are called to Heavenly reward and happiness. This Sunday, called on account of its Gospel, Sunday of the marriage guests reminds us that all men are called to heavenly bliss, but few are chosen. The Jews have refused to take part in ...More

There is a commemoration for the feast of St. Peter of Alcantara for the Collect, Secret and Postcommunion at all Low Masses on this feast of St. Peter of Alcantara

Bishop Daniel Dolan with a 46-minute talk on Rosary History and Miracles

The Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost features the parable of the wedding feast in the Gospel of St. Matthew and Haydock is so rich in this in discerning this magnificent analogy that Christ imparted to the chief priests, scribes and Phariseesis regarding the great banquet that awaited them if they would only abide by the King's request and take seriously His invite. We can see how over the last 2000 years so many have rejected that invitation or accepted it under their conditions, not God's such as by coming dressed in garb not recognizable or trying to replace the spouse, the true holy Catholic Church with a facsimile who, in truth, is the harlot in chapters 17 and 18 of the Book of the Apocalypse, and not worthy of the feast. Though invited, the great majority do not respect the King or they would comply with His request and honor both Him and His Son, not to mention His spouse. John Gregory provides the cogent comprehensive Catholic Commentary compiled by Father George Leo Haydock for this Sunday. Being Worthy of the King's Invite

In Chapter 22 of Book One, in humility St. Bridget expresses her fears to Our Lady concerning her own fallen human nature and the evil around her, but the Blessed Mother assuages her fears by offering three cures to avoid her own sins and three cures to understand better why God allows the evil and how it is important to preach to them in hopes that those who have fallen from the wayside will realize the error of their ways and return, like the prodigal son, to the bosom of truth Who is Mary's divine Son. Our Lady uses the rose and thorns, and why God tolerates evil for He is the final Judge and those who are good can improve despite the evil around them as we see in Chapter Twenty-Two Cures to combat Fallen Human Nature

Saint John was born at Cantius or Kenty in the diocese of Cracow. He was a parish priest and missionary, but, above all, he is remarkable for having fulfilled during many years the duties of a professor at the University of Cracow. There may be many who hold that the position of a teacher at a university, who is apt to be enamoured of his own learning, is scarcely suited to the practice of Christian perfection. John of Cantius has dispelled this illusion, and has proved that the example of a holy life lends authority to a master's teaching far ...More

Fr. Benedict Hughes, CMRI presents a 13-minute sermon on Our Lady's Rosary

Over twelve years ago in February of 2002, the brilliant Mario Derksen graced these pages with an eye-opening series on how Vatican 2 and Paul VI were in heresy with their humanistic agenda as he described in "Vatican II and the Gospel of Man." Giovanni Montini has often been referred to in the same vein as the tragic Hamlet of Shakespearean lore for indeed finally more and more are beginning to realize something is rotten not just in Denmark but in Modern Rome for God had given Montini, a consecrated bishop, one face, and he made of himself another most unpleasing to the Almighty, but so fulfilling for God's adversary. Thus we have the tragedy of the Great Apostasy today, for the man called Paul VI played his role to perfection according to lucifer's script, but it had to be stealth for as Hamlet said, "One smile, and smile, and be a villain." So also, oh, yes, Montini was the ultimate villain. as you'll rediscover in part one of Mario's column The Enthronement of Man

Jesus returns with a lesson to St. Bridget in chapter 23 regarding a false man - a bishop no less as St. Lawrence reveals in a vision. This man is called an enemy of God as Our Lord describes his hypocrisy and all his characteristics that betray him as one who has veered from his appointed course even though to many he appears holy, but Christ reveals what he is like on the inside just as he described the Scribes and Pharisees in the Gospels. The Son of God details in vivid imagery the various features of his body in exposing the fallacy of this wretched soul but still holds out hope for him that as long as there is life in his body, his soul can still be saved as we see in Chapter Twenty-Three of Book One Bold and brave on the surface, but rotten within

The Mass for the Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost reminds us that all men are called to Heavenly reward and happiness. This ...More

There is a commemoration today for the feast of St. Hilarion, the holy abbot and a Palestinian solitary, passed a life of self-denial and mortification in ...More

Fr. Casimir Puskorius, CMRI with a 15-minute sermon from two years ago on The Rosary Is A Weapon Against Spiritual and Physical Evils

We continue with the series the brilliant Mario Derksen first published here twelve years ago on his eye-opening series on how Vatican 2 and Paul VI were in heresy with their humanistic agenda as he described in "Vatican II and the Gospel of Man." He was masterful in meticulously peeling off the skin-deep layers of rhetoric, exposing the tightening muscles of Modernism that have, for the past 56 years, sought to squeeze the bones of doctrine. This, of course, prevents the living organs of Truth and Tradition from fully being able to function, thus allowing the cancer of humanism to penetrate the pores of the Mystical Body of Christ. Mario analyzed disturbing statements from Vatican II and the CONciLIAR 'popes' which revealed an exaggerated and novel view of man and his dignity - a humanistic agenda that has been the core of the the post-conciliar campaign to put distance between Modernist Rome and Eternal Rome to where today this heretic is considered a "saint" [sic]. No he ain't as this series will affirm and as you'll rediscover in part two of his column Towards a Deification of Man

Today in the Revelations and Prophesies imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden, she hears not only the Son of God and His Blessed Mother speak, but also God the Father Who gives His blessing to Our Lady that God will have mercy and compassion on a daughter who has tested God's divine patience. Even the angels chime in to stay His hand against a wayward daughter who has been given into the hands of those who would deflower and destroy her. Of course, what makes this so interesting is that the daughter is Christ's Church for she is truly the Bride of Christ and the Father's Daughter as we see in Chapter Twenty-Four of Book One with Mercy for God's Daughter

The Mass for the Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost reminds us that all men are called to Heavenly reward and happiness. This Sunday, called on account of its Gospel, Sunday of the marriage guests reminds us that all men are called to heavenly bliss, but few are chosen. The Jews have refused to ...More

Though there is no commemoration today, it is the traditional observance to acknowledge St. Mary Salome from the time of Christ in the Gospels.

Bishop Donald Sanborn presents a 15-minute Sermon on The Rosary And Catholic Life

John Gregory continues his series on Monsignor Joseph Clifford Fenton's work. In Msgr. Joseph Clifford Fenton's list of eight documents on salvation, in his work "The Catholic Church and Salvation" he applies another decree by Pope Pius XII. Following up on his Encyclical Mystici Corporis Christi and Apostolic Letter Suprema haec sacra, Papa Pacelli made sure to clear up any confusion about the dogma Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus (Outside the Church there is No Salvation) with his Encyclical Humani Generis that John provides below in a response to one who had been duped into buying into the slippery slope. His Holiness' thoroughness clarifies and leaves no doubt as to what is necessary for attaining the Beatific Vision for God has the final say. Despite what the Feeneyites' objections may be, the true Church cannot err. Christ has guaranteed that, which only proves the church of Vatican 2 cannot be that Church. John and the Monsignor show how Humani Generis refutes the progressives in their An Examination of the Encyclical

The painting here of St. Bridget is so beautifully depicted in the painting by Michelle R. Maher. To see a larger copyrighted image click on the painting here. Today in the Revelations and Prophesies imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden God explains to St. Bridget why He does not bring the inquisition sooner to those deserving of damnation. He points out to her three reasons why as well as how evil sometimes can help even the evil see that continuing on such a path only leads to ruin as He explains in Chapter Twenty-Five of Book One Nature has a way of taking its course

The Mass for the Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost reminds us that all men are called to Heavenly reward and happiness. This Sunday, called on account of its Gospel, Sunday of the marriage guests reminds us that all men are called to heavenly bliss, but few are chosen. The Jews have refused to take part in the feast.Therefore the Apostles and the Church, filled with the Holy Ghost at Pentecost, have turned towards the Gentiles. But the beatific union is announced, prepared for, and in a certain manner begun, by sacramental communion. ...More

Though there is no commemoration today, it is the traditional feast of the holy confessor St. Anthony Mary Claret.

Fr. Bernard Welp, CMRI presents an eight minute sermon given this year in order to Pray To Increase Your Love of The Blessed Mother

Yesterday you read about Humani Generis, today read the encyclical to see the veracity of John and Msgr. Fenton's words. We know now that in the 60's the most holy of holies was invaded by the devil just as His Holiness Pope Pius XII had warned how false opinions and error could undermine the holy Faith for, indeed, St. Paul also warned in 2 Timothy 4: 3-4 that "there shall be a time when they will not endure sound doctrine; but, according to their own desires, they will heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears: And will indeed turn away their hearing from the truth, but will be turned unto fables." Tragically, as we can see that is exactly what happened. Pius explained "why the Church demands that future priests be instructed in philosophy 'according to the method, doctrine, and principles of the Angelic Doctor,' since, as we well know from the experience of centuries, the method of Aquinas is singularly preeminent both for teaching students and for bringing truth to light; his doctrine is in harmony with divine revelation, and is most effective both for safeguarding the foundation of the faith, and for reaping, safely and usefully, the fruits of sound progress." We can see now how Bergoglio and Ratzinger before him as well as the entire SINodd of "bishops" reject Aquinas, which make the CONciLIAR cabal all the more dangerous. Thus we present Humani Generis

In Chapter Twenty-Six of Book One of the Prophesies and Revelations imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden we see where the Angels praise the Lord for three reasons: He created them, all is in accordance with His will, and He created mankind and, of course, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Jesus answers with appreciation for the angelic hosts, but questions them about their gushing over mankind for man has greatly offended the Almighty by his sins and how children would have been born if the first parents had not sinned. Even with that God showed miracles to the people through Moses and later through His Own ultimate sacrifice of Pure Love for us. He speaks of the breakdown of the bodily marriage in this time, and the conditions of a spiritual marriage. How pertinent is this at the very same time the CONciLIAR church is trying to relax morals? Jesus has the final say as we see here in What will it take for man to see?

Saint Raphael is the "angelic physician of soul and body" for the name of this archangel means "God has healed." Yet, Raphael does not appear in the Hebrew Scriptures, and in the Septuagint only in the Book of Tobias. Here he first appears disguised in human form as the travelling companion of the younger Tobias, calling himself "Azarias the son of the great Ananias." The story of the adventurous journey during which the protective influence of the angel is shown in many ways ...More

Bishop Daniel Dolan provides a six minute sermon for today's feast of St. Raphael the Archangel

We continue with the series the brilliant Mario Derksen first published here twelve years ago on his eye-opening series on how Vatican 2 and Paul VI were in heresy with their humanistic agenda as he described in "Vatican II and the Gospel of Man." It seems that what is developing in and around the Vatican these days is a religion and cult of man, masonic in its origin, nature, and purpose. Let us pray and fast that the abominable teachings and influences of the masons may finally come to an end, and that our Most Holy Lord, through the intercession of His Glorious Mother Mary, may deign to restore peace and sanity to His Church, which He promised would not be overcome by the gates of hell. We can't say we weren't warned. Our Lady was very specific about what would happen to Rome if she veered and the Scriptures foretold the Apostasy which crept in during the late Autumn of 1958. He explains in An Anthropocentric Church

We continue to provide a chapter each day during October so readers can meditate on the contents of each short chapter and not be overwhelmed by too much. In Chapter Twenty-Seven the Mother of God appears to Bridget and alerts her never to get caught up in the dance with the world for the latter is always caught up in trouble. It is empty joy, frivolous and fleeting. Too many today reject labor and sorrow, wanting instant gratification. Our Lady shares with her the five spears that pierced her during her divine Son's Passion and Death that no one can imagine - from His nakedness, to the false accusations, to the crown of thorns, to His feelings of abandonment, to the bitter end of His life upon the cross. Mary reminds us all to remember Christ's suffering and why, when we feel like dancing, to remember how she was Pierced by Five Spears

The Mass of the Blessed Virgin shows us Mary as Mother of our Savior. She was predestined from all eternity for the role of co-redemptrix (Epistle), for as Eve was the intermediary chosen by the angel of darkness to bring about the fall of Adam, so also Mary the intermediary to whom the angel Gabriel delivered the message of salvation from Heaven. She is also blessed since she heard the word of God and ...More

Fr. Benedict Hughes, CMRI presents presents a 14-minute sermon given seven years ago on the Holy Rosary

Jesus said it so clearly in the Gospel of St. Matthew 7: 15-20, and we can see there have been no fruits because all that has proceeded since the death of His Holiness Pope Pius XII have been rotten because they come from a bitter, evil tree planted in the late 1800's and forced to the surface in the 1960's. No one was more destructive than the reprobate apostate Paul the Sick, as noted a now-documented serial sodomite, who carried on the abominable aggiornamento of his heretical predecessor Angelo Roncalli and forged what Christ warned would be "the abomination of desolation" with his man-made Novus Ordo that stripped the new mass of its sacrificial and propitiatory elements, thus rendering it null and void. Not only that, but he dared to alter divinely ordained rites of Holy Orders, thus making every man "ordained" or "consecrated" to the episcopacy "totally null and utterly void" as Pope Leo XIII infallibly declared in his encyclical Apostolicae Curae regarding Anglican rites which never went as far as Montini did or his apostate successors. The result is the Great Apostasy foretold in public and private revelation. The image above right is a grotesque bust of this wretched man, far worse than even the immoral rascal Pope Alexander VI. It is representative of the grotesque, hideous art he consigned in the satanic crooked cross and various other surrealistic outlandish sculptures that are anything but reverent. Following is a compendium of his heresies, already condemned by the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church, proving Why Paul the Sick can never be considered holy

Continuing with the Revelations and Prophesies imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden with Book One we see today the words of the Lord to the bride on how a man came to be judged before God's tribunal, and the fearsome and horrendous judgment passed on him by God and all the saints on a certain man whose judgment is here proclaimed was a nobleman, canon and subdeacon, who received a false dispensation and married a rich virgin but was surprised by a sudden death and thus lost what he desired. Such is, as we see in Chapter Twenty-Eight of Book One The fleeting embers of the flesh

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To fortify why the CONciLIAR church is the false church, see key Papal Decrees that preceded it in pre-Vatican Two times by true Popes who solidly condemned the V2 false 'popes' who have spit in Heaven's Face. God will not be mocked. See for yourself what the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church has decreed:

  • Papal Coronation Oath Pope Agatho
  • Unam Sanctam Pope Boniface VIII
  • Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio Pope Paul IV
  • Quo Primum Pope St. Pius V
  • De Defectibus Pope St. Pius V
  • Satis Cognitum Pope Leo XIII
  • Apostolicae Curae Pope Leo XIII
  • Lamentabili Sane Pope St. Pius X
  • Pascendi Dominici Gregis Pope St. Pius X
  • Oath Against Modernism Pope St. Pius X
  • Mortalium Animos Pope Pius XI
  • Humani Generis Pope Pius XII
  • Sacramentum Ordinis Pope Pius XII

    If the above Papal Decrees have not convinced you, then for more evidence that the Chair is VACANT and that Vatican Two and all that has followed is Anathema sit as St. Paul asserts in Galatians 1: 8-9, see these on-line books and sources:

  • Answering Objections of the Sedevacantist Position
  • John 23 - Anathema sit Fr. Louis Villa
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    October Prayer to Saint Joseph

    V. The Angel of the Lord declared unto Mary.

    R. And she conceived of the Holy Ghost.

    (Hail Mary)

    V. Behold the handmaid of the Lord.

    R. Be it done unto me according to Thy word.

    (Hail Mary)

    V. And the Word was made flesh.

    R. And dwelt among us.

    (Hail Mary)

    V. Pray for us, O holy Mother of God.

    R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

    V.Let us pray.

    All Pour forth, we beseech Thee, O Lord, Thy grace into our hearts, that we to whom the Incarnation of Christ, Thy Son, was made known by the message of an angel, may by His Passion and Cross be brought to the glory of His resurrection. Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

    V. Angelus Domini nuntiavit Mariae.

    R. Et concepit de Spiritu Sancto.

    (Ave Maria)

    V. Ecce ancilla Domini.

    R. Fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum.

    (Ave Maria)

    V. Et Verbum caro factum est.

    R. Et habitavit in nobis.

    (Ave Maria)

    V. Ora pro nobis, sancta Dei Genitrix.

    R. Ut digni efficiamur promissionibus Christi.

    V. Oremus.

    All Gratiam tuam, quaesumus Domine, mentibus nostris infunde: ut qui, Angelo nuntiante, Christi Filii tui incarnationem cognovimus, per passionem ejus et crucem ad resurrectionis gloriam perducamur. Per eumdem Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen.

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      We encourage you to learn more about the Traditional Latin Mass - the true Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in these videos at this link because each time you worthily assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in person, you gain graces that are placed in a "golden chalice", so to speak, and is offered to God to be weighed in substance when you stand before Him at your Particular Judgment. The more you have filled this chalice, the better will it go for your spiritual welfare in eternity, enhanced by your cooperation with grace. Know the Mass

    To assist all in striving toward holiness, click on the Confessional to your right to review your transgressions through a thorough Examination of Conscience

    When One Cannot physically assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass we provide additional prayers that can be supplemented with the ORDINARY OF THE HOLY MASS and the PROPER OF THE DAY to enable you to better prepare yourself at home. Of course, this never replaces actually being there, but it is much better than attending the Novus Ordo services. Therefore we have gleaned from The Key of Heaven prayers to say at home. It is very comforting to know that the Holy Mass is offered for us even when we are not actually present. But to enjoy the benefits which it procures, we must by a SPIRITUAL COMMUNION become partakers of the altar from which we are temporarily banished. Here we provide prayers in preparation for fulfilling assistance in absentia in addition to the ORDINARY OF THE HOLY MASS and PROPER OF THE DAY. PRAYERS IN ABSENTIA

    The Fatima Prayers

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; and I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust, and do not love Thee.
    (repeat the above 3 times then bow your head in reciting the following:)

        O Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, I adore Thee profoundly. I offer Thee the most Precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in tabernacles throughout the world, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifference by which He is offended. By the infinite merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in unison with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg the conversion of poor sinners.

        O Most Holy Trinity, I adore Thee! My God, my God, I love Thee in the Most Blessed Sacrament!

        O my Jesus, it is for love of Thee, in reparation for the offenses committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for the conversion of poor sinners.

  • Pray for the Sick

    Pray for the Dearly Departed Souls
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