Since the death of His Holiness Pope Pius XII on October 9, 1958 the Church has been rudderless, the Barque of Peter adrift in a swirling sea stirred by the denizens of the deep - and we're not talking oceanic fathoms, but something few can fathom: hell. With Angelo Roncalli's Sillonist and Masonic pronouncement of aggiornamento, the barnacles that had already attached itself for over a century took over, smothering truth and tradition with rational thought steeped in the heresy of Modernism, which His Holiness Pope St. Pius X soundly condemned with his infallible encyclical Pascendi Domenici Gregis and to ensure this safeguard, he instituted the mandatory Oath Against Modernism. However all that went out the window once the window was slung open for satan to not just slither in but to sashay in and firmly ensconse himself in the hallowed halls of the Vatican. Over these past 50 years we have seen the fulfillment of Our Lady of La Salette's omen: "Rome will lose the faith and will become the seat of the antichrist." That future has become the present thanks to the cast of characters below:

       This month we commiserate the 50th Anniversary of the Commencement of the Second Vatican Council. Back in October of 1962, only a few knew what was in store as the bishops and cardinals of the world convened in St. Peter's Basilica on the Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary's Divine Maternity - Theotokos which we celebrated late last week. Communications in 1962 were relegated to your daily newspaper, half hour news programs nightly and some depth from Time, Newsweek and News & World Report. Oh, how times have changed for all of these have become dinosaurs in this high tech age where everyone has instant communications via internet and cell. Though for the most part they have been tools of the devil, we dare say that were it not for the internet and the dedicated souls that published what the infallible, perennial Magisterium has always taught, many souls, including this editor and his family, would still be wallowing in blind obedience to man, troubled by what has occurred over the past 50 years but with little proof to point out why, who, how, when, where and what. We have always felt a responsibility to perpetuate what we have learned so all can know it is not just our opinion, but comes from the source we can all trust. As we have said for so many years, "Don't take our word for it, see what the Church herself has always taught" and ask yourself if you have been deceived, as Christ warned in St. Matthew 24: 24-25, For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders, insomuch as to deceive (if possible) even the elect. Behold I have told it to you, beforehand." Modern technology and transportation have shewn "great signs and wonders" and, let's finally admit it: Catholics have been deceived, yes even the "elect."

        And yet even the "elect" continue in denial, going so far as to try to prop up the three-legged stool of Vatican Two that has no legs left, in truth, never did have the security of the Holy Ghost. But the Hegelian diabolist Fr. Josef Ratzinger is determined to save what he started, the hell with souls and salvation. The secular influence allowed by Vatican Two has come back to haunt the CONciLIAR church just as Jesus said when one makes friends with Mammon. So as his "bishops" meet in a three-week synod in Modernist Rome we ask you to take time to read the landmark articles below that prove the imposters that have occupied the hierarchy over the past 50 years and see for yourself that indeed, as foretold in Sacred Scripture, by Doctors and Saints of the Church and Our Lady herself, with the abominable Modernist council begun in 1962 came the Great Apostasy. It could not become manifest if we had listened to St. Paul's warning in 2 Thessalonians 3-11,

      "Let no man deceive you by any means, for unless there come a revolt first, and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition, who opposeth, and is lifted up above all that is called God, or that is worshipped, so that he sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself as if he were God. Remember you not, that when I was yet with you, I told you these things? And now you know what withholdeth, that he may be revealed in his time. For the mystery of iniquity already worketh; only that he who now holdeth, do hold, until he be taken out of the way. And then that wicked one shall be revealed whom the Lord Jesus shall kill with the spirit of His mouth; and shall destroy with the brightness of His coming, him whose coming is according to the work of Satan, in all power, and signs, and lying wonders. And in all seduction of iniquity to them that perish; because they receive not the love of truth, that they might be saved. Therefore, God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying. That all may be judged who have not believed the truth, but have consented to iniquity."
To understand the above better, we refer you to An Examination of 2 Thessalonians 2: 6-7 that proves the current conciliar apostasy.

        To commemorate the rise of the Great Apostasy, in this edition we bring you several redux articles on why, how, what, when, where and who comprised just such an entity that emerged from Vatican II to be no longer Catholic, but a man-made institution that had broken away from the true Church and merely "subsisted in" Rome, posing as the "Catholic" Church. Click on the button to the left to take you to 62 Reasons to say NO to the NO!

        Below you'll find a cornucopia of feature articles, almost 100 of them in fact in our most comprehensive edition to date in 23 years of publishing. On each day we feature one or two features we've featured in the past but have, for the most part, reformatted them for this special edition - with each day providing an additional five articles, which will help to peal away the onion of the Great Apostasy in one way or the other. By clicking the graphic to the right, which you'll find beneath each day, it will take you immediately to those five articles for the day. We have provided this plethora of sources for you to finally realize what we have truly and so tragically lost. In Our Christ the King-Communion of Saints Edition next (which could be one of our last if more souls do not donate - see our desperate plea below), we'll focus on the grace-giving alternatives to The Great Apostasy...for God has not abandoned His children.

        During this month we remind you again of the need to observe the 40s Days of Prayer & Fasting leading to Election Day for, as we have said so often, the very soul of a nation is at stake. We should recall the Lord's promise to Solomon in 2 Paralipomenon 7: 14:

      "And My people, upon whom My Name is called, being converted, shall make supplication to Me, and seek out My face, and do penance for their most wicked ways: then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sins and will heal their land. My eyes also shall be open, and My ears attentive to the prayer of him that shall pray in this place."

       Also see what previous reliable Popes and Theologians of the Church say about voting at Truth or Consequences

        During this month of October, Month of the Most Holy Rosary we remind you of the importance of the Holy Rosary, especially during this 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting and also remind you of the beautiful Prayer to St. Joseph during October to accompany the Rosary for it was prescribed by Pope Leo XIII since Mary's earthly spouse is also the Patron of the Universal Church and it is he whom we turn to, not the false shepherds in wolves' clothing gathering at the Synod in Modernist Rome this month. We also encourage you to sign up for our twitter feeds so you'll be on top of anything that breaks and keep up with news, features, events, devotions and the liturgy for each day.

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The lessons in the divine office during the whole month of October, are often taken from the books of Machabees. Thus, let us strive to make the following thoughts our own, acknowledging that our misfortunes have been brought about by our unfaithfulness in following the divine will (Introit). Let us pray God to cease chastising us, to ...More

Pope Saint Callistus (also called Callixtus) succeeded St. Zephyrinus. The institution of the ember-day fasts is ascribed to him. He suffered martyrdom under Emperor Alexander Severus, October 14, 223. He was a staunch defender of the unity of the Divine Essence. He offered absolution to even the greatest sinner who should have performed the canonical penances. He is remembered in the Canon of the Mass. Pope St. Callistus

What better way to begin this commiseration edition than with the exact moment of the schism for the lynchpin of the collapse and exactly when the conciliar church split from the Catholic Church. The apostasy that begun on October 11, 1962 was complete just a short two years and not even two months later on November 21, 1964 when Paul 6 approved a "dogmatic constitution on the Church" titled Lumen Gentium. That was the moment and serves as the keystone in identifying that the conciliar church, newchurch, the Vatican II church, the Novus Ordo church or whatever you want to call the entity that eclipsed the true Church in the sixties and beyond is in no way Catholic. Because of its vital importance and because this month we commiserate the 50th Anniversary of the commencement of Vatican II, we present Griff Ruby's landmark work he first presented on these pages some seven years ago. This has proved to so many as one of the greatest arguments to expose the very point of how, when, what, where, who and especially why Modernist Rome broke away from Eternal Rome. We have compiled his six-part installments into one compendium so you can see all the components and nuances and undeniable facts that prove Griff's point as he takes us past the spin right through the skin to the bare bones and then fleshes out what really happened at Vatican II in Down the Yellow Brick Road to Apostasy: The Lumen Gentium Syndrome

This special feature is provided by John Gregory with the Haydock Commentary found at the bottom of each page of the Douay-Rheims Bible. With the type so small in most bibles, we publish it here in larger type in conjunction with the Epistle and Gospel for the Sunday Mass, with the cogent comprehensive Catholic Commentary penned by Father George Leo Haydock. For the Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost the cupboard is pretty bare as far as any commentary accept for affirming that the man's son was healed the instant our Lord said "Thy son liveth." An interesting aside to this week's liturgy is Christ's words that "Unless you see signs and wonders, you believe not." This is the exact scenario we have today where so many do not believe unless they can see for themselves. This skepticism has grown where they have not understood St. Paul's words to the Ephesians to avoid luxuries and things that will cloud your submission to the will of God. Alas, too few have followed this advice and proved true Paul's words "redeeming the time, because the days are evil." John provides the short commentary for Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost "Unless you see signs and wonders"

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  • Saint Teresa, the foundress of the Discalced Carmelites, was born at Avila in Old Castile in what is today part of Spain on March 28, 1515. She was called to reform her Order, favored with distinct commands from Our Lord, and her heart was pierced with divine love; but dreading delusion she acted only under obedience to her confessors, which made her strong and safe. Her heavenly Spouse called her to Himself, October 4, 1582. By the alteration of the calendar, then taking place, the next day was reckoned the fifteenth of the month, and in due course was assigned for the keeping of the feast. In the Collect we have the only example in the whole of Liturgy of a reference to a woman entrusted with the office of teaching and feeding the faithful. She was born Teresa Sanchez Cepeda Davila y Ahumada and was the third child of Don Alonso Sanchez de Cepeda by his second wife, Doña Beatriz Davila y Ahumada, who died when the saint was ...More

    This editorial ran on January 25, 2005 half way through the first decade and was editor Michael Cain's effort to convince conciliar Catholics that what he had discovered earlier in the decade was backed up by infallible decrees that totally nullify what had been done by the conciliar leaders in Rome from John XXIII through JP II and currently Benedict. It was the year the former would meet his Maker and have to account for what he did in this life for those who have been given much, much will be expected as Christ emphasized in St. Luke 12: 48 in His words, "of him they will demand the more." Yet still so few realize this and the rationalization exhibited by desperate Novus Ordophiles illustrated only too readily what lengths they would go to in order to repudiate a holy Pontiff on the binding perpetuity of the Immemorial Mass of All Ages. Cain fired back with a salvo of ammunition to prove the fallacy of such weak defenses by also showing that the comment "we can't judge a pope" is meaningless for indeed we can't but Holy Mother Church can and has well before these men who would be popes were ever even a sparkle in their mothers' eyes. He furnished an arsenel of truths in the infallible decrees of previous reliable pontiffs who stressed the true meaning of ut unum sint in uncompromisingly upholding the thrice-proclaimed dogma Extra Ecclesam Nulla Salus which today is under such assault by the usurpers who have sought to change Catholic doctrine to accommodate man, not God. Have any of these 'experts' read St. Paul's words in Galatians 1: 6-10? Cain provided the wake-up call in his candid editorial Quo Primum and Forever are synonymous!

    The ambiguous agenda of Vatican II which incarcerated Catholic Truth in cells of anomalies that reeked of Modernism, Humanism and other anathemas have been foisted on the faithful over the past 50 years, coming back to haunt big time those who, not realizing they were being boiled in ambiguity, had hoped they could trust the leaders of the Church, but, as Kathy Willett Redle revealed eight years ago on this site in her short essay there are powerful periti from the Council who burrowed beneath dogmatic truth to loosen foundations within the modern Vatican. At various times they surfaced from their foxholes via statements that, based on the aberration of ambiguity, gave rise to relativism and further made the sheep ripe for the shearing. Why? Because they've been so dumbed down that they've had the wool pulled over their collective eyes and ears, unable to recognize the identity of who's really undermining the Truth Faith. She documented this in The Aberration of Ambiguity

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  • St. Hedwig was one of eight children born to Berthold IV, Count of Andechs and Duke of Croatia and Dalmatia. Of her four brothers, two became bishops, Ekbert of Bamberg, and Berthold of Aquileia; Otto succeeded his father as Duke of Dalmatia, and Heinrich became Margrave of Istria. Of her three sisters, Gertrude married Andrew II, King of Hungary, from which union sprang St. Elizabeth, Landgravine of Thuringia; Mechtilde became Abbess of Kitzingen; while Agnes was made the unlawful wife of Philip II of France in 1196, on the repudiation of his lawful wife, Ingeborg, but was dismissed in ...More

    In an article Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey wrote several years ago, he attempted to convince those who continue to 'resist but still recognize' to take their heads out of the sand and realize that calling outright heresy and apostasy mere "diabolic disorientation" only empowers and encourages the devil's disciples and confuses Catholics. Tom, once a nolens volens cheerleader himself of John Paul II, hammers home the point: "As has been demonstrated endlessly on this site, which exists more to reach those in the future rather than the infinitesimally small number of people who read it or who agree with its contents at the present time, at the core of Joseph Ratzinger's Modernist worldview is his Hegelian view of the nature of truth. This alone causes him to fall from the Catholic Faith. He believes in propositions about dogmatic truth that have been anathematized by the [First] Vatican Council and condemned by Pope Saint Pius X in Pascendi Dominci Gregis, September 8, 1907, and in the very Oath Against Modernism that he, Joseph Ratzinger, had to take prior to his ordination to the priesthood on June 29, 1951. Only those who are intellectually dishonest can refuse to acknowledge that Joseph Ratzinger's Modernist view of dogmatic truth, reiterated forcefully by him in his 'capacity' as Benedict XVI on December 22, 2005, places him outside of the pale of the Catholic Faith." Those may sound like strong words and they are, backed up by divine Law and the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church. He illustrates how we've been down this same road before and documents the very similarities of Wojtyla's early pontificate with those of Benedicts. Realize this now or rue the day you were duped. Know that if one deviates even one iota, they are outside the Church. Those who stubbornly stick their heads in the proverbial sands of denial and "we can't judge" (even though holy Mother Church already has passed judgment) will have to raise their heads eventually and when they do, well, they can deal with the truth now, or try to rationalize why they were so stubborn later. The problem is by then it just might be too late. That is why Tom takes it so seriously now. Time is short and we're dealing with eternal life or eternal death. Not a pretty picture seeing all those feathered derrieres on the horizon. But what's worse is all those "cautious necks" ripe for the chopping block. Tom tries to warn them in his excellent literary cantata Singing the Old Songs

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  • Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque was born at Verosvres in the diocese of Autun on July 22, 1647. When only three years old she already had the greatest fear of the smallest sin. Indeed, the very word "sin" frightened her exceedingly. And before she was quite four years of age, without anyone suggesting them to her, she clearly pronounced the words, "O my God, I consecrate my purity to Thee, for my whole life: I vow to Thee perpetual chastity." Even as a mere tot she loved Jesus and Mary above all things; and as soon as she had learned to say the rosary, she recited it every day. Her parents ...More

    Over three centuries ago Jesus chose a devout nun to provide us with a divine promise if we follow devotions to His Most Sacred Heart. He explained to her the parameters of the Twelve Promises of the Sacred Heart and instructed her on how to pray during Holy Hour. In these dire times we live in today, it is more important than ever to protect souls and that begins at home as Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque reinforced via the Promises and what has followed in devotion to Our Lord's Most Sacred Heart. We need to fear any sin as St. Margaret Mary did and shun all occasions. Spending time in prayer and meditation with Christ is the best remedy for that and having our homes enthroned to the Sacred Heart by a true priest is a safeguard in keeping the devil at bay. Yet we must always be on our guard against the evil one who is so clever and, thankfully through the devotions given to us from Heaven as guideposts through the landmines in this fleeting temporal life. If we really cherish eternal happiness, we will do all we can to protect ourselves and our family from the wicknedness and snares of the devil. We have that opportunity through the Promises of the Sacred Heart explained by Fr. Joseph McDonnell, S.J. on the meaning, and Consecration and Enthronement of our Homes

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  • St. Luke was not a Jew. He is separated by St. Paul from those of the circumcision (Colossians 4:14), and his style proves that he was a Greek. Hence he cannot be identified with Lucius the prophet of Acts 13:1, nor with Lucius of Romans 16:21, who was cognatus of St. Paul. From this and the prologue of the Gospel it follows that Epiphanius errs when he calls him one of the Seventy Disciples; nor was he the companion of Cleophas in the journey to Emmaus after the Resurrection (as stated by Theophylact and the Greek Menologium). St. Luke had a great knowledge of the Septuagint and of things Jewish, which he acquired either as a Jewish proselyte (St. Jerome) or after he became a Christian, through his close ...More

    Do we believe in all the truths which the Holy Catholic Church teaches because Christ hast revealed them, Who canst neither deceive nor be deceived? Or do we believe in "evolving truth"? It has to be one or the other, it cannot be both! One is either Catholic or not.Bishop Mark Pivarunas, CMRI documents that, as a body of work, the documents of Vatican II will go down in history as the most devious, dangerous direction any entity could ever take, but in eclipsing the true Church through such chicanery why is it so many could not see the basic tenets of our holy Faith were being altered with the purpose of compromise and, if needs be, obliteration? It was more than just a drop of poison, but a barrel of it. Either way, it infected the whole where today to follow the conciliar church is totally toxic to the soul as in deadly. The only cure? Return to tradition as His Excellency illustrates in pointing out The Doctrinal Errors of the Second Vatican Council

    In the same vein, it is with charity that Bishop Mark Pivarunas shares with the faithful the gift of his clarity in a Pastoral Letter written seventeen years ago which delineates the difference between what is Catholic and what is a threat to the Faith. One such threat that gave license to licentiousness is the document released by Paul 6 via Vatican 2 and which, as His Excellency reveals, veered greatly from Catholic doctrine. Though new men followed Montini as 'heads' the conciLIAR church, nothing has changed except that the VaticanTwoArians have only tried to refortify a rotting, decaying rampart that is crumbling despite their protests that everything is fine as they blatantly celebrate as a "good thing" 50 years of apostasy, in truth a mountain of devastation and destruction. We know from the Fidei Depositum and the sensus Catholicus that the conciliar church is not built on solid rock, but on the shifting sands of Modernism, and will eventually fall. The sooner the better. His Excellency shows with all clarity what Holy Mother Church truly teaches and in his exposé of Dignitatis Humanae he provides the documentation of how the church of Vatican II abandoned Catholic Truth and opened the doors for perdition to march right as he explains in The Doctrinal Errors of Dignitatis Humanae

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  • Saint Peter of Alcantara was born in Alcantara, Spain in 1499. His father, Peter Garavita, was the governor of the province, and his mother was of the noble family of Sanabia. After a course of grammar and philosophy in his native town, he was sent, at the age of fourteen, to the University of Salamanca. Returning home, he became a Franciscan in the convent of the Stricter Observance at Manxaretes in 1515. At the age of twenty-two he was sent to found a new community of the Stricter Observance at Badajoz. He was ordained priest in 1524, and the following year made guardian of the the convent of St. Mary of the Angels at Robredillo. A few years later he began preaching with much success. He preferred to preach to ...More

    If only we had been vigilant, we would have realized the destruction already underway in the mid-nineteenth century. As Bill R. Metallo, President of The Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette, reminds all that the Blessed Virgin warned us and yet we did not listen. Now we reap what we have sown. It is time to wake the masses to warn of this coming catastrophe prophesized by Our Lady at La Salette; to bring Vatican II Catholics back into the fold of the true Catholic Church; and to reveal the truth to Protestants and all false religions that, despite what Vatican II and all that has followed might claim, NO ONE existing outside the one, holy and apostolic Catholic Church can have a share in eternal life. Bill illustrates the highlights of the Prophesies imparted over one hundred and sixty-five years ago that show only too shockingly clear How the Faith will be Lost

    No work has been more damning of the Vatican II Church than Fr. James F. Wathen's brilliant book, The Great Sacrilege and so, for this commiseration edition we have kept it here for DailyCatholic was given personal permission by Father to publish it on these pages eleven years ago shortly after 9-11 because he wanted to spread the truth of what he had published far and wide. To this day no one has refuted what he has written because no one can. Why? Because what he wrote is solid Catholic truth and he exposes the charlatans for their man-made concoction called the Novus Ordo Missae which has so desolated souls and deprived them of grace since the Blessed Sacrament cannot be confected in the "abomination of desolation" as Christ foretold in St. Matthew 24: 15 for what is celebrated in the vast majority of churches posing as Catholic today is basically The Great Sacrilege

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  • Saint John was born at Cantius or Kenty in the diocese of Cracow. He was a parish priest and missionary, but, above all, he is remarkable for having fulfilled during many years the duties of a professor at the University of Cracow. There may be many who hold that the position of a teacher at a university, who is apt to be enamoured of his own learning, is scarcely suited to the practice of Christian perfection. John of Cantius has dispelled this illusion, and has proved ...More

    In commiseration of 50 years of Apostasy, we refer you to a brilliant piece by John Gregory who used a fictional was able Professor Ralph "Braniac" Barfmen, Ph.D. six years ago on these pages. No, he was no relation to the Bartman of Cubs' infamy, but the savvy professor was rather a very mysterious hermit, if you will over the last several decades, thanks to the corruption known as Vatican II. John managed to entice this orthodox but unusual doctor to comment on the dreaded document that started the conciliarists on the slippery slope of Ecumenism back in 1964 with the V2 decree Unitatis Redintegratio. John provided in four parts his cogent comments on the key erroneous and non-Catholic points of this conciliar decree. He prefaced his piece by letting readers know of Dr. Barfmen's extreme gasticular sensitivities to heresy and ambiguity. The prognosis was exposing the underbelly of the ecumaniacs and the fact Catholicism took a holiday from Vatican II on. As difficult has that is for the professor, John and the rest of us to stomach, it is a fact that many more need to know so that the masses will demand the abrogation of all the conciliar popes have decreed and return to the sanity, sacredness and sensibility of pre-Vatican II when Catholic meant CATHOLIC and there were no such terms as "Traditional" or "Conservative" or "Progressive". Yet what we have today is a treacherous chess game the conciliar church has been playing with minds and souls over these last 50 years, specifically with the wretching decree on Ecumenism, dissected in A Certain Type of "Movement"

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  • God is good towards us: let us be the same towards our brethren. If we pardon our brethren from the bottom of our hearts, Our Lord Jesus Christ will remit our debts (our sins). The Apostle describes for the Christian the armor he must put on to enable him to withstand in those woeful times the powers of hell (Epistle). He gives him a girdle, a cuirass, a shield, a helmet and a sword, so that, strengthened in the Lord, Whose will nothing can resist (Introit), he may be protected against those who persecute him (Communion ). Thus preserved from all adversity by the effect of the unceasing goodness of the Lord, the family of God, which is the Church, will be enabled to glorify His name by good works (Collect). Therefore the Gospel speaks to us of the charity towards our neighbor which is the abridgment of the whole morality of Christianity. If God has ...More

    Saint Hilarion, a Palestinian solitary, passed a life of self-denial and mortification in the wildernesses of Egypt and the Holy Land. His biography was written by St. Jerome. His last words were: "Go forth, O my soul, what do you fear? You have served Christ for seventy years, do you now fear death?" In the East he was the first to be ...More

    Three years ago Stephen Grieve illustrated how St. Paul had so clearly warned us of "the mystery of iniquity" and "man of sin" so that those who continue to elude the inevitability that a true pope would never and could never do what the conciliar leaders in Rome have done for the past 50 years will realize it is not only past previous Popes and Catholic truth which convict the conciliar 'popes' but divine Revelation itself. Hopefully those deniers will be shaken out of their stupor by what Steve furnished for the basis for a sede vacante stance based on holy Scripture itself. With the Cross, Christ fulfilled all that was necessary for the Old Covenant and established the New Covenant with the ultimate Sacrifice on Calvary leading to His Resurrection and Ascension, leaving us His Spirit, the Third Person of the Holy Trinity to guide us with the Word and Tradition of the only Church Christ established on earth. Hard to argue with the divine Word as Steven traces the etimology of the Greek for two verses that speak volumes with his Examination of 2 Thessalonians 2: 6-7

    To enhance each Sunday's Epistle and Gospel we present this special feature provided by John Gregory with the Haydock Commentary found at the bottom of each page of the Douay-Rheims Bible. We publish it here in conjunction with the Epistle and Gospel for the Sunday Mass, with the cogent comprehensive Catholic Commentary penned by Father George Leo Haydock. For the Twenty-First Sunday after Pentecost Fr. Haydock provides a few commentaries, but the key is not in the commentaries but in the Scriptures themselves for St. Paul's words to the Ephesians are some of the most beautiful imagery he has employed in his epistles. In addition, today's Gospel is so applicable to the very situation going on today in Washington, Wall Street and throughout every home in America and the prospect that thought failure has been rewarded, those whose debts have been forgiven with a bailout are not passing that same mercy on to the common man. Even more pertinent is that few are realizing this whole crisis doesn't amount to a hill of beans in God's eyes if our hearts are not pure and therein the final verse from our Lord says it all: "So also shall My heavenly Father do to you, if you forgive not every one his brother from your hearts." Mercy is a Two-Way Street

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  • The Apostle describes for the Christian the armor he must put on to enable him to withstand in those woeful times the powers of hell (Epistle). He gives him a girdle, a shield, a helmet and a sword, so that, strengthened in the Lord, Whose will nothing can resist (Introit), he may be protected against those who persecute him (Communion ). Thus preserved from all adversity by the effect of the unceasing goodness of the Lord, the family of God, which is the Church, will be enabled to glorify His name by good works (Collect). Therefore the Gospel speaks to us of the charity towards our ...More

    Griff Ruby, in a column four years ago pointed out how the counterfeit church of conciliarism has done a magnificent job of diverting eyes and hearts to itself and away from the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Through ruse, simulation and dissimulation, the modernists, conciliarists, and ecumenists over the past half century have garnered high marks for their stage presence when performing their tricks - dirty tricks, if you will, but dismal marks when it comes to upholding the True Faith. In fact, considering their totally-lack-of-good-fruit track record over a nearly 50-year period, many knowledgeable Catholics have despaired of the Church, thinking it hopelessly ruined and beyond the pale, and even doubting God's protection. Yet all along the real Church has quietly continued in the background, dissimulating the rightful authority She holds, neither falling into error nor ceasing to exist. Take a few minutes and read Griff's magnificent explanation of why and how we're in the situation we're in, and more importantly, what that situation really is. It's not what most people think! How was the true nature of our situation so effectively concealed? All it took was a Sleight of Hand
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  • The Apostle describes for the Christian the armor he must put on to enable him to withstand in those woeful times the powers of hell (Epistle). He gives him a girdle, a shield, a helmet and a sword, so that, strengthened in the Lord, Whose will nothing can resist (Introit), he may be protected against those who persecute him (Communion ). Thus preserved from all adversity by the effect of the unceasing goodness of the Lord, the family of God, which is the Church, will be enabled to glorify His name by good works (Collect). Therefore the Gospel speaks to us of the charity towards our ...More

    His Excellency Bishop Mark Pivaranus traces the history of the papacy and illustrates clearly that, faithful to Christ's promise, Holy Mother Church cannot preach error and yet they have preached mega-errors over the past 40 years. That alone would suffice to come to the conclusion the conciliar popes are not Catholic, but he shows not only did the holy Apostle Paul foretell of the great apostasy in 2 Thessalonians 2: 3-4, but the very enemy, true to Sacred Scripture and evidenced from documentation of the masonic Alta Vendita, has truly produced a "Revolution in Tiara and Cope" where even today both have been expunged for a more modern look as the conciliar church tries to mask itself as Catholic. Christ has given us the barometer of how we will know the true popes from the false prophets: "By their fruits you shall know them" (Matthew 7: 20) The Bishop shows that, thanks to abandoning the absolutes of Christ's truths and compromising those very truths which no pope had ever done before, they have abandoned control of the Primacy of Peter and yet the papacy continues, albeit, in a state of extended sedevacantism. He explains in his Pastoral Letter The Papacy
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  • Saint Raphael is the "angelic physician of soul and body" for the name of this archangel means "God has healed." Yet, Raphael does not appear in the Hebrew Scriptures, and in the Septuagint only in the Book of Tobias. Here he first appears disguised in human form as the travelling companion of the younger Tobias, calling himself "Azarias the son of the great Ananias". The story of the adventurous journey during which the ...More

    Just as Tobias was guided by St. Raphael in the desert and healed of his blindness, we need to call on the holy Archangel for healing and beg to be guided by the compass of Catholic Truth to see clearly where we are heading if we would ever veer from the course set for over two millennia. Editor Michael Cain asked seven years ago if it could get any worse considering what proceeded from the dastardly, purposefully ambiguous documents of Vatican 2 that sold out the sensus Catholicus with skimble-skamble bafflegab that could be interpreted in whichever way the enemy chose. We say 'enemy' because many Saints and Popes, verily holy Mother Church herself identified these rogues and judged the actions of what we have seen over the past five decades as gravely deviating from the Faith, resulting in heresy, and worse, the foretold Great Apostasy. Cain provided several quotes and sources that confirm that under the watchful Masonic eye of the One World Order and through the heresies of Modernism, Ecumenism and Humanism, the goals of Globalism and Solidarity are almost complete for establishing a One World Religion under control of the prince of the world. Thank you, Vatican II! One has to ask after fifty years of futility and faithlessness, how can the blind ostriches, who cling to the novelties and innovations of the conciLIAR church, say with a straight face that the conciliarists are Catholic? Mocking God is no joke and countless souls plunging to perdition is no laughing matter. Cain got serious in laying out a plethora of damning evidence against the man-made conciLIAR church in his editorial God will not be mocked!
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  • The Apostle describes for the Christian the armor he must put on to enable him to withstand in those woeful times the powers of hell (Epistle). He gives him a girdle, a shield, a helmet and a sword, so that, strengthened in the Lord, Whose will nothing can resist (Introit), he may be protected against those who persecute him (Communion ). Thus preserved from all adversity by the effect of the unceasing goodness of the Lord, the family of God, which is the Church, will be enabled to glorify His name by good works (Collect). Therefore the Gospel speaks to us of the charity towards our ...More

    Seven years ago during the back and forth within the traditional camps on why there was so much antagonism between sedevacantists and non-sedevacantists, John Gregory addressed the fact that both had been known to turn the world upside down to castigate the other while the truth of the matter is that both are Catholic in every way. Those still loyal to pre-Vatican II tenets and liturgy still celebrate the same sacraments, the same Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the same prayers, the same beliefs. At least that was the case until the SSPX began to stray by admitting Novus Ordo presbyters into their ranks who had not been ordained in the true Sacrament of Holy Orders. Other than that, and the fact, under Bishop Fellay they have allowed conciliar aberrations to filter in without resisting the obvious heresies and remaining silent over the past five years, they're still traditional. The problem is they should recognize the conciliar 'popes' are not wise and holy shepherds preserving the Primacy of Peter. Rather, just the opposite. When these men calling themselves 'popes' manifest themselves as the false shepherds by preaching or even allowing heresy, then sedevacantists have every right in the world to question their validity. If we don't, then indeed The World is Flat!
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  • The Apostle describes for the Christian the armor he must put on to enable him to withstand in those woeful times the powers of hell (Epistle). He gives him a girdle, a shield, a helmet and a sword, so that, strengthened in the Lord, Whose will nothing can resist (Introit), he may be protected against those who persecute him (Communion ). Thus preserved from all adversity by the effect of the unceasing goodness of the Lord, the family of God, which is the Church, will be enabled to glorify His name by good works (Collect). Therefore the Gospel speaks to us of the charity towards our ...More

      August Queen of Heaven, Sovereign Mistress of the Angels, who didst receive from the beginning the mission and the power to crush the serpent's head, we beseech thee to send thy holy Angels, that under thy command and by thy power they may pursue the evil spirits, encounter them on every side, resist their bold attacks and drive them hence into the abyss of woe.

      Most holy Mother, send thy angels to defend us and to drive the cruel enemy from us.

      All ye holy Angels and Archangels, helep and defend us. Amen.

      O good and tender Mother! Thou shalt ever be our Love and our Hope.

      Holy Angels and Archangels, keep and defend us. Amen.

    Ten years ago a person simply known as Doctrina first wrote the words that today are on everyone's mind as the Muslim hordes overrun Europe and threaten our own shores in the United States with the threat of erecting a mosque wherever the infidel has conquered. That would be the World Trade Center, demolished on September 11, 2001 by radical Islamists, who are no different than the ruthless Saracens of the time of the Crusades, the bloodthirsty Turks at Lepanto and in Austria or the plundering Moors in Spain - all out to destroy Christianity as laid out in the devious Koran. Doctrina lays out the statistics, causes and effects and asks why anyone would be surprised that they are merely carrying out the hateful vendetta subscribed by the apostate 'prophet' of the devil Mohammed in the seventh century, which gives even more credence that they would target the most Catholic countries in Spain and Austria and now France. Since this essay first ran, French legislation has outlawed burkas in public in an effort to curb the stealth stallions who have already left the barn. While many might advocate pigs' blood to thwart their efforts, it is really only the Most Precious Blood of Jesus which will halt the barbarians at the gates. Read the sad facts of a country, a world veering away from the true Faith in The Crimson Curse of the Crescent Moon

    Nine years ago Atila Sinke Guimarães pointed out the embrace of Islam by the media in the wake of the terrorist attacks began with the acceptance of the infidel faith by the Pope himself when he kissed the Qu'ran. One has to wonder. What's even more troubling, very, very troubling, is the question: What would those who fought and died under the Cross of Christ against the scourge of the Crescent Moon say about John Paul II's acceptance of Islamism by making the universal statement that Christians, Jews and Muslims "worship the same God"? No they do not! Both Jew and Muslim have never accepted Jesus Christ as the Son of God nor do they accept the Holy Ghost as the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity. While all are from the same God, not all worship the same God? It is impossible and Wojtyla and Ratzinger's claims to pacify man while greatly offending God were visible manifestations of apostasy, all betrayed by The Kiss and the Blood

    Eleven years ago Atila Sinke Guimarães first filed on these pages a shocking revelation that few knew. It was about a secret pact that forever changed the direction of the Catholic Church, resulting in a total sellout by John XXIII to the Communists for two Russian Orthodox representatives to attend Vatican II. Less than 30 pieces of silver Judas received for betraying Christ. This pact signed by Cardinal Tisserant and encouraged by Msgr. Giovanni Montini could truly be considered a pact made in blood for countless Catholic priests, religious and laity were murdered behind the Iron Curtain because of Roncalli's agreement of hands off what Our Lady warned of at Fatima. Truly Russia was able to spread her errors because the Church was compromised by seeking man's approval, not God's and in so doing, she sold out souls at the expense of the betrayers' own souls as Atila details in Pact of Metz

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  • The Mass of the Blessed Virgin shows us Mary as Mother of our Savior. She was predestined from all eternity for the role of co-redemptrix (Epistle), for as Eve was the intermediary chosen by the angel of darkness to bring about the fall of Adam, so also Mary the intermediary to whom the angel Gabriel delivered the message of salvation from Heaven. She is also blessed since ...More

    Ten years ago Mario Derksen filed a seven part series on how the heresy of humanism had engulfed Vatican II as he meticulously peeled off the skin-deep layers of rhetoric, exposing the tightening muscles of Modernism that seek to squeeze the bones of doctrine. This prevents the living organs of Truth and Tradition from fully being able to function, thus allowing the cancer of humanism to penetrate the pores of the Mystical Body of Christ. Mario analyzed disturbing statements from Vatican II and the conciliar 'popes' which reveal an exaggerated and novel view of man and his dignity - a humanistic agenda that has been the core of the the post-conciliar campaign to put distance between Modernist Rome and Eternal Rome as you'll discover in Mario's insightful series Vatican II and the Gospel of Man
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    •    The montage of photos above gives you a visual illustration of the bitter fruits of Vatican II as Christ said would happen to a bad tree. You'll note how satan apes God with the opposite and we found some revealing subliminal images in the new logo for Benedict's hyped "Year of Faith" triggered by the much ballyhooed 'celebration' of the 50th Anniversary of that wretched apostate council. It is supposed to be a ship with the sails spelling out IHS, but note the ship (which they may claim is the 'Barque of Peter' but we know it cannot be since they have abdicated any command of the good ship). Note the design of the hull. It looks like a a dog's head on closer look. Now you'll note the cartoon crazed dog above with his tongue hanging out and the rainbow tongue - oh, how appropriate. Now we reverse the YOF logo and you see the resemblance. After all, GOD spelled backward is DOG. But notice, if you add just two horizontal lines to the sail at the bottom and top of the cross it turns into an 'E'. Note the backward 'S' now resembles an 'H' and the last two vertical lines that formerly were the 'I' and part of the 'H' now reveal two 'L's' in lower case. Now do we need to spell it out for you? Just remember where this ship is headed by reading Our Lord's words in St. Matthew 7: 13-19. Enough said! If you still think it's Catholic, then we have swampland in Arizona to sell you. Wake up and smell the Truth and realize what the apostates have cooked up is poison to every soul. See for yourself on these DailyCatholic pages and also at with 101 Visible Signs of the Great Apostasy

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