April 22, 2007
vol 18, no. 112

A New Religion is a False Religion that can never be Catholic!      Be careful lest you're sold a bill of goods that can only be bad!    Ergo, Caveat Emptor!

Father Paul Trinchard, S.T.L.

No amount of changes can alter the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church no matter how the masters of deceit pontificate. Yet, so many have been duped into believing the "party lie" that Newchurch is still Catholic! Oh, satan is clever, very clever and because the vast majority of Catholics did not truly know their Faith, they became "useful idiots" to further the insidious and diabolical agenda.

    "As an ardent 'New Breed leader,' I gave many talks with the logon flag flying high. The logon was 'CHANGE.' We must CHANGE. I was ordered HOW to change. Then I would convince others that they too had to change in the WAY I had been 'brainwashed.' We were good 'useful idiots' (as Marx would call us). We stood for and ardently spread the PARTY LIE."

      Editor's Note: Father Trinchard, esteemed author of the books, "New Mass" Is Conclusively Invalid, Latin Mass Prayers Explained, and Apocalypse of the Mass to mention just a few, provides unmitigated proof in these essays that the chances are if you or your parish "priest" were ordained less than 37 years ago, you or he are not truly a Catholic priest. That is the sad fact as Father continues to delineate what the New Order purposely did to alter the divinely-ordained rite of Holy Orders to give the world a plethora of presiders with no power to forgive sins or confect the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, Soul and Divinity at the Canonical Consecration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The consequences are catastrophic for souls and speaks volumes of the enemy's intent to destroy Christ's Mystical Body: for without the sacraments grace is lacking and without grace there is little adherence to the constituted evangelic traditions and necessary disciplines for living and perpetuating the holy Faith, outside of which there is no salvation. No wonder there have been no fruits (cf. St. Matthew 7: 15-21). If you are one of those ordained after 1968 or 1970, call Fr. Paul. We know it takes a humble heart to admit you've been duped, but what price pride when the salvation of your own soul and the souls of those you are responsible for are at stake? Please, think very seriously about what Father documents below and ask the Holy Ghost for guidance to come back home to the true Catholic Church.


    The following is to be understood before reading any of my "works." In reading my books and articles, or hearing my publications, note well the following points:

    1) I assume as well as speak and write in or into an ecclesial atmosphere of respectful dialogue. I expect and demand the right to do so from any and all “churchy” authorities (especially, “fellow theologians” and alleged “trad-cultic-experts”).

    2) I communicate as a “licensed theologian” – licensed according to the official beliefs and teaching of the “old and discarded” Roman Catholic Church. If I come to be condemned for doing so, along with my heroine, St. Joan of Arc, I ask: “Why do you condemn me for following God [and His visible church institution as defined or as defining itself “existentially” or in actual beliefs and practices from Pentecost until the revolting sixties (1960s)]? Why? Why? Why?

        Furthermore, we need ask: Who is not a Catholic? For example, was St. Joan the Catholic or was the bishop not Catholic who condemned her (turned her over to civil authorities to be burned to death)? (I vote for the saint and not for the bishop whose very name makes him one syllable “different from” “a pig.”)

        Who is not a Catholic “of and in the Latin Rite Patriarchate:” me or a Novus Ordo (Newchurch) believing apostate who stands apart from the church of two millennia in his adamant opposition to, and effective rejection of, the semper ubique binding Quo Primum and thereby of the doctrinally binding Canonized Latin Mass Liturgy? Yes, this Mass Liturgy was, is and will always be canonized by the sensus et praxis fidelium from Pentecost until the end of time. Also, this Latin Rite Liturgy is de facto canonized “word for word” by specific dogmatic decree of the Pope/Patriarch of the Latin Rite Mass Liturgy, Pope St. Pius V in Quo Primum (1570).

    3) In this Newchurch-atmosphere of respectful dialogue and communication each must honestly and urgently inquire as to who officially and truthfully holds the Christ-given, Apostolically taught and practiced liturgical truth which is necessary to hold and/or “do” in order to be saved from Hell. Which liturgy – Christ’s Divine Liturgy or Bugnini’s is from Christ? Which alleged “Mass liturgy” was Apostolically “taught and done” as well as Apostolically-mandated?

      [Today, most or all Newchurch theologians (or episcopal “mouthpieces”), in effect, hold that the Apostles taught as salutarily necessary that one must believe that each bishop or some or all bishops have the same charisma as the Apostles. According to this “theology,” each such bishop or group of bishops can redefine the Catholic Church in line with the spirit or whims of his/their own time and place. Does not such a position “unravel so as to reject” Apostolic Tradition? Does not such a popular position defocus us from WHAT one must believe/do to be saved, and thereby “the WHOM” one must follow in any particular time/space? Does not such a position reject the Church as being semper ubique, One in faith and morals? Does not such a popular theological opinion (preached or presented as “presently binding dogma”) ipso facto change one’s church (as so defined) from being Apostolic (holding fast to that which Christ taught, coming to us directly from Christ through His Apostles themselves) to being episcopal (governed according to the personal whim or apostasy of the bishops of the day) ; and, thereby APOSTATE? Lastly, does not such a church which still claims to be “Christian” redefine or recreate “Christ” Whom it claims to follow according to the likings and imaginings of each bishop or group of bishops in his/their own time and space?]

          Even as regards “non-liturgical issues,” can one who himself questions (so as to doubt or deny) and no longer “forcefully,” firmly and clearly professes (for examples): THE EXISTENCE OF ETERNAL HELL; CHRIST, AS THE ONE AND ONLY SAVIOUR; AND, “EXTRA ECCLESIAM NULLA SALUS” be Catholic or be a Catholic bishop or pope (or even layman or priest)? Does believing the same as such an “anti-Catholic or non-Catholic” not make one a “non-Catholic or anti-Catholic?”

    4) I write as a theologian. If you disagree with me as such, do so as a theologian (with all the time-honored privileges and restrictions given such criticisms).

    5) Since I speak as a theologian who gives THEOLOGICAL OPINIONS, I do not speak ex cathedra. I speak as John Paul II expressly stated (even for his “official reflections”): to give out my firmly and logically held positions for your “conscienced” or conscientious consideration.

My Prayer for You

    May God always bless you, reader or hearer. May God lead you to perceive and then salutarily hold and/or “do” Christ-given salutarily-necessary Apostolic faith and morals (especially, liturgical morals). What I, (or any other priest, even bishop, pope or theologian) hold or believe is only to be held or believed (as Vatican One dogmatically decreed) IF it is part of (or already contained within) Apostolic Tradition, (which ceased and desisted at the death of the last Apostle).

...and now, I believe you are ready to realize what Christ meant when He said in Matthew 24: 15, "he that readeth, let him understand."

    I was an ardent Newchurcher priest (“priest” since I was really ordained in 1966 for the Canonized Latin Mass). However, I didn’t convert to Catholicism until my retirement in the 1990s.

    As an ardent “New Breed leader,” I gave many talks with the logon flag flying high. The logon was “CHANGE.” We must CHANGE. I was ordered HOW to change. Then I would convince others that they too had to change in the WAY I had been “brainwashed.” We were good “useful idiots” (as Marx would call us). We stood for and ardently spread the PARTY LIE.

    Our main vehicle of indoctrination into Newchurch and its Religion was, and remains, the Novus Ordo Service. Without this, we could not evangelize.

    A “physically blind” psychiatrist attended his first Newchurch “Mass.” He assured his wife that it was a NEW RELIGION – a religion which rejected the Orthodox (right believing and teaching) Catholic (right liturgizing) Religion.

    Through its liturgy, Newchurch taught an apostate religion – a religion which “radically and conclusively” was not even “Christian.” Why? The “Christian religion” believes in Christ as Saviour from sin.

    Newchurch “radically (at or in its roots) and conclusively (when its teachings and premises are developed unto or into logical conclusions)” denies sin and man’s radical need to believe in Christ as his only Savior from sin and Hell.

    Newchurch’s liturgies, for example, celebrate the capital sin of presumption. They celebrate “the Christ man” as He is in each, as He is in all (presumptively, of course). There now follows a more detailed list of how Newchurch has rejected Orthodox Catholicism and replaced it with a most appealing New Age/Protestant mindset. Let the following list help initiate your own evaluation of Newchurch and its Novus Ordo Liturgy. Meditate and pray. Then, go where God leads you to go.

A Brief List of the Changes that Changed Newchurch into a New and False Religion:

  • Newchurch’s Revolting bishops abolished Holy Ordered Priests and bestowed the priesthood upon all: “We all celebrate ‘New Mass.’”

  • Newchurch “bishops” do not ordain “Holy Ordered Catholic priests.” Instead, they commission laymen (so far only males) to preside at and/or facilitate “community celebrations” and to be episcopal collaborators. (See “New Mass” Is Conclusively Invalid for irrefutable proofs).

  • The bishops’ Newchurch is now merely one of many organizations which work for self-realization of mankind and dedicates itself to evangelizing man’s responsibility to the eco-system, based on his ever increasing awareness of his obligations which arise from his auto-divinization and the limitation of “religious concern” to this world (and to his “flesh,” one might add).

  • Newchurch leaders have distorted and sacrileged Canon Law, the Bible, the Mass and Catechesis into now being guidelines or ways to define, please each of us. Each is encouraged according to each one’s desires (to have) his own notion of God, with the help of the ever-changing directives of alleged “experts,” who operate within Newchurch with the blessings of the reigning, Christ-rejecting, dysfunctional and malfeasant Bishops.

  • Ecumenism as a dedicated betrayal of extra ecclesiam nulla salus, is directed toward the evolution or growth of the Second Beast of the Apocalypse, (in service to the First Beast) in the making of the best possible world – government of man by human standards which reject God’s Revealed Standards (Catholic Faith and Morals).

  • Love of God is reduced to love of man. Love of man, in turn, makes obsolete, useless and counter-productive, any love of God. “Intimacy with the Divine,” characterizing the liturgical life of each Catholic, has been discarded and prohibited. “We gather to celebrate ‘each’ as Christ and ‘all of us’ as Christ.”

  • Sinless man no longer needs to plead to Christ for grace and mercy; devotion to Christ as the only Savior from sin is “out.” The bishops’ “communal celebrations” of the sin of presumption (“New Mass”) is “in.”

  • Newchurch goes from being heretical to being APOSTATE by denying the three essentials of authentic “Christian Religion:” through Adam and ourselves we are sinners in need of Redemption; Christ is the one and only Redeemer; and, He the Redeemer is salutarily active and alive among us in the Divine Liturgy: He (Christ the Word) taught the Apostles; the Apostles taught and “did” (the Liturgy); and, Orthodox Catholics have canonized (in Latin or Eastern Rites) the Liturgy (the Word of God in Apostolic Tradition—the Divine Liturgy).

  • As one would expect, sin, Hell, purgatory, judgment, Christ as Savior, penance for sin, mortification of the flesh, etc. are unmentionables within the bishops’ “New Mass.”

  • Irenical obsession prevails. Peace must be attained at any cost; neither pope nor bishop provides any justification for war. As pure pacifists, post-Vatican II popes, clergy and laity have become allies and enablers for a new world dictatorship.

  • Divine Liturgy is radically transformed into a community celebration of new age humanism, wherein man praises himself (as god) and Christ is rejected. The Sacred Heart active and alive among us to save and sanctify us is rejected. Worshiping communities are programmed to hold that each person is as sinless as Holy Mary. By suppressing and distorting her unique God-given role, the Immaculate Heart of Mary is blasphemed. ( John Paul II, repeating Vatican Two) in his inaugural encyclical, Redemptor Hominis, proclaimed: “In Christ all men are saved.”

  • The existential church is distorted into a body with an ever mutating creed – re-defined by the bishops’ “living tradition” (while Apostolic Tradition is denied). In their “self-bestowed divine rights,” bishops exercise power to mandate CHANGE – liturgically, “morally,” and “fiducially.” We are no longer in an Apostolic church. Since the revolting sixties (1960s) we dwell within an Episcopal Apostate church.

  • Any significant understanding of the “New Mass liturgy” leads one to conclude that the existential church is no longer one, holy, catholic and apostolic (see “New Mass” Is Conclusively Invalid, MAETA).

  • Dogmatizing Congar’s heretical theory of the Catholic Church (as in True and False Reform in the Church, Yves Congar, 1950), they went about “defining it in their own image.”

  • Using Vatican II as a vehicle to implement or impose “New Mass,” they destroyed the Orthodox Catholic Church.

  • Through “New Mass,” “New Ordinal,” “new religion,” and a “new cult of sex” were imposed on the faithful in the name of Newchurch bishops.

  • Their Newchurch has victimized the unwary into assuming new ways of feeling, thinking, desiring and behaving. Even when episcopal victims wake up to realize they no longer belong to the religion founded by Jesus Christ, which produced the great saints of the past, very few are led to embrace the Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and semper ubique idem [always and everywhere the same (primarily and essentially in its various expressions of Divine Liturgy – i.e. Latin or Eastern Rites)] Orthodox Catholic Church in all places and in all times from Pentecost until the end of time...
    ...per omnia saecula saeculorum. Amen.

    April 22, 2007
    vol 18, no. 112