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   Regardless of the corruption going on by the antichrists in both Washington D.C. and Modernist Rome, we know the bad trees will ultimately be cut down and cast into the eternal fire as Our Lord has guaranteed. Pray for perseverance of the just to stay the course of the narrow path and pray for the conversion of those attached to those evil trees so that they can find the roots of salvation only through the sacramental Church founded by Christ. Remember Christ's words about persecution and buckle in. It's our time to shine for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

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   Traditio recently alerted readers that "One press that used to be considered 'traditional' was sold out a couple of years ago to a Protestant conglomerate, but still calls itself 'traditional,' even though its publications now fully support the Protestant Novus Ordo. That press that published Fr. James Wathen's 1971 seminal work against the validity of the Novus Ordo, The Great Sacrilege, has pulled the book from its list because, now under its Protestant directors, it is no longer permitted to state that 'the New Mass [sic] is illegal, immoral, and not Catholic.' The once-courageous press can no longer publish a book that it now claims, under its new Protestant management, 'defames the [New]church and calls its approved form of the mass [sic] an invalid sacrilege.' The press now specifically rejects the truth that the Traditional Latin Mass "is the 'only' and 'true' Mass and that the Novus Ordo is invalid or illicit."

   The Fathers are, of course, referring to TAN Books. But have no fear. We are pleased to remind all readers that the late Fr. Wathen graciously gave The DailyCatholic permission in September 2001 to publish the entire book online so that it could be read by everyone, no matter the censorship by the counterfeit church of conciliarism. Thus, you can read his entire masterful work that has withstood the test of 40 years. No one has been able to refute the truth of his words in The Great Sacrilege

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  • Swinging Clubs To Protect The Club The cancer is malignant and no matter how many band-aids the conciliar cabal try to apply whether it's the propaganda Pravda of the Vatican - L'Osservatore Romano or the nabobs doing their darndest to diffuse the death penalty for Ratzinger's reign, the counterfeit church is crashing. YES! Finally. It can't be soon enough! Long live holy Mother Church and pray the imposters are driven out soon like the snakes from Ireland. Come to think of it, Ireland needs another St. Patrick as well. Every diocese in the world needs one to drive out the snakes of Sodomgate. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 3-26

  • You Think We've Got Problems... No matter how down folks might be over the ramrodding of an unlawful law through Congress, we should all have hope and take our cue from the Blessed Mother and her divine Son. The problem is we're spoiled because, like the Jews of the Old Testament, have abandoned God and His Laws, have abandoned Christ as our Sovereign King. We deserve this chastisement. The key is what do we do about it to atone for our sins and the sins of our nation? Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 3-25

  • Never Give In To Compromise So much for trusting a so-called pro-life 'Catholic' politician. We see so clearly how the Judases come out of the woodwork when there's a quid pro quo even at the expense of the innocent unborns. What does that matter when one has sold out to the devil? Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 3-24

  • Front Men For The New World Order While there are many aspersions that both Benedict XVI and Barack Hussein Obama are the antichrist personified, (in truth they are 'antichrists' according to St. John) they are really the precursors of what is to come as they continue their agenda toward a One World Order, a One World Religion devoid of Jesus Christ as our Sovereign King to Whom alone we must bow and obey. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 3-22

  • Longer Than World War II The seven year anniversary of the Iraq War marks the longest war in United States history and what have been the fruits? Nada! Just as would be expected of a bad tree for a country which thinks nothing of killing its own cannot succeed in receiving God's blessings but rather more of the devastation we presently encounter from enemies foreign and domestic. The problem is discerning who is the real enemy. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 3-20

  • Losing Everything to Gain God Should we be surprised that so many souls have been fooled? Not when you realize the scope of how many were duped in the past just as St. Paul said to "believe a lie". The key is not to give up hope but to realize that even when things look the bleakest, Christ is with us and the rewards far outweigh the trials and tribulations of this present apostasy and chaos in our day and age. Call on St. Joseph for reassurance. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 3-19

  • Becoming What They Once Opposed Charlie Rangel needs to remember he can't wrangle his way into Heaven if he doesn't amend his ways totally. But then, more often than not, Christ's truth about making friends with mammon is the tragic result to so many politicians who have blithely sold their souls. There is a price to pay and the ignominy of resigning a committee is nothing compared to eternity. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 3-5

  • Refusing To Champion Christ the King Compromising and Massaging a heresy to appease man in an atmosphere of 'can't we just all get along' proves the cowardice of the conciliar cabal of potentates who believe more in Americanism than Christ the King. Oh, will they be in for a surprise when the divine Monarch calls them before His throne. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 3-4

  • King Juan Carlos, Meet Pope Leo XIII A good sovereign is never afraid of his subjects, but he should be very afraid of his Sovereign King if he dares violate God's Law no matter what conciliar potentates say in trying to absolve him of wrong doing. The catch-22 Spain's king finds himself in is really not as difficult as he would think. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 3-2

  • Imagine What A Lost Soul Looks Like To God While we bemoan the deaths and commiserate with the victims of devastating earthquakes in Haiti and now Chile, there is a much more dangerous temblor that few consider but should and that is the terrible tremor of mortal sin which will wipe out countless souls if they're not fortified with sanctifying grace. Sadly, today that would be the majority of the population of the world! Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 3-1

  • Little Caesars All (Pizza, Pizza) David Patterson personifies the blind leading the blind towards oblivion. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 2-26

  • Union of Americanists Windy City's potentate moron meets the Mormons. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 2-25

  • Aborting Reality There's really nothing positive about positivism. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 2-23

  • Not the Work of God Why the "Opus" is not a light yoke, but a shackle around souls and why no one organization or chapel is the only way to salvation UNLESS it adheres to every Catholic truth and practice without exception. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 2-22

  • Killing Babies Is a Really Big Deal Beware of political wolves donning new sheeps clothing and pulling the wool over the eyes of the duped. No matter how you spin it, murder is murder and no rationalization or exception will alter that truth about the sanctity of the womb. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 2-20

  • Condemnation of Opponents to the Papal States On the 81st anniversary of the wretched Lateran Treaty, Tradition In Action provides the severity of this tragedy as warned by Pope Pius IX 2-11

  • Being "Great" On One's Own Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 2-10

  • Just Obey God Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 2-9

  • Raining On The Parade Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 2-9

  • Cardinal Newman's Ordination Chapel in Rome Desecrated by Conciliar Potentates Traditio 2-9

  • Will Justice finally catch up with Roger the Dodger Mahony? 5-hour deposition could be the tipping point as #2 man rats on his boss. About time! Traditio 2-8

  • Still Nothing "Super" About the Super Bowl Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 2-7

  • Religious "Liberty" Even For The Adversary Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 2-5

  • Stage Left From The Very Beginning Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 2-1

  • Memo to Pelosi: St. Joseph was Not a Socialist! How dare a disciple of the devil invoke the holy, pure St. Joseph and attribute to him the passage of the nefarious Obamacare is blasphemous to say the least. But then what do you expect of such a charlatan as pasty Pelosi? She long ago abandoned her faith, preaching something even conciliars never heard, and that's pretty bad. Traditio 3-25

  • Salvation Or Votes? While Obama and his communist cronies bribe, cajole, extort for votes for the socialistic health care, we must realize that in the scheme of things, it is expected considering America has abandoned any trace of accepting Christ as Sovereign King. Instead, because we have abandoned God and His Laws, the Almighty has permitted souls to be overlorded by one who thinks he himself is a god. What the faithful need is "apostolic courage" to stay the course. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 3-17

  • Kill Truth, Kill Babies Do not, we repeat, do not believe one politician for it's not about morals or life, but money and the love of it - the root of all evil drives the greed and graft at the expense of countless innocent unborns. Be careful of all the misdirection and sideshows for it is a sure fact that while you're watching anything to distract you, the evildoers are plotting behind closed doors to murder even more of God's little ones. Obamacare is of the devil. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 3-15

  • Religious "Liberty" Even For The Adversary Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 2-5

  • Lost in Space Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 1-30

  • Follow Us--Or We Will Kill You The cancer of the West Chester-Brookfield Corridor has spread to Milwaukee threatening souls at St. Hugh of Lincoln where the same scenario that happened at St. Gertrude's is playing out with Fr. McGuire kowtowing to Fr. Cekada's gestapo tactics. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 2-27

  • Clash of the SSPX Titans Evident split widens as Fellay's Reich Marshall of the SSPX Gestapo Fr. Schmidberger's latest chess move is to attack Bishop Williamson's speaking out against Ratzinger's ruse. It would seem as more French, British, American and Australian resistance against reconciliation with Modernist Rome grows, the Germans have intensified their attacks and persecution, aligning with the Italians and using the Swiss fortress of Econe to hide their real agenda of their pact with the Hegelian German who holds Eternal Rome hostage. We can only hope history will repeat itself and the Axis powers of Modernism and Compromise will go down to defeat. We can also take solace in knowing Christ will not allow His Church to be totally checkmated no matter how fierce the war and that the Judgment of Nuremberg will come for all aligned with conciliarism. Traditio 2-23

  • Rumors that Bishops Williamson and Tissier de Mallerais will bolt from Fellay He seems to be going to great lengths to deny a sell-out. Traditio 2-16

  • Why Are You Leading Us Away Letter to Bishop Fellay by a frustrated SSPX parishioners. Jaime Flores Guerrero & Marco Flores Guerrero 2-8

  • Doth Fellay Protests Too Much? He seems to be going to great lengths to deny a sell-out. Traditio 2-7

  • As We Get Back to Basics Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 2-4

  • Could Parkinson's be keeping Bishop Williamson from taking a larger role in opposing Fellay? Questions arise with his seclusion at an English priory. Traditio 2-3

  • Rebellion within the ranks of the SSPX Not only are Society parishioners leaving in droves, but respected leaders within from Fr. Meramo to Fr. Peter Scott are warning all of Fellay's intentions of destroying the Society in his attempt to please apostate Rome. Traditio 1-18

  • Even Hans Kung Now Indicts Ratzinger. What's Next? When even your apostate friends turn on you, it's time to toss in the towel and that's exactly what could happen as the circle of those defending Ratzinger's rakish ways of covering up sodomite rapists is fast diminishing when a man who knows what Josef Ratzinger really stands for, is urging a fellow Modernist and Hegelian to pack it in. What was that Jesus said about making friends with Mammon? Traditio 3-26

  • A Tale of Two Benedicts Though St. Benedict's feast was superseded by Passion Sunday this year, it is not lost on how different the holy founder of the Benedictines was from the modern Benedict XVI who has none of the traits of the Father of Monasticism. No, in fact he is even worse then Benedict Arnold, for while the latter betrayed a country, BeneRatz betrayed Christ and His Church. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 3-23

  • Always Evading Root Causes Ratzinger's ruse is more than blarney to the Irish because his 'pastoral' letter is not fit to fertilize the potatoes for it's all mashed together in the corrupt conciliar collective that is rotten to the core. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 3-20

  • Of Worldwide Scope The scandal only grows worse as the walls close in on Ratzinger for his nefarious cover-up of the corrupt. Make friends of mammon for that is who he will be thrown to as more whistle blowers come forth to point the finger at the man responsible for the raping of bodies and souls universally. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 3-18

  • Unity Among Lutherans What does it profit a man? Ask those who have deviated from the faith over the past 500 years and they will answer from the depths: Nothing! That should tell Ratzinger everything he needs to know why it is a grave, grave sin and apostasy to participate in any non-Catholic activity; yet since he has long ago left the true Church, what's the buzz? Scandal. That's what, and we know what our Lord says about the man who would scandalize. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 3-14
    x's Three!
  • Germans ready to nail Ratzinger for his cover up To save their own derriers, many are pointing their finger at the man responsible as Archbishop of Munich and Freising for transfering pedophiles. This is the very same man who headed the cover-up as Prefect of the CDOF under JP2 and continued once he became B16 despite the devastating damage to the victims and souls everywhere in causing scandal. Surprise, surprise! Not! Traditio 3-15

  • Without Precedent Though it's Laetare Sunday, there is nothing to rejoice over regarding the radical progressive agenda being foisted on so many clueless conciliar Catholics. You won't believe the Marxist Stations of the Cross promoted by the nefarious 'Catholic' Campaign for Human Development, which is supported and promoted by the USCCB or, as they are more and more becoming known as the United States Concilar Cabal of Baal! They have fashioned a Way of the Cross that defies imagination in promoting the leftist, anti-Catholic causes which Obama and his ilk would be so proud of. All more of the inane, insane novelties that keep getting wierder and wierder and wierder, but then satan loves wierd and the counterfeit church of conciliarism fits that description to a tee! Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 3-14

  • Rome reeling from revelations of Ratzinger's brother's involvement in pedophilia
    Truly the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, especially the rotten ones and in the conciliar climes things are plenty rotten and promise to get more rank with the ranks of Ratzinger's own brother Georg implicated for pedophilia while headmaster at the Benedictine Monastery in Bavaria. Yeah, the Rhine has definitely polluted the Tiber. So what will the worm heading that infested conciliar church do next? Stay tuned. Traditio 3-10

  • Short and To The Catholic Point and Words Really Do Matter Levada leaves 'em weeping in Omaha over the apostasy he and Ratzinger share in the ecumaniacal manner they are known for. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 3-10

  • The 'Smoking Gun' is rightly pointing right at Ratzinger Discovery of sodomite prostitution ring run by Ratzinger's buddy Angelo Balducci in the 'papal' household could be the straw that breaks the cabal's back as the out-of-control homosexual pedophilia scandal spreads like wildfire across Europe. Let us hope Modern Rome burns out and Eternal Rome can rise again. Traditio 3-8

  • Do Tell In his last hurrah, Fr. Gabriele Amorth, one of the only true exorcists still living, reveals a shocking truth: There are satanists in the College of 'Cardinals'. (Surprise! Surprise!!!) When asked if Ratzinger knows, he said: "Of, course." What the reporter did not ask: Was Ratzinger one of those cardinals? It's time to start asking the tough questions. Or are the conciliar robber barons afraid of the devil? (How can they be? They don't believe in him!) However, they should be very, very afraid of his Adversary for they will have to atone for what they have wrought. So is it any surprise that the respected and really last true priest from the days of Pius XII and, other than selected traditional priests, the only one in the conciliar structure who has the true power of the Order of Excorcist Fr. Amorth is contradicted by those out to defend the conciliar cabal? Just as Nancy Pelosi vows that this Congress is the most open and ethical in history (right!!!), so also a non-priest - 'Fr.' Jose Antonio Fortea Cucurull, who claims he has the same powers of exorcism as Fr. Gabriele Amorth (he doesn't!!!), is quick to have the gall to say that this current cabal of 'cardinals' (in which there really isn't a legitimate true cardinal of the Church in the bunch now) is (are you ready for this?) "Our College of Cardinals, if we compare it with past centuries is the most edifying and virtuous that history has ever known. One would have to go back to the epoch of the Roman Empire to find a body of electors so distanced from all earthly pretension as the current one is." (Yeah, he really said that!!! What does he think Rasputin and Ghengis Khan ruled the College of Cardinals in the past?) The conciliar clowns are desperate to cover up how much in control satan really is of the new church founded at Vatican II. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 3-6

  • No Rush Hour at Calvary The new wave of "Quickie 'Masses'" may be the rage in Ireland, but they will soon find that haste makes waste. When will they learn that when they rush the sacred they are not rushing toward Heaven, but rather in the opposite direction toward the abyss. It's a cruel edge of the cliff when one seeks to cut corners. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 3-3

  • "Not Perfect"? The Novus Ordo can't even be Ordinary! The more they try to tweak the invalid Pagan-Masonic-Protestant rite more bizarre it becomes, depressing even those trying to push it on duped souls. Traditio 3-3

  • Rotten to the Ver Core Don't ever accept the rubbish coming out of Modern Rome as Catholic. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 2-24

  • Pope Leo X and Anti-Leo X Ratzinger's possessed by the ghost of Luther Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 2-19

  • Is It Ash Sunday Already? Time erodes the sensus Catholicus Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 2-18

  • Ratzinger pulling a Pontius Pilate in washing his hands of the Irish Sex Scandal Choosing scapegoats is a typical conciliar ploy. Traditio 2-16

  • Playing Into The Enemy's Hands A recent poll verifies the bad fruits of conciliarism Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 2-13

  • Madness Writ Large The maniacal manifesto of an 'ecumenical' catechism. What will they think of next? Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 2-11

  • Refusing to Reform Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 2-8

  • Still Nothing New Under the Conciliar Sun Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 2-7

  • Conciliar Conundrum JPII is powerless to perform miracles. Leave it to a true Pope. Traditio 2-5

  • Sanctioning Apostasy With Sanctimony Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 2-3

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  • With Holy Week upon us, editor Michael Cain completes his series on the analogy of the Sorrowful Mysteries and the Mystical Body of Christ with the Carrying of the Cross. Cain provides answers as to how can we sort out all that has happened over the past 50 years? How can we not equate the Crucifixion of the Mystical Body of Christ to the Apostasy and Schism of Modernist Rome? We have the evidence from Divine Revelation as well as reaffirmation from Heaven to reliable saints, popes and the Mother of God herself, who invites us to stand with her divine Son and His Church during these dark hours before the resplendent radiance of the resurrection. The journey has taken us to the final hours when almost all have abandoned Christ and His faithful ones. Calvary is a journey all faithful Catholics take every Lent leading up through Passiontide to Holy Week and Good Friday. There can be no victory without the cross and that is what we must all embrace, even moreso in our day than ever before. Are we really ready to not only embrace the tree of the cross, but also be nailed to Christ on it? If not, we are barking up the wrong tree - a bad tree, one that will be chopped down and cast into the eternal fire. It's truth time for all faithful Catholics to uphold what Cain terms, The Code of Faithful Souljourners

    Editor Michael Cain reprises an article written several years ago but key in Passiontide Week for impressing on readers the importance of the Feast of the Seven Sorrows in Friday of Passion Week. That especially holds true this year in how the three feasts intricately involving Our Lady fall in line. A week before the holy Triduum we have the precursor to that with the trilogy of feasts. The former could not have been possible without the cooperation of what we acknowledge in the feast of St. Gabriel on Wednesday, the Annunciation on Thursday and commemoration of the Seven Dolors on Friday. Cain takes the reader on a journey through Mary's life on earth, identifying each sword mystically piercing Her Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart. He poses the question: Why is Our Lady so sorrowful? Because She is a Mother and She continues to weep because so many do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love her Divine Son. Wouldn't you weep too? Cain illustrates how Our Lady was so perfectly in sync with the divine Will that without this cooperation many souls might be even more lost considering the ravaging perpetuated by her divine Son's demonic adversary in these trying, troublesome times. We need to heed her strong motherly advice, meld our sorrows with hers and do as she asks, take our cares, concerns, anxieties, worries and woes and lay them at the foot of the Cross to be washed in His Most Precious, Cleansing Blood at every true Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Cain explains in his reflective essay Mater Dolorosa

    John Gregory provides inspiration to better understand the first Joyful Mystery. What greater joy can there be than to be told by a heavenly messenger of the highest order - St. Gabriel the Archangel - that the Almighty Father has created you for all time for this moment? chosen the Holy Ghost as your divine Spouse? and selected you, among zillions of souls, to be the mother of His only-begotten Son? This great Mystery is cause for unending joy and if there ever was a sanctification of motherhood it was in Mary's fiat that she would accept - "be it done unto me according to Thy will" - and through the full cooperation of her Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart, paved the way for God's children to gain Heaven through this living and most pure Ark of the Covenant. John provides a meditative essay during Passion Week to contemplate during the joyous feasts of St. Gabriel and the Annunciation before we turn our full focus on the dolorous passion with Friday's Feast of the the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He provides reflections in The First Joyful Mystery: The Annunciation

    Editor Michael Cain nears the completion of his series on the analogy of the Sorrowful Mysteries and the Mystical Body of Christ with the Carrying of the Cross. On this Ides of March, we echo the warning given to Julius Caesar. He did not heed it. Will you also fail to recognize the danger? The Roman soldiers, in deference to politics and their fear of a Jewish uprising, were merely carrying out their cruel duty in escorting Christ to Calvary. The Roman antipopes, in deference to diversity and tolerance, are also carrying out their cruel duty in escorting souls away from Christ in their attempt to avoid suffering and sacrifice and adapt to a world in chaos by planting an alien avatar posing as Catholic. Oh, but they are clever and have so infiltrated hearts and minds that most are blind to the fact that they have abandoned the path to Heaven which must lead through the Via Dolorosa. Though our Lord is so battered and beaten and practically unrecognizable, just as the true Mystical Body is unrecognizable to so many today, we can take comfort in knowing Christ has not abandoned His Church. Cain explains with part four, Beware of the Anathematized Alien Avatar

    With things finally falling apart for the counterfeit church of conciliarism, we must rejoice for the sake of souls and pray that those guilty will repent and hie themselves to a monastery to make reparation for the rest of their lives. While Traditio provides the headlines and a short explanation of the terrible scandals in the conciliar church, Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey provides the depths in delving into the reasons why the counterfeit church of conciliarism is of satan, a bad tree destined for the eternal fire. The leaks in the wall of silence are about to break wide open and flood the truth onto the scene, sinking Ratzinger and hopefully bringing down the entire false church with damning evidence that he knew and not only showed no concern about the raping of the faithful body and soul, but was a chief manipulator of the cover-up as Tom reveals in Blind to Truth, Blind to the Horror of Personal Sin and Waterloo For Benedict?

    In honor of Saint Patrick's Day, we present, as an annual tradition, the special diary of Saint Patrick himself, written by the saint. It delves into his mindset and heart and reveals the pure holiness of this great man who brought Catholicism to a pagan island in the 5th Century. It details the hardships and obstacles he encountered and how, through his immense love for the Triune Divinity and the True Faith, he persevered, even to being rebuked by his superiors, even when a normal person would abandon all hope of converting these stubborn people of Eire. That is what separates common men from saints and this humble confession by the Patron Saint of Ireland. Translated from his own Latin, it is a testimony to his sanctity. Through the natural - the shamrock - he was able to explain the Supernatural. Truly a testament to the sanity of sanctity. Since the 5th Century the emerald isle has remained one of the staunchest bastions of the Roman Catholic Faith in the world. He would weep today at how it has deteriorated over the past 45 years with the cancer of Vatican II that has so ravaged every parish, parishes that produced so many priests who populated the clergy in America in the 40's and 50's but, thanks to the drying up of the True Faith, that constant stream of vocations has slowed to barely a trickle. Nevertheless, we pray that the holy Patrick's diary might be a spark that will once again ignite the chaste fire of a true vocation in someone's heart and soul as we present Conversion of Souls in the Apostle of Ireland's Own Words

    The Sanity of Sanctity
    On the day which Holy Mother Church has designated as a Double of the First Class Feast, the highest classification possible, it is dedicated to the the saint who enabled the Blessed Mother to fulfill her fiat and raised the Son of Man in the virtuous life. It was the quiet and holy Joseph who helped his foster Son Jesus Christ prepare for His mission on earth. Look at the innocent child in the massive arms of good St. Joseph and we see how love overflowed in the home of the Holy Family. Editor Michael Cain reprises an article he wrote seven years ago, updating it slighty, to honor this gentle giant of our Faith; a saint who serves as the ultimate role model for all men just as his earthly spouse the Blessed Virgin Mary is the ideal mentor for all women. Their intercession is the greatest in Heaven and too few call upon good St. Joseph, who molded and taught the Son of God in all things human. Indeed, of all his many titles, few realize he is also The Silent Assassin

    Editor Michael Cain continues his series on the analogy of the Sorrowful Mysteries and the Mystical Body of Christ. At the Crowning with thorns, Christ's persecutors mocked Him by placing a crown of cruel thorns on His precious head. For over 50 years, as Archbishop Lefebvre titled his book, 'They Have Uncrowned Him', the conciliar church has aided the enemy. Let us count the ways: "The New 'Mass' is the Real Destruction of the Roman Rite!" Those are not our words, but rather none other than Fr. Joseph Ratzinger well before he became Benedict XVI. Indeed, after you have read this important, revealing commentary if you still cling to the Novus Ordo - no matter how comfortable you may have become with this pseudo, sacrilegious and scandalous ritual and the concessions of BeneRatz who is a died-in-the-wool Modernist - then you will have to face yourself in the mirror and realize you are no longer truly Catholic! You have been thoroughly Protestantized because you truly do not know your Faith! Cain explains the reality of that with part three, A Thorny Problem that Needs to be Resolved

    Though this year the Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas is not celebrated because it falls on the Third Sunday of Lent, John Gregory hopes that is not a sign of the trend away from the holy Doctor of the Church. With every passing year one hears less of the Angelic Doctor and more of those he warned against: heretics and n'er-do-wells out to undermine all he accomplished for souls. One of the greatest strategies by the enemies of holy Mother Church was to diminish and eventually overcome the steady influence of the Angelic Doctor. If the robber barons could eliminate the logic of the Summa Theologica and the embedded Thomistic tradition, then they could reshape minds and fully infiltrate the Church in order to destroy her. This might sound bizarre unless you realize one Fr. Joseph Ratzinger is a died-in-the-wool anti-Aquin who prefers Georg Hegel to the most prolific Doctor of the Church, praised by Popes and Church theologians. Who's the dumb ox here? With all the uproar about education today, the soundest direction, especially in lieu of the obvious misdirection and countless errors of the progressives, is a return to the fail-safe logic of Thomistic thinking. John presents sage words from Dom Gueranger, Pope Leo XIII and Gabriel Garnica on the might and magnificence of the holy Dominican Thomas Aquinas. John asks O, Thomas, where art thou? .

    Griff continues his series on refuting the SSPX book with his seventh installment Griff exposes the hypocritical hypothesis posed by the SSPX writers. In fact this could easily have been placed in Griff's other series "The Art of Scholastic Dishonesty" because the twisting of Pope Paul IV's infallible bull Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio denies the real purpose of the decree and why it still stands as one of the strongest arguments for proving that heretics cannot possibly be true popes, even if mistakenly recognized as pope by the whole Church. Yet, it is the Society of St. Piux X itself that has stumbled all over itself in staving off the inevitable syllogism of sedevacantism because they are afraid to go where Paul IV and the holy Cardinal St. Robert Bellarmine and the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church dared to venture in voiding the possibility that a heretic could be a pope. Griff rounds it out in part seven, Learning Curve, Interrupted.

    Modernist whips, fashioned and twisted into place at Vatican II, lash at the Mystical Body with unrelenting force in the sabotage of souls. Editor Michael Cain illustrates this fifty-year flagellation as he continues a series on the analogy of the Mystical Body of Christ with the Sorrowful Mysteries. The Scourging at the Pillar is the focus in this second installment, redacted and updated from the past, as he demonstrates how it correlates with the Second Vatican Council where the lashes of progressive reform and compromise were seditiously snapped with a fury - every year a spur stinging deeper - as more scourgers have grown immune to the horror and have gathered around the Pillar. In so doing, they have proceeded to further decimate the Mystical Body unmercifully with the whips of worldliness. Though they have tried to excuse and extemporize the flagellation as nothing more than a few flesh wounds, it truly has gone much deeper as the precious Blood sorrowfully and scandalously has blanketed the secular stone floor of every ism and vice possible as Cain explains with part two, The Kind of Rot that Smells to High Heaven

    John Gregory returns with an assessment of just how lost the progressive academia is today. In a time when most think they're going to Heaven no matter how they live, John takes to task one Andrew Stark, a university elite contributing writer to the Wall Street Journal. John illustrates how Stark isn't so sure he wants any part of Heaven while writing about another academic peer Carlos Eire, who seemingly has no clue about Heaven either even though he wrote a book about it. It is only too evident that these mindless mentors are actually clueless because they refuse to acknowledge the source of Heaven's existence as revealed by Christ to His Church and expressed as perfectly as man can in the Angelic Doctor of the Church's magnificent Summa Theologica. But logic is something sorely missing where progressive protestant professors like Stark and Eire are concerned. John provides the evidence of why these teachers - and the vast majority of elite progressive professors at every university - don't get it because they have no clue what they're talking about but keep right on babbling as seen in A Stark Realization of Academia's Sterilization of Salvation.

    In these times of confusion when there is so much misinformation regarding the United States' government and its system where progressives battle with conservatives, both have forgotten what the Answer truly is and that is attributing leadership not to man via the flawed hierarchy of the three branches in an imperfect republic, but in recognizing Truth can only come from Jesus Christ as our Sovereign King to Whom all others must submit. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey has written much over the years as we have linked practically everyone of his columns and we strongly recommend the two below for he is not only one of the most prolific Catholic writers today, but also an expert in political science and knows whereof he speaks as he takes us through a chronicle of all the presidents of the United States from Washington to Obama in proving they are doomed to failure for their rejection of Christ and His infrangible Natural and Supernatural Laws. Going back to the Constitution, per se, with the expected conservative "Mount Vernon Manifesto", fashioned by Protestant interests, is not the answer either because our own Constitution was built, most sadly, on the false premise - albeit heresy - of Religious liberty; something so few realize today as Tom explains in his columns Not A Mention of Christ The King and A Manifesto for Christ The King

    The benchmark for knowledge was provided by St. Thomas Aquinas with his Summa Theologica, which he intended to be the sum of all known learning, arranged according to the best method, and subordinate to the dictates of holy Mother Church. On March 7 we celebrate his feast. Ironic when we realize this holy man was once regarded by his teacher as stupid. Dubbed the "dumb ox," this learned Dominican became the most brilliant scholar in the history of the Church. His great "Summa" tome on theology, which incorporates three parts covering the entire teaching of the Church in regards Faith and Morals is the benchmark for Catholic truth. He's also known for his inspirational hymns, having penned the awe-inspiring Benediction hymns of "O Salutaris Hostia" and "Tantum Ergo." His life spanned less than half a century yet his teachings have had more impact than any other saint. The holy St. Thomas is forever known asThe Angelic Doctor

    Friday, March 12 is the feast of one of two Sovereign Pontiffs given the acclamation "the Great". He is Pope Saint Gregory the Great who is considered the last of the four great Latin Doctors of the Church. To him belongs the honor of collecting those harmonious melodies that have always been called "Gregorian Chant." He began as a simple monk, then became an abbot, cardinal and finally Supreme Pontiff, one of the greatest of medieval times. He also is credited with setting the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in its "set in stone" formula that has been upheld and honored even to this day despite the proliferation of the "abomination of desolation" of the man-made conciliar rite of the pagan-masonic-protestant Novus Ordo by the VulgArians of Vatican II infamy. We can only pray that a merciful God will bring forth a holy man of Gregory's caliber to drive the robber barons out. For more on this mighty upholder of the Primacy of Peter, see Upholder of Harmony and Holiness

    March 18 is the feast of the holy Bishop and Doctor of the Church Saint Cyril of Jerusalem from the fourth century. This Cyril, often mistaken with St. Cyril of Alexandria, was both greatly persecuted by the Arians and ostracized by many within the Church because of false information spread about this sainted man who faithfully served as the Sanctifier's Catechist. For 35 years he was the bishop of Jerusalem and foretold the earthquake that would destroy the rebuilt temple in the Holy City. He is best known for his clear, precise and no-nonsense catechesis that set the pattern for catechisms to come, including the definitive Catechism of Trent established to perpetuate and populate the dogmatic decrees of Catholic Truth. For his inspired scholastic and theologicalical works he is known as the Catechist of the Holy Ghost Catechist of the Holy Ghost

    St. John Damascene was the most remarkable of the Greek writers of the 8th century. He stood up strongly to false doctrines and led the defenders of the orthodox Catholic faith against the iconoclast movement of the Byzantine regime. Greatly persecuted by the iconoclast emperors, his own right hand was severed and, in a show to deter those venerating images, the cruel emperor had St. John's hand displayed in the square. But our Our Lady intervened and miraculously had it reconnected with no signs of scars. He was known as the last of the Greek Fathers and one whom greatly inspired the Angelic Doctor several centuries later - Saint Thomas Aquinas - as well as his words serving as the stop-gap answer for the counter-revolution at the holy Council of Trent. He was the defender of the orthodox Catholic treasure of Faith, the Pourer of the Golden Treasure of the Faith

         It has definitely been a decade of transition, as this editor dubs it - Transition to Tradition, our last opportunity before God really lowers the boom. Looking back, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to see the deterioration in society as the ranks of the good, decent ones striving for holiness grow smaller and the enemy flanks are massing larger and larger, more threatening than ever. With every day we inch closer to the apocalypse foretold in the book of the same name, contrary to Protestant and conciliar concerns that it was always called "Revelation." Would St. John the Evangelist be surprised, and for that matter the holy Doctor of the Church who translated it and several of the holy hierarchs who ratified the Scriptures at various major councils of the Church, most recently at the dogmatic Council of Trent. Many closet conciliarists reading this may not be familiar with that council since the robber barons have sought to eliminate any mention of Trent in the same manner as the U.S. Government is doing everything it can to wipe out any mention of God. For both these offenses there are consequences, grave ones and we are beginning to see now that both anti-Catholic campaigns by the counterfeit church of conciliarism and the United States Congress and its cohorts in the Obama administration both in Washington and Chicago are getting more desperate as each day passes. Those not grounded in grace had best get right with God before it is too late. Call it "gloom and doom" if you want, but that doom can be eternal and that would cause anyone gloom. Can you say fire and brimstone? To remind you, we will be bringing you throughout this year "Diadems of the Decade" featuring an article from each month of each of the past ten years. We're not saying these are the "Best" of the decade for how do you choose which ones are the best? Yet, they are gems that we want to share for we're sure you will treasure them and realize, like fine jewels, they are still as valuable today especially when investing in souls. Below are those gems from March 2000 through last year.

    The preface of heretical beliefs can begin when one opens his mouth, leaving the fortresses of faith and fact vulnerable to one's own whims and satan's pass to souls! The drawbridge of drivel is the opening the beast is looking for. In a column that ran on March 20, 2000, Pat Ludwa traced the cause of much of the dissent in the world and Modern Rome to three dangerous words that can preface heresy after heresy: "Well, I think..." Those three words open the drawbridge around fortresses of faith and fact to allow doubters, rationalizers and unbelievers to storm the ramparts of reason and launch the flaming arrows of presumption and political correctness that weaken the strong bastions of hallowed traditions. Whereas the true Church discerns Sacred Scripture through the guidance of wise, holy saints, Fathers and Doctors of the Church inspired by the Holy Ghost, Protestants and, recently, dissatisfied Catholics as well as those in the highest echelons of the conciliar Vatican, resort to their own interpretations which open and leave vulnerable a phalanx of faults by letting down their guard with those three words. For his column see, Three very dangerous words.

    This was the very first article of Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey that ran on The DailyCatholic way back on March 2, 2001. It was, as Humphrey Bogart said in Casablanca, "the start of a beautiful relationship" that continues stronger today as we have followed the same syllogism from conciliarism to sedevacantism. It was already evident in Tom's piece on the usual suspects. Though some of the names have changed, the principle ones remain rooted and sated in sin in ruining ever more souls with no discipline to rein them in. But then when the wolf is in charge, what do you expect? In lieu of the recent insincere apology of Tiger Woods and a bevy of other trite apologies by those who have gotten caught, the offenders will try to recoup their prestige with no compassion for those they have grievously wounded for temporal riches trump supernatural riches to these pharisees of the cloth. As Tom points out the blood money trail is not trivial, and we can only happen that it will lead to trial and conviction of the guilty. Blood Money Talks

    While he was still rector of St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Winona, Minnesota the controversial prelate of the Society of St. Pius X filed this letter eight years ago which we ran in the March 6th issue in which Bishop Richard Williamson lamented the fall of the Campos Traditionalists in a candid comment about the agreement between Modern Rome and the Priestly Fraternity of Saint John Marie Vianney and the sell-out by Bishop Rifan. Bishop Williamson pointed out the repercussions they will eventually face in compromising principle and Catholic truth for the 'privilege' of being recognized by Modern Rome and agreeing to a cease fire in asserting the Truths and Traditions that were suppressed by the reforms of Vatican II. While on the surface to many within the Society reunion with Rome might seem idyllic, in truth it is a surrender, a betrayal of the man who fought so hard and long to preserve the True Faith in Campos - Bishop Castro de Mayer - as Bishop Williamson explained. History has a way of repeating itself and we wonder if he and his SSPX cohorts in purple realize that for Fellay's actions today mirror Campos. Campos Has Fallen!

    Dr. Frank Joseph, a Catholic physician and long one of the leading crusaders for the Sanctity of Life, has kept his pulse on the political landscape for decades, identifying the landmines that threaten the life of Christ's most innocent ones - the unborn. While we have learned to realize that the Democratic Party is not going to change, what riles Dr. Frank - and should every other Catholic as well - are the fact that the conciliar potentates are in lockstep with the Democrats. Shocking and sad. The fact that the conciliar clergy are gunshy to the truths of Holy Mother Church, refuse to speak in absolutes, and mete out the just punishments that would not only save thousands of the innocent unborn, but millions of souls, should be enough to raise the outrage of all Catholics...if, that is, they are still truly Catholic! By following the insanity of the Masonic bishops cited in Dr. Frank's column, one has to realize they are not Catholic, but anathema! Dr. Frank documented this seven years ago in his piece If These Men are Actual Shepherds, Pity the Poor Sheep!

    We bring you one we caught six years ago in which Catharine Lamb had to chuckle, yet shed a tear of sadness for the enterprising New Order conciliar capitalists who stage Fish Fries every Friday during Lent. On the surface it might be a laudable idea to help a person avoid the temptation of eating meat, a definite no-no every Friday of the year in the True Catholic Church. But no, one look at the sign at the local Novus Ordo, made to order for those who have no concept of what fasting really means, says it all: ALL YOU CAN EAT! Go ahead and stuff yourselves she quipped for those in the Vatican II church have no concept of what Lent really means or the purpose of self-sacrifice. It is not to lose weight; not to stop certain cravings while taking up other cravings which could be even worse, but to focus on our own vulnerabilities and that without God we are nothing. It is only by heeding what Holy Mother Church in her wisdom has passed down, especially from St. Thomas Aquinas' inspired words and Sacred Scripture and focusing on the why of Lent that we can understand the why of the Passion and Death of Christ. Contrary to the Novus Ordinarians who dismiss Traditional practices as old-fashioned and out of touch, what Catherine shared was no wild "fishy tale," but a "fish story" for the ages in the footsteps of the true fishers of men. The New Lent: Another Dud

    Timothy Duff has taught Traditional Catholicism for decades. The author of the work The Church is not above Christ, Tim has chosen Fiat Voluntas Dei - "The Will of God be done" as the title for his columns which will now become a regular rotating staple in The Daily Catholic. He is also a consummate expert on Venerable Mary Agreda's masterful work Mystical City of God and ties that in so beautifully with the healing effect of sincere tears, shed by Jesus and His Blessed Mother for us and for the way we have prompted those tears through our sins. To illustrate how powerful tears can be, who can ever forget the magnificent and poignant scene in Mel Gibson's The Passion of The Christ when, at the moment of Christ's death on the cross, we see as through a fish-eye lens the surreal scene from above and only then realize as the watery lens plunges downward that we are inside the tear of the Heavenly Father as it projects closer to earth, splashing upon the ground at the foot of the cross and from Calvary the tsunami effect causes the earth to shake and the temple floor in Jerusalem to be torn in two, symbolizing the end of the Jewish religion and the Old Covenant and the beginning of the New Covenant as God's chosen means for salvation. Yes, tears are powerful as Tim details in his column Holy Tears

    Four years ago John Gregory addressed those who try to rationalize the credibility of the modernist conciliar antipopes by pointing out inherent heresy that has, for some reason or another, slipped under the radar of both intellectuals and the common man, much to their own spiritual detriment. What is it with the Modernists of Vatican II that they want to cling to the Old Testament and deny Christ's teachings and what His holy Church believes? No matter what you want to call them, no matter that they occupy our Catholic edifices, wear Catholic garments, or are considered by the world as Catholic spokesmen from Rome to Rio de Janeiro to the Rhine and back, one thing is manifestly clear: They are not Catholic!!! John Gregory documented that in his March 9th article in 2006 through a few "experts" in the matter: The Evangelists, St. Paul, and the Source of Truth - Jesus Christ Himself. John laid it out in his column The Old Covenant and New Popes

    Three years ago guest columnist Scott Montgomery presented an interesting essay on the existence of the two holy prophets from the Old Covenant who God preserved from death until the appointed time when the final antichrist comes. It is something few modernists will give credence too and, combined with the evangelical pentecostal heresies that have permeated society over this past century, the role of the two prophets Enoch and Elijah (Elias) play a significant role in eschatological theology. It is therefore appropriate that we bring this to you on this Second Sunday of Lent when we focus on the Transfiguration and the miracles of the Almighty with the appearance of Moses and Elias at Christ's side. Holy Mother Church has already spoken of Elias just this past Ember Wednesday in the Epistle from 3 Kings 19. On that same day we read in the Lesson from Exodus 24 of Moses going up to Sinai where he remained for forty days and forty nights. We also know that Moses eventually died after being denied by the Lord to enter the Promised Land; but not so the other witness of the Transfiguration: Elias, also known as Elijah the Tishbite and the man of Mt. Carmel. Elijah is one of the two witnesses in Sacred Scripture - the other being Enoch from Genesis - whom the Fathers and Doctors of the Church discern from the holy Scriptures to still be alive in a time and place finite man cannot reach or comprehend for man cannot know the breadth and depth of the mind of God. Yes, these two prophets of old wait quite possibly in the very same paradise where Adam and Eve began, sustained by the fruits of the garden until that appointed time when antichrist comes and they will be beckoned forth as God's special force to deal directly with the devil on God's terms. Scott lays out the evidence in his treatise The Two Witnesses

    With the temporal success of Avatar, we wanted to bring you the other side of James Cameron which Gabriel Garnica did in reminding all who have become complacent. Be alert for here we go again! The Lenten Season seems to annually bring Christ-haters out of the woodwork in trying to foist on the faithful lies and deceits that are so uncredible that they replicate the very demons that were driven out of the possessed man into a herd of swine which Christ refers to in St. Matthew 8: 30-31. What those perpetrating the lies and deception fail to realize is what happened to those swine. They rushed headlong over the cliff into the abyss. Gabriel wonders if the infamous James Cameron is listening or is he charging pell-mell toward the edge? One would think that's the case considering his vile and blasphemous hoax he is perpetrating on the public with his totally discredited revisionist version called The Lost Tomb of Jesus, thereby trying to cast doubt on lukewarm souls who are prey for such lies because they have not built their faith on solid ground. Gabriel exposes the dark side of Cameron's agenda in his column Cameron's Canard: The so-called "King of the World" Takes On The King of the Universe in a Titanic Disaster

    Any gardner worth their salt knows you must tend to the garden with care in order to harvest good fruit and take great care not to bruise the fruit. So also with souls in praying for the grace to ripen their hearts and utilizing the best way of discernment in separating the true wheat from the conciliar chaff in order to save as many souls as possible from the fire. Griff Ruby filed an interesting scenario of the proper way to intiate encouragement toward those conciliar presbyters who want to do right by holy Mother Church but have been hindered by lack of courage or intimidation or ignorance of what Catholicism truly is. Griff filed a few theoretical letters that are plausible in planting the seeds of hope. Griff pointed out in these speculative correspondences how it is so vital to sift the wheat from the chaff amongst traditional-leaning 'priests' ordained in the invalid Novus Ordo rite, that the proper traditional chain of command be observed in order for true shepherds to discern whether these 'priests', who would express an interest, are sincere or Trojan Horses ready to sabotage. And those clearly desiring to serve the Church and provide true spiritual guidance and sacraments for their appointed flocks must be given every possible chance to redeem themselves. But careful scrutiny and trust in the Holy Ghost will ferret out the "Twinkie-toes" if the proper impetus is given in doing all we can to help rescue souls from the counterfeit church of conciliarism. Griff posed the possibilities in his piece, A Grave Risk

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