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We recommend the following traditional sites for catching up on the latest news and comments:

  • We Still Wait For Christ the King Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 1-20

    How many can't connect the dots at BeneRatz' latest folly in instituting a new color vestment for the first time in 1600 years? How many are not shocked that the vestments are going to be RAINBOW! You read that right. Duh! What is connected to those touting rainbow colors? Uh, yeah, the homosexual movement. All the silence from the top of the false church while Ratz' and his predecessor JP II the Ungreat continue to protect those who abused the flocks sexually and stole unimagined funds from the collection plate. When will the world wake up to the shamans posing as Catholic hierarchs? They're all frauds, intent on destroying all semblance of Catholicism with the latest move to institute rainbow vestments for the 'feasts' of St. Noah, Moses and Abraham. The Jews love that, but does Christ on what the robber barons have done to His beloved Church? No! We can more readily see the real agenda as you can see at:

  • No Honor Among Naturalists and Other Thieves Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 1-12

  • Refusing Any Semblance of Mercy (or Justice) Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 1-8

  • Signs of Apostasy Abound Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 1-7

  • Almost Always At Odds With Themselves Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 1-5

  • Telling Omissions Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 1-3

  • On A Mission of Their Very Own Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 1-2

  • Understanding Obama: The Making of a Fuehrer by Ali Sina

  • Rebellion within the ranks of the SSPX Not only are Society parishioners leaving in droves, but respected leaders within from Fr. Meramo to Fr. Peter Scott are warning all of Fellay's intentions of destroying the Society in his attempt to please apostate Rome. Traditio 1-18

  • Pressing the Mute Button Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 1-18

  • Saint Peter and Anti-Peter Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 1-18

  • Expecting from The "Bishops" What is Not Forthcoming from The "Pope" Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 1-15

  • Secularity Is Always Negative Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 1-14

  • With Perfection Staring Directly At Them Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 1-11

  • With Perfection Staring Directly At Them If it wasn't broke, why was the True Mass changed? Now they want to enact another "reform of the reform" Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 1-11

  • As if the "abomination of desolation" is not bad enough, as if ransacking St. John's Cathedral in Milwaukee was not enough in tearing down the altar and putting up modern monstrosities passing as religious art, they've gone too far this time by enshrining the unrepentant sodomite Rembert Weakland in bronze (above) as a shepherd and "protector of children." Oh, the irony for he did everything but protect souls as have the conciliar potentates of all stripes also neglected the spiritual welfare of their flocks and their own souls. When you read Tom's article, you, too, will weep over Just a Matter of Forgiveness? Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 1-9

    Click here for past issues last year
  • Griff continues his series on refuting the SSPX book with his sixth installment in which he pulls back the curtain to expose the "theater of the absurd" in describing what the Society writer/s have come up with in misinterpreting a man made a cardinal of the Church by His Holiness St. Pius X, and who participated in the conclaves of Benedict XV and Pope Pius XI. They base their entire argument on what they assume Louis Cardinal Billot intended, misquoting him in respect to the legitimacy of a heretic being a pope if, in fact, the whole world accepted him as such. In actuality, Billot was the one Pius X asked to draft his landmark encyclical against Modernism Pascendi Domenici Gregis. This makes the drama even more bizarre, leaving everyone in a lethargic limbo, waiting for Billot, if you will. Griff shows how the anti-sedevacantists twist themselves into a prevaricating pretzel when trying to reach a point that simply does not connect. Once again, he exposes the glaring weaknesses in their tangled arguments that tie them up in knots, by producing the syllogisms that have withstood the test of time by His Holiness Pope Paul IV and St. Robert Bellarmine. The only problem left is encouraging sedevacantists to work together for saving souls, since few others seem dedicated to that goal, obstructed by in-fighting, petty bickering and differences that divide, rather than unite. Griff covers the points in Misinterpreting Billot.

    February 11 is the 152nd anniversary of the Apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Lourdes, France. The Commemoration of Our Lady's first of 18 apparitions at Lourdes, France on February 11, 1858 is pivotal in advancing the Blessed Mother's plans toward the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart which will usher in the glorious Reign of her Divine Son Jesus' Sacred Heart. This feast is one of the favorite feasts of Our Blessed Mother for it was in her appearances to visionary Saint Bernadette Soubirous at the grotto of Massabielle along the River Gave that signaled the resurgence of Marian devotion to her Immaculate Heart for she confirmed to Bernadette that she was truly the Immaculate Conception. Since that time there have been countless miracles at the healing waters of Lourdes. Probably the most miraculous is the fact that those who bathe there are, in a sense, returning to the font of their baptism to wash away their old sins and put on the pure robe of grace and a new life in God. Lourdes was approved by Pope Leo XIII in 1890 and Pope Saint Pius X made it an official feast in 1908. This holy pontiff stated, "The unique glory of the sanctuary of Lourdes resides in this fact, that people are attracted there from everywhere by Mary for the adoration of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, so that this sanctuary — at once the center of Marian devotion and the throne of the Eucharistic Mystery — surpasses in glory, it seems, all others in the Catholic world." For the story, see The Healing Waters of Lourdes

    Saint Cyril of Alexandria was one of the many bishops in the early centuries, who was used and duped by the Arian prelates, but the Holy Ghost won out and rather than caving to the heretics, this Doctor became one of holy Mother Church's staunchest defenders and presided over the Third Ecumenical Council at Ephesus. He stood tall when all about him were caving to heresy, mainly because of his sincere unyielding devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, honoring her as Christ asks us to honor His Mother. Like the Prodigal Son, he repented of having taken part in the persecution of St. John Chrysostom and made amends, joining in condemning Arianism and Nestorianism. In fact, as the Patriarch of Alexandria he effectively squashed the Nestorian heresies. This holy Doctor of the Church is remembered for all time as the Defender of Theotokos

    The first Doctor of the Church to be made a cardinal, St. Peter Damian had much to do in ecclesiastical reform, including weeding out the antipopes during the Dark Ages. Where, oh where, are the St. Peter Damians in our dark ages today? In honor of the Double Feast of the holy Bishop Saint Peter Damian, we feature a brief profile on this holy Doctor of the Church who lived during the reign of sixteen pontiffs - some antipopes, no less. He was the first Doctor in over three centuries - a time when the Church sank into laxity and corruption, especially when violation of the disciplines and simony were rampant. It was truly the "Dark Ages" and into this darkness God sent a guiding light to reform His holy Church early in the second millennium. This holy monk counseled seven popes. St. Peter Damian was truly The Guiding Light of the Dark Ages

    Resuming this series after a four months-to-the-day hiatus, we can see that for the Feeneyites it is all or nothing and because of their narrow, stubborn stance they are left with nothing. Griff unravels the arguments of such Feeney 'luminaries' as Catherine Goddard Clarke and Thomas Mary Sennot again with precision as he exposes the scholastic dishonesty exhibited by those so desperate to defend Feeneyism to the point of downright deception. At St. Benedict Center it continues to be a blind alley with the blind leading the blind. While many are out of sight, they're also out of their mind to dismiss the Council of Trent's ruling and the Pope's decree of excommunication. They pick and choose what they want, then stretch the truth to try to justify their actions. It might fool a few, but in the end they can't fool God as Griff proves in his 15th instalment They Fought the Bad Fight.

    Despite our differences on the official position of sedevacantism, The DailyCatholic has long enjoyed a good relationship with those at Tradition in Action. However, as we have done in the past, so also this time we must take them to task and Fr. Gabriel does just that in refuting the rumors that can be so damning of one's reputation. In this case the scurrilous and scandal mongering persistance that His Eminence Cardinal John Henry Cardinal Newman was not only a modernist, but a homosexual. In these days when the conciliar church is teeming with modernists and sodomite hierarchs wearing every color of the cloth, why would a respected organization like TIA take the word of a homosexual activist as their "proof" in printing the accusations against a true Prince of the Church? Fr. Gabriel asks just that in his refutation and illustrates the sinful danger of such journalistic irresponsibility in an article first published in The Four Marks tabloid last year, titled TIA Accuses Cardinal Newman

         It has definitely been a decade of transition, as this editor dubs it - Transition to Tradition, our last opportunity before God really lowers the boom. Looking back, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to see the deterioration in society as the ranks of the good, decent ones striving for holiness grow smaller and the enemy flanks are massing larger and larger, more threatening than ever. With every day we inch closer to the apocalypse foretold in the book of the same name, contrary to Protestant and conciliar concerns that it was always called "Revelation." Would St. John the Evangelist be surprised, and for that matter the holy Doctor of the Church who translated it and several of the holy hierarchs who ratified the Scriptures at various major councils of the Church, most recently at the dogmatic Council of Trent. Many closet conciliarists reading this may not be familiar with that council since the robber barons have sought to eliminate any mention of Trent in the same manner as the U.S. Government is doing everything it can to wipe out any mention of God. For both these offenses there are consequences, grave ones and we are beginning to see now that both anti-Catholic campaigns by the counterfeit church of conciliarism and the United States Congress and its cohorts in the Obama administration both in Washington and Chicago are getting more desperate as each day passes. Those not grounded in grace had best get right with God before it is too late. Call it "gloom and doom" if you want, but that doom can be eternal and that would cause anyone gloom. Can you say fire and brimstone? To remind you, we will be bringing you throughout this year "Diadems of the Decade" featuring an article from each month of each of the past ten years. We're not saying these are the "Best" of the decade for how do you choose which ones are the best? Yet, they are gems that we want to share for we're sure you will treasure them and realize, like fine jewels, they are still as valuable today especially when investing in souls. For this February edition, we will soon be presenting a diadem for each February from 2000 through February 2009. However, due to a bad case of salmonilla, this editor has fallen behind and it will be several days before we can update the February articles. For now we refer you to the January diadems on line in the most recent January edition until the February ones are posted. Please be patient. Thank you.

        We have no compunction in informing you that we are running on fumes. This is our mayday alert that we desperately need your help. We have received no bailout from anyone nor do we expect such, but we do expect those who visit this site to ask themselves how they can help. We ask where are the "Good Samaritans" out there? Other than a few, and we do mean "few" loyal and regular benefactors, everyone else seems to think we can operate without donations. In the demonic despot Barack Hussein Obama's world that might work by printing up more money and taxing everyone for it, but in the real world the reality is that we dearly need everyone to pitch in and help. As Dr. Thomas Droleskey has written often on his own site, if everyone who logs on once a week sent one dollar there'd be no need to ask again. That amount - times the number of visitors per week for The DailyCatholic - would basically set us up for the year with over $25,000. just there. However, we know that won't happen considering the apathy and modernist philosophy that has seeped into society today where so many consider themselves entitled. They seem to think they can use things for free with little consideration toward those, who have not only spent many, many years in learning and intense study (not to mention costs), but also continue to labor long in time and research to provide Catholic truth and information that would, in a true republic or monarchy, be duly rewarded or reciprocated in trade in the manner that made the guilds so successful and so Catholic. Did Our Lord not say, "a laborer is worthy of his hire" in St. Luke 10: 7? What say you? Won't you help us in our mission for saving souls?

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