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     In the Act of Consecration of the Human Race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, composed by Pope Pius XI, we pray: "Be Thou King of all those who are still involved in the darkness of idolatry or Islamism, and refuse not to draw them all into the light and kingdom of God."

    Because such truth that we pray for those in false religions was 'offensive' to the offenders, John XXIII removed those very words six months into his fated rule as the first of the conciliar antipopes 50 years ago. Yes, political correctness is 50 years old! And this week when we recognize the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down, we can see the 'fruits' of Roncalli's Pact of Metz and his successors' actions in the bloody and unbloody massacres of countless millions in body and soul everywhere from the womb to the tomb. Oh, we have been duped in so many ways, including the mantra that Communism ended in 1989. It was dead. No, sadly it and other evils of idolatry and Islamism thrive today more than ever as satan prowls the earth seeking the ruin of souls. Oh, but we have to be politically correct. We have to be tolerant of diversity. Hell no, we don't because hell is where we're heading if we buy into satan's agenda so craftily playing out today in Washington and Rome. We've had enough! We have two words to this demonic madness:

    In the aftermath of the terrible massacre at Fort Hood last Thursday, which has followed a string of terrorism dating back several decades before 9-11 by those who profess the radical Muslim belief, and, in lieu of the absurd, political correct perversity of tolerance for sin foisted on the public by a controlled media and the untrustworthy three branches of government, why aren't we asking more questions? The man who was elected to the highest office of the land is not only a Communist, but a suspect closet Muslim as well. The smug 'one' is fearful of being criticized, yet has no compunction in lashing out at others through ridicule and intimidation, including criticizing Catholics and those "who cling to their guns and religion." Yet he pompously cautions all not to criticize those of the "Islam faith" who are manifestly and unabashedly intent on destroying Christianity by means of force; a goal that dates back to the Crusades and well before that to the very conception of Allah around 666 A.D. when a man named Mohammed rejected Jesus Christ as the Son of God, and started his own fanatic cult. In light of all that is known today and before it is too late, we only ask you to...

This should be mandatory reading in between your prayers for truly Ryter has nailed not only the problems, but the source/s and one has to wonder if Obama is not truly the antichrist in cahoots with other precursors to the antichrist. To the left is a graphic that depicts Obama as the Joker, made famous by the late Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight and yet that is tame to what this Manchurian Teleprompter really could be. After all, no one knows where or IF he was born! Perhaps he just materialized from satan's rib. His actions would indicate such. This isn't Gotham City but it is also not the City of God, but rather a cesspool where Christ is being squeezed out of the equation everywhere...and we do mean everywhere! Are we heading for our own dark night? All signs portend to that and we should be on our knees and donning sackcloth and ashes in asking God for deliverance...possible only by repenting of our sinful ways as individuals and a nation (beginning with the holocaustic horror of 50 million innocent souls murdered in the womb) and doing all we can to oust Obama for treason and restore the One Who should have been our Leader all along: Our Sovereign King Jesus Christ. We warned of this well before the election on these pages for over a year. When will you listen? God is waiting for you to both listen and respond. The Ninivites did, the Sodomites did not. You do remember who was spared and who was not, do you not? That should suffice to motivate the most hardened hearts to return to the only Church that Christ has affirmed is the way to salvation. Hint: It's not the conciliar church in contradiction to Catholic truth. In reading Ryter's treatise, we can clearly see why God has not blessed America for quite some time. Do read Jon Christian Ryter's The Manchurian Candidate - Deceiving America

More insanity as details of the Anglican compromise trickle out and at each instance, we can see how what Benedict/Ratzinger is doing totally contradicts holy Mother Church and the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church. But then what else would you expect from a man-made conciliar church trying to reconcile with another man-made church, both of which were once Catholic? Just more Hegelian headshrinking. Dr. Droleskey adds to his first article on defaming the English Martyrs with his follow-up Still Defaming The English Martyrs 11-10

Though we have stayed out of the fray on counsel by our confessor not to comment on the specific sad events taking place in the Queen City, chiefly because we have never met any of the principals involved and we deplore gossip, to suppress facts which Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey has brought to light would be covering up what needs to be expressed. He, above all parties because of his travels, is more in touch with the pulse of the traditional movement than any one else. Therefore, when he writes what he has written it is only prudent to link his tough-love article, which explains much on the whys and wherefores of the scandals presently dividing St. Gertrude the Great and gravely harming souls. We ask you to pray for all parties concerned - both clergy and laity - and to read St. Matthew 18: 1-20 in understanding the grave harm being done and what all parties need to do to alleviate the cancer there as Tom painfully identifies in Sanctimony Won't Work This Time

The radical gunman Major Nidal Hasan (left) was a disgruntled soldier who flew below the radar in much the same way the 9-11 terrorists did. How many more are out there? Journalist Jon Christian Ryter may very well have the answer for he goes beyond the headlines to tell it like it is. Honesty in journalism is a rare commodity these days and a stark contrast to the indoctrinating propaganda and lies being fed to the public such as backing Obama's cautioning all not to jump to conclusions over the shooting when the conclusion is so blatantly clear. This is the same exalted dufus who jumped to a conclusion over beer-gate and who plays the race card whenever he can to foster unrest and division, but handles anything regarding Islam with kid gloves, even bowing to the Saudi king while apologizing for America. What you won't hear from the mainstream media, you'll find in Ryter's accounts Behind the Headlines

There has been a lot of spin about how the election results on Tuesday, November 3 are a sign that pro-life candidates are gaining the upper hand. All well and good if they carry through and fight for the innocent unborn. If not, then it is more of the same tired politics and even more shameful if they do not carry through with their promises to legislate for life from womb to the tomb and they will indeed have blood on their own hands. It is something to think about and realize the polls alone are not the answer as Dr. Thomas Droleskey asserts in his column As The Blood of the Innocent Continues to be Shed 11-05

While everyone is watching Obama and his minions in moving America closer to communism and the ultimate One World Order fashioned by surrender to the socialist order, few realize that his Hegelian counterpart in Rome is working diligently toward a One World Religion with his devious whirling dervishness toward the underground true Catholic prelates in China in Chicago-style threats while treating the invalid prelates of the Anglican and conciliar church in the Chicago-style corruption that the conciliar church has mastered over the years. Two articles bring this home of just what Ratzinger is up to. One is from Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey, posted on November 2 as a follow-up to his article on defaming the English Martyrs from last week, and the other is from Atila Sinke Guimaraes on the hidden agenda in Ratzinger's encyclical Caritas in veritate. Read between the lines and you'll see the socialistic/communist leanings of the man in red shoes. Whether you want to call him "Pope" as Atila does or "antipope" and "antichrist" as sedevacantists must consider him, he is still, according to true Roman Pontiffs of the past and the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church, been declared "anathema sit" - "let him be accursed." These articles should wake up the faithful to what's really happening in moving closer to establishing a Christless cathedral to house the One World Religion.

To those who have lost their sensus Catholicus what is scarier than anything that can be conjured up for Halloween is that they do not see the grave fallacies of what Count Ratzinger and his conciliar zombies are doing in sucking whatever Catholicism still exists from the minds of the flocks, thus deadening hearts and souls. As exhibit A we have Benedict ignoring those martyrs who gave their lives in England for Christ and His true Church in the face of fierce opposition, oppression and persecution rather than become Anglicans. Evidently it doesn't matter anymore if we can have a compromise that forgets the bloody martyrdoms of those who would not compromise with Henry VIII and his man-made false religion of the Church of England (read Anglican/Episcopalian) and why they sacrificed their lives. To Benedict that's all water (read: blood) under the bridge as far as this modernist Hegelian in charge of the conciliar church is concerned in making conciliatory cosmetic advances to another imploding false structure as Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey documents in his essay Defaming The English Martyrs

And for exhibit B we offer the Chinese Martyrs who must be flabbergasted at the total sell-out of Benedict Arnold, erh, Benedict XVI (what's the difference? both are traitors) in condoning the People's Communist National Catholic Church founded by that loveable dictator Mao Tse Tung, you know, the guy who murdered 70 million souls (not to mention abortions). You see Ratzinger now is pressuring those in the underground Church who have strived since the fifties to remain loyal to Rome to join Mao's church. They know now, without a shadow of doubt that Rome did not remain loyal to them or to Christ as you'll see posted by Traditio Mao would be so proud of Benedict XVI

While we can see Obama dragging the United States to Marxism, few realize that Modernist Rome is doing the same thing through their own 'Pravda' L'Osservatore Romano. Guess the secret word and you could nominate a reprobate from the past to praise with revisionist thinking totally with the approval of the chief Hegelian in the Vatican who has always shared the same philosophy as Barack Obama and Karl Marx. Groucho? He was just a dirty old man. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey once again exposes the real dirty ones from Georg Sans to Gian Maria Vian to Ratzinger and the absolute absurdity of those who still insist on calling the church Ratzinger heads as 'Catholic.' It can't possibly be as he provides proof from true Popes of the past in his essay L'Osservatore Marxista

  • No Christ the King? No Rosary? No Good Cause. Over 150 articles proving that only by adhering to the tenets of the holy Catholic Church founded by our Sovereign King, the Son of God, can true world peace be attained. All other causes, no matter their ideologies, come up short. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey

    What? you say, how can this be? Read the First Epistle of St. John 2: 15-29 and you shall see whereof this headline speaks truth and then read Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey's latest piece at in which he details how the conciliarists bend over backward to compliment those very men out to destroy all that Christ taught and established on earth. This is especially evident in the reaction of the radical liberal theologists in congratulating one Barack Hussein Obama for being awarded the leftist award known as the Nobel Prize, not to be confused with a Noble Prize Which would be believing in Christ and carrying out what He commanded. Because of the failure to do this, we find on the global stage Figures of Antichrist Applauding Each Other
  • Leave it to the conciliar charlatans to further pervert the holy Faith with the nonsense that Nostra Aetate is the new dogma Catholics must believe! What poppycock. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey takes one of Bernardin's boys on in exposing the anathemas expounded by the retired apostate 'archbishop' Joseph Fiorenza who's latest extravaganza is to schmooze the Jews in selling out whatever Catholicity he may have possessed. Tom explains in his piece Always Coming to the Rescue 11-9

    Dr. Thomas Droleskey provides an article showing that if you play with fire you're going to get burned and that's what is happening to the conciliar pharisees whose corrupt ways are becoming more and more known and therein the scandal grows as the anti-Catholic media take their potshots. They have only themselves to blame as Tom identifies one 'Archbishop' Timothy Dolan, who can't for the life of him wonder why the notorious liberal Maureen Dowd of the Pravda-like New York Times is attacking him. Maybe because none of the conciliar prelates ever came out for the truth and set these quasi and pseudo Catholics straight. What goes around comes around as Tom explains in his piece Unhappy is the "Happy" "Bishop"

    In a related story, Traditio provides evidence that the former disgraced and perverted 'archbishop' of Milwaukee Rembert Weakland committed perjury by lying in sworn affidavits. Is there no one in the courts who will prosecute this man? He's riding high with a scandalous book where he admits his sodomite lifestyle and no one says boo?!! It's time to bring this man to justice for the sake of countless souls who were taken by this charlatan, a trait that reaches all the way to the top in The Pathetic Perjured Prelate

    Dr. Thomas Droleskey provides an article showing that if you play with fire you're going to get burned and that's what is happening to the conciliar pharisees whose corrupt ways are becoming more and more known and therein the scandal grows as the anti-Catholic media take their potshots. They have only themselves to blame as Tom identifies one 'Archbishop' Timothy Dolan, who can't for the life of him wonder why the notorious liberal Maureen Dowd of the Pravda-like New York Times is attacking him. Maybe because none of the conciliar prelates ever came out for the truth and set these quasi and pseudo Catholics straight. What goes around comes around as Tom explains in his piece Unhappy is the "Happy" "Bishop"

  • If I Were King of the Forest Why truth and error cannot co-exist in the True Church of Christ Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 10-19

  • A New Fatima For a New Religion Slowly but surely the counterfeit church of conciliarism has altered and destroyed almost every aspect of Catholicism and that includes the intent of Mary's messages at several of her approved apparition site, especially Fatima Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 10-14

  • Always Our Apostates Though the conciliarists think they're fooling folks, they can never fool God. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 10-7

  • Offending God Every Day The path to Heaven can never lead through the Novus Ordo or counterfeit church of conciliarism Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 10-6

  • Ratzinger's MC in St. Peter's caught red-handed ramming and fleeing police Amazingly this news has had little play as B16's conciliar con men seek to hush up a scandal where "Msgr." Cesare Burgazzi was spotted trolling the red light district of Rome's dregs, then engaging and fleeing police before being caught when he arrogantly told police: "You don't know who you're messing with." Interesting that TMZ didn't pick this one up. Memo to Burgazzi and the rest of the phony conciliar ministers: "You don't know Who you're messing with by posing as priests!" London Mail 10-3

  • Beware of the Motu Cookie One can never wish something is valid when it is totally invalid in every way Traditio

  • Persecuting Thosw Who Defended Our Lady's Honor On the stubborn Modernist Jenkins of Notre Dame slapping Our Lord and Our Lady in the face with his persistence in prosecuting those he should be defending. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey

  • Apostasy is His Field That would be Roger Mahoney, notorious head of the LA Archdiocese who, like Obama, claims it's above his paygrade to preserve innocent life. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey

  • Oh, Brother! It's Just a Thousand Years The absurdity of the two largest false religions merging in Russia. This wasn't what Our Lady asked for at Fatima! Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey

    There is no getting around it, the man at 1600 Pennsylvania and the man usurping the Holy See are joined at the hip and, though they may think their Hegelian idealogy is hip, it only forebodes more danger ahead for everyone. Catholics everywhere need to beware that Ratzinger is no friend of Christ or the Faith but will readily and has readily sold out the Church's rightful position to the satanic United Nations. The truth is there is no difference between Obama and Ratzinger. They are both manipulators in moving the world towards a New World Order and into the waiting arms of the devil as Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey points out in his piece Implementing Obamadict's New World Order 11-12

    The lastest flu scare is proven to be another fabricated crisis that Obama and his Maoist Marxist minions are using to strongarm America into ceding more rights, poisoning Americans that will lead to further enslavement and death camps. Hospitals are being forced to report every flu symptom as "Swine flu" aka H1N1 to bolster the numbers and to pad the pockets of pharmaceuticals and others who profit from the mishaps of others in true schadenfreude form. But that is, as Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey, points out, nothing but misdirection for those who fear for their life, because the real crisis is how many don't realize if they did die from the flu or anything else (and everyone reading this will die some day) that the only protection, the only insurance guaranteed to attain Heaven is being in the state of Sanctifying Grace. The only way to receive this "salvific shot" is to visit the infirmary of Divine Mercy in the Sacrament of Penance, administered by a true consecrated priest with the power to forgive sins. Any other way - this side of a perfect Act of Contrition - renders the rest plumb out of luck as Tom details in Oink

  • Stalking Us All Narcissists never get it as is evident with BHO aka Barry Soetero as well as Ratzinger/Benedict and the rest who think they can go it alone without Christ in charge. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey

  • Flying The Flag for the Commies American Empire Travesty at 1600 Pennsylvania, not to mention the Empire State Building Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey

  • Why We Must Oppose Naturalism and Naturalists Tea Parties may be impressive, but without Christ and His True Church there can be no sweetness, only bitterness. No wonder there is so much divisiveness. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey

  • TelePropmTer: Weapon of Disinformation Who's the one behind Obama's teleprompter? Without it he's a blithering idiot. With it he's dangerous to souls and the health care package he's trying to ramrod through smells of brimstone. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey

  • Meet Barack Obam's Death Squads You can tell a man by the company he keeps and who he appoints. Resident Obama is an open book that should be banned before history repeats itself with a modern Third Reich. Jon Christian Ryter

  • "Partial" Communion Only Goes So Far Putting any hope in Fellay is useless Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey

  • Bishop Fellay Accepted 95% of Vatican II Firm reply to Bishop Fellay for expelling Fr. Meramo. Fr. Basilio Méramo

  • Awakening from a False Obedience Five cases beg to differ with Fellay's tactics and direction. Atila Sinke Guimarães

  • A Bold Show of Dissatisfaction in the SSPX Ranks How dare you, Msgr. Fellay. Fr. Basilio Méramo

  • Here Comes the Bride: The Music Starts Again for the SSPX Eye-opening critical analysis in PDF format. Bishop Donald Sanborn

  • L'Osservatore Occulto
        Gone are the days when anything Catholic could ever come out of Modernist Rome and that is evident every day, never more so than in the past few weeks when the publication Joseph Ratzinger holds full sway over outdoes The New York Times for liberal leitmotif. First L'Osservatore Romano praises Jacko, then Calvin and his heretical ways, and now they are promoting, of all things, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince with its arrival in theaters and inordinate clamoring for more of the occult. But should we be surprised? Is not Italy ripe with demonic disturbances? Just more evidence that those in Modern Rome do indeed have half-blood ties to the dark master of the occult. Their actions would convey such. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 7-17
  • In A Nutshell
       Tom points out how figuring out what is Catholic and what is not as difficult as some make it out to be. That is because Catholic truth is not shrouded in grays but is black and white in absolutes. Thus, if one deviates even one iota from the Catholic Faith, one would no longer be Catholic. Pope Leo XIII made that abundantly clear in Satis cognitum. Simple. Thus if an organization like, oh, say the SSPX, claim they want to dialogue with apostates, they give credibility to the heretics. No true Catholic would ever do that. To dialogue with the devil is the art of the impossible. It cannot be done with any positive results. No good has ever come from compromising with error. Yet Bishop Tissier de Mallerais has the gall to expect good fruit to come from a bad tree. Christ said it: It can't be done. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 7-16
  • Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal Spreads from Clergy to Laity

       With the conviction of the abrasive, brash Ohio 'catholic' Eric McFadden who brazenly identified himself on a prostitution site as "mcfaddencatholic" has plead guilty to prostitution. Won't it be interesting to see how the mainstream Marxist media spin this one for McFadden was one of those shylocks who pulled many votes from duped Catholic voters for Obama, Kerry and Hillary Clinton while infiltrating the once noble Knights of Columbus, an organization that has completely sold out the Catholic ideals of its founder Fr. Michael McGivney and has ceased being a Catholic organization, but rather an instrument of the devil's freemasonry agenda. Yes, we can see the "good fruit" this traitor McFadden has yielded! Not! Traditio 7-19

    • A "Blessing" on a Murderer and His "Work" Tom weighs in on the roots of why Ratzinger has no intention of reining in Obama in his agenda to turn America into a godless socialistic, yay, even communistic and fascist country for we must all be schooled in "the value of tolerance" as the pc mindrakers from Rome to DC continue their course of steering further and further away from Catholic truth and principles. The result can only be chaos. Both men are products of Montiniism; yes, the very same man who went by Paul VI and, just as Obama is doing today in the secular realm, ruled over and planned the destruction of Catholicism. Truly there are many antichrists as St. John foretold. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 7-11
    • Who's pulling the puppet strings for the One World Order? Barack or Benedict? Traditio
          Friday, for the first time, two disillusioned and 'mad scientists' in promoting a One World Order met in Rome when two men, who both vehemently oppose unadulterated Catholic truth, huddled in the Vatican for how they could assist each other in attaining "redistribution of wealth" (read global socialism, read global communism) as Resident Comrade Osama Obama has promised in his "change" program and which antipope Hegelian Joseph Ratzinger has been working towards since he assisted Cardinal Fringe in inserting "subsistet in" into Lumen Gentium well over 40 years ago, thus providing the very same break effected by Henry VIII from true Rome nearly 500 years ago. One wonders about the gift exchange. We're sure Benedict would have loved a collection of Jacko's songs. He could have shared those with Gian Maria Vian of L'Osservatore Romano who had such praise for the so-called "king of pop." While the world drooled over the assinine coverage of Jackson's memorial and media and celebrities fell all over themselves in making the wierd one a god for taking rock n' roll and culture deeper into the sewer, God may very well have had a different take over Jackson's immortal soul. Though it is highly doubtful because of his lifestyle and lack of Catholic substance, we can only pray he had a miraculous conversion before his death. Otherwise, when standing before the Eternal Judge, one might fear it did not go well for the gloved one, who rejected the natural features God had blessed him with and sought to change his whole personna. Imagine the shock to his system and soul when he realized no lawyers could help him and that all the wealth and influence in the world does not help one wit in each's Particular Judgment for the first dogma of the Church still stands: "Outside the Church there is no salvation." But back to the gift exchange. What do you suppose the conciliar honcho gifted Obama? A bound cover of Dignitas Personae. More conciliar humanist claptrap. Nothing about Christ or saving one's soul! Like Barry is going to read B16's bafflegab. Maybe he would if it were on a teleprompter. Perhaps, despite the supposed scolding of Obama on things that are below his paygrade, Ratzinger also added the promise that he will not publically object to Hussein's blatant pro-abortion and pro-sodomite agendas since he hasn't yet and the precedent was already set by the conciliarists with the Pact of Metz in pledging not to protest Communism. We can see the fruits of that, can't we? Dr. Droleskey has an article, filed a few days ago on 7-7, leading up to this meeting on how chief members of the conciliarist hierarchy are mesmerized by Obama's spell. Still Urbanely Accepting Evil

      Give Me Two Bayers, Please and Two More Bayers, Please Tom has just completed the grueling task, thus saving all from having to undergo the suffering, of poring over Ratzinger's latest 144-page tome, his 'encyclical' Caritas in Veritate ('Truth' in Love). Understandably Tom as a splitting headache for such a yeoman task. Who wouldn't? For this gobbledygook bafflegab from the head Hegelian is the epitome of Modernism in bowing to the world and depending on man to have the answers to what only God can provide. Incredibly not once is the word "Catholic" mentioned! But then why would one expect that from one who is not Catholic? That is proven in Ratzinger's words that contradict the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church and will provide a red carpet of endorsement for Comrade Resident Obama and his 'red guard' in Congress and community organizations to continue raping America of its values and freedom. As Tom points out, watch for Obama to take this and run with it in trying to dupe the lemmings who still believe Joseph Ratzinger is a 'holy' father. Like his predecessors of the false church, john23, paul6 and john paul2, benedict16 bows to the diabolic United Nations as the answer to man's woes, woefully forgetting that Pope St. Pius X roundly and soundly condemned such in his decree Notre Charge Apostolique. Ratzinger has woefully forgotten that the only salvific lawful, Natural and Supernatural Authority for mankind is Jesus Christ as Sovereign King and Mary as our Immaculate Queen through the only Church the Son of God established on earth...or has b16 deliberately omitted such Truth in misrepresenting true Caritas? Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 7-8 and 7-9

  • L'Osservatore del Calvinista When it comes to praising enemies of Christ and His True Church, the current regime of L'Osservatore Romano, which Ratzinger has full control over, takes the cake. They have been tripping over themselves in exalting such diabolical agendas as the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Barack Hussein Obama (aka Barry Soetero), even Elvis and now John Calvin. And that has nothing to do with Calvin Klein and his jeans but the genes of an apostate from France, born 500 years ago; one who denied the True Presence in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and promoted that denial in following another apostate Martin Luther right out of the Church. Today the counterfeit church of conciliarism has gone further than Calvin ever dreamed in destroying Catholicism. Thank you, Vatican II, thank you, Joseph Ratzinger. Thank you, Gian Maria Vian. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 7-6

  • King George III Is Owed An Apology Is what we have arrived at in our country really what we supposedly fought to avoid. As bad as the English King's persecution of various religions might have been, as severe his taxes might have been, they are a slap on the wrist compared to the shackles we have been wracked with because we followed the naturalistic path rather than what Christ the King wills. Independence? We're no more independent today than before the American Revolution. In fact we're far, far worse off. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 7-4

  • Circumspection Many have heard about the infidelity of the South Carolina Governor, sadly, a common occurrence in politics on both sides of the aisle for no one is immune from the wiles of the devil. Tom points out why this is so in his short essay. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 7-1

    • "Let Me Know How Commies Tip" Recently Tom found himself in the midst of Obamanomics at work and visible evidence of what's really happening in this country. The Communist takeover is more and more blatantly obvious as workers are being imported in, especially by one of the many hydra companies that stands to gain by their participation in socializing America, General Electric which has sold out the United States for a seat at the One World Order table with their multiple tentacles of energy, electronics, media and political arms to suck America dry. Tom didn't realize there was a meeting of Red Chinese comrades working for and with GE right in Tom's own back yard in West Chester, Ohio, as he sat down for a nice quiet meal. Not fearing man, Tom brazenly called out to the waitress so all could hear to let him know how these Commies tip in a reference to the fact that Communists do not believe in the capitalistic way of tipping, but moreso of the very fact that Communism and what is occuring in our country right now is the antithesis of what God wants and established with the Social Kingship of Christ. In a Communist world there is no room for Christ; but then that's no different than the Zionist world or the Masonic world or, as we see more and more, in the conciliar world. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 7-1

    • True Popes Never Need to "Convert" to the Faith As for what is happening within the SSPX, we recommend Dr. Droleskey's most recent article that exposes the sham the honchos of the Society have been trying to pull on their followers in serving two masters. You can't have it both ways as Tom reveals in his essay released on the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 6-29
    • L'Osservatore Del Naturalista Tom shows where Gian Maria Vian serves as both Ratzinger and Obama's useful idiot as the babbling editor of the once respected L'Osservatore Romano, which today is closer to the National Enquirer and The New York Times in its leftist attitude, ambiguity and outright lies! Tom cites previous true Popes condemning the very words Vian speaks which are the same the Curia speaks and the man who appointed all of them speaks. In attempting to rationalize the "seamless garment theory" popularized by the homosexual-oriented late Cardinal Bernardin of, surprise, Chicago, Vian bends over backward to defend another, surprise, community organizer from Chicago who was of like mind with Bernardin in promoting sin. The only problem is that that man went on to illegally and invalidly wrest the Presidency of the United States under the pretense that he was a legitimate American citizen without proof. Of course, Ratzinger and his conciliar predecessors did the same thing. So, as they say, birds (vultures come to mind?) of a feather, stick together in the outright attack on Catholic truth. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 6-22

  • Winning at the Waiting Game Truly the writing is on the wall. Ratzinger in his clever Hegelian way has gained the upper hand on the SSPX and they're caught in the web, stuck on the strands of suppositions with no escape other to admit the sedevacantists are right, that their founder Archbishop Lefebvre in his last years was closer to realizing these men could not possibly be Catholic popes for they had veered far from the Faith. Tom cites how the SSPX railed against what happened in Campos and now, those very same words can be turned on them as the bargain has already been struck. Only the i's need to be dotted and the t's need to be crossed to doublecross those who have put their trust in the cult known as the Society of St. Pius X. The rumors that have been circulating over the past year will finally all become known once the Society in league with the Modernists decide what to do with their 'embarrassment' known as Bishop Richard Williamson who is truly unpredictable. But it is not unpredictable what Bishop Bernard Fellay is doing for it's been done before. It began with a man named Judas. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 6-18

  • Vatican Insists: Chinese Catholics Must Merge "Delivery of the Underground Church to Communism." Those are TIA's words, folks. While Ratzinger works the strings with Fellay, he is manipulating the manipulated and manipulators alike in Red China. In a move that cries of apostasy (as if this were something new with B16) he has told the Christians to offer incense to the Roman gods. Well, not really, but it's basically the same thing by recognizing the state-run, man-made religion of the Chinese Patriotic Church which, like the counterfeit church of conciliarism and its pope who is not one, have sold out Our Lord and His Church. We don't know if the price was thirty pieces of silver or fear of the Communists or furthering the Communist agenda of One World Religion. That's the path Ratzinger is on and with the latest news from Modernist Rome's Compendium, the noble Cardinal Kung must be turning over in his grave at the betrayal of the true Faith he tried so desperately to preserve for so many years, all wiped out by these false antipopes who act as antichrists. Since this article is on the Tradition in Action website, do you think they'll connect the dots and finally admit Ratzinger cannot be Catholic, let alone a true pope? Do you think? Don't you think you should ask them how they can publish his apostasies and still recognize him? Margaret Galitzin 6-18

    • Intent on Controlling Mind and Body In the aftermath of the killings of George Tiller and a security guard in D.C., those who cling to the Faith are under assault and intimidation by the pandering left lemmings and disciples of the devil to do the bidding of Comrade, or should we say Socialist Premier Barack Hussein Obama in his siege of freedoms long cherished in this country. Yet, though love of country is noble and patriotism is laudable, we must always remember that God comes first and foremost at all times and any time, such as the atrocities going on under the Obama administration in which life continues to be denied to the most innocent of beings under cover of a law that is unjust and, therefore, no law at all. We must prepare for that time Our Lord foretold when we will be intimidated, hunted, persecuted and yes, die for Christ for if they hated Him, how much more will they hate those who are loyal to the Son of God? The time is coming. Prepare and do not be mollified by the talking heads on the right for though what they propose has merit, it is as empty cymbals if they do not put as the first priority the reestablishment of the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ under the Church He established on earth, and no, that is not the conciliar one in Rome, but that which remains in the catacombs as One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. Perhaps those who have remained in the catacomb chapels, remaining true, have been led so as a sort of basic training for the battle that lies ahead for those who misuse power today are truly intent in controling mind and well as the soul. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 6-14

  • Smashing Through the Conciliar Looking Glass - Tom presents the epitome of the art of tergiversation as put forth by one Joseph Ratzinger that boggles the mind, if not one's sensus Catholicus. The reflections in the conciliar looking glass are hideous to God and should be to man as well for this man whom the world calls 'pope' is neither that nor Catholic. Rather he is the antithesis of what Catholic means. In trying to pander to the progressivist and conservative camps, while still trying to passify and lure the Society of St. Pius X into his web, Ratzinger has turned into the Mad Hatter with his ramblings in his Hegelian efforts to try to save face with the pending showdown with the SSPX ordinations. The only question that remains is whether he'll turn into the cheesy Cheshire Cat or the crazed Queen of Hearts screaming "off with their heads"? We know what His Holiness Pope St. Pius X would do and did. But that was when we had a true holy Pontiff on the throne who understood that truth cannot ever change. As for Tweedle Dee in present Moderist Rome and Tweedle Dum in Econe? Well, stay tuned. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 6-11

  • The Insidious Tactics of Change The Modernists label it many things, using ambiguity to mask their true intent as Mark Stabinski points out. Some may ask what in the heck is "tergiversation" and it is the term most appropriate for describing the ambiguity employed to gut our holy Faith. The definition is "The act of practicing evasion or of being deliberately ambiguous," and also "the act of abandoning a party or cause." We can see in retrospect how this is the best term to explain how Vatican II and Modernism fused to phase out the uncompromising truths and traditions of holy Mother Church, being deliberate in their insidious agenda of abandoning not only the Church but the souls for which they were responsible for. Everything Stabinski writes in this article posted on Tradition in Action screams the admission of sedevacantism but for some strange reason, TIA remains oarless, stuck on that river called Denial. Mark Stabinski 6-9
  • Baal, Yes. Most Holy Trinity, No In this insane pc world, it's important to try to read between the lines, listening attentively to what conciliar 'popes' have not said, while thinking they did. It's truly a massive task of muddling through the tergiversation to realize what's being promoted is definitely not Catholic. Too many of us listened too long to what we wanted to hear, but ignored obvious omissions of recognition of the Most Holy Trinity before those who needed to hear that it's pure heresy to proclaim 'all worship the same God.' What all needed to hear was that they must be obedient to Christ's Own command for all men to believe and be baptized, for those who did not believe would be condemned. Rather than following Our Lord's life-saving precepts, the Modernist rulers of Rome have played politics with the heathens, afraid to offend them and instead not only gravely offends God but jeopardize countless souls, depriving them of the truth. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 6-9
  • Kindred Spirit of the New World Order In a follow-up to a similar article that was pluralized and included Resident Barack Hussein Obama, this one focuses on Benedict XVI's further sell-out of the Authority God established on earth by bowing to the satanic entity of the U.N. in much the same fashion his predecessors did. An interesting concept here is that rather than calling the conciliar usurpers 'popes', why not call them czars since they don't answer to anyone and have no accountability. After all, Obama has skirted all the laws and the Constitution by appointing sixteen czars to date. Kind of reminds one of the plight sung by Tennessee Ernie Williams in "Sixteen Tons." Just insert "czars" for "tons." The consequences are still the same and no tergiversational words can hide that fact. No rest for the wicked and, as Tom documents, Ratzinger has proven his wickedness. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 6-9

    • One or the Other Tom presents two Germans, one known as the Apostle of Germany the other, well the Apostate of Germany. The former is St. Boniface whose feast fell on Ember Friday; the latter, well, if you don't know by now, you should for as Jesus says, "No man can serve two masters." Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 6-4

    • Kindred Spirits of the New World Order Evidently the New World Order teleprompter can be used by Obama, Bush or Ratzinger with little change since they're all touting the same thing. One thing is for sure, it has nothing to do with Christ's command in St. Mark 16: 15-16. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 6-4
    Mother Earth Day Atila documents how South America is gaining control of the global push to go green, to dismiss the divine words in Genesis in their quest to deify the earth and punish those who would use her for their own survival as God intended. Marxists like Evo Morales, Leonardo Boff and UN Secretary General Miguel d'Escoto all are touting the Communist mantra as lately in the U.S. Comrade Obama has joined in the chant. Be very, very wary of all the propaganda about 'going GREEN' because it's really a buzz word for 'going RED' as in Red Communist. While Atila understands this, still, in continuing to ignore our challenge to connect the dots in respect to recognizing an apostate as a pope, what Atila did not point out in exposing the culprits is that everyone of them bases the foundation of their heresy on Vatican II which spawned Liberation Theology and gave life to the red agendas we see everywhere today because of Angelo Roncalli's Pact of Metz in 1962 that was a total surrender of the Church's mission to stand strong against heresy and to stop the spread of Russia's errors as Our Lady had warned at Fatima in no doubt confirming what she most probably prophesied of the Great Apostasy and that Rome would lose the Faith and become, as it has, the seat of the Antichrist. Atila Sinke Guimarães 6-4

    Though the guy in Rome is getting competition in the 'Antichrist' department from the guy presently in the White House, who this week the treasonous traitor and czars maker is abroad on his second Apology Tour pandering to pagans in Arab lands in selling out America. That is why we also bring you an article from Pravda, and no, we are not talking about the liberal mainstream drive-by media but the one and only Russian organ in which, for once, it lives up to its name - "Truth" in publishing an article that should wake those who have been lulled into an hypnotic trance by Obamania, his enablers the MSM, and the Demoncrat Party along with the Republican'ts. Wake up, America, before it's too late! American capitalism gone with a whimper . . . Stanislav Mishin 6-4

    • "Reichstag II Tom nails what is happening in America and the trigger for history to drastically repeat itself with another Reichstag. That trigger was conveniently (for Obama's Administration) pulled by a solo gunman on Sunday in a Protestant lodge aka 'church'. For Barack's SS troopers from Napolitano to Holder et alii this is exactly what they have been waiting for to fall into their laps and they are only too happy to use the notorious abortionist physician George "the Killer" Tiller as a martyr for their cause with the help of the pro-abortion agitators to institute intensified interrogation and persecution of pro-lifers for such crimes as stating one is praying for the conversion of abortionists. Hitler's tactics are the method Comrade Fuhrer Obama is employing in every facet of government along with his radical corporate invasions of the infrastructure industry while draining citizens through deception, false hopes and unfair taxation, not to mention runaway intimidation in an effort to create another Nazi regime with obvious signs of Marxist and Fascist tendencies to deprive America of the freedom she has long enjoyed, but abused in turning from God. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 6-1

    • Always Open to Strange Gods Like a record, Tom continues the same refrain that must be repeated over and over and over until those "Catholics attached to the structures of the counterfeit church of conciliarism refuse to accept the simple fact that the teaching and the pastoral deportment of the Catholic Church concerning false religions is subject to no change or alteration whatsoever. Such Catholics, no matter where they fall along the vast expanse of the ecclesiastical divide during this time of apostasy and betrayal, do not want to face--or to publicly admit--that Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI has indeed offended God greatly by means of the constant esteem he has given and the praise he has bestowed upon false religions and their symbols and their beliefs." Tom documents numerous blatant apostasies pronounced by Ratzinger and asks each time, "Did he please the true God of Revelation when he did so? How can we listen so patiently to such words?" Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 6-3

    • "Wonder No More As apologists scramble to defuse Rabbi Metzger's shocking statement that he has documentation from Ratizinger that the 'Church' will no longer seek to Christianize Jews, Tom points to the evidence that cannot be denied by Ratzinger's persistent words and actions that short-circuits any effort to defray the blame from where the source lies: Benedict XVI. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 5-30

      Red China: Workshop for the New Ecclesiology Tom, in a lengthy documented treatise, asks: "Will the the Vatican simply wave its bureaucratic hand and pretend, positivistically, that there has "always been one church in China" and seek to "educate" the Catholics who have been suffering in the underground church that they must accommodate themselves to the "actual reality" of the situation in their country and thus silence themselves about the evils being promoted by the government?" We all know the answer to that as he mows down the underground church as tanks rolling through Red Square. Apostasy knows no limits. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 5-29
      Six Out of Nine, Not that it Matters Tom weighs in on the tragedy of the Judicial system at the highest level for if Judge Sonia Sotomayor, a judicial activist with strong leftist, Marxist leanings is railroaded in by a top-heavy Democratic Congress, then there will be six so-called "Catholics" on the Supreme Court. None of them, including Judge Antonin Scalia, are truly Catholic, for they check their beliefs at the door, thus betraying their insincerity of being totally honest. Christ had a phrase for such: "No man can serve two masters." Tom illustrates how for a long time in America on the highest bench this has been the case of man trying to usurp God's rights. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 5-27
    The greedmongers are... stealing the world If you recall we brought to your attention before the election an insightful piece into the traitor who would be president. Now he is and Jon Christian Ryter, a political analyst and journalist with a Christian perspective and A-1 D.C. contacts, lays out the scenario we are faced with today. Almost at breakneck speed Resident Barack Hussein Obama is dismantling all America stands for and greatly threatening God-fearing citizens who still believe in God. Jon parallels his rise to power with the rise to power of one of the worst (until now) despots in world history: Adolf Hitler. Obama's tactics are more than just similar. As Jon points out, the community leader is a student of history and has learned well how to suppress and intimidate, to force his way and sell America out to the IMF money men who spit on the Constitution, spit on our Lord Jesus Christ. The Chastisement is upon us. 5-27 Jon Christian Ryter

    Benedict agrees: Since he's not a pope, why recognize him! With the latest pronouncement by Fr. Joseph Ratzinger aka Benedict XVI, one has to ask when will the "resist and recognizers" fess up? According to Traditio, he "declared in the Compendium that those who 'feel the need of the sacraments for their own spiritual good' may go to schismatic sects not only for 'communion' and the 'sacraments.' The principle extends beyond the Chinese PNC to churches 'not in communion with the pope.... The final decision will be taken by the individual Catholic.'" As Traditio asks, will the real Pope please stand up. Well, he's not in the picture to the left, that's for sure. Now Sedevacantists don't have to take flak from neo-Catholics or the "resist and recognize" camp when they complain that we attend chapels that don't recognize Benedict as a true pope because their own apostate antipope declared it's okay. Go figure. It's just more of the Hegelian doublespeak mishmash that caters to political ideologies and humanistic ecumenism for the sake of man with no regard for God's will or His creations' souls. Compare this apostate's latest position with what a true Pope, a holy Pope decreed against Anglicanism. That should prompt the "resist and recognize" camp to ask what do they recognize? Traditio 5-27

    Respect Those Who Break the First Commandment? Respect Those Who Break the Fifth Commandment. In a follow-up to his article "One Sentence Says it All", Tom points out how asinine L'Osservatore Ridiculous has made itself in trying to outdo the New York Times for liberal speak. In giving Resident Barack Hussein Obama a pass and then having the audacity to say that the bad seeds planted in the Mideast must have time to grow, one has to wonder if anyone inside today's Vatican has read Sacred Scripture, if they understand the Ten Commandments and if they truly realize Christ's words in St. Matthew 7: 15-21 that a bad tree can never bear good fruit and is destined for eternal hell fire. Do those who deny that Christ is the only way to Heaven or even veer one iota from that truth realize they're making themselves brittle kindling for that very fire? Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 5-23
    "Thumbs Up" from a Communist for an Apostate Leave it to one communist to compliment and promote another. Tom is talking about the former Soviet Communist and atheist Mikhail Gorbachev giving his endorsement of the cononization of Karol Wojtyla, himself a highly suspect Communist spy in Poland for the Soviets which is still being suppressed in both Poland and Rome. Now the very one who pushed the fabricated "Saints Factory" concept past all credibility in doing away with the devil's advocate, how ironic it is that the devil speaks up for one of his own. With friends like this the enemies of the Church, both dead and alive, are all the more evident in our midst. Besides this, Tom lays out the other evidence against such a fallacy that John Paul II could ever have been "holy" and how the fix was in between Wojtyla and Ratzinger in true mob fashion in perpetuating the lie and covering up truth. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 5-23

    • One Sentence Says It All While the Society's social engineering continues with purging page upon page on their website to hide the very fact that what they now support they once roundly condemned and to which their founder even gave credibility to sedevacantist claims, they now are backtracking at Fellay's marching orders who in turn is taking his m.o. from das boot headman in the Vatican. But Tom has caught them in their own lie with one sentence written by Pope Pius IX in his Syllabus of Errors that one cannot sift the teachings of true popes and yet that is what the SSPX has been doing. Do you get the irony? They have no right to do so, have no authority whatsoever for the only true authority is the Roman Pontiff and there is no true Roman Pontiff sitting on the Throne of Peter. Hasn't been one since October 9, 1958. This piece is a follow-up to Tom's article yesterday in which he stressed Christ's words in the Gospel for Ascension Thursday that those who do not believe and baptized will be condemned. Ratzinger's words and actions are diametrically opposed to this and yet the SSPX remains silent, thus contradicting their own position and contributing to the apostasy by omission. Not a pretty situation for Society members. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 5-22

      Weak in Mind, Weakest Yet in the Faith While the apostate Rembert Weakland tries to justify the unjustifiable of sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance, one can easily deduce that the title of his book should be "The Legacy of Lucifer's Lover." Tom chronicles how there is no difference between the first who said non serviam and the man from Milwaukee who has boasted of it and now is trying to capitalize on it. It only proves the depths of depravity those who have sold their souls to the devil will go for misery, indeed, loves company and after reading Tom's piece one would have to ask who in God's name would ever want to be in Weakland's company for he has proven time and time and time again that Catholicism is foreign to this lost soul who badly needs our prayers. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 5-25>
    Weakland's Demons Because the cabalistic cannibal of souls Rembert Weakland is trying to capitalize on a book by trying to justify his perverted way of leading souls to satan, we bring you this piece posted by Matt Abbot. While we don't always recommend conciliarist articles, this is really not by him but documentation provided by Mrs. Randy Engel from her well-researched tome "Rite of Sodomy" which verifies so clearly the Rainbow Connection of the homosexual collective between Giovanni Montini (aka Paul VI) and Weakland, the flaming fascist ordinary of Milwaukee who lied through his teeth while not only jeopardizing thousands and thousands of souls, but outright theft of funds. This also corroborates the facts about Montini's sodomite ways in Milan and then in the Papal Palace as Atila Sinke Guimaraes first exposed in his book "Vatican II, Homosexuality & Pedophilia." Matt Abbot/Randy Engel 5-20
    Bugnini's Bagman was besotted Benedictine Weakland
    On the same day Traditio reveals that atheist Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev is all for pushing the santo subito of JP2 (why not, one communist supporting the other), news is released that Bugnini used the compromised Rembert Weakland to force the sacrilegious Novus Ordo on the duped faithful. That is one of the ways blackmail is performed by holding something on someone and Weakland had plenty to hide. Just think what a hero he could have been if he had outed Paul VI and all the other rot in the Vatican way back then. Of course, we see now that is impossible for the rot stinks from the head and that incompetent depraved and corrupt individual was head of too many things, thanks to heads above him that stunk even more. Ah, the fruits of the counterfeit church of conciliarism, you can still smell the putrid stench that has lasted well over 40 plus years. Traditio 5-25

        For those watching live the Obamination that took place Sunday at Notre Shame Unidiversity, tell us you were not reminded of that famous historic Apple commercial that ran only once during the Super Bowl in 1984, but had such a tremendous impact in depicting George Orwell's "1984" when Big Brother was addressing a mesmerized, dumbed down and duped crowd (IBM clones, much like today's conciliar clones) and one person dared to interrupt by flinging a sledge hammer at the screen? The picture to the right replicates that so well and only a few were allowed to dissent within the chasm of the modern Roman Colosseum known as the Joyce Center. Monday morning Rush Limbaugh nailed it when he identified the problem as not Obama per se, but the Church (read conciliar) for allowing such an abomination of obamination. Below are several articles that verify this.

    • No "Common Ground" Between Truth and Error Oh, Resident Obama is clever with his double-speak and smooth talking nonsense that twists morality into an extreme and tries to place immorality on the same plane while complaining that how dare we take potshots at something sinful. Yet the zombies in the crowd and Pravda press bought it lock, stock and barrel. Leave it to Dr. Droleskey to give you the truth serum. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 05-18

    • Why the sudden uproar? While the underbelly of Notre Shame has been exposed, one priest asks why they didn't see it long ago for it's a cancer that has long metastacized souls. Traditio 05-22

    • Obama Practices the Low Art of Political Seduction at Notre Dame Rush Limbaugh nailed what the problem is on his EIB Network morning show Monday morning. The transcript tells it so clearly. Rush Limbaugh 05-18

  •    In his latest piece, Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey says it all: "Well, evidently, sadly and most predictably, those in the fantasy world of boundless facades and artifices designed to shield the naked conciliar emperor from his clear defections from the Catholic Faith during his recently concluded pilgrimage to Jordan and Israel, none of this matters at all. The honor and glory of majesty of God? A spirited defense of the truth concerning the falsity of non-Catholic religions and how we must avoid giving them even the appearance of credibility? We are indeed in such an age of apostasy and betrayal that those who seek to hide or molest the known truth about the apostate words and deeds of the conciliar revolutionaries believe that they are doing a 'service' to Catholics." Tom lays out the sad, tragic facts that have played out this week in the Mideast and South Bend, assuring that it will be slim pickens when the Lord returns as he points out in his article "When He comes, shall He find, think you, Faith on Earth?"
       Paul Shlicta of the American Thinker chronicles where Notre Shame went wrong and when. It parallels when American Catholicism went south as well. True popes warned but their decrees fell upon deaf and proud ears. We have reaped what we have sown. Schlicta has some very good points, albeit he is way off base when he states that the "conservative" Joseph Ratzinger will right the ship. Say what?!! He should read Tom's article to the left before expressing such cockamaniac pipedreams. How Notre Dame Drifted Away from the Catholic Church

    see for live coverage and updates

    "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." St. Luke 23: 34
       While Notre Shame's president John Jenkins washes his hands in the manner of Pontius Pilate, God knows his heart and mind. He knows very well he is not in accord with God's holy will, but rather he possesses the same mindset of those who cowered under Nazi intimidation in the 30's. Why could history repeat itself when a Catholic presbyter is arrested on a Catholic campus for PRAYING? Ah, there's the rub. It can all be traced to Vatican II and the apostasy of the counterfeit church of conciliarism which usurped the true authority of the Church, forcing the abandonment of the Church's universal duty to be vigilant and stand as the moral beacon for the world. Sin, which was once shunned and eternal punishment for it greatly feared, is now touted and encouraged. Resident Obama will speak today on the South Bend campus, demonstrations will take place - many prayerful, but others disruptive and the Pravda media will spin it as dangerous, radical pro-lifers "out of control" while ol' Barack Barrabas will act smug and smirk for the cameras, trying to justify infanticide as a mere 'choice' in illustrating so clearly how man, especially a narcissistic madman like BHO, rationalizes. But then how is he any different than the man in Rome who allows it and covers it up, while selling souls - his own to begin with - for the sake of political expediency? Pray for those so-called "intellectuals" who think they know what's right for man without giving God a glance: students, professors, presbyters, prelates, politicians and press. They need it! How did it all come to this topsy-turvy turn of events in history? Because they do not realize what a hell they have created. It all can be traced to the real culprit that has plunged the world into chaos: Vatican II! Do those who know really realize what a hell they have created here and in the hereafter? We strongly recommend Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey's article to remind them. Having No Regard for the Horror of Sin
        During a week when the head of the counterfeit church of conciliarism illustrated so clearly why it is counterfeit with his syncretic sacrilege and apostasy beneath the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, in South Bend, Indiana another dome is showing how tarnished it is: the golden dome of Notre Shame Unidiversity where pro-life forces are massing for a massive protest against culture of death barbarian Resident Barack Hussein Obama. To the left, Dr. Alan Keyes once again peacefully submits to incarceration, ordered by John Jenkins himself as pro-life demonstrators from all over the country gather to make a statement and populate the county jail, ironically called St. Joseph. Oh, the irony of how far the conciliar church has fallen. For live events, see Stop Obama at Notre Shame and Notre Shame Goes Ballistic from Traditio. 5-19

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