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Shrove Tuesday
February 28, 2006
vol 17, no. 46

Life and Death in the Conciliar Zoo
    With the death of the 'gorilla' it seems everyone is now aping the devil as the sinuous shadows of sin slither across the face of this earth and sideslap souls into silliness and sinfulness. The syllogism: the queer ones are taking over in both secular and ecclesial zoos. Forget those Mardi Gras beads, grab the real beads: Our Lady's Rosary, and batten down the hatches because the jungle is only going to get queerer. Lent is here and you're going to need it! So put on the armor of God, take up the shield of Faith and stand your ground for the sake of Christ and His holy Church; for the sake of sanity, for the sake of souls!

    The 'gorilla' is gone and the rest of the animals are restless. The wolves are Roming [sic]; the foxes are flaunting; the jackals are cackling; the roaring lion, which Saint Peter warned of, is devouring; the elephants are bloating and bloviating, the asses are heehawing and vacillating; the snakes coiling; and the sheep scattering in all directions but the right way: back to the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church. Last week that great big mysterious ape who escaped the Vatican Bank scandal went to his grave, no more to beat his chest or move the chess pieces. God has called in His mark in the life and death of Archbishop Paul Marcinkus. The bell tolls for King Kong.

Puppetmaster and Zookeeper

    No sooner was the carcass of Marcinkus cold, than the new "zookeeper" Benedict XVI sprung his "surprise" list of new red hats of the apostate conciliar church. Now I say apostate because if some of these candidates are not apostate, no less from the appointer to the appointees and their cohorts on down, than please tell me what constitutes apostasy. Why was the word even created if apostasy does not refer to the aberrations at work today, or if the "abomination of desolation" of the false synthetic Pagan-Masonic Protestant Novus Ordo rite isn't what our Lord and Savior foretold in Matthew 24: 15 as today's heresy, blasphemy and a sacrilege of the highest degree? If preventing people from converting to true Catholicism because it would offend other religions isn't anathema, then Saint Paul's words and death were in vain, not to mention the Passion and Death of a certain man named Jesus Christ.

    Indeed, Benedict's defenders, including those animated admonishers of sedevacantism, will have to go a ways to rationalize his justification of some appointments. Either that or just go away because their credibility has taken a severe blow and we haven't even reached the windy month of March until tomorrow. Frankly, I'm tired of secular barristers giving us the legalese of technicalities on what constitutes heresy when you know in your heart if one soul is led astray something's rotten in Denmark just as Christ said in Matthew 18: 6-7, "But he that scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a mill-stone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Wo to the world because of scandals. For it must needs be that scandals come: but, nevertheless wo to that man by whom the scandal cometh." I don't know about you or the canonical loopholes and "nuances", but if it is not pleasing to God and offends Him, then it should offend us and we should say, "hell, no, we're not going to take it anymore!"

    Who do you think is pulling the strings and has been long before he became Benedict XVI? Yes, the great puppetmaster who introduced subsistit in into Vatican II and the split began between Eternal Rome and Modernist Rome. And the rupture grows wider by the year, month, day, even hour. How can a pope be a true Successor of Peter if he teaches error in faith and morals? He can't for Christ has promised His protection of the Primacy of Peter. Ergo, draw your own conclusions. What do I mean? Let's begin with BeneRatz' appointments of such men as queer-friendly William Levada as the fox guarding the hen house of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith or sending even more queer-friendly George Niederaurer to replace Levada as the new patronizer of Sodom by the Bay. The habits and actions of their queernesses are abundantly clear as more and more are outed in lawsuits by disgruntled partners or exiled priests being silenced for telling the truth while the likes of Roger Mahony, Theodore McCarrick, William Keeler and Francis George - to name but a few of the species called schismatiepiscopalus - send other butt-buddies to cover up the obvious. Did I use two 't's'? Like a dam filling up, the dike is about to burst. Did I say dyke? But shouldn't we be more charitable according to the Apostle Paul's Epistle on this Feria day from Quinquagesima Sunday? Reread that epistle carefully and you'll see what true charity is. It is not to placate man, make him feel good, or embrace the sinner and condone the sin? NO! Definitely not. Charity is doing all we possibly can to want our fellow man to attain eternal life. And that means rebuking sinners when they flaunt it, especially those who should know better, who should be in sackcloth and ashes and not royal robes.

    You know those robes of black, purple, scarlet and white that are stained with innocent blood from feeble opposition of the murder of millions in the womb to silently condoning the sin of sodomy while railing against those who are not tolerant and diverse. Regardless that the USCCB and scores of closet queers in collars have contributed to the massive propaganda campaign for admitting sodomy into the mainstream with Brokeback Mountain as a moving "love story" and the modern Vatican has remained mute, I will not retreat from standing for the truth - for common sense and common decency. Want to call me a homophobe? Fine, but please preface it with "Authentic Catholic homophobe." God will understand; they won't and will go to any length to persecute. Bring it on! Their only enemy are those who are truly Catholic. That should tell you volumes. 'Humpback' is no love story but it does give us a big clue to understanding what they - the conciliarists - really mean by "civilization of love."

Long live the shotrock!

    As you can see, this editorial is a no-holds barred piece today. We have to be tough because we're dealing with a bunch of animals here, folks, nasty, wild beasts that refuse to be tamed. Also, with Lent hours away I need to vent. Forget Mardi Gras, I'm in curling withdrawal: that strange, fascinating sport only seen every four years in the dead of winter that surprised and enthralled more people than NBC ever imagined over the past week and a half. That'll teach the peacock to ship it off to USA and MSNBC. Cable ratings were up while viewers turned away in droves in the evenings. And please, no more American Idol! Have you ever heard so many whiny voices? Whatever happened to singing from the diaphragm? Whatever happened to a simple thing called "melody"? All those in favor of Simon Cowell judging the Olympics, say 'aye'. Personally, with baseball still a month out, give me curling any day. We taped every End. Love that hammer! Who couldn't love curling if they truly understood the nuances, and for all ages. It's shuffleboard, bowling, billiards, baseball and chess all rolled into one. What other sport can claim that? Sorry, NBC, I couldn't relate with the biatholon or cross-country and never was much on watching skiers take spills. Should we call the 2006 Olympics "Bode's Bummer"? You can have him, Nikee? And for the luge, skeleton or bobsled, hey isn't that NASCAR on ice? The figure skating? Custody of the eyes is the best answer to that. Snowboarding? Sorry, dude, we're praying for the snow to melt. Hockey? The popularity of the boring NHL, where one can't even pronounce the names of the contestants and the players cannot only not spell, but can't speak English, (Give me a vowel, any vowel, comrade Dana) should tell you all you need to know. But don't tell the NBC wags, they still think hockey's cool. Speedskating can be dangerous and mean. And speaking of mean, with the Olympics over we can go back to calling Torino 'Turin'. Did you notice the practical lack of any coverage of the famed Shroud of Turin? The anti-Catholic prejudice of the network was obvious by its slight.

    While the games may have been glorious, brooms down, give me curling: truly a gentleman's game. Even the ladies can play, though we can do without the curling calendars, thank you. What game today can you mike the players and never hear a bad word or any unsportsmanship whatsoever? Only one: Curling. Maybe that's why so many got hooked on this wholesome game. So congrats to the American team for the first Olympic medal - a bronze - by the U.S. in curling, and kudos to Canada for their gold. After all, with the degradation and wreckovation of the church and morality north of the border, the poor maple leafers need something to celebrate. You betcha those in the land of Paul Bunyan and his blue ox Babe are whooping it up. Didn't you feel like Pete Fenson, Shawn Rojeski, Joe Polo, John Shuster and Scott Baird, gentlemen all, were like the guys next door? Not that you live in Bemidji, Minnesota. But since my dad was born in the same town as Joey Polo - Cass Lake, Minnesota - and I used to curl when stationed on the Canadian border in the USAF while keeping the Vietcong at bay from the Baudette NORAD Radar Site on Lake of the Woods. Hey, when the lakes ice over, ice-fishing ain't the only sport. Ya gotta sweep the ice so make use of those brooms. I couldn't pass up the excellent Olympic broadcast coverage of the curling matches by such pros as Don Chevrier, Don Duguid and Fred Roggan.

    In watching the curling matches, I could just visualize the hammer or skiprock as being a true Traditional Pontiff in the tenth end or eleventh hour (take your pick) whom Christ, as the Skip, will slide into the inner circle of the Vatican and knock all the imposters out and send satan skidding away. Are you listening, Roger Mahony? Just that image alone makes curling worthwhile! May curling always remain innocent and God's game! Long live the shotrock!

Gorilla in the Midst

    We could celebrate the American victory, but in reality true celebrating should be attending the Immemorial Holy Sacrifice of the Mass of all ages, the Latin Mass of the Apostles Peter and Paul, codified in perpetuity by Trent and Pope Saint Pius V. So before I go into fasting mode for Lent, I need to unload with a cornucopia of a few more things that have been pent up as we watch the shenanigans of the conciliarists and the inane rationalization of so many SSPX soft-liners trying to make excuses in wooing SSPX hard-liners to cave and give up the watch. Can't the soft-liners see the trees through the jungle? Do they actually think Benedict would change? Let me repeat here: A leopard cannot change his spots - even a liberal leopard and that cat Ratz has not changed his stance one iota. By his own admission he's as liberal as ever. It's those who used to be conservative who have been duped. Stand your ground, hard-liners. Word of advice to all: if you're looking for Truth, stand fast to Tradition!

    You'll note I've employed the word "queer" for describing many of the happenings in the conciliar zoo. Now what do I mean by queer? Well,let's let Webster's explain that. The dictionary defines queer in two ways:

    "1. Differing in some odd way from what is ordinary; singular; peculiar...spurious, counterfeit. Suspicious, questionable, eccentric. Not quite well, qualmish; faint synonym strange. 2. A homosexual."

    Yes, it's right there in Webster's so I have no qualms in using that word to capture the essence of the conciliar church: QUEER and you can take that any way you like because all of the descriptions aptly and sadly fit this sorry hoard of beasts feeding at mammon's trough. Their appetites cannot be satisfied because they have not fed their own souls, let alone others. Because of their animal instincts, they have failed to convey to others that only God can satisfy...and only in the infrangible Church He founded. Because they refuse to be tamed, they continue unabated and get wilder and wilder by the day. Stay clear of these predictable ravagers. They have nothing to win. They are losers for choosing the wrong master. Let's pray they don't discover this too late or they'll find out, as undoubtedly Marcinkus recently discovered, that in the end it's definitely a lose-lose proposition. It's a jungle out there and the jungle will choke your soul.

    Most traditionalists can see clearly the message sent by modern Rome with every day unfolding as more unCatholic as the next, in fact, wouldn't you agree, quite queer. Can His Excellency Bishop Bernard Fellay and Father Franz Schmidberger see it? We sure hope so. Who in God's name would ever want to be aligned with a regime that rewards sinners in their sins and vilifies the devout? One would have to be quite queer to align with that. And speaking of villains and "In God's Name", which is the title of a controversial but credible book by David Yallop on the death of Albino Luciani - otherwise known for 33 days as John Paul I - all of that took on more interest this past week with the still unknown causes of death of Marcinkus, who was known by all inside and out of the Vatican as the "gorilla" because of his 6' 5" physique and the manner he dispatched those in the way. Interesting by its silence that there has been little of his death in conciliar publications and spin zones. Many things he did behind the scenes could be classified as queer, taken in the sense of the first as in suspicious, questionable. For a glimpse of who Marcinkus was, we have the softer version in Richard Cooper Lansing who was the prototype of Marcinkus in Malachi Martin's moving and quite accurate inside factional saga "Vatican" in which Fr. Martin patterned the tall Chicagoan after who else but the man from Cicero, Illinois - Marcinkus; and we have the harder, many say more realistic, version of who this windy city archbishop really was in Yallop's book. Weaned on the ways of Al Capone, what he was suspected of would make Tony Soprano a choir boy.

    Either way another mystery has been conveniently buried, yet to be unraveled regarding the scandal of the Vatican Bank in which the Mafia-friendly Chicago organizer was in charge, placed there by Paul VI at "Blackjack" John Cardinal Cody's coaxing to use Marcinkus for his American know-how in doing the conciliars' dirty work. Any one who has read the documentation in Atila Sinke Guimar„es' hard-hitting fact book "Vatican II, Homosexuality and Pedophilia" knows how the queer word applies to Montini in the lavendar loggia. That strange citizen from Milan and his successor Karol Wojtyla have nothing on Pontius Pilate in supposedly washing their hands of all that was being laundered. The devastation and fall-out are still being felt throughout the world and more and more the prurient advertising slogan, "What goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas" had its roots with "What goes on in the Vatican, stays in the Vatican" or else. Queer happenings indeed. Loose lips sink ships and as many journalists, historians and plain folk - like yours truly - tried to contact Marcinkus and get him to share a little of the escapades he was enmeshed in , perhaps to clear his name if he was indeed innocent. But always any chance of an interview, even off the record, fell on his deaf but very sharp ears. He knew, but never told. And today that secret lies with him six feet under unless he totally sold out and opted to be burned to a crisp in the crematorium. Queer Happenings indeed!

    In the seventies Marcinkus, Michele Sindona and Roberto Calvi had been business partners in the Vatican Bank via Banco Ambrosiano in the Bahamas and the IOR where tons of investments with legit funds and illegitimate money were passed through bogus accounts. Those were the good times for Marcinkus, the American golden boy propped up by Chicago's mob boss in red robes - Cardinal Cody just as Martin's novel depicted his fictitious Cardinal "Blackjack" Krementz. No coincidencence. In fact it was Cody who set the table for Cardinal Joseph Bernardin and his boys - a network of sodomite clerics and prelates-to-be. What were we saying about queer? But back to the "ape." Marcinkus had the world by its oyster. He was the pearl, or so he thought among a sea of Romanitas who knew little of the ways of high tech, banking, bookkeeping and bookies. Interesting, hey? Modernists not entirely up on being modern! For Marcinkus the Vaticanistas were the ideal mark and he played his role well. This handsome wise-cracking cleric would go far thanks to the compromising cast who enabled him in their queer way.

    They say, "tell the truth you're bulletproof." No one in the modern Vatican was or is bulletproof. Enough said. But that didn't bother Marcinkus. Rather that helped his ambitions which often were formulated on the golf course with those who enjoyed the good life - the deal makers. No cassock or collar on the links, just downright connivance. With every deal Marcinkus rose higher in esteem by those who had looked the other way, claiming as they do today, ignorance. Folks, I've never seen so many dumb men with doctorates. What did they teach in those colleges they attended? Ah, rhetorical or queer question, because their own heretical teaching has become the curriculum. Queer? You got that right. So you see Marcinkus had it all and had 'em all hoodwinked, or so he thought before he bit off more than he could chew in guaranteeing Calvi that he could cover the debts of the Bank's investments.

    That was before Calvi, nicknamed "God's Banker", absconded with $1.2 billion dollars and supposedly committed suicide by hanging himself from the Blackfriar's Bridge in London. No note, just bricks in his pocket and the black bag with the absconded funds curiously missing. No lie! Talk about queer! An obvious sign that it was not suicide but a mob hit, a new kind of mob - the Propagandi Due, Masonic to the core and part of the bargain that contributed to the slippery slope modern Rome finds itself in today. You've heard the axiom "caught between the devil and the deep blue sea"? Well, this was "caught between the Mafia and the Masons" and the vice was tightening. Why do you think they call it "vice"?!

    Forensic studies affirmed nearly twenty two years after the fact in 2004 that it could not possibly have been suicide. While Calvi escaped questioning in 1982 by dying, the Sicilian Sindona, a crafty banker, was convicted of 25 years in an American prison, but the P2 was successful in getting him extradited back to Italy where he was conveniently poisoned with no investigation. Meanwhile, Marcinkus had run his course. Just as they were wont to do in covering up or protecting the guilty when the noose begins to tighten, John Paul II and Ratzinger sent him into the desert seven years later in 1989, dispatching the gorilla to the 15th hole on the Sun City Golf Course outside of Phoenix to while away the rest of his life in country club luxury, immune from Italian authorities who did their darndest to have him deported back to Italy to stand trial. Sound familiar, Bernard Law? William Levada, are you sweating a bit under the collar?

    Italy never got their wish, though they came close several times including most recently when loopholes were going to make it possible to nab Marcinkus even if he was playing his favorite course. Who knew what happened? We know for a fact whatever it was it was queer. Who knew how much he knew with his close association with former Phoenix ordinary Thomas O'Brien, pedophile protector, who evidently got his instructions from the Mafiosa mixed up. He thought they said "hit the dog" and, in typical fashion of the Novus Ordo spineless purple potentates, he hit a man and killed him. The mob may have made mistakes, but, unlike modern Rome, they're not dumb; queer maybe, but not dumb. Someone who doesn't know the difference between a canine and human wouldn't be too dependable as a hit man, definitely not episcopal material. In fact before Vatican II bishop and queer was an antonym.

    But one has to ask what really happened to Marcinkus? Did he die of old age at 84? Was he sickly? To many he was still quite robust though most probably had lost the drive and urge to go for the hole in two when on the links. He'd lie back and play it safe. He was slumped over, shrinking most probably to 6' 3" maybe even less. Age does that to you unless you have a 24-Hour Fitness in your back yard. But Marcinkus was always one who enjoyed the good life. That was the Marcinkus of record. Outspoken but cautious to a fault, especially after the collapse of the Vatican Bank. He was a survivor. Harry Houdini, move over, there is - or should we say now 'was' - a new magician in town. One had to be an escape artist to end up as he did. Queer Happenings indeed! Had he gotten lazy in his old age, or were certain conciliar authorities concerned that what he knew could still indict the very men who have risen to the top or hinder the fast-track of a crafty Pole who is lobbying from his grave for sainthood with purported miracles which are no more miracles than me shooting under par on any golf course. Believe me I've never shot par. Not so with Marcinkus who it is reported was a pretty fair duffer, especially with the power shots. Calloway's Big Bertha can be the difference maker between a birdie and a bogie. No doubt he kept it close by in his villa on the greens to fend off prying reporters or possible hit men. He had to be looking over his shoulder. Remember that part about telling the truth? He was definitely not bulletproof?

    He's only been dead a week and putting on our conspiracy hat, we have to ask: other than the local authorities, who else do you think have searched his facilities before or after his death? Unlike a monastery or convent, the Secretary of State or Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith cannot order the place sealed as a certain former CDOF head did a year ago at the news of the death of "Sister Lucy." Again, we express our belief as we stated one year ago in our editorial Only Heaven Knows that it was highly doubtful the true visionary Sister Lucia was carried out of Coimbra but a look-alike planted after the real Sister Lucia's death that was, at the time, kept quiet because it did not advance or help the conciliar cause. Oh to be a Mr. Monk or a CSI investigator in Sun City this past week. The things one could find, the things one would look for. Tell me the modernists and masons haven't sent their men in to clean out any clues. If only an ambitious journalist were to discover something overlooked and provide the key that would topple the entire domino setup of the house of cards - the conciliar zoo. One can always hope. Queerer happenings have happened.

    In retrospect we can only assume what Father Paul Marcinkus needed to get off his chest but never did. Like so many before him in the conciliar line, he has gone to his grave seemingly unrepentant. He definitely never publicly came clean or publicly recanted the accusations. It could very well have been him swinging from the bridge or gasping behind bars, but for the grace of God or the bargain with the devil he went scot free near Scotsdale. He might have shared with us had he spoke out, but, with his Vatican immunity card squarely in wallet, he was able to evade all authority save One. Now his moment in the High Court is at hand and he can remain silent no longer for the Almighty Judge knows all. He was famous for the off-handed quip, "You can't run the Church on Hail Marys." Oh, if he only realized that is the only way to run it by asking our Lady to guide the way. After all she is the Mother of the Church. May we pray that this most powerful man of the conciliar corruption, in his own way, made his peace with God and with that said, all we can say is Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine. Et lux perpetua luceat. Requiescat in pace. Amen. Anima ejus, et animae omnium fidelium defunctorum per misericordiam. De requiescant in pace. Amen.

The beasts are loose

    With the dead dispatched and their secrets buried with them, we turn our attention to the living and the sad, queer state of affairs in that very place Marcinkus had free reign to roam in Rome. Benedict XVI has sent a message to the masses that makes Marcinkus' involvement seem like child's play for at least most La Cosa Nostra members were Catholic, not so the Masonic forces in charge today. Evidence that a reward for not protecting the flocks, covering up the sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance and playing fast and loose with morals will get you a cardinal's hat in this temporal life. Queer indeed. What must the great Cardinal Saint Robert Bellarmine be saying in the Celestial Regions? "I should have made De Romano Pontifice stronger to alert the faithful to this immoral chicanery and apostasy." That's what he would say as he strives with all his might to intercede for those who have been duped. For many it is too late. One would think William Levada and Boston wreckovator Sean O'Malley have already sold their souls by their actions. They have no intention of toeing the narrow path. Like Marcinkus, they've been duly rewarded by mammon with an ecclesial honor that carries no weight with God. All this upcoming consistory will do is invalidate even more Catholics as the implosion continues. No poker face with BeneRatz, he's tipped his hand and it reeks of modernism and cover-up that flies in the face of common sense and common decency. Are you watching, Bishop Fellay?

    What an insult that Benedict chose the Double Major Feast of Saint Gabriel the Archangel to bestow the invalid birettas on men who are not even valid bishops, let alone true priests. Are you listening, Angelus Magazine? But then what was that about the devil mocking God? Yes, that's it in a nutshell. Whose more queer than satan? And by the way, I don't think a New Order 'bishop' could even tell you what a Double Major Feast is. That's how far they have distanced themselves from the beautiful liturgy of Holy Mother Church as it has been for so many centuries. Most likely March 24th is another ordinary day in ordinary time in an ordinary lenten time of ordinary practices by ordinaries who are, well, not just ordinary but wierd, malicious and yes, dare I say it, queer.

    Pray for every last one of them to come to their senses before it is too late. And political correctness aside, you can take our inference to queer any way you want. Frankly we don't care for we at The Daily Catholic refuse to acknowledge sodomites as gays for their is nothing gay about damning one's soul. No, that kind of behavior can be called only two things: sinful and queer!

    Now, where were we? Oh yes, queer happenings that are day by day creeping into every facet of our lives and I frankly am fed up with it.Maybe we need to align with the Muslims and when Christians, Christ or the Blessed Mother are mocked and blasphemed in cartoons they'll join us and march on Hollywood and... Naw! It would never work. For one, America is too lukewarm to even care, and it's a fact followers of a false prophet want nothing to do with those who have the Real Thing in Christ Jesus; and second an infitada is not the answer. We must continue the course we are on: working in God's vineyard for one soul at a time. It's a slow, but steady progression because there is no such thing as a fast-track to Heaven.

    Speaking of the Muslims, and I'm not afraid to speak about those radicals who are truly of satan, have you noted how it is so easy to stir up the rabble-rousers into a Nazi-like furor even if they don't have a Furhrer unless Mohammed goes by another title these days.What is fact is that those who are sig-heiling must keep deceiving the masses as they deny that Mohammed was queer, despite various passages of the Koran that have circulated the internet illustrating if anything, that such a term was the perfect description for the apostate 'profit' at the expense of Christian blood. The interesting fact is that the very same cartoons that ran in the Danish newspaper, and which have stirred the bowels of followers of Islam into an uproar, were run a few months prior in an Egyptian newspaper and not a peep. Talk about queer happenings and manipulated mob mentality.

Queerer and queerer and queerer

    And speaking of manipulated, there are two films that personify this. Both are totally deceitful and dishonest. They are the perverted Brokeback Mountain and the convoluted convulsions of The DaVinci Code. The more the Hollyhoods push the former as quality and a "love story", the more it should discredit any validation of the Academy Awards which have become not a measure of talent, but a propaganda piece to push smut and sin, queer as that may sound. The Code is another story. You can see the clout behind it with Ron Howard and Tom Hanks. Can you say liberal bias? Oh, that's right, we used that for the Broken Mountain bit. Well you can use it again and this time, let's hope Christians everywhere will rise up and boycott en masse this blasphemy from sea to shining sea. Face it, unless the very same ones who crowded theaters for The Passion of The Christ boycott the demonic DaVinci Code we can officially be labeled in America as the lukewarm of the Church of Laodicia of Apocalypse 3: 16. Not an appetizing site, I assure you. If the liberal element are counting on the same red states to support the trash Howard is preparing, regardless of Hanks' name, let's hope and pray they'll be in for a big shock. It's up to not only Traditional Catholics, but every one who calls themselves Christian - even if they don't have the full truth, at least they know what's obviously false and that is Dan Brown's lying, blasphemous swamp swill.

    And speaking of garbage - queer garbage at that, did you catch the silence coming forth from the modern Vatican at the documented audio tapes recently revealed between Saddam and his right hand man Tariq Aziz before the present war? What was that about WMD's? Proof right there, but this has nothing to do with politics, but the very fact that the supposedly Maronite Catholic Aziz who was schmoozed by John Paul II, Cardinal Martino et alii, felt no tinge of conscience when he offered on tape that the chemical warfare proposed would wipe out 100,000 people and he wasn't against it! Does that sound Catholic? Are you listening, Bishop Fellay? Oh, maybe modern Rome hadn't heard it yet since they were so busy either polishing communist China's boots, or putting out a hit on Marcinkus because authorities or the press were getting too close, or scurrying about to collect royalties on preaching the Gospel. That's right. In fact, they may even be working on a new version of Mark 16: 15, which could sound something like the following revision:

    "Go out into the whole world and collect royalty fees for anything said by you and make sure you cover your derriers; oh, and those who don't want to believe and be baptized, let them be, you have already loosed everything I established. Besides, according to you, everyone is saved. Amen I say to you, the civilization of love lives on in the new evangelization you have established to preach universal salvation. Go and get that the revenue."

   While the above, of course, is facetious, it isn't far from the truth the way the animals are acting. Ratzinger and modern Rome want to put a copyright on everything he says. You know, collect on it. Sorry, but we're not paying one red cent. We'll just quote previous reliable Popes who never put a pricetag on preaching the Word of God. But the new Vatican is altering everything and selling out, totally selling out. They're changing what they said last week because it didn't play in Peoria. Never mind Heaven, it's man they must please. They've evidently never read Paul's words in Galatians 1: 8-10. But to change anything today takes a quorum and therein is the rub. Most things today, thanks to collegiality, go to committee and often are tied up in technicalities - held in limbo, if you will - oops, can't use limbo any more, sorry - anyway, don't look for Ratzinger to do anything in turning back to Truth and Tradition anytime soon because anything in these times must have the approval of the bishops. Ah yes, all hail collegiality. Not!!! Queer happenings indeed.

    The miserable menagerie has spread everywhere. Recently cardinal Roger Etchegaray, he of the denial of Catholic truth, just showed up in Moscow to celebrate schismatic Russian Patriarch Alexy II's birthday. Whoopdie doo! While souls are starved, in typical fashion the conciliarists kiss up to the Reds. Well, while there he said "Mass" for the few 'Catholic' Russians there. The kicker is that he said it in Latin! Why? Because he realizes the beauty of the Mother Tongue and the need to uphold the Truths and Traditions? Not on your life. He said it in Latin because he didn't know Russian and apologized to the congregation. Frankly, I'm surprised he knew Latin! What he should have apologized to them for was the fact souls in the Soviet regions have been sold out ever since the Pact of Metz in 1962 and millions have been deprived of the true Faith because he and Kasper and the rest of the Zoo are so afraid of their own shadow and offending man, that the marching orders are now not to proseltyze. He should have apologized for totally mangling the Fatima message and said a mea culpa for the errors of Russia spreading on the watch of the man who appointed him: JP2. After all, Etchegaray should be an expert at apologizing; he learned from the master. He should have apologized for totally abandoning the Catholic mission of uncompromisingly preaching Catholic truth. When will those who attend the Novus Ordo lodges stop feeding the animals with their hard-earned funds? No dogma, no dollars! When will they realize the conciliar predators have no qualms about biting the hand that feeds them? Definitely queer happenings. But the sad saga is that things may get even queerer and wilder, and much, much more dangerous to the well-being of souls. Such is life and death in the conciliar zoo.

Michael Cain, editor

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    Shrove Tuesday
    February 28, 2006
    vol 17, no. 46
    Catholic PewPOINT