February 22, 2005
vol 16, no. 53

Only Heaven Knows!

    Sister Lucia's death has created many more questions than answers as the modern Vaticanistas go into defensive mode. Eventually they'll trip over their own tongues for they have left a long trail of lies and cover-ups. Now the question arises: What are they hiding?

    The modernists must think we're pretty stupid. I admit, I was for over 35 years. But, through the grace of God, He managed to get through this thick skull and by following His Blessed Mother back to Him, we have been guided back to the very path Our Lady illuminated at Fatima - the straight and narrow way. And it has been narrow. Nevertheless, worth every inch of the way. Monday morning our parish had a Requiem High Mass for the repose of the soul of Sister Lucia de Jesus dos Santos and while the world-famous "Singing Nuns" were chanting in celestial tones the Dies Irae, the thought flooded me, what if Sr. Lucy had died years ago. Think about it. It is not only possible, but very probable. Remember, Traditional Catholics are naturally skeptical for supernatural reasons. We have to be as Our Lord cautions us in Matthew 24.

    Here are some more reasons. It's a fact that on her death bed Jacinta, in all her innocence, told Mother Godinho:

    "There is a secret of Heaven and one of earth, and the latter is terrifying. It will seem as though it were already the end of the world. And in this cataclysm everything will be separated from the sky, which will turn white as snow."

    Doesn't sound like "the steep mountain and the mirror bit with the bishop in white" tripe to me. It sounds very foreboding which the May 13, 2000 version was anything but. In fact, as the spin goes, it already happened. Yeah, right. That's why the world is so much better off today than it was in 1917 when Jacinta, her brother Francesco and little Lucia rushed to the Cova da Iria!

    Consider what Sr. Lucia said years ago as quoted by Father Nicholas Gruner in his most recent February Newsletter,

    "My mission is not to indicate to the world the material punishments which are certain to come if the world does not pray and do penance beforehand. No! My mission is to indicate to everyone the imminent danger we are in of losing our souls for all eternity if we remain obstinate to sin."

    I'm sure several stern memos were relayed to stop such talk for listen to what Cardinal Ricardo Vidal claimed she said in his 1993 interview with the cloistered nun:

    "The triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary also refers to (triumph over) the errors that were being spread by Russia... Our Lady's Immaculate Heart triumphed over the errors that were being spread by Communist Russia. The Consecration of 1984 prevented an atomic war that would have occurred in 1985... The 'era of peace' does not refer to a civil peace, but rather to a peace that we are now living with the end of the spread of the errors of Communist Russia."

    Some peace! Short-lived if you ask me, maybe all of ten minutes. It was all a ruse as we can see so clearly today with the regime of KGB honcho Vladimir Putin and the fact that Russia's errors, beginning with abortion, are spreading worse than ever. The errors of modernism have spread from the Kremlin to the Vatican and back. Since when does Russia tell Rome what to do such as not proselytizing the Faith? Well, considering the latter no longer has the Faith just as Our Lady foretold at La Salette, and considering that the Zionists are telling Rome what to do, we shouldn't be surprised that the modern Vatican institution will pander to any one except those who uphold the True Faith!

    And the instigator of most of this subterfuge, Karol Wojtyla has also changed his tune since 1981 when a reporter asked him on a trip to Fulda, Germany about the Third Secret. He replied:

    "Due to the seriousness of the contents of the Fatima secret, my predecessors in the Throne of Peter have preferred to postpone the publication. Furthermore, it may be enough to Christian people to know that, if there is a message saying that the oceans will flood whole parts of the globe, and millions of people will die, from one minute to another, it is not really the case to will the publication of this secret message."

    First of all, he voluntarily offered the information of the flooding. Secondly, is the Tsunami in Southeastern Asia the beginning of this? Only God knows. Suffice it to say ol' John Paul and his band have changed their tune as he authorized the release by Angelo Sodano with a fabricated interpretation by Joseph Ratzinger that flies in the face of his former fears that he expressed to many about the Third Secret being about the "great Apostasy in the Church." Since the 2000 blitz there's not been one iota about that except from those who challenge the integrity of modern Rome. Integrity? That's a lost word with these hierarchs today as we can see from all the waffling and denials that the modern Vatican institution has become infamous for, beginning with the infiltration in the 40's and 50's, then the mutiny within at Vatican II, then the all-out "abomination of desolation" followed by lie after lie, to the "don't ask, don't tell" policy where seminaries were the breeding grounds for satanic sodomites.

    There is a price to pay for this devastation of the Mystical Bride and it is both temporal and spiritual. We know as Zenit revealed last week that the over $840 million dollars has been PAID OUT in legal settlements! That is obscene. You'll note they lumped "the 4,392 priests [and bishops] who had been accused of molesting minors in 10,667 cases between 1950 and 2002." That is another insidious way to claim Pope Pius XII as part of their agenda. Truth be known the cases between 1950 and 1959 were minimal, but by adding a few hundred to that number they try to implicate Pius. Backhanded and banal, but purposely intended. Yes, they purposely intended all of this deception and destruction. And it was just announced that in 2004 there were well over a thousand more cases. Yet the one who is taking the credit - Wilton Gregory - should take the blame. But does he? Noooo! In fact he's being touted as a long shot for a red hat as is Sean O'Malley in Boston. Puh-lease! Is there no decency left? Definitely not in the Novus Ordo establishment as they decimate more every minute, every day.

    I personally cannot keep up with the plethora of devastation flooding the daily headlines. This diocese filing bankruptcy, this bishop accused of covering up, that bishop denying allegations, that bishop closing more parishes in order to raise money to pay off victims and legal fees. Folks, excuse me, but who are the real victims here? It is you and I. We've been taken by these matchstick men in magenta and scarlet trim. Every single person who contributed to a diocese fund or to a parish should demand a refund because they were lied to, they were frauded. Bait and switch. They donated funds under the auspices that it was going for worthwhile purposes in fulfilling the Corporal Works of Mercy. Funny, I don't see paying obscene funds to attorneys and whistle-blowers hush money as "works of Mercy." I don't see paying for the rehabilitation of priests as "works of Mercy" when they are given epicurean delights rather than penitential sackcloth and ashes. Case in point Bernard Law who, were it not for Vatican immunity, should be behind bars. How is this any different than Enron, or even Martha Stewart. Deception, lies, cover-up. But then Law and his cronies were only continuing the scandal ushered in by one of the chief pioneers of modernism in the USA Richard Cushing.

    The bottom line is that God is allowing the Novus Ordo establishment to implode upon itself by bankrupting itself. Hey, it's already spiritually bankrupt. That's a fact that no one can refute. But why not help expedite the process. Why not put our mouths where our money would be had it not been pilfered under false pretenses by the hucksters in our parishes and chanceries? I say it's time to file a class action law suit against every diocese and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for spiritual abuse. As I wrote one correspondent this morning, we are all victims of fraud, deception and devastation. Billions have been spiritually harmed which is much more damaging than physically harmed. Can you see where this is God's hand in bringing down the Novus Ordo church by bankrupting them? Let's make it complete and say to these spineless wolves in shepherds' clothing: either you give us the Truths and Traditions or we shut you down!!! No dogma, no dollars!

    Such a campaign is already underway in the largest see in the United States in an effort to unseat the Grand Master of the Novus Ordo Lodge Roger Mahony who, believe it or not, is a heartbeat away from sitting on the throne of Peter in fulfillment of Our Lady's prophecy at La Salette: "Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Antichrist."

    Yes, the Mother of God has said quite a bit over the past two centuries, and so few have truly responded. You'll notice something else about Our Lady. She doesn't beat around the bush, unlike those who interpret her messages! She clearly showed the visionaries of Fatima a gory glimpse of hell. Oh, yes, for Novus Ordinarians who haven't heard much about one of the Last Four Things, hell is that very real place of eternal perdition where souls will go who do not believe, who are not baptized and who are not members of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. That's not my opinion or prejudicial commentary. That's Church Dogma; thrice defined and set in stone.

    Yet the modernists have been able to twist everything from the "Catclysm" of the Catholic Church, as Tim Duff appropriately calls the new catechism, to a new code of Canon Law, which I call "Cannon" Law, shooting down that which was absolute. In the following paragraphs I have several questions. First off, why is it the modern Vatican institution won't reference anything before 1961? I think we all know the answer to that.

    Secondly, has anyone questioned whether Sister Lucia who died last Monday on the 13th of the month no less, coincidence(?) is really thee Sister Lucia who entered the cloistered convent of Coimbra in 1948? One has to wonder. First of all, why would someone, who received messages several times from Heaven, change their tune totally? As someone remarked to me, wouldn't Our Lady have confided in her that she was being deceived by those she was told she must be obedient to? Yes, because we must obey God always before man. Therefore, the "silence" imposed on Sister Lucia is not only unusual, but suspect.

    The reason I bring up doubt about if that was really Sister Lucia in the coffin last week is that she was not photographed until recently. We know what she looked like when she was a little girl, but few pictures after that. Now consider what Fr. Gruner wrote this week,

    "For more than four decades, Sister Lucy was silenced by powerful Vatican bureacrats opposed to the Fatima Message. She was, as I mentioned, the one and only person in the Church forbidden, without first obtaining permission, to speak publicly on the very apparitions she herself had witnessed. This was and still is a scandal and, as you may know, we have spent a good part of the last 15 years denouncing this injustice and working as hard as we could to overturn it."

    Because Fr. Gruner has been so doggedly persevering and devoted and will continue to do so as promised, he is seen as a threat to modern Rome. Why? Why would a priest, a very good and dedicated priest, who is intent on following Heaven's instructions, albeit private revelation - still Fatima is a powerful primer on the Faith - be considered an adversary? Ah, there's the rub. What are the modernists hiding that Fr. Gruner is so close to uncovering?

    Look closely at the picture above. Notice how smooth her skin is? Notice how young her features are? Now it is very possible that she was so holy that she lived and died in the aura of sanctity and maintained her youth to the end. Possible, but not very probable. Consider that she was five weeks shy of her 98th birthday. Any one who has observed senior citizens has noticed a common trait. The older one grows, the smaller they get. They shrink and wilt. It's part of nature. Now look closely at this nearly 98-year old woman above and tell me she's a day over 70! Notice the close-up to the left. Hardly a wrinkle. See the full hair in the eyebrows. How many nearly 98-year olds still have hair left, or at least graying? Now look at her feet below. Again, smooth skin, very few varicose veins or liver spots, so typical of anyone over 80 years old. Her feet look like they belong to a woman of 40 or 50 at the most, definitely not a woman just two years short of the century mark. And remember she was a discalced Carmelite,that means 'barefoot' so those toes were exposed to the elements for supposedly 57 years. Definitely not worse for wear from the picture below. Now you could attribute this to good clean living in the convent. If so, do all her fellow sisters look that young? She looks like a spry young thing in a recent photograph with John Paul II which truly shows his age. Yet he's at least a dozen years her junior! Just as he's stooped over, shrinking and wilting with age and infirmities, isn't it unusual that Sister Lucia didn't shrink or wrinkle at least a little?

    It is either a miracle of Heavenly Avon or that person lying in the coffin was much younger than nearly 98. What am I saying? Is it possible that somewhere in the 60's the real Sister Lucia passed away and that the modern Vatican institution saw it as an opportunity to further undermine doctrine and convince the resistance such as the Blue Army by having the visionary herself rubber-stamp what Vatican II had wrought? Not only possible, but quite probable considering the contradictions she herself has spoken and the way the holy shrine has been sabotaged with nary a word from her? Any one who has a pulse realizes the ecumaniacal push going on at Fatima. Wouldn't the real Sister Lucia have protested vehemently at such blatant disobedience to the Mother of God's words and warnings? Of course she would have. I know, everyone will point to her vow of obedience and silence, but if that were the real Sister Lucia whom Heaven had communicated several times with, she would know when she was being deceived for, as we say every day in the Act of Faith "Jesus Christ Who canst neither deceive nor be deceived." Do you really think God would sentence her to be obedient to false prophets as His Holy Church was devastated? I don't think so. Sister Lucia warned of the enemy. Do you really think she would warm to the enemy when she knew Heaven's will? Not a chance.

    Another fact that has been lost is that she was an active nun in the Order of the Dorotheans. In the aftermath of the apparitions, as she grew to be an adult, her Bishop had advised she enter religious life because the people would not leave her alone. Yet in 1948 she entered the Cloistered Convent. Was this to be free of the coming apostasy? Or was this a forced imprisonment within the controlled cloister even then by manipulators working behind the scenes, beneath the radar. Pope Pius XII, though privately was concerned about the startling tenor of Fatima, publicly played down the apparitions and messages, and, sadly, this was made manifest by his neglect of not consecrating, in union with all the bishops of the world, Russia to Mary's Immaculate Heart. Let's face it, he was the only Pontiff who could have commanded every prelate to do so and they would have responded. Collegiality was still in the shadows and had no muscle yet. I dare say if Pius had one regret from Heaven, it was that he didn't consecrate Russia. A close second would have been to defrock a slew of clerics before they gained momentum. But one can't cry over spilt milk. Yet the lactae of Our Lady's words were polluted by those working even back then to sabotage Fatima even though His Holiness had already revealed to the world the first two parts of the Third Secret as early as 1943. But by 1948, with Pius' docket pretty full trying to be the universal shepherd in the wake of World War II, I doubt he paid much attention to what was going on in Coimbra, Portugal. Therefore, it would be very easy to keep a certain visionary in check, not only away from the world, but possibly programmed to accept their agenda. As persuasive as they might be and they have shown how clever and insidious the modernists are, it is doubtful they could fool one who had a direct line to Heaven. Therefore, one has to wonder what they did do. Is it possible that she languished in another cell and they brought in a look-alike - a much younger look-alike?

    Before you say what's he had to drink or smoke, remember the original Manchurian Candidate or that chilling, true television series in the 50's starring Richard Carlson as counter-spy Herb Philbrick, author of I Led Three Lives? Realize the Russkies were very adept at infiltration as 5th columnists. They could easily fashion a double, especially since the true Sister Lucia was not that well known visually. It may sound like a stretch, but considering how the interlopers have stretched the truth, I wouldn't put anything past those who had already sold their soul to the father of half-truths.

    That brings me to the fact that no sooner had she passed, that it was revealed by one of Italy's most respected journalists Vittorio Messori in the February 14th issue of Corriere della Serra that the modern Vatican institution at Ratzinger's command, had ordered her cloistered cell sealed. That means no one could enter. Not even a deceased pope's quarters is sealed permanently. Messori wrote: "whatever is enclosed there will be passed through the sieve of trusted theologians and monsignors sent, one supposes, by the same Cardinal Ratzinger, who, as custodian of orthodoxy, must keep at bay visionary temptations which always reemerge." Talk about double-speak gobbledygook.

    In addressing the paragraph prior to the last one where I asserted that Heaven could not deceive, listen to what Messori said about what most probably existed in her immediately-sealed cell, "she would have had other apparitions, where she kept a diary, where she wrote letters to the Pope, where she had undergone her mystical intuitions." Do you think those apparitions, diary notes, letters and mystical intuitions included the truth of what was really happening? If that person in the casket is truly Sister Lucia, then a resounding Yes! If, however, that person was really a plant carrying on the rouge to further enable the ecumenism of Fatima and the rest of the Church and silence the Traditionalists, then what is in that cell? And who are these "trusted theologians and monsignors"? The same men who have lied to us before? But of course. So we are to believe them now? I don't think so.

    Why have they so vehemently denied they're hiding something when only a few, primarily Fr. Gruner and his Fatima Center are the only ones blowing the whistle? Ah, me thinks they doth protest too much, these Vaticanistas of modern times. On Sunday Zenit ran the story from a Fr. Jacinto Farias, president of the Scientific Commission of the Fatima Congress (now that's a mouthful and what is it exactly?) in Coimbra where he stated that her writings will not reveal any new details of the Fatima apparitions. Okay, but then he goes into spin mode with more bafflegab in an attempt to make Sister Lucia out to be an ignoramus. Yep, the body's not even cold yet and they're dissing her reputation. Typical modus operandi. He says, "On the specific question of the Fatima message and Marxism's militant atheism and dialectical materialism, there are documents which state Sister Lucia thought that Russia was a woman or a person who was being asked to convert. It was a message that was beyond the awareness of the visionary herself." Huh, how come no one brought that out before? Oh, yea, she might refute it if that was really her.

    Now notice how he twists the whole thing into a predestined pretzel where paranoids need not apply as Zenit writes, "The fact that the message has now been interpreted and translated by the Church into a pastoral strategy is 'perfectly legitimate,' said Father Farias." Interesting, "pastoral strategy," yes, interesting slip of the lip. They expose themselves further when Farias reveals that "Cardinal Goncalves Cerejeira himself said that it was not the Church that imposed Fatima, but Fatima that imposed itself on the Church." Oh, pardon me, how dare Our Lady do such a thing to impose God's will on Holy Mother Church. Was not the Church - up until Vatican II - the one trusting beacon of sanity and sanctity in a turbulent sea of the world, the flesh and the devil? Is it not a fact that the Blessed Virgin is our caring loving Heavenly Mother who rebukes as a loving mother should, but always extends hope. Ol' Cerejeira portrays the whole thing as an "imposition." As patriarch of Lisbon I'm sure he suffered greatly because of that thorn called Fatima.

    Ah, but Farias isn't done spinning the demolition of the tradition of Fatima. No, Zenit writes that "It was only at the beginning of the 1930s that the Church recognized the Fatima miracle 'in virtue of the massive popular adherence not only in Portugal, but worldwide.' Analysis of the Fatima message 'is now in the hermeneutic plane,' as the 'historical analysis is closed.'" More of those nebulous big words where they slip deception right by us just as they did at Vatican II with erudite clauses that made no sense and were at the best ambiguous. But that was their intent. As Michael Davies called them, "timebombs." And here is one of those timebombs "in the hermeneutic plane as the historical analysis is closed." Notice he says the historical analysis is "closed." Who says so? We all know the Third Secret has yet to be fully recognized for what it truly contains. But he and the rest of his bosses want to close it, shove it aside, hide the evidence and get on with globalization of a One World Order. Hermeneutic means the 'unfolding the signification.' We all know the modernists are good at this, having dragged out that rationale for the bible, the Mass, the Sacraments, you name it, including that for the Jews their faith is still "unfolding" and therefore their wait for the Messias is not in vain. Heresy and anathema, but few catch it if you use a big word like 'hermeneutic.' Can't these guys speak plain English? Better yet, can't these guys speak Latin!?!

    Now we come to the finale, the coup de gras by Farias -as in fairy tale. "It is necessary to make a theological analysis, to take advantage of the potential latent in the content of the secret." Say what? Translated: we've got to make sure the interpretation we foisted on the world in 2000 sticks and do all in our power to prevent anyone from discovering what's really contained in the Third secret. It must remain hidden, come hell or high water and, as has already been revealed, the tide is rising and hell awaits.

    Let us finally examine what was published on October 15, 1963 in the German publication News Europe from a highly confidential document circulating at Vatican II which Father Gommar DePauw himself, the founder of Catholic Traditionalism in America, verified. Could the following be what Our Lady really conveyed in the Third Secret?

    "Have no fear, little one. I am the Mother of God who speaks to you and asks you to publish the message I am going to give you to the whole world. You will find strong resistance while you do so. Listen well and pay attention to what I tell you.

       "Men must be set on the right road once more. With suppliant humility, men must seek forgiveness for sins committed already and for sins which will be committed. You wish me to give you a sign, so that everyone will accept My Words, which I am saying through you, to the human race. I have seen the Prodigy of the Sun and all believers, unbelievers, peasants, countrymen, wise men, journalists, laics and priests, all have seen it. And now I proclaim in my name: A great punishment shall fall on the entire human race, not today and not tomorrow, but in the second half of the 20th century! I have already revealed to the children Melanie and Maximime at La Salette, and today I repeat it to you for the human race has sinned and has trampled down the Gift which I have made. In no part of the world is life in order, Satan rules in the highest position, laying down how things should be done. He will effectually succeed in bringing his influence right up to the top of the Church; succeed in seducing the spirits of the great scientists who invent the arms. And if humanity opposes me I shall be obliged to free the arm of My Son. Now I see that God will punish man with a severity that has not been used since the Flood.

       "The time of times will come and everything will come to an end if humanity is not converted, and if things remain as they are now or get worse, the great and powerful men will perish just as will the small and weak.

       "For the Church, too, the time of its greatest trial will come. Cardinals will oppose cardinals and bishops against bishops. Satan will march in their midst and there will be great changes at Rome. What is rotten will fall, never to rise again. The Church will be darkened and the world will shake with terror. The time will come when no king, emperor, cardinal or bishop will await Him who will, however, come, but in order to punish according to the designs of my Father.

       "A great war will break out in the second half of the 20th century. Fire and smoke will fall from Heaven, and waters of the oceans will become vapors, the scum will arise in a confused manner, and everything will sink down. Millions and millions of men will perish while this is going on and those who survive will envy the dead. The unexpected will follow in every part of the world, anxiety, pain and misery in every country. Have I seen it? The time is getting ever nearer and the abyss is getting wider without hope. The good will perish with the bad, the great with the small, the Heads of the Church with their faithful, and the rulers with their people. There will be death everywhere as a result of the mistakes of the unfeeling and the partisans of Satan, but when those who survive all these happenings are still alive, they will proclaim God once again and His Glory, and will serve Him as in the time when the world was not so perverted.

       "Go, my little one and proclaim it. For that purpose I shall always be at your side to help you."

    As we know the war Our Lady referenced "in the second half of the 20th century" has been delayed, quite probably through prayers of reparation. But has it been mitigated? There is another shorter version that has been circulated over the past twenty years, which again flies in the face of what was released in 2000:

       "A great plague will befall mankind in the year 2000. Nowhere in the world will there be order, and Satan will rule the highest places, determining the way of things. Satan will even succeed in asserting himself at the top of the Church.

       "He will succeed in seducing the spirits of the great scientists who invent arms, with which it will be possible to destroy a large part of mankind in a few minutes. Satan will have in his power the leaders who command the people and who will incite them to produce enormous quantities of arms.

       "God will punish man more thoroughly than with the Flood. There will come the time of all times and the end of all ends. The great and the powerful will perish together with the small and weak.

       "Even for the Church, it will be the time of its greatest trial. Cardinals will oppose cardinals, bishops will oppose bishops. Satan will walk in their midst and in Rome there will be great changes. The Church will be darkened and the world will be shaking with terror.

       "A huge war will erupt: fire and smoke will fall from the sky. The waters of the ocean will become mist, and the foam will rise to tremendous heights and everyone will drown.

       "Millions and millions of men will die from hour to hour. Whoever remains alive will envy the dead. Everywhere one turns one's glance there will be anguish and misery, ruins in every country.

       "The time draws nearer, the abyss widens without hope. The good will perish with the bad, the great with the small, the princes of the church with the faithful, the rulers with their people.

       "There will be death everywhere because of the errors committed by the crazed and the followers of Satan, who will then and only then rule the world.

       "At the last, those who survive will at every chance newly proclaim God and His glory and they will serve Him as when the world was not so perverted."

    Yet, the modernists all claim there is nothing new. So why did they seal Sister Lucia's cell? Who really could be in that coffin? What are they hiding? As the Requiem Mass concluded, I realized, though we have a right to ask and receive straight, honest answers, they won't be forthcoming from those who are calling the shots presently. We must conclude, though Blessed Mary has pleaded and repeated in the simple message of Fatima to pray the Rosary and offer reparation for sins against the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts, that many hearts have hardened greatly over the past 40 years. We do know what else the Blessed Mother said,

    "In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph, the Holy Father will consecrate Russia for me, which will be converted and the world will be granted a period of peace."

    Since we do not have peace, it is obvious the consecration has not been done and will not be done by any 'conciliarist pope.' We must pray for a true, reliable, holy Pope to rescue the Mystical Bride from the ravagers and rapists of souls. How that will become a reality is why we pray. When, where and who that Pope will be? Only Heaven knows!

Michael Cain, editor

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    February 22, 2005
    vol 16, no. 53