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November 28, 2005
vol 16, no. 302

Together We Can Move Mountains!

    If you agree that 40 years in the conciliar desert is enough time to realize it only leads to dehydration of the soul, then you'll want to be part of the rescue team we are forming to help lead souls out of the arid synthetic church - a man-made church that is not Catholic and will eventually evaporate into thin air. Join the brigade to reclaim the Oasis of Truth and Tradition.

   Sunday's Epistle is a call to arms: "Brethren, knowing that it is now the hour for us to rise from sleep. For now our salvation is nearer than when we believed. The night is passed and the day is at hand. Let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and put on the armor of light" (Romans 13: 11-13). As you can see, with this issue we have inaugurated our Choirs of Angels Christmas Pledge Drive. This is both out of necessity to keep The Daily Catholic going as well as launching the first phase of SANCTUS. Only you can make that a reality. First, I want to share why it is necessary to help fund the efforts of The Daily Catholic. Over seven years we have published regularly, and this year daily each and every day - save for our September Hiatus issue - but the cost for daily continuing in that vein is not possible unless you, our readers can help. We remain the only web publication in the world with each and every day's Propers of the Holy Mass in both Latin and English. We do so in order that those who cannot assist at a Latin Mass in their area or do not have an old missal, can benefit from this and pray the Mass at home daily and especially on Sundays. Many do not have a traditional chapel nearby and, rather than committing a sacrilege by attending a novus ordo service, they are much better off and more Catholic by staying home and praying. If you didn't have a Catholic church near you, surely you wouldn't substitute it by going to the Protestant church down the street. So also one cannot in good conscience attend the man-made novus ordo church services. They're Protestant as well. That is why we publish The Daily Catholic - to alert as many as possible as to the folly of following a false, synthetic church that may have the trappings of being Catholic but in practice and doctrine is not. Just as the Apostle Saint Paul admonished those to wipe the dust from their sandals and move on, so also we strongly advise doing the same with the novus ordo lodges which march to man's orders rather than God's.

    In order to disseminate this and to clarify to all why what we publish is true Catholic teaching, we need your financial help to continue to publish. In addition, because there are so few traditional chapels throughout the United States, there is a need for more chapels and more priests. We're doing all we physically can, but by ourselves all we can do is fig-trees (cf. Matthew 21:19-21). In order to do more, it not only takes great faith but cooperation from you our readers. That is why we've launched during this time of Advent when hearts should be generous in preparation for Christmastide, our "Choirs of Angels Christmas Pledge Drive.

    In all honesty, how much we can raise is not only contingent on how many issues we can publish in 2006, but also to initiate phase one of the goal of SANCTUS to rescue traditions that have been hijacked. This first phase includes identifying churches and sacramentals. Phase two will be to negotiate for the properties and phase three will be to fund priests to abandon the novus ordo and embrace fully the Mass and uncompromising Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church by seeking to be re-ordained by authentic apostolic bishops in the rites in effect at the time of Pope Pius XII. For the latter, it will take mega funds from corporations and grants to establish a medical program, insurance program and modest stipend package for those priests willing to return to the true Church. That won't be easy, but with our motto "With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible" we forge onward, confident in His promises. To facilitate matters and to establish financial stability for this, we are first turning to our angel readers through our hierarchy of laity, we are calling our "Choirs of Angels." You can see more on this at CHOIRS OF ANGELS CHRISTMAS PLEDGE DRIVE. We ask you to be as generous as possible for this first phase of SANCTUS.

    All nine Choirs are vital. Just as in Heaven each Choir has a specific role before the Triune Divinity, so also it is on earth. With all nine choirs contributing, so many more souls can be touched and realize the opportunity of graces to be saved through a return to the true Sacraments administered by true priests.

    We know those angels that can help are out there. With so many visitors each day - over 4,500 hits an hour and well over 100,000 hits per day - there are enough readers that even a small donation pledged monthly will help us expand even further and be able to continue to publish and put phase one into action for the restoration of the True Faith. Is it fair to depend only on a few loyal benefactors while the rest get a free ride? On top of that, how much money have many been pouring into novus ordo coffers that are being used to cover up sin and doctrine? Did you know a great percentage of what you put in the collection basket are going to pay for legal fees, lawsuit awards for sex crimes, building modern monstrosities devoid of all reverence, footing the bill so these pompous prelates of prey can live high on the hog while jetting around the country for humanistic and political purposes, ignoring their own flocks? Isn't it time to start helping fund traditional entities who are fighting to save souls, not reputations? That is why we have organized the "Choirs of Angels" concept where you can choose what you feel not only The Daily Catholic is worth to you, but what restoring the True Faith is worth to you, and contribute accordingly either by PayPal - which accepts all Credit Cards - or send check, M.O. or cash to SANCTUS, P.O. Box 365, Mead, WA 99021.

   Also, by becoming part of one of SANCTUS' Choirs of Angels, we can more fully begin to expedite the purpose for SANCTUS: to Save All Necessary Catholic Traditions in the United States. And there is so much to save with countless beautiful consecrated edifices abandoned by the conciliar church in every major city. Many of these older churches, because of the pride and greed of the mad miters in charge, were, fortunately, not novus ordoized but, unfortunately, left to decay as they built new lodges with all the modern conveniences of comfort, practicality, banners, abstract art and political correctness to accommodate man with no regard for what God thought. Meanwhile these churches remain locked up or on the market and these wolves in sheep's clothing have no regard for history, tradition, let alone the sensus Catholicus. They're looking at the bottom line and that is profit from something that, in truth, before Christ and His True Church, they have no right to. Again, any diocesan funds used are, more likely than not, going to pay off for the sins and scandals that these very false prelates have been covering up for decades, and for the soul-destroying wretched diocesan sex ed programs such as "All About Touching" or the heretical RCIA programs.

    As an angel of any choir which you can afford, your contributions will make it possible to make a dent in thwarting these false prophets' devious efforts. Your contributions can help rescue, recover, and restore sacred sacramentals that are either currently collecting dust, being tossed into the trash, or pawned for profane use. Sacred items such as chalices, patens, ciboriums, lunas, montrances, tabernacles,vestments, statues, paintings, altar linens, altar missals, daily missals, candle holders, baptismal fonts, and even altars and communion rails are being sold off as superstitious things that are no longer relevant yet to the non-Catholic they can be used as conversation pieces or turned to some profane use such as for decorating a bar or condo, which has been done in New York, Boston and other places. Are we going to let the wreckovators win? Not if we can help it, but we need your help. Though it will take time and many funds that will be used for the rescue of these traditional sacramentals, if they are destroyed and not used to edify God, what will we have to pass on to future generations other than 'what used to be' in pictures and memories. No wonder so many modern priests want nothing to do with the "old Mass" - the Latin Mass of All Ages - because they have been programmed to believe it is dead, that it is no longer relevant in this age of humanism, ecumenism and universal salvation. Any reminder only stings consciences so the conciliar church must phase true Catholicism out as quickly as possible; crush the traditional movement or it will rise up to haunt the modernists.

    Remember the truths that if it is of God, from God, for God and with God it will never die, cannot be destroyed no matter how much opposition man mounts against it. Conversely if it is not, it will die just as every empire, no matter how great, has evaporated into history. The only entity that has survived the millenniums is the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church - not to be confused with the Vatican II church, aka conciliar church, aka newchurch, aka novus ordo church, etc. that broke away from the true Church in much the same manner the Protestants did at the time of Martin Luther or the church of England under Henry VIII and Elizabeth of England and so many sects that have broken off from bark (barque), limb, branch and twig. One thing remains constant and that is the steady, sturdy trunk of Catholicism which over the centuries has surely had growth spurts, and times of lyme disease, even felt the axe of persecution, and though bruised and infected, it has never died. It cannot! Those who have broken from the tree no longer have the life of Christ's promise that "the gates of hell shall not prevail against it" Thus, over time, they have died, are dying or will die. That's a given.

    That is why it is only a matter of time before the conciliar church withers away like the damned fig-tree or totally implodes. We see signs of this every day and they know it. Oh, do they know it. If they didn't, they wouldn't be so concerned about this very fact and their image. That, after all is more important to them than souls. That is obvious. Have you noticed how lately, especially in this year when we mark the 40 years in the desert with the close of Vatican II this coming December 8th, and how modern Rome have been hyping the 40 year anniversaries of such dastardly documents as Nostra Aetate, that they are making it more than obvious they're not as secure as they want you to think? Why would they try to throw more manure on top of fetid fertilizer they've already spread? To cover their tracks. But traditional Catholics know only too surely that the conciliarist coven is in deep doodoo and it's only getting thicker, more rancid and causing such a stink that disease of the soul is reaching biblical proportions. It doesn't take a rocket scientist or even a clueless conciliar prelate to realize when something is rotting. The process cannot be reversed unless the decayed object is totally removed and the entire area that has been contaminated be cleansed thoroughly: decontaminated and purified. That takes time, energy and, yes, money.

    On the surface, phase one of identifying properties and rescuing sacred traditional sacramentals seem like small change compared to the overall picture, but we must start somewhere. We know it can be done for we ourselves did so back in the mid-nineties when we established SANCTUS, collecting many discarded sacramentals, refurbishing them and distributing them to chapels which would use them for truly Catholic reverence. We distributed at no cost to the receptors - save for sharing shipping costs - tabernacles, monstrances, statues, vestments, chalices, ciboriums, candle-holders, sacred pictures, missals, breviaries, and many other items with only one provision: they be used only for true Catholic worship.

    It pains us greatly to see so many of these beautiful churches that have been neglected and locked up tight, being destined for oblivion or the wrecking ball. We have all read many accounts of this, specifically Tony Flood's excellent documentation at Most of what he has documented is in New York City proper under the auspices of "easy Ed Egan who has lorded over these closures just as "sleasy" Sean O'Malley has carried on the desecration legacy of "lawless" Bernard Law. Now multiply that by countless cities and you can see how the rot has penetrated. It must all be cleansed. All of the present imposters in bishops' and cardinal robes must be exposed, shamed and forced to resign in disgrace just as Pope Paul IV mandated that those clerics, who have deviated from the Faith, should be treated via his infallible Papal Bull Cum ex Apostolatus Officio The fact of the matter, folks, there aren't enough millstones to go around for these pathetic prelates who have caused so much scandal. They have rightly lost all credibility and to further express what a joke this body of perverted prelates are, in their most recent fiasco in Washington D.C. during the USCCB's semi-annual conference, they totally ignored the obvious issue of sodomy in the seminaries and the plight of the unborn by curtailing pro-abort politicians: two sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance. Instead, believe it or not, this political body of barbaric misfits took up almost unanimously the non-Catholic mantra of condemning the Death Penalty. That's typical for this body of bumblers for not only did His Holiness Pope Pius XII uphold the necessity of capital punishment, but reminded all of the correct doctrine just as the good thief Dismas confirmed in Sacred Scripture in Luke 23: 40-43. It is the ultimate Divine Mercy for the finite to be forgiven of one's sins by the Infinite just before one dies. But that doesn't play with their Democratic buddies so, to be politically correct, they turn their backs - as usual - on Catholic doctrine and their responsibility to souls. In other words, they have once again shown their true colors by selling out, equating themselves not only with Judas Iscariot but the bad thief who taunted Christ. Are they not taunting our Lord when they dare to alter Catholic doctrine? Just thinking out loud: Do you think they would be so much against the death penalty if, oh say, traditional Catholics were on death row? Doubtful, highly doubtful since to them we are the enemy; not Al Qaeda, not the Communists, not even Republicans for there is very little difference between the elephant party and the jackass party. No, it's a fact from their actions that the only foe they fear are those who know the truth and can expose them. That is why, while casting a blind eye and deaf ear to the sodomite predators in priestly robes in their midst and turning their heads away from blatant pro-aborts and heretics raping the faith, they are so vicious and venomous when it comes to condemning "schismatic" traditionalists even though they haven't got a clue what they are talking about as Dr. Thomas Droleskey clearly points out in his latest essay Loyal to the Faith, Not in Schism.

    And that brings us back to the necessity of implementing SANCTUS full time by taking it out of its dormant stage and initiating phase one. It seems overwhelming in scope. It will take millions upon millions to raise the funds to rescue these churches, to find and support traditional priests with affordable insurance pension plans,medical coverage and a modest stipend or to hope traditional religious orders will take them in and keep them totally traditional. This is the one albatross that has kept so many priests from walking away from the novus ordo messes. They would have no life-line without financial help of their diocesan pension. True, that doesn't express the true spirit of trust in God, but consider the conversion process that can be achieved if we have that carrot to wave in front of these men who think there is nowhere to turn. I think the percentage can be higher than many expect if we but have faith it will work.

    While SANCTUS can be the organization to spearhead this, we can only be a clearing house, if you will, because we cannot own the churches nor can the people. That is because, outside of this time of Epikeia, the fundamental Catholic premise is that church property does not belong to the people, but to an authentic bishop of a diocese since he alone has the authority to administer parish properties. No bishop can own a church, only the Catholic Church can own the physical churches, but it is the duty of a proper and true apostolic shepherd to serve as a fully responsible caretaker of this property or appoint abbots or superior generals of orders to do the same for monasteries, schools, etc. A bishop's first priority is the spiritual welfare of his flocks entrusted to him. When was the last time you heard that from the conciLIARS? Now it would be wonderful to have churches in the hands of traditional Catholics, but when they own the property then the protestant principle of democracy can eventually negate the sensus Catholicus and mob rule could turn a traditional chapel or church into a man-made anarchy. That is why what "sly" William Skylstad, president of the USCCB, has done in Spokane was an end-around ruse to con authorities and save his own sorry hide with no regard for the spiritual, not to mention mental and physical ramifications of his actions. It is totally irresponsible and totally un-Catholic to claim under oath that he was not responsible for the parish properties. Despite this contradiction, launched to protect diocesan coffers from those wanting to get a piece of the pie from the sex scandal payouts, the judge ruled wisely that parishes and their property are indeed part of the diocesan structure and therefore fair game. It is sad it has come to this, but considering that these parishes are no longer Catholic but conciliar lodges, it is more of the implosion and a fulfillment of what Christ affirmed about the bad trees producing only bad fruits. He assured there could be no good fruits and that alone is proof of the fact the conciliar church is a false church and not Catholic, and those who govern it are imposters (cf. Matthew 7: 15-20). Every day in every way they expose themselves ever more.

    Now the very fact that the sacraments were changed by "mad" Montini brings into grave question the reality that though, for example, Father Joseph Ratzinger was indeed a valid priest, he is not, if consecrated with the new rite Paul VI instituted - a man-made rite greatly watered down to placate man and which, in fact, changed a divinely-ordained rite - a valid bishop. If he was not a valid bishop, then he could not be a valid cardinal because he was given the red hat by one who had no true ecclesial power to do so. The syllogism then follows that if he was not a cardinal, neither were those who came after him or his peers. That would mean the "college of cardinals", who convened in the Sistine Chapel earlier this year, illegally elected a non-bishop. They had, before God, no authority to do so. That is why, as Jesus says, a house built on sand cannot stand and the entire conciliar church is built on the sands of ambiguity, humanism, ecumenism: Can you say 'modernism'? We all know what that is: "the synthesis of all heresies!" (Pope St. Pius X, Pascendi Dominici Gregis). Will the 'faithful' who still patronize the novus ordo lodges ever wake up to this reality?

    Since such an entity cannot stand nor stand any reminder of authentic Catholicism, someone has to launch a rescue mission and that is what we are doing with SANCTUS. We had hoped that Mel Gibson with the blessings he has received and the bounty of revenue he acquired for The Passion of the Christ would be at the forefront to make this possible as we entreated in our open letter editorial almost two years ago to him Turn the mirage into a Miracle! But so far, not even an inkling of being the great traditional crusader for the cause. The blood of stardom must be hard to thin out and flow to other parts of the Mystical Body of Christ. It reminds me of our Lord's words in Luke 12: 16-21:

    "The land of a certain rich man brought forth plenty of fruits. And he thought within himself, saying: What shall I do, because I have no room where to bestow my fruits? And he said: This will I do: I will pull down my barns, and will build greater; and into them will I gather all things that are grown to me, and my goods. And I will say to my soul: Soul, thou hast much goods laid up for many years take thy rest; eat, drink, make good cheer. But God said to him: Thou fool, this night do they require thy soul of thee: and whose shall those things be which thou hast provided? So is he that layeth up treasure for himself, and is not rich towards God."

    I would hope that I am wrong about Mel and that behind the scenes he has been working to do something to restore Holy Mother Church through the many benefits and blessings he has been given. But we can no longer sit back and wait. Thus we revert to plan B, implementing it ourselves. Yes, we must begin on a smaller scale, a much smaller scale, but from tiny acorns, mighty oaks grow. To put it into perspective, Christ said it best in Matthew 19: 26, "With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." And so it is the impossible we are attempting to tackle, confident that if is of God it will be possible and will mushroom with many coming on board and a more comprehensive organization can take it over so churches and sacramentals can be saved and used for the true honor and glory of God and, as His Holiness Saint Pius X called for a century ago, "Instaurare Omnia in Christo" - "To Restore All Things in Christ".

    We are confident that if we strive to do this, to conduct ourselves and our mission in whatever way God wills, not our will, but His will, He will be there to guide us to victory. Our Lord assures us if we are loyal in the little things, He will bless His servants as He follows up in Luke 12: 22-38:

    "Therefore I say to you, be not solicitous for your life, what you shall eat; nor for your body, what you shall put on. The life is more than the meat, and the body is more than the raiment. Consider the ravens, for they sow not, neither do they reap, neither have they storehouse nor barn, and God feedeth them. How much are you more valuable than they? And which of you, by taking thought, can add to his stature one cubit? If then ye be not able to do so much as the least thing, why are you solicitous for the rest? Consider the lilies, how they grow: they labor not, neither do they spin. But I say to you, not even Solomon in all his glory was clothed like one of these. Now if God clothe in this manner the grass that is today in the field, and tomorrow is cast into the oven; how much more you, O ye of little faith? And seek not you what you shall eat, or what you shall drink: and be not lifted up on high. For all these things do the nations of the world seek. But your Father knoweth that you have need of these things. But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His justice, and all these things shall be added unto you. Fear not, little flock, for it hath pleased your Father to give you a kingdom. Sell what you possess and give alms. Make to yourselves bags which grow not old, a treasure in Heaven which faileth not: where no thief approacheth, nor moth corrupteth. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Let your loins be girt, and lamps burning in your hands. And you yourselves like to men who wait for their lord, when He shall return from the wedding; that when He cometh and knocketh, they may open to Him immediately. Blessed are those servants, whom the Lord when He cometh, shall find watching. Amen I say to you, that He will gird himself, and make them sit down to meat, and passing will minister unto them. And if He shall come in the second watch, or come in the third watch, and find them so, blessed are those servants."

    With all Nine Choirs pledging help, SANCTUS can begin looking into the possibilities of saving these hallowed edifices and sacred sacramentals. We need to establish traditional contacts in each diocese so we can scope out what needs to be saved, plan accordingly and raise the funds to free these churches and sacramentals from the shackles of the barbarians who have confiscated these properties of Holy Mother Church. Most of these abandoned properties were built with the sweat, blood and tears of the faithful who would not have lifted a trowel or a brush or hammer if they had known that what they had wrought would be commandeered by enemies of Christ's true Church. We owe it not only to Jesus but to these faithful who did so much to keep the Faith and preserve it and pass it on through their time, talents, and treasures for God and His Church. But it can't be done without your help. It is time for Traditional Catholics to unite in an all out effort to do all that we can and should for our Lord, so hurt by the heresies, blasphemies and impurities in the conciliar church and the world.

    To preserve the True Faith is absolutely essential if we are to witness the miraculous intervention of our Blessed Mother to dethrone satan as foretold in Genesis 3: 15. In working toward this goal of Mary's Immaculate Heart triumphing, we can be reassured the True Roman Catholic Church will be restored and this will begin a golden, glorious age where all will respect the True Church as being the only true Faith. It will be an era more glorious than the Church has ever seen. But it won't happen soon if we do not all pitch in and work together NOW! Believe! Let your faith shine forth like an "armor of light" and become a true earthly angel, saving souls and contributing your treasure, your alms to work for this restoration, so that when God calls you home, the good Lord will reward you infinitely.

    As I pointed out at the beginning of this editorial, this plea for assistance in carrying out this apostolate of restoration to save souls is the end result of our efforts. The Daily Catholic has built up a network of loyal, faithful readers over the years. Now it is time for the readers to respond. We can't do it without you and we're strapped just trying to publish a daily. This editor is not getting any younger and what used to take only a few hours now consumes much more time because of various physical ailments which restricts time at the computer and failing eyesight. It's part of the aging process and our plea is part of the process to do the impossible. Yes, it is seemingly an impossible task, but for those who don't want to be considered lukewarm, who want to be listed among those who our Lord can count on when He returns among the remnant of those still holding the True Faith, it is imperative to ask your help. I, for one, do not want to be that soul who is going to take it easy. I don't have time to "rest, eat, drink and make good cheer." And neither do you. Together we have, as Robert Frost said, "miles to go before we sleep."

    That is why we have set our modest goals quite high with the Seraphim of $5,000. or more a month for indeed it will take much, much more than that from a multitude out there to implement the plans on the drawing board for recovering confiscated properties and items. One might be fearful to even consider the ideas we have proposed, but then all we need to do is consult Jesus and hear His words in Mark 4: 40, "Why are you fearful? Have you not faith yet?" If we are rooted in the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church as taught from Saint Peter through Pope Pius XII and are obedient to the infallible, perennial Living Magisterium of the Church and truly live our Faith, we have nothing to fear. Rather, we should take heart in what Christ says in Matthew 21: 21:

    "Amen, I say to you, if you shall have faith, and stagger not, not only this of the fig-tree shall you do, but also if you shall say to this mountain, Take up and cast thyself into the sea, it shall be done."

    Let's start with the fig-trees and eventually, by building up our spiritual treasures, we'll be able to build up the kind of coffers to carry out the restoration. United we pray, divided we are prey. There's only one way to do this: together. And if you believe strongly enough, Christ has promised that together we can move mountains!

Michael Cain, editor

See what level in the Choir of Angels your heart is moved to contribute for the Restoration of Holy Mother Church. See Choirs of Angels Christmas Pledge Drive

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    November 28, 2005
    vol 16, no. 302
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