March 2, 2004
vol 15, no. 62

Turn the mirage into a Miracle!
Open Letter to Mel Gibson on behalf of All Traditional Catholics

    "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also" (Luke 12: 34
    It is right and just that you are reaping a treasure of dividends from the phenomenal success of your Divinely-inspired film. We humbly ask you to consider some of the keys that will help bring souls flocking back to the True Church, but only through your help. You have started the ball rolling. Now is the time to let it steamroll right into the faces of those who stand opposed to the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church, those who would deny the True Passion carried out in an unbloody manner each day in the Holy Sacrifice of the Latin Mass.

   Mel, what can we say but thank you! A great big THANK YOU from the bottom of our traditional hearts. You have been able to be the willing vehicle for doing something no one else has ever been able to do on such a global scale: get EVERYONE talking about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. People actually reading the book (The Bible) after they've seen the movie. Everyone is talking about the Word. Think about it, the Pope could never do that, chiefly because his idolaters could not get past "John Paul Two, we love you!" Billy Graham couldn't do it no matter how many crusades he has staged over the decades. No cardinal, archbishop, bishop, priest, minister or religious of any type has been able to capture souls by turning hardened hearts softer, cold hearts warmer, and zealous hearts even more committed.

   Think about it. You have been able to accomplish a true ecumenical achievement in the fullness of the true sensus Catholicus by conveying the uncompromising truths of Divine Revelation and Tradition as always taught by Holy Mother the Church. When was the last time anyone had 90% of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, New Agers, Agnostics, Atheists and Pagans all talking about Jesus? I would venture to say: NEVER! Isn't it refreshing His name is being used in thought-provoking conversation about Him and not in a cursing way? Come to think about it with all the rhetoric about dialogue, isn't this what modern Rome wants? Guess not when it deals with the truth from a truly Traditional Catholic who won't kowtow to threats or intimidation, slander or lies and denial.

   What does that tell you? It says that Our Lady's prophecy of La Salette is becoming a reality in these times - "Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the antichrist." Yet God does not abandon His Church for God has used you as His humble but powerful instrument to begin to rebuild His Church much in the same necessity He asked Saint Francis of Assisi to "rebuild My Church" in the 13th Century when things were in such turmoil within the Church. Fast forward eight centuries and it is deja vu all over again. Think about it. He has chosen a rich man to rebuild His Church just as Francis was a man of great wealth who turned his back on riches and stripped down in the public square. You've already done that in 'Lethal Weapon 3' so we realize those humiliating scenes are in your past and to be forgotten and forgiven, just as sins of the past are so mercifully forgotten by God and truly forgiven or we would never have had saints like Mary Magdalen, Saint Paul, Saint Augustine, and, well, the list is endless.

   He is not asking you, Mel, to don a coarse woolen habit and shod yourself in sandals, save for the sandals of readiness in spreading the Gospel of peace which you are definitely doing. With your uncompromising adherence to the Scriptures and the Truths and Traditions handed down, you have definitely girded yourself in the Armor of God as Paul counsels in Ephesians 6: 11-18. You, above most, have seen your share of battle both on the big screen, within your own heart, and with the scurrilous attacks against you personally this past year. Consider it a badge of honor - for you have represented the Faith so well and defended the Traditional flanks. As many saints have foretold about these times, it would begin not with the hierarchy, but with the laity. And so it has begun.

   Every Traditional Catholic truly believes what you accomplished with 'The Passion of The Christ' could not have been possible without the inspiration and power of the Holy Ghost to Whom you have so generously attributed credit. Now, I truly believe the same Advocate is asking you to go even further, to be, if you will, the Lazarus to those disciples striving to spread the Gospel - the True Word of God.

   Thus, in the mendicant manner of the humble Francis, I come before you begging on behalf of the Traditional movement. I hope and pray somehow, some way this gets to you. You have started something that needs to continue and I have a few ideas that I pray you would seriously consider.

1. Getting the Word out about the 'eternal celebret'

   First of all, the key missing ingredient over the past 40 years has been the True Mass of All Ages - the Traditional Latin Mass. Save for a few pockets throughout this country, there are very, very few churches one can go to hear the Mass of Sts. Peter and Paul, established for the most part in its Latin form by Saint Gregory the Great and forever set in stone by the Council of Trent and infallibly codified by Pope Saint Pius V serving as the spiritual nourishment of countless souls, saints and sinners up through the pontificate of Pope Pius XII. We all know what occurred in the sixties: REVOLUTION! First under the watch of John XXIII, then Paul VI and for the last quarter of a century John Paul II. Their fruits: barren and bitter. The latest Bennett Report verifies that!

   We have been running daily since the beginning of the year in succession one of the 62 reasons each day why one cannot in good faith attend the Novus Ordo as compiled by the Priests of Campos before they caved to the Vatican sirens. Last week in running the 55th reason I decided to keep it on-line for the entire week and am continuing to post it this week as well for it says:

    "Because Pope St. Pius V granted a perpetual indult, valid 'for always,' to celebrate the Traditional Mass freely, licitly, without scruple of conscience, punishment, sentence or censure (Papal Bull 'Quo Primum')"

Our hope is that many Catholics will share this truth with each pastor and pique his conscience to realize every priest has a "perpetual celebret" to celebrate the Latin Mass and that they can do so without fear of their bishops or any other ecclesiastical thug! For anyone to oppose any priest from celebrating the Latin Mass is to incur "the wrath of Almighty God and the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul" (Quo Primum).

   So what is preventing so many older priests from turning their backs forever on the New Order Messes and saying the infrangible Traditional Latin Mass for their congregations? Fear! The fear of their bishops and peers. Sadly there are few Father Stephen Zigrangs and Father Lawrence Smiths who have said: 'Enough!' What keeps so many priests from telling their apostate shepherds the same? Financial needs in the nature of medical insurance and cost of living. This is the albatross which the Masonic miters of Modernism hold over their priests, threatening and cajoling them into collecting blood money from their flocks to pay hush money to victims of abuses they have covered up while more abuses continue in the rectories, chanceries and in the sanctuary where they have out-Protestantized the Protestants in liturgy.

   What then is needed to free up priests everywhere to freely choose the Latin Mass over the New Order Mess and return fully to the Truths and Traditions practiced from Peter to Pius XII? Financial assurance that they can do so. With the vast wealth you will reap from the returns of 'The Passion of The Christ' think of the second wave you can create. Priests would no longer fear their bishops' heavy-handed threats. Think about it. What if one third of the priests in a diocese had the gumption to defy their spineless bishops and return to Tradition? Can you say counter-revolution? What would the bishops do? If it were only one like Fr. Zigrang in Houston, Bishop Fiorenza would make an example of him and remove him immediately, bad mouthing him and slandering his name forever in outright lying to his flocks. But if say 50 priests in Houston bolted, what do you think Fiorenza would do? He wouldn't have a choice. If he removed 50 priests - GOOD PRIESTS - the parishioners would be up in arms and storm the chancery. Now imagine that happening in every diocese across the land! Why we might even see some bishops turning back to Tradition.

   Impossible? That's what the vast majority said of your endeavor to make a movie in Aramaic and Latin and entirely on the last twelve hours of Christ's life. No distributor would touch it. I think you learned right then and there who your friends were, Mel. Now, they're back-pedaling and trying to make amends because basically they're all eating crow. Why I even saw yesterday where Al Franken, who hates your guts, wanted to greet you and congratulate you. Thankfully he never got the chance to be the hypocrite he is. Multiply that by countless others in Hollywood and you can see the odds you were faced with. Did you drop the ball and play it safe? For the sake of souls everywhere that no one will ever know until we reach our final Heavenly reward, you did not hesitate when asked "quo vadis?" for you never turned back but continued on in reclaiming eternal Rome.

   Now it is time to seize the day - carpe diem - and storm the gates of the City. You can do so by enabling hundreds, even thousands of priests to be freed of the shackles of financial insecurity by establishing a medical insurance plan and a stipend that can be matched by parishioners. Of course, having the purse strings you can demand that these consecrated ones adhere to everything the Church taught before the aberration of Vatican II. "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible" (Matthew 19: 26). You are living proof of that, Mel. You have accomplished the impossible because it was God's will for this particular time.

   We Traditional Catholics have been praying for a force to fight the Modernists of the New Order and you have provided a tremendous start by exposing the lie Vatican II has been covering up for 40 years ever since the heretical Nostra Aetate.

   The timing couldn't be better. I really do think with J.R.R. Tolkien's totally Traditional Catholic 'Lord of the Rings - Return of the King' hauling in a clean sweep with 11 Oscars, with everything collapsing around the New Order church of Vatican II and the phenomenal success of your film getting people to finally start talking about what the VaticantwoArians have been hiding all these years, it is the sign that our time is coming. Truly it is time to seize the day for God! Carpe diem Dei!

   With your financial help to assist truly worthy and good priests, they would have the courage to stand up to their bishops and, like a surging Tsunami, sweep over the rotten reefs that have dammed up sensibilities and damned souls so that the swell of surety in the ineffable tenets of the Faith will submerge the merchants of venom, all contributing toward the total collapse of the institution of Vatican II so that calm will once again return. Yes, I can sense it on the horizon: The revival of truth! The tide is turning back to Trent!

2. Taking it to enemy!

   The seeds have been planted. Now is the time to nourish them. The film will last forever, but fervor will die down. It always does. Yet, striking while the iron is hot is a proven axiom. Presently there is so much misinformation out there planted by the usurpers of the True Faith in their efforts to blot out the Truths and Traditions of the Roman Catholic Church. In fact the Vatican II Catholics are even spinning your film as a Vatican II-right work and whenever there are any discrepancies, well they just fluff that off as "your father's fault, and that "you have been mislead by schismatics."

   Just last week Cardinal Roger Mahony stated publicly in a forum staged by Protestant websites - Churchwerks.com and Belief.net these lies:

    "I know nothing about the Church in Malibu. It is certainly not in communion with the Universal Catholic Church nor the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

    I have never met Mr. Gibson, and he does not participate in any parish of this Archdiocese. He, apparently, has chosen to live apart from the communion of the Catholic Church. I pray for him.

    The Holy Spirit is promised to the Church, as well as the presence of Jesus: 'Behold, I am with you all days until the end of the world.' Those words were spoken to the Church, not to an individual in any century.

    Actually, there is no such thing as the 'Catholic traditionalist, modernist, movement.' Either one is in full communion with the Catholic Church, in unity with the Successor of Peter, or not. One cannot pick and choose which Pope to follow, especially dead ones, or which teaching to follow -- and then set aside the rest. Such people may be very nice people, but that doesn't make them 'Catholic' in the true sense.

    Even the media is beginning 'to get it' about these groups. We must give full assent to the Creed and all that the Church teaches.

    The Sixteen Documents of the Second Vatican Council constitute the accurate, authentic teaching of the Church. Those teachings are now contained in the Catechism of the Church. If one chooses to set aside any of those, then they choose to separate themselves from the unity of the Church. Keep in mind that the first temptation of Adam and Eve was precisely this: Satan told them, 'you will be like gods, choosing good and evil.' Wrong.

    Someone has offered to give me a VHS of the movie, and I will view it.

   Evidently he's too good to go see your masterpiece at a theater. Unless you have provided him a video tape of the movie, someone could be pirating your film, handing out VHS copies. With the crowd he runs with, he would know who can provide that. Do you see how cleverly, just as the father of lies does, Mahony has twisted things to depict you and Traditional Catholics like you as the 'bad guys' who need his prayers to see the light of Vatican II? Notice how he derides 'dead popes' as if the Sacred Deposit of the Faith changes and evolves with whatever pope is on the throne? By the way he exposes himself with the statement 'and set aside the rest'? Well he has by abandoning all that went before Vatican II. Notice how these VaticantwoArians so cleverly weave Vatican II as the final authority and try to justify Church teaching to that revolution? Notice how he denies there is a 'traditionalist movement' or a 'modernist movement'? Is it not the evil one who strives to convince souls that the devil doesn't really exist? We know very well there is a Traditional Catholic movement, rightfully called the True Catholic movement, waging a mighty battle against the 'modernist movement' which Mahoney denies. Yet he has been one of the leading proponents of Modernism tenets condemned by Pope Saint Pius X in Pascendi Dominici gregis. Oh, I forgot, he's dead so his infallible counsel doesn't count anymore nor do any of the Roman Pontiffs from Peter to Pius XII according to Mahoney. So clever, so insidious does that pompous apostate ooze righteousness that I can only think of Christ's words which He repeated many times in Matthew 23: "hypocrite!"

   We know what Mahony and the rest of his ilk are saying are lies and part of the further deceptions and facades that have been bought lock, stock and barrel by those who have betrayed Christ and His Church by being the oscillating ostriches who just roll their heads deeper into the sands of novelty, innovation and the illogical reasoning that this Pope cannot make a mistake. One reason this fallacy and deception has continued to fester is because there has been no national medium to reach the masses in conveying the truth and proving the lies of the Novus Ordinarians.

   The Traditional movement has no 'national newspaper' or television network like EWTN, or radio network syndicate to get these truths out. Whenever Traditional Catholics are given any kind of forum, they are drowned out by the spin of the deceivers who make false accusations such as 'schismatic' or 'apostate' when, in truth, they are the ones who are in schism and apostasy because they have abandoned the tenets of the Sacred Deposit of Faith. Until there is a defining voice with a powerful presence among all the people such as a television network, the vast majority of the public will continue to believe the lies and Mahony and the rest will continue to get away with murder, slander, cover-up and corruption, taking so many souls to perdition. We need a powerful vehicle, a medium to counter that and to reinforce and answer the questions that have finally come to the surface thanks to your film. Please, please don't let the Novus Ordinarians trump your triumph!

   I know funding a television station or a radio network or a national newspaper is an expensive proposition, but God has generously provided the means to you through His film and I think you'll agree it is necessary to carry out the convictions of your Faith by further providing a forum to free so many among the laity from the blinding venomous vapors of Vatican II. Think of it, Mel, millions turning their backs forever on the NO church and embracing the True Church once again. The more crowded the better. Truly strength in numbers.

   And speaking of numbers, you have at your disposal an array of excellent journalists, and talented Traditional Catholics who could bring this to fruition and none of them would make financial demands that seem to be the norm in the industry today for most are mere mercenaries whereas Traditional Catholics are laborers of love. In fact, I would venture to bet they'd be grateful for the God-given opportunity to help souls, and work all the harder because they have their heart in it. "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also" (Luke 12: 34). That's just the way Traditional Catholics are. Money is not their main concern, souls are. Yet it takes money to reach souls. You realized that or you wouldn't have invested a whopping $30 million into a project you felt had to be made no matter what. So also on a far lesser scale you have allies with the same passion. As an example, for over thirty years The Remnant, the granddaddy of Traditional publications, has plugged along on a shoestring providing the beacon of truth to so many Catholics. So also Catholic Family News and The Fatima Crusader. There have been other newsletters over the years, many not knowing if they could afford to publish the next issue. Yet there has been no national voice, no national medium that would funnel all this talent and knowledge into one unifying source to fend off the demons of devastation who insist on dialogue with everyone but True Catholics. This is the opportunity to engage the ecumaniacs and expose them for the charlatans they are.

   The phenomena of the Fox News Network grew from the need to balance all the liberal bias. So also the necessity for a Traditional Catholic outlet for the faithful. Roger Ailes gleaned some of the top journalists and on-air personalities, putting together a team of honest men and women. The latter is a given in the Traditional movement; hard-working is as well. Just take a gander at the quality of journalism in The Remnant, Catholic Family News, The Latin Mass, The Angelus and on the web at Tradition in Action, Catholic Apologetics International, Catholic Insight, Roman Catholic Faithful, NovusOrdoWatch, the Seattle Catholic, Roman Catholicism, the Fatima Network, Traditio.com, and, of course, this publication The Daily Catholic. We are proud of our contributing writers and, over the years, we have received hundreds of e-mails from those who have turned back to Tradition. It's working, but it has been, as everyone of the editors and publishers of the above mentioned entities will agree, a slow and painful process where most of us have had to devote time away from writing and evangelizing to plead for donations just to keep going. With a national network, we could all unite for a common purpose and expedite the whole purpose why we do what we do: the conversion of souls.

   So many have been blinded by blind obedience. Our family is a perfect example of that. It was not until we were able to research and discover the countless contradictions of what was decreed by past Pontiffs that we realized the errors of our ways and forever walked out of the Novus Ordo church. But there was a price to pay. We, like thousands of other Authentic Roman Catholics, were derided and lost many friends over our life-changing decision. But then Christ said we would in Matthew 10: 35-42 and Luke 12: 51-53. It is not easy to turn our backs on others. You know from your own experience, Mel, the ridicule and rejection of going it alone no matter what the cost for the sake of keeping the Faith. That takes courage and conviction, but it doesn't always put bread on the table.

   That is the predicament so many Traditional Catholics find themselves in today. We are the David fighting the Goliath of novelty, innovation and political correct tolerance that has stomped on so many souls lo these past 40 years. Now you have provided a key stone with your keystone magnificent masterpiece that rivals even the great Michelangelo for inspiration. But we need a sling shot to launch the missile so that Roman Missals will once again be available to all. Very few Traditional Catholics can afford the sling-shot, let alone the tether enveloping it. Yet what you have in so many of these talented Traditional individuals is a willingness to work together as a team so that we can hurl not one stone, but any number of the rocks of Truth to counter the giant lies that have left such a large, soiled footprint in the fabric of today's society.

   A national weekly newspaper, or even better a television network that could broadcast the Traditional Latin Mass DAILY along with truly Catholic devotions, as well as a daily news program from a totally Catholic perspective, and a call-in talk show where the truths would come to the fore and various other programming could be a breakthrough to re-educating the masses as to which Mass is the one they must embrace. If cable and satellite networks can departmentalize there has to be a niche out there for an Authentic Roman Catholic network. Think of the fruits of such an endeavor. Think of how many souls would be converted. Can you hear the Gregorian Music already wafting down from the Church Triumphant? Now we need to return the sound from our position as the Church Militant. To establish a truly Catholic Voice nationally and possibly internationally takes moula, something very few Traditional Catholics have an abundance of in their coffers. You have been blessed with an abundant return. Now I respectfully ask you to pray and consider how you can give back and contribute ever more to bringing souls into the True Fold.

3. Let's see if the liberal media will refuse ad revenue.

   The first two projects, major ones to be sure, will take time. But there is something you could help fund that would get the word out there immediately. That is to finance an ad campaign in all the major metro dailies and USA Today, as well as national magazines such as Newsweek or Time or People emphasizing the infrangible truths of St. Pius V's eternal celebret per his infallible decree in Quo Primum. This is something modern Rome has admitted, but are too cowardly to make known. They are afraid of the bishops' power. But Traditional Catholics are not, and I know you sure aren't. This would wake up the masses and they would be forced to start asking questions. Either the bishops would have to fess up or be caught in more lies which would only provide more fodder for burying them in their own doo-doo eventually, just as Bishop Patrick McGrath has entwined himself in heresy with his published statements.

   You wouldn't even have to put your name to it, Mel,if you didn't want to, but if you could generously fund it so Catholics would start realizing they've been lied to - well, think of the possibilities. You see if others see it neo-Catholics will have to question their own beliefs and realize what they have been peddled is based on the foundation of sand amassed over the last 40 years, not the solid Rock of Peter stabilized by Divine Revelation and Tradition for nearly 2000 years. That should spur countless questions and reactions. Stir up souls, that's my motto!

4. Education is the key.

   Outside of the Society of St. Pius X schools, which themselves are few and far between, and a few CMRI and other orders who have a handful of schools mostly in isolated places, there are really no true Catholic schools available any more; no system like the children of the 50's had. Sadly today, there really are no totally Traditional institutions of higher learning outside of SSPX seminaries. That is why a recent endeavor by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey is worthy of your consideration. He is forming Christ the King College which will initially be an on-line curriculum employing some of the brightest minds in the Traditional movement dedicated to re-establishing the Sovereignty of Christ the King in all nations. The abortionist secularists have their Ted Turners, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffets to donate millions to education. The neo-Catholics have their channels and the vast wealth of Thomas Monaghan of Domino's fame to fund Ave Maria University, but the only Traditional University - well, Tom Droleskey has created that on a shoestring. That I know for a fact. Is this project not worthy of consideration for educating tomorrow's leaders to assure the Truths and Traditions will be upheld and preserved for posterity? God knows you could be a tremendous help there, Mel.

5. S.O.S. Save Our Sanctuaries.

   There are several seminaries that are struggling right now, churches for sale such as in the Archdiocese of New York where Cardinal Edward Egan has put up 20 on the block as well as the sprawling, beautiful seminary on the Hudson. Think about it, what a wonderful place to retrain and administer the true Holy Orders on former Novus Ordo priests who were ordained in Paul VI's revised rite. Hey, Egan has said he liked your movie. Give him a call. His number is 212-371-1000. You, being Mel Gibson, just might get through; the rest of us get nothing but a 'diocesan spokesman' spinning more double-speak. If the cardinal won't talk to you, I will. Give me a call anytime at 509-464-3319 and I can tell you more about other sanctuaries that need to be salvaged.

   For instance, in Illinois there's a bitter legal battle between the parishioners and the bishop over an old church. Naturally the bishop wants it gone. We all know who should be gone. You can help ease him out. By buying up these churches can you see the perfect opportunities to return the true Faith to these hallowed places? There are beautiful statues, sacramentals, altars, vestments, etc. collecting dust in basements and garages, storage rooms, etc. that are begging to be released in probably every diocese in America. It takes money to purchase these, refurbish them and redistribute them to communities who will cherish the sacrosanct.

   The parent organization of The Daily Catholic is the non-profit organization SANCTUS, an acronym for Save All Necessary Catholic Traditions in the United States. In the mid-nineties SANCTUS was able to salvage several items and redistribute them with tabernacles and vestments going all over the world to those who needed them. But the coffers ran dry for we are totally dependent on donations and once we made a clean break from the New Order, the true schismatics cut us off. With a little help we can reinstitute this and, through the expertise of Traditional real estate agents, attorneys, and other professionals and craftsmen perhaps we can salvage many of these churches and turn them back into true holy places sans the "abomination of desolation." I can guarantee one thing, Mel. Those churches will be packed again if the True Mass were offered.

   And that brings us back to square one - convincing the priests that they can walk away from the table and back to the altar. That is the key for without the alter Christus there is no Mass. We are in that very predicament here in the middle of the Mark Twain National Forest. There are several Novus Ordo parishes but no Traditional Latin Mass nearby. We overlook beautiful Table Rock Lake, which, by the way has more shoreline than the entire coast of California, yet we long for the Pacific Coast for there you have the Traditional Latin Mass in your own parish in Malibu. We pray for the day when so many more will have that opportunity in their parishes. Seeing the Lake every day it reminds me of the saying we were taught as kids, "water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink." So also with the New Order Mess for the only lasting rite that refreshes is the Divine Rite instituted by Christ and passed down through the centuries until the secular and ecclesiastical revolution of the sixties and seventies left a once fertile land a parched, arid desert where souls today see only a mirage of what was.

   We pray what was can be again for despite the denial of the Vatican, it is a fact: It is as it was and must ever be. St. Pius V decreed it, we believe it, that settles it! On behalf of Traditional Catholics everywhere, I humbly present these petitions to you in prayerful hope that, with your abundant help, the sincerity of hard-working Traditional Catholics, and God's graces, together we can all turn the mirage into a Miracle!

Michael Cain, editor

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    March 2, 2004
    vol 15, no. 62