Easter Wednesday
March 30, 2005
vol 16, no. 89

Million Dollar Maybe

      Unlike Hilary Swank's character Maggie Fitzgerald in the pro-euthanasia film Million Dollar Baby, Terri Schiavo is a fighter with no quit in her. The stakes are a matter of life and death not only for Terri but for civilization. Her situation has become a Heavyweight prize fight with the prize being fought for worth millions - not in dollars - but in souls.

Hope still exists thanks to Terri's grit and God's grace

    Back in the 50's - ah, the good ol' days - this editor remembers Friday Night Fights sponsored by Gillette on one of the three networks then available. Few were lured in by the pugilistics, more the whole nuance of the event. Few can remember who fought, but everyone remembers Gillette. Everyone at my Assumption grade school hummed the Gillette Blade jingle, "to look sharp" even before we had peach fuzz. Back then everyone felt pretty sharp and little did we or our trusting parents realize then how much we were being dumbed-down, deceived, programmed, and propagandized by the great medium of advertising. While Catholics looked to Rome for direction through their parishes, Madison Avenue, Michigan Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard were taking over. While we were seeking the idealistic American way, advertising was invading our homes, hearts, minds and values through that marvelous invention called the television set or, as we quickly grasped the slang: "TV." Little did we realize it was satan's tabernacle until the true tabernacles were taken away. Oh, Judas Macchabeus, why didn't you warn us?

    He did of course, in the Book of Macchabees and throughout Sacred Scripture as well as the Sacred Deposit of the Faith. But we were all so busy getting ahead, living the American Dream. It all started out so innocently. But wherever a good thing is, satan can never be too far behind. We have seen this with the saints over the centuries. The more one strives for holiness, the more the evil one tempts, taunts and terrorizes a soul. The more one tries to do what is God's will, the more a threat that soul is to the ghosts of gehenna. That's why if you're not being tormented right now by ol' hornhead, then you better start worrying. He doesn't bother with those he already has safely in his camp. He has to focus his energy toward his real enemy. Turncoats and the lukewarm are easy prey, it's the loyal Catholic he's after.

    Oh, and don't tell me it can't be done. Look how innocently 'good' John XXIII introduced the idea of a council, to help solve the world problems. Aggiornamento he called it. Diabolic is what it became. As to whether that was papa John's intention is known only to God, but manifested in his actions and in the actions of those who followed him. Innocent times became confused times. Confused times gave vent to more division and strife. Division and strife fed conspiracies that had long festered in toppling the Catholic Church. Just now we are realizing how deep and devastating. That is due in large part to the explosion of the internet which has readily made available vast documentation that hitherto the advent of the web was difficult to find, unless you had a roadmap to the dusty climes of the Vatican Library or a Catholic college library. Today we know much more than we ever hoped to know. The truth can be devastating when you realize those you had trusted had been betraying you and lying to you all along.

    Now let's fastforward 45 years to 2005 and that magnet of media malaprops - Florida. Here we have a situation where Catholic truth should shine like the sun the state is famous for. But where are the leaders? Well, as Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey states in his article Half A World Away (which we've linked in our Terri's Watch section in each issue), Robert Lynch is AWOL. Well, maybe not legally, but morally he sure is. You see he is on a "goodwill" trip to Indonesia for Catholic Relief Services. I might add I'm sure those in his diocese are expressing relief he's not there, but then he's seldom been 'there.' We already exposed him for the apostate charlatan he is several years back in taking him to task for not allowing perpetual adoration in any of his parishes. But then, why should one expect Catholic devotion from a non-Catholic? As Tom wrote in his article, "How interesting that it was in the Providence of God that Bishop Lynch should find himself in the middle of an actual earthquake while there is a moral and spiritual earthquake shaking the world in large part as a result of his own refusal to boldly and unequivocally defend Theresa Marie Schindler-Schiavo's absolute right to food and water." Yes, that very 8.9 temblor should serve as a wake-up call to Lynch and the rest of the lynch mob who buy into his lukewarm fence-sitting and deviation from the Faith.

    It is so sad that it has come down to protesters outside a hospice in Pinellas Park where in one corner you have a helpless woman being starved and dehydrated to death. That would be Theresa Marie Kathleen Schindler-Schiavo. That is the ring in the spotlight right now since the other boxing venues of the courtroom and congressional chambers both state and federal have thrown in the towel. They figure 15 rounds, erh, ah years is enough. It's time to take out the victim. A roundhouse punch hasn't been able to do it, so let's lock the victim in the corner, take away any food and water and see if she can still swing. It's impossible. That is it's impossible with man, but, as Saint Matthew documents Our Lord's words in Chapter 19, verse 26, with God anything is possible. And that is what the flocks of supporters are praying for since all else seems lost. It is also sad that Catholic voices are so weak and Protestant voices so loud in defense of a Catholic! The silence is deafening from the New Order Florida 'Bishops' and the rest of the Novus Ordo American prelates. What I find puzzling is that that great bastion of mediocrity and muddle - the USCCB - is focusing its energy and attention on eliminating the Death Penalty, but not raising even a finger to help an innocent victim who is truly being murdered under cover of an unjust, vile law. I might add, Holy Mother Church does not condemn capital punishment. But John Paul II doesn't like it, so to the dumbed-down it has become a new doctrine of the church that the death penalty is wrong. Wrong! It is merely the opinion of one man which doesn't mount to a hill of beans when weighed against the overwhelming documentation, wisdom and guidance of 260 Popes, Fathers and Doctors of the Church and the countless Saints of Holy Mother Church.

    How many see the ironic twist that Karol Wojtyla, in the final days of his misguided journey from Wadowice to the Wailing Wall, is most probably going to be subjected to the very same condition as Terri Schiavo? The news reports out as of this writing claim, though, as always, the "Vatican remains silent on it," that JPII is heading back to the hospital and will be put on a feeding tube. Will they want to pull his tube too? Just the fact he's on one will elevate Terri's crisis to international proportions and all eyes of the world will hear of the fate of a young woman and the scurrilous treatment she received over the past 15 years. All of a sudden the media is talking non-stop about feeding tubes and living wills. It is Terri's living will to live and God's will that she dies only when He deems it is time, not Michael Schiavo, not Judge George Greer, and certainly not Schiavo's lawyer George Felos the Felon. I say felon because, at least as of March 30, 2005, murder is still a felony and Felos has been party to accommodating several euthanasia cases, which, in the eyes of God and Holy Mother Church was, is and always will be MURDER! Can you say Kervorkian? But wait a minute, Dr. Death is in jail. Why? For aiding and abetting suicides. In other words, murder!

    My question is with Jack Kervorkian behind bars, why has there been a plethora of liberal media op-ed pieces on devaluing life? We see it on both ends of the spectrum with abortion at the beginning, not even giving a soul the chance to breathe and and the end with euthanasia by removing the sustenance necessary to breathe. In between, well, they're working on that with the sodomite agenda and the topsy-turvy values spin where vice is virtue and virtue is to be avoided as evil. We've also seen this expressed in the movie fare that has come out of Hollywood this past year. The films nominated for Oscars this year reeked of the culture of death beginning with the the sad saga that so deceived the public in its trailers and promotion: Million Dollar Baby. Were it not for those who had seen it and rightfully rejected the sacred sanctum of the Hollywood code not to reveal the ending, more might have been duped into seeing the movie. We thank the bell-ringers for exposing the euthanasia agenda in it. Clint Eastwood was clever in saying so little about the film, proffering that it was a "boxing movie." How that could be classified as a boxing movie and win an award when Raging Bull was the best boxing movie ever made and received no reward is an afront both to boxing, Robert Dinero and Martin Scorcese. Too bad the latter went on to produce the sorry Last Temptation of Christ. I truly believe that film will forever haunt him and it should.

    That aside, the devil is so crafty and he knows, thanks to his media garrisons already firmly in his camp, that the public will buy anything if it is saturated enough. Enter euthanasia enthusiasts. How do they get Mr. and Mrs. America to accept it? They know from experience that force-feeding the euthanasia agenda down their throats will only cause the public to regurgitate such rot. So, like they did with abortion and in the Church through Vatican II, drip-feed it slowly but surely through the feeding tube of public opinion and political correctness. They began by inserting their plants within the system whether it was the priesthood, the political horizon, or the press rooms. It would take time, but eventually these fifth columnists would rise in power and they have. It is evident in the chanceries, in the courts, in the chambers of congress, in the curia, in communications, and consequently in every country. The Trojan horse has been let in and, unguarded, the invaders have stealthily and steadily snuck up on sonambulent souls and psyches, robbing, raping and pillaging the values, cultures, and standards society held. The casualty list is staggering.

    Yet there are still those who cling to those values and standards for they know God does not change and Christ cannot deceive nor be deceived. They recognize the false prophets because Our Lord gave us fair warning in Matthew 24. They realize only too clearly the "abomination of desolation" is the Novus Ordo and have fled to the mountains - a metaphor for the Church - the true Church where the True Mass is said exclusively and the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church observed and preserved. And Traditional Catholics realize something worth fighting for is worth fighting for, no matter the odds. Well before others jumped on the bandwagon, it was Traditional Catholics who were championing Terri's cause from Tom Droleskey's many articles to Gabriel Garnica, Dr. Frank Joseph, Father Louis Campbell and so many others on these pages and other Traditional publications to Fatima Perspectives' author Christopher Ferrara's legal advice when the Schindler's had nowhere to turn and no money for legal representation. Traditional Catholics know the odds because they've long been on the short-end of the majority.

    What is so sad is that those who could have made a difference did not follow that same Catholic logic and truth that Traditionalists observe religiously. As we mentioned, Lynch, who by territory is supposed to be Terri's and the Schindler family's shepherd, has fled his flock at a time when the sheep need their shepherd. The other wolves in sheep's clothing have also raced from the scene faster than the Roadrunner hightailing out of the clutches of Wiley Coyote.

    Speaking of the Warner Brothers characters, the opponents have used every Acme contraption possible to thwart God's will. If it weren't so tragic the foes of life efforts would be comical. That is obvious from the three-ring circus the case of Terri's has become. And back to the metaphor of the square ring, just as there are heated fans on both sides cheering on their choice or jeering the opponent, nothing is being accomplished in fisticuffs. Plenty of blows have been landed, but is it a fair fight? From day one Terri's caring handlers Bob and Mary Schindler, supported by their son and Terri's brother Bobby and the rest of the Schindler family have had their hands tied behind their backs. You can't care for someone that way, nor defend your views, morality or faith with just pennies in your pockets and no hands to even reach those pennies.

    Everyone talks about how helpless Terri is, but few have applied that to the Schindler family who have been handicapped from day one. While Michael Schiavo had the money - thanks to winning the malpractice suit against the medical profession for mistreatment of Terri (talk about irony), the Schindlers had no such luxury, only love. Schiavo, which Father Francis de Rosa reveals translates to "slave" in Italian (talk about another irony in reference to Our Lord's words in John 8: 34 "Amen, amen, I say to you: that whosoever committeth sin, is the slave of sin.") was ripe for the pickings of Felos, who saw the legal ramifications of Terri's death as setting a precedence - the Roe v. Wade of the euthanasiasts. Realizing that Michael was 'Daddy Warbucks' with his million dollar award from the jury, he leeched onto Schiavo big time and for the long haul. Felos fits the perfect description of bloodsucker.

    Michael Schiavo will have to answer for this deceit, the lies and what really happened on that night when Terri's oxygen was suppressed and it effected her brain. Or what happened on those visits when he shut the door of Terri's room and after he left the nurses found insulin syringes in the wastebasket and needle marks in Terri's body. While many susspect he endeavored to 'help' Terri see God sooner, only God knows what went on behind those doors. You would think with all the high-tech gadgets today and because of the need to keep constant watch on patients, that they would have monitors to observe constantly. You would think so. Not very vigilant on the part of the facility in my estimation.

    Recently, more serious questions have come to light. How could Michael state so matter-of-factly that Terri's wish to not have a feeding tube was expressively her wish when a close confidant of his, a woman by the name of Ms. Capone went on Fox News the other night and emphatically asserted that he didn't know. In fact, he asked Ms. Capone many times "What should I do? Terri and I never discussed this." She came across quite convincingly with Greta van Susteren asking her questions. When asked a second time, Ms. Capone looked straight into the camera and reasserted she was telling the truth. If so then that is proof Michael has been lying from day one and I would quite suspect Felos is the one who put him up to it. He's the rope-a-dope to Michael's temporal aspirations; aspirations that depend on Terri aspiring.

    How can Greer, an incompetent and unqualified judge, elected by maybe a few thousand votes out of maybe a few more thousand, have more power than a governor of a state or a President of the United States? Are not the three branches equal? Then how has judicial tyranny been able to overpower the Executive and Legislative? One reason is the election of 2000 which had to turn to the Judicial for a decision. But for God's sake, George Bush is not indebted to the Supreme Court. No one is indebted to the Supreme Court. Indeed the Supreme Court must be indebted to the citizens for which they serve. This has not been the case from Washington D.C. to the various districts such as the 9th District Circuit Court of Appeals which is notoriously left in their decisions. But then what do you expect from San Francisco? Yet, I would have hoped and prayed that in Atlanta the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals might have had more sense and at least an iota of compassion. It is time to establish not only new judges at ringside, but allow the executive and legislative to sit in equal judgment of this fight. Majority rules. That already has been established in the Terri Schiavo fight for Executive and Legislative have given points to Terri with only the Judicial for Michael. That's 2-1, Terri wins by a disqualification because Michael's claims are suspected of fabrication and definitely prejudiced. We all know Michael wanted a TKO - Terry Killed Obstinately.

    Many boxers have suffered brain damage in the ring. Some have died from the sport. Million Dollar Baby illustrated this, but the decision reached was the wrong one. The fact is that the medical profession has advanced by leaps and bounds over the last decade, especially in the early stages of the third millennium. It wasn't that long ago when few knew how to identify and track DNA. Now convicted killers are given a stay of execution while medical authorities trace the DNA to be sure the guilty are given fair treatment. Can you say "CSI"?

    What then of the innocent? Do you know of anyone who has been in a hospice for three years? I don't for only those who are going to die soon are admitted to a hospice. Terri, much to her estranged husband's and reptilian lawyer's wishes, has defied death. She has proven she is not a candidate for hospice but for around-the-clock loving treatment. With all the advances of medical knowledge and breakthrough we now know without a shadow of doubt - though Catholics have always believed that life begins at conception - that there is now factual and scientific proof of just that. Abortionists don't want you to know that. Considering Terri never had the proper medical attention or therapy or treatment, who is to say she can't be rehabilitated? Those who go by the old charts - which were used in primitive days before the discovery of many new medical inventions that have provided an ever more clearer eye to the human body's miraculous mechanisms - need to realize the new evidence available. They do, but they're not willing to allow it as evidentiary exhibits as Greer has defiantly shown time after time. Yet new discoveries prove even more surely that God not only exists but that no other Being could have conjured up such a miraculous specimen as man - even one as stubborn as George Greer, or as carniverous as George Felos, or as heartless as Michael Schiavo. New information coming to the surface that Terri has not had a doctor see or treat her since 2002 begs the question: how can any doctor or judge in their right mind ethically say she has no chance? That's a fix and the last time I checked, fixing a fight is illegal and disqualifies those sending in the fix. Terri won't take a fall and so the euthanasia enthusiasts are out to load their gloves with the heaviest items they can to kill her, and then make it look like something "natural and peaceful" as Felos so saccharinely hissed to the media the other day.

    Then there is the referee. That would be the police who are caught in the middle. They are trying to uphold the law, but must break up scuffles and hitting below the belt and there has been plenty of that, sadly on both sides. Yet, all the ref can do is countdown or arrest. The ref cannot counsel, the ref is supposed to be heartless. What mother would want their son to be a ref, or a cop. Talk about helpless and hated. Who has ever applauded a ref or an umpire. On the contrary all you hear when your side gets a raw call is boos. So I have empathy for the police force mandated to stand watch at Woodside Hospice. Can you imagine what they feel when they have to say no to the priest who merely wants to give communion to Terri? Or children who offer water to a thirsting woman? They are only fulfilling Our Lord's words in Matthew 25: 35, "I was thirsty, and you gave Me to drink." They are doing so because they see Christ in Terri. So do the 'referees' the local gendarmes. Their heart and head say yes, give her water, allow her communion, but their orders say 'no'. If they don't obey, they're terminated. What was that about "slave"? Yes, they are slaves to the system just as most of us are. And it takes a case of utter simplicity, yet the magnitude of Terri Schiavo's circumstances to wake up consciences.

    For some wonderful reason Terri is a fighter in the mold of Rocky Balboa, a Marciano with the spunk of Cassius Clay, who today as Mohammed Ali - and deteriorating from Parkinson's, would greatly appreciate Terri's spirit in fighting against all odds to live. If somehow, someway a miracle happens either by divine intervention in keeping her alive or legislative loophole to rescue her, that will be the true "Thrilla in Pinellas."

    In the meantime, the euthanasia movement pummels whatever is in its path, punching the air with legal platitudes that mean nothing before the Supreme Heavenly Judge, and that is the only One Who counts when the final bell rings.

    I'm sorry, but I have concluded that I must also be a medical expert in determining Terri's condition. The reason I say this is because every medical expert who ever come on the tube or are quoted, state that they have never examined her, but base their evidence on what they have read. That makes me an expert as well as you reading this. It makes us all experts in this day of modern mega-second communications. We are all periti in the peril of Terri. My facetiousness is obvious in light of the fact that these so-called experts are not experts after all, but media quacks who are jobbing us by giving the company line euthanasiasts have programmed for them. The sad thing is that so many have bought the lies. They have bought the sentimentality Eastwood conveyed in his dark film and have tried to justify mercy killing. While Clint counts his millions for Million Dollar Baby, millions are confused further by the fine line between legal and lawful. Something may be legal, but it is not necessarily lawful before God. Abortion and Euthanasia are the left hook and uppercut here and God wants them wiped out with one solid right. It would be better if man could right this with his own right swing by knocking the foes of life to the campus through either proper legislation or judicial decisions that honor life from the womb to the tomb. However, if that fails we know the Almighty will come out swinging with the vengeance He exhibited in the Old Testament. God will not be mocked. All the possibilities posed and doubts on whether Terri wants to live or die rest on one man's 'maybe' that has grown more desperate and passionately defiant in his own mind the longer Terri shows life. That in and of itself should be a sign to reinsert the feeding tube and renova the case. Oh, and there is one definite, sure-fire reason that is enough to keep Terri alive: she is a child of God. All the other reasons in the world can't compare. And, are you listening, Michael Schiavo? You know in your heart you are not sure Terri ever wanted to have her tube pulled. And not being sure is a doubt, a maybe. God cannot be bought or fooled, even by your million dollar maybe.

Michael Cain, editor

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    March 30, 2005
    vol 16, no. 89