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April 23, 2005
vol 16, no. 113
The Fourth Dragon is the Fifth Estate

    Part One

Evil Leading the Blind
      The other three dragons, though deadly, are made swifter and even deadlier by the powers of the fourth dragon who slithers into homes, schools and churches hissing heresy that, thanks to shepherds who have abandoned their posts, have transformed the sheep into gullible goats.

        "The media, or the fourth dragon, is the monster which intoxicates the confused and clueless Catholics who are already looking for a facilitator who will validate their arrogant, selfish, insolent whims and desires! Yes, sadly it is the evil leading the blind, and the ultimate destiny of that tragic trail is one of perdition!"

    The harsh reality of The American Catholic Church is that it is presently a case of the evil leading the blind. The evil are the forces I described in my earlier articles on the dragons, in particular the forces of modernism, secularism, feminism, sodomy, and atheism. Each of these vile forces is a unique and separate poison which is slowly but surely contaminating our faith and turning it from what was once an elixir of truth, love, faith, service, and salvation into a vile venom of perdition and sin. While I have written extensively in the past on these despicable forces, I will focus here on what I consider the most vile and despicable force of evilůthe media.

    The media has long been called the fifth estate, quite possibly because they also replicate and enable, even empower the fifth columnists who seek to infiltrate and overthrow. Therefore there is a fourth dragon: the fifth estate - the media. Nowhere is this more evident than in America, and nowhere are the masses more gullible to whatever is fed them than the liberal wags whether it be The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, Washington Post, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN or the other cable stations who permeate homes night and day. And that isn't even taking into account radio, or magazines, the most notorious, of course being Time, Newsweek, and U.S. World Report.

    While all of the other evil forces noted above and in my dragons series certainly carry their weight and measure of evil and sin, it is the vilest media that swirls this brew of perdition. Remember, these other dragons could not circulate were it not for the fourth dragon. It is the media that gives the other evil forces a platform from which to spew their dribble and sin. It is the media that spins truth into lies, that manipulates fact into fiction, that worms its liberal bias and anti-Catholic agenda into every word, every thought that is spewed from its mindless, false-smiling, or self-absorbed drones!

    The media, or the fourth dragon, is the monster which intoxicates the confused and clueless Catholics who are already looking for a facilitator who will validate their arrogant, selfish, insolent whims and desires! Yes, sadly it is the evil leading the blind, and the ultimate destiny of that tragic trail is one of perdition!

The Monster Mesmerizes the Morons

    The monster has moved into our midst primarily because the vanguards have let them. The vanguards are those the sheep have always looked to for protection from the wolf. Yet in these times over the past 40 years the shepherds, by and large, have not only become the wolves but have ushered in the monster; maybe not purposely but because they themselves have lost focus on the moral compass and given in to the political correctness of these times. For some ungodly reason they think they must conform to keep their flocks. That is the very reason the flocks are fleeing, because there is no moral stability with the shepherds. This was magnified the other day when, unfortunately, as the cardinal of Baltimore William Keeler, no reliable beacon of trust or staunch moral fiber, told ABC's Charles Gibson, one of these purveyors of deception by the media, "Many of our people are confused because their educator is not the Church, but the news media." Well, duh! It is precisely this sad state of affairs that has allowed the news media to become the principal purveyor of hell's agenda, the catalyst of catastrophe for the souls of millions, and the pied pipers of perdition playing a tune of damnation leading legions of souls to utter disaster. It is truly the evil leading the blind as shown below!

Sin's Spin Zone

    There are key questions that need to be asked and the answers are obvious, yet few and far between in the principles complying with the answers. The first question is why are American Catholics confused? Obviously, this sad situation is the result of a combination of toxic factors. First, the destructive influences of Vatican II which have diluted, distorted, and blurred the Faith have a key role in that confusion.

    Second: The cowardice and betrayal of prelates who either promote that dilution, distortion, or blurring in the service of a Masonic agenda or succumb to this evil out of spineless surrender is a factor. When you consider the cardinals of America it is a sorry lot. Look at who American Catholics turn to for direction: Roger Mahony, Theodore McCarrick, Edward Egan, Adam Maida, Francis George and Justin Rigali, and Keeler to name a few of the obvious culprits who have deviated from the true faith and abandoned their flocks through their complicity in the scandal of covering up for sodomite priests and scamming the flocks financially to pay for sin while, in fact, continuing the same agenda with only cosmetic changes. The rot still exists and no matter what the USCCB provides in PR releases from their spokesmen or spokeswomen, the more things are supposed to change, the more they stay the same.

    Third: In the same vein, the absence of strong, consistent, forceful, assertive leadership in the Church at all levels is key. The bishops either have brain cramp or are guilty of aiding and abetting the fourth dragon. I know one thing, they are scared stiff of the fourth dragon. That is evident from the fact that only when the press gets involved do the bishops respond at all. People can write letter after letter and no reaction, stalemate, but let the local news or a reporter come calling and they put on their best face. Yet, rarely is it the bishop who steps forward to speak. Rather he hides behind one of his 'yes men' or, as frequently is the case, 'yes women' who more often than not might very well be a liberal disgruntled ex-nun.

    Fourth: The infection and expanded visibility of theological, doctrinal, and liberal vermin aided by media support is harmful. Thanks to the bishops' failure to rein in dissidents, those same dissidents are lauded and applauded and have been thrust forward by the fourth dragon as experts on Catholicism; such 'luminaries' as Andrew Greeley, Richard McBrien, Joan Chittister and James Martin, S.J., associate editor of America magazine which has been the liberal mouthpiece for the American church in chronicling the actual decline and fall of both Catholicism and the Jesuits in America over the last 40 years.

    Fifth: The inability or refusal of weak leadership to stamp out, stifle, and eradicate this vermin and its venom contributes to the problem. Because they have been so concerned with pleasing man, they have neglected what Almighty God desires. They have abandoned the true faith in favor of convenience and keeping the coffers full. The irony is that this 'convenience' has not been the catch-all they had hoped for and, confronted with practically empty churches, the coffers are bare - so bare that several dioceses have declared bankruptcy with more to follow and churches are being closed down faster than you can say the Oath Against Modernism. Truly the fruits are bitter.

    Finally, the absence of absolute authority and truth to chain the selfish and arrogant whims of vice, lust, insolence, and disobedience is a factor. In short, the shepherds have abandoned and betrayed their sheep leaving those flocks to the wolves of their own inner vice and the forces of evil that surround them. Thus vulnerable and seeking justification and rationalization for their own sinful predispositions, these lost sheep are easy prey to those evil forces and above all the demonic media that serves those forces to the sheep on a plate. That plate is not one of nutrition for the soul, mind, heart, and eternal salvation, but rather a fast food from hell void of the vitamins of salvation and the recipe of God as practiced and taught by Christ. It is almost as if someone predisposed to alcoholism was abandoned by his sponsor and left sitting at the corner bar where the media works as the bartender of sinful intoxication and ready justification and sympathy for vice and sin!

    And who do we owe all of this too? Why the hierarchy of the conciliar church. Ah, yes, progress!

Discarded Doctrine

    The million dollar question is why and how has the media replaced the Church as educator of these confused, clueless Catholics? Given that the Church has all but relinquished its role in teaching the proper, truthful, absolute Faith as done for ages out of betrayal, cowardice, secular surrender, corruption, laziness, and its own vice, the hunger of the confused and clueless begs and demands another source to feed their thirst for direction.

    It is almost as if a class of confused students lost their tough, loving, qualified teacher who has been replaced first by a wimpy, unqualified, weak, and corrupt instructor and then handed over to a cunning, sinister, evil, treacherous, skillful pied piper ready to play a hypnotic tune that caters to confused minds and ready ears of an audience looking for direction.

    The weak instructor is, of course, the New Order Church which has either intentionally or negligently failed miserably in its task, duty, and role as educator of the sheep. If, hypothetically, a Catholic had been in a time capsule or asleep for the past 40 years, and awoke today he wouldn't recognize his Church. He would ask what ever happened to the Mass. what happened to piety? Where are the nuns? Why are there so few priests? What's with an outside Mass at St. Peter's? Why is the pope distributing Holy Communion in the hand? Where is the pope's tiara? Why are churches being closed? What happened to the parish schools? Where are the Catholic high schools? You mean the Catholic colleges aren't Catholic anymore? How could that be? I guess the best answer to that poor shocked person would be: The Vatican II Revolution. So much for aggiornamento!

    The cunning pied piper who spread this revolution is, sadly, the vile media so versed in manipulation, marketing, mind-control, and spin. It is this media that is so eager to tell American Catholics what it wants them to believe and what many of them want to hear in their crusade to rubber stamp their own wayward behavior. Through its barrage of biased, slanted, distorted, and despicable messages pushing their agenda of hypocrisy, division, and revolution, the American media infects and intoxicates exactly the river it is pretending to be reporting on. Sadly, the vast majority of American Catholics constitute one of the following three groups.

    Group One are those are completely clueless about their own faith and are ready and willing to buy anything dumped into their empty minds.

    Group Two are those who are merely seeking justification and validation for their own desire to do just what they please while making it look "holy", "moral", or "personal".

    The final group, Group Three, are the classic "Cafeteria Catholics" who merely want to pick and choose those items of the Catholic Faith that they find tasteful and ignore those they do not like. All three groups are easy targets and prey to an evil media with an insatiable desire to infuse confusion, division, revolt, and its liberal agenda to those foolish or willing enough to listen.

    In my second installment, I will provide sound-byte examples of the mindlessness of the fifth estate and why so many buy the doctrineless drivel.

Gabriel Garnica

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Editor's Note: Heaven is once again under attack by those who would seek to ignore and overthrow God's majesty and authority. Gabriel Garnica, educator and attorney, submits regular insights and commentaries to remind and help guide readers toward a deeper and more assertive faith. Touching on topics and issues ranging from personal faith, doctrine, education, scripture, the media, family life, morality, and values, Gabriel's notes are music to traditional ears but unpleasant tones to those who have bought into the misguided notions so prevalent and spreading in today's Catholic world.

    Gabriel's Clarion
    April 23, 2005
    Volume 16, no. 113