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November 16-17, 2004
vol 15, no. 185

"And Lead Us Not Into Temptation...or Hypocrisy"

    With the release of the film praising infamous pedophile propagandist Alfred Kinsey, played by ex-Catholic Liam Neeson, the hypocrisy is so thick that the even satan might blush at the boldness of the Hollywood elites in pushing this trash movie and the blatant lies that purposely seek to cover up who Kinsey was - a child of lucifer whose work has led billions to the depths of eternal damnation! While the film is subtitled, "Sex, The Measure of All Things," all would be wise to heed what Our Lady imparted to the visionaries at Fatima: more souls are in hell for the sins of the flesh than any other sin!"
      "While many media, Hollywood, academic, and Jewish elite roasted Gibson's work as biased, inaccurate, dangerous, extreme, inappropriate, and even terrorist or Nazi in its depiction of Jews, there has already been some hesitation to reveal Kinsey for what it is: a biased propaganda film which distorts the work of a pedophile sexual deviant guilty of the most vile abuse of children, subjects, science, social morality and standards, and the truth. While many sought to censor Gibson's work as anti-Semitism, we have yet to see any similar cries against Kinsey, which honors a man who actually thanked a Gestapo Nazi who sexually brutalized children for providing him with reports on child sexuality!"

    Imagine if a movie on the life of John Wilkes Booth presented him as a pioneering actor who transformed American drama and theatre while ignoring the small detail that he assassinated President Abraham Lincoln…certainly this production would be blasted from all corners as a shameless fraud bordering on unethical film making? Well, it seems, it all depends on who has a stake in the film and whether or not the film fits the agenda of Hollywood's elite! Kinsey, a film starring Schlinder's List star Liam Neeson, paints Alfred Kinsey, the infamous sexual ghoul, perverse child molester, and blatant scientific fraud, as a genius and pioneer who transformed society from a restricted, ignorant, limited sexual awareness to a more liberating, enlightened state. The facts surrounding both Kinsey's work and this film read like a primer on Hollywood's pathetic, vile, and abominable hypocrisy which renders its messages on the issues of morality, appropriateness, and accuracy totally void of credibility!

The Ghoul

    The hellish character of Alfred Kinsey reads like a description from Dante's Inferno, but a brief summary will more than convey the depth of this man's depravity... In short, Alfred Kinsey used junk science, fraud, and unethical/criminal research to further and establish his own personal social agenda of dismantling traditional sexual mores, social restrictions, and religious restraints. Biographer James H. Jones cites Kinsey as a man with a prodigious appetite for sadistic varieties of homosexual sex, voyeurism and other perversions which inspired his social agenda. Researcher Dr. Judith Reisman, who has written numerous books on Kinsey including her 1990 book Kinsey, Sex and Fraud, has described Kinsey as a perverse pedophile, pornographer, adulterer, and sado-masochist whose work provided the foundation for the sexual revolution and established the basis for the present feminist and homosexual movements. By all accounts, this demon was about relaxing and eliminating society's limits on sexuality and blurring the line between normal and abnormal sexuality. His work was instrumental in the formulation of The Model Penal Code's lessened penalties for sex offenders of all kinds, endangering and harming the welfare of women and children everywhere. Kinsey believed that all forms of sexual perversion were "normal", "natural", and should be "accepted" thus releasing them from society's absurd "taboos". He advocated bestiality and adult-child sexuality as normal behaviors! I could go on and on, but I think that decency and brevity is best served by moving on.

The Damage

    Not only do researchers, biographers, and authors agree that Kinsey ushered in the sexual revolution and provided the base for the feminist and homosexual movements as noted above, but they also agree that he had a profound negative impact on the legal system's view of sexual crimes and perversions, causing penalties to be lessened and perceptions to be softened by his fraudulent claims and work, according to Robert H. Knight of The Culture and Family Institute. According to Dr. Judith Reisman, Kinsey denigrated motherhood, ignored data on normal marital births, inflated and distorted data on marriage by including unconventional relationships as being married, defined most men as sexual offenders or deviants thereby justifying the above mentioned lessening of criminal penalties and redefining what is normal, sanitized sexual abuse, dismissed the emotional and even physical harm of such abuse, and fostered a benign view of child sexual abuse. He was an activist on behalf of child molesters, even testifying before the California General Assembly on their behalf in 1949. The medical journal The Lancet has even described his work on children as imperfect, "unethical, possibly criminal".

    Kinsey concocted all types of fanciful paradigms based merely on his own imagination without valid corresponding data, as in the case of his famous 7 Point Scale of Human Sexuality. This scale has been used ever since to argue that there is no "normal" or "abnormal" sexuality but only points on a continuum! Franklin Kameny, the so-called "dean" of homosexual activists, admitted that his fanciful claim that 10% of the population is homosexual was based on Kinsey's work. This spurious claim has since been used to portray homosexuality as a valid minority worthy of civil rights protection. Thus, although Kinsey's direct harm on society's morality and values has been pervasive and vile enough, we can add fraudulent yet often cited research which has justified all forms of distortions on society's perception of normal and abnormal sexual behavior while providing the justification for the homosexual movement's claims.

    Knight has described Kinsey's work as a "cultural blitzkrieg against sexual restraint, marriage, and the family….He just might be the most influential fraud in American social history….(his) studies have had a profoundly negative impact on American women and children by weakening legal protections for sexual abuse and falsely portraying 'sexual liberation' as an unalloyed good, despite astronomic increases in divorce, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases, and the physical abuse of women and children."

The Hypocrisy

    Any observer of the controversy regarding Mel Gibson's masterpiece The Passion of The Christ might need to sit down for this segment, as the hypocrisy is heaped so high as to defy the imagination! We all recall how the imbecilic and biased critics of Mel's film decried the movie as an outright repulsive, extremely dangerous, and blatantly inaccurate production likely to stir widespread harm to innocent people and based upon the personal bias and agenda of the creator and director. Despite the fact that time has shown these claims to be absurd, these idiots from the media, Hollywood, Academic, and Jewish elite continue to spread this trash as viable concerns. The recent release of the DVD only led to new "worries" that the "harm" of The Passion would now be extended into the silent perpetuity of private homes where it could fester into later societal hatred, violence, and misinformation. The stupidity and arrogance even spread to so-called Catholic and Christian leaders and academics who waxed nobly of Christian duties to limit this insult visited upon the Jewish community and Jewish-Christian relations. One would be led to believe that these critics and elite were obsessed with accuracy, decency, the protection of innocent victims, and preventing the spread of misinformation or biased portrayals. Although all of those groups attacking Mel Gibson's film have repeatedly shown themselves to be nothing but ignorant, biased and hypocritical liars and cowards, this latest film idolizing Alfred Kinsey promises to take the ignorance, bias, hypocrisy, lies, and cowardice to an even higher level!

    Variety, considered the "bible of the entertainment industry", - read "bible of Babylon" - rejected two versions of ads warning readers of the biased and one-sided nature of Kinsey seeking to alert the audience to the dark side of this despicable character. Variety publisher Craig Hitchcock found these ads "inappropriate" and "disturbing" because they showed a picture of a child and included the word "pedophile". This concern despite the fact that the film Kinsey honors a man who advocated pedophilia and was a silent partner in the abuse of numerous children for "research purposes"! Apparently, it is acceptable to praise such a person with inaccuracy and bias, but it is inappropriate to mention what that person has been shown to have advocated! Hitchcock's lawyers left the ads to his discretion since they were completely legal. Despite this, Hitchcock chose not to post either one of them. Dr. Reisman believes that the ads were spiked because they would have embarrassed the Hollywood elite, who "hypocritically scream 'censorship' whenever we protest their sex and sadism fare." This is the same elite which sought to censor Gibson's film! Reisman found it interesting that Variety preferred to avoid offending the Hollywood elite than presenting the truth about proven pervert, pedophile fraud. And the ads that are now running? The backside of a naked man (Kinsey) for one poster and the other Kinsey fully clothed, standing on suggestive words. Ah yes, progress of the progressives into the sewer of sin.

    MGM/United Artists backed out of distributing the film after controversy arose over the film's portrayal of Kinsey. Actors Russell Crowe, Tom Hanks, Kevin Spacey and Harrison Ford all opted out of portraying this sexual ghoul who peddled his perversion and social agenda as junk science claiming to be legitimate science. But not Neeson who was raised by a good Catholic mother. Your son needs prayers, Mrs. Neeson.

    Perhaps the most powerful hypocrisy regarding this film, if any can rise from the rubble of trash on which Kinsey's reputation and work is built, concerns yet another irony; Neeson, the star of Schlinder's List, unbelievably accepted the contract to portray Kinsey despite warnings from people such as Reisman herself. A 1998 British TV documentary cited by Reisman provides evidence that Kinsey was connected to former Gestapo director Dr. Fritz Von Ballusek, who was reported to have forced his victims to choose between rape and the gas chamber. Ballusek went on trial for the sex-related murder of a little girl in 1956. The documentary reported that Kinsey wrote to Ballusek thanking him for providing Kinsey with reports and observations regarding child sexuality but warning him to "watch out" lest he be caught!

    Dr. Reisman asks us to consider the tremendous hypocrisy, irony, and message of this portrayal by Neeson. She suggests, "Think about the message..Neeson plays an anti-Nazi hero in Schlinder's List and now he honors Kinsey, who thanked a former Gestapo director of a Polish town…for his rapes of children."!!!! Defending his portrayal of Kinsey, Neeson stated, "These are people who stood for something, something that it is good to remind audiences of. They had a code of ethics that you perhaps don't find anymore." Although Reisman warned Neeson of the folly of portraying such a ghoul and thereby honoring his memory, Neeson did not reply and completed filming the movie. One must ask, these people "stood for something which should be reminded"? They had a "code of ethics"? Since I do not believe that Neeson is an imbecile, I must be forced to conclude that he either agrees with Kinsey's message of sexual liberation or will do anything for money. Please contrast this with Mr. Jim Caveziel's inspiring portrayal of Christ and subsequent care to not tarnish that portrayal by taking on just any role!

Direct Harm on the Church

    In Child Molestation and The Homosexual Movement, Steve Baldwin, Executive Director of The Council for National Policy in Washington, D.C., notes that child molestation and pedophilia occur far more commonly per offender among homosexuals. He also adds that it is time to acknowledge that homosexual behavior threatens the very foundation of Western Civilization..the family. Steven Brady, President of the lay group Roman Catholic Faithful, cites that Kinsey's work created the environment which led to the present child sex abuse scandals in the Church. Paul Likoudis, author of Amchurch Comes Out: The US Bishops, Pedophiles, Scandals, and the Homosexual Agenda, notes that pedophiles and homosexuals controlled the post-Vatican II liturgical reforms in the US and Canada. He cites Archbishop Weakland of Milwaukee, Roger Mahony of Los Angeles, Matthew Clark of Rochester, Howard Hubbard of Albany, and John Cummins of Oakland as the biggest promoters of homosexuality in the American Church. Recently, Archbishop Harry Flynn of the Twin Cities was placed on this list by, none other than the sodomites themselves. Talk about being outed! Likoudis believes that some US bishops are so committed to the social acceptance of homosexuality that they do not care about anything else.

    This homosexual agenda has instituted a filtering system in Catholic seminaries which removes priests believing in traditional morals as sexually repressive based on Kinsey's work. An example of this filtering system is found in Seattle, where Sr. Fran Feader and Fr. John Heagle, co-directors of Therapy and Renewal Associates treat abusive priests. These two have ridiculed the Church's traditional views on sexual purity, dismissing it as evidence of the Vatican's fixation at an adolescent psychological level. Kinsey's work was the basis for such programs as The Institute on Advanced Study of Human Sexuality and The National Sex Forum, whose videos, films, slides and audio are used by over 8,000 professionals and institutions throughout the world. These films and videos portray graphic sex and promote a lax, experimental sexuality completely contradictory to Catholic teaching, yet they have been used in various forms in many dioceses throughout the US. Also, many perverse courses taught by priests later convicted of molestation have been given under the guise of exploring sexuality and homosexuality. NAMBLA, co-founded by the infamous priest Paul Shanley bases its constitution on Kinsey's work. Once asked whether courses such as these which use pornography and images of nude men and women created an occasion for sin, Weakland answered, "no". Of course Weakland is one of those disgraced prelates whose lies were exposed. Yet, there have been numerous examples of such courses advocating all forms of sexuality as normal and natural, consistent with Kinsey's arguments. So, you see, Kinsey not only managed to impose his perversion upon society in general but has also been successful, as per his desire, in dismantling the Church's moral structure against sexual liberation. The fetid work Always Our Children and the heretical sex-education program approved by Archbishop Jerome Hanus have done insufferable damage to young minds and confused parents everywhere. In brief, Kinsey has stained the field, the shepherds, and the sheep with his diabolical ideas!


    Alfred Kinsey's work created the environment for much of the sexual and moral deterioration which we have witnessed in the last 60 years. In a very real sense, he is the father of the feminist, the homosexual, and the sexual revolutions of the latter part of the last century. His work has been shown to be mostly built on fraud, unethical research, unfounded claims, personal biases and agendas, and even criminal activity against children. He has been linked to a former Nazi's rape of children and has been shown to have been a voracious pedophile, sexual harasser, and sexual deviant. Many writers attribute much subsequent harm to women and children as a result of Kinsey's impact upon society's legal and moral perceptions of sexuality and normal sexual behavior.

    Despite the litany of this despicable fraud's sins and crimes upon the social, moral, and academic character of our society and religious institutions, Hollywood has chosen to rekindle the memory of those sins and crimes under the guise of legitimate scientific work in the movie Kinsey starring Liam Neeson. This movie portrays Kinsey as a scientific pioneer and hero, a sort of sexual Moses who led society out of the obscurity and slavery of past sexual restrictions. It completely ignores or glosses over the very dark, destructive, and heinous side of this ghoul, creating yet another vivid illustration of Hollywood's hypocrisy in view of that industry's treatment of Mel Gibson's The Passion of The Christ.

    While many media, Hollywood, academic, and Jewish elite roasted Gibson's work as biased, inaccurate, dangerous, extreme, inappropriate, and even terrorist or Nazi in its depiction of Jews, there has already been some hesitation to reveal Kinsey for what it is: a biased propaganda film which distorts the work of a pedophile sexual deviant guilty of the most vile abuse of children, subjects, science, social morality and standards, and the truth. While many sought to censor Gibson's work as anti-Semitism, we have yet to see any similar cries against Kinsey, which honors a man who actually thanked a Gestapo Nazi who sexually brutalized children for providing him with reports on child sexuality!

    Perhaps the most tragic irony is that Liam Neeson, the man who portrayed the hero in Schlinder's List, a film so hailed by Jewish leaders, now plays this Nazi sympathizer and sexual criminal because (Kinsey) "stood for something which it is good to remind audiences of….(and) had a code of ethics which…."perhaps you do not find anymore." While I am not sure that the fraud, sexual perversion, and amoral behavior which Kinsey stood for is something we need to be reminded of, I am sure that we do not need to honor this despicable ghoul nor his so-called contribution to society. Homosexual activist Bill Condon, not surprisingly the director of Kinsey, tells us that it is time to remind people of Kinsey's ideas, which he called "liberating" and which Condon insists made Playboy and Dr. Ruth possible. Condon added that he hoped people would get "an exhilarating feeling" when they came out of the theatre. Based on the subject, the subject matter, and Hollywood's despicable tendency to either support or silently condone this kind of propaganda trash while trashing work such as Mel Gibson's The Passion, I might describe that "exhilarating feeling" more as nausea!

Gabriel Garnica

    Editor's Note: Heaven is once again under attack by those who would seek to ignore and overthrow God's majesty and authority. Gabriel Garnica, educator and attorney, submits regular insights and commentaries to remind and help guide readers toward a deeper and more assertive faith. Touching on topics and issues ranging from personal faith, doctrine, education, scripture, the media, family life, morality, and values, Gabriel's notes are music to traditional ears but unpleasant tones to those who have bought into the misguided notions so prevalent and spreading in today's Catholic world.

    Gabriel's Clarion
    November 16-17, 2004
    Volume 15, no. 185