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Pray the holy Rosary daily during this voluntary, but necessary 40-day period of Prayer and Fasting in atonement for the terrible sins of our nation to save America's soul. As page loads, we invite you to say as many Hail Mary's as necessary.
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MONDAY      May 10, 2004      Volume 15, no. 131

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Feast of St. Antoninus
Saint Antoninus

To print this prayer out, see Regina Coeli
This prayer replaces the Angelus during Paschaltide.
Queen of Heaven, rejoice, Alleluia.
For He Whom thou was made worthy to bear. Alleluia.
Hath risen as He said. Alleluia.
Pray for us to our God. Alleluia.
V. Rejoice and be glad, O Virgin Mary. Alleluia.
R. For the Lord hath risen indeed. Alleluia.
Let us pray.
O God, Who through the resurrection of Thy Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, hast vouchsafed to make glad the whole world, grant us, we beseech Thee, that, through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, His Mother, we may attain the joys of eternal life. Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.
Regina Coeli laetare. Alleluia.
Quia quem meruisti portare. Alleluia.
Resurrexit sicut dixit. Alleluia.
Ora pro nobis Deum. Alleluia.
V. Gaude et laetare, virgo Maria. Alleluia.
R. Quia surrexit Dominus vere. Alleluia.
Deus, qui per resurrectionem Filii tui, Domini nostri Iesu Christi, mundum laetificare dignatus es: praesta, quae-sumus; ut, per eius Genetricem Virginem Mariam, perpetuae capiamus gaudia vitae. Per eundem Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen.

Act of Contrition

  O my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee, and I detest all my sins, because of Thy just punishments, but most of all because they offend Thee, my God, Who art all-good and deserving of all my love. I firmly resolve, with the help of Thy grace, to sin no more and to avoid the near occasions of sin.

Indulgence of three years. Raccolta 36

Act of Faith

   O my God, I firmly believe that Thou art one God in three Divine Persons, Father, Son and Holy Ghost; I believe that Thy Divine Son became man, and died for our sins, and that He will come to judge the living and the dead. I believe these and all the truths which the Holy Catholic Church teaches, because Thou has revealed them, Who canst neither deceive nor be deceived.

Indulgence of three years. Raccolta 36
Act of Hope

   O my God, relying on Thy almighty power and infinite mercy and promises, I hope to obtain pardon of my sins, the help of Thy grace, and life everylasting, through the merits of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Redeemer.

Indulgence of three years. Raccolta 36

Act of Love

  O my God, I love Thee above all things, with my whole heart and soul, because Thou art all-good and worthy of all love. I love my neighbor as myself for love of Thee. I forgive all who have injured me, and ask pardon of all whom I have injured.

Indulgence of three years. Raccolta 36

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The Tenth Day of a 40-Day Period of Prayer and Fasting
"And the men of Ninive believed in God: and they proclaimed a fast, and put on sackcloth from the greatest to the least. And the word came to the king of Ninive: and he rose up out of his throne, and cast away his robe from him, and was clothed with sackcloth, and sat in ashes. And he caused it to be proclaimed and published in Ninive, from the mouth of the king, and of his princes, saying: Let neither men nor beasts, oxen, nor sheep, taste any thing: let them not feed, nor drink water."
The Prophecy of Jonas 3: 5-7

Holy Mass
Feast of


with a commemoration
for the
holy martyrs
Saints Gordian
Saint Epimachus

White vestments

"Statuit ei"

  • Gabriel Garnica focuses on the fact that Mother is always right! While the flowers of Mother's Day are still fresh, he shares with us the fact that there is a very good reason why this entire month of May is devoted to the Blessed Mother of God for She is the only Mother who is always right and it is about rights, which are not ours but God's, and solely His! Our Lady knew that and responded accordingly and in so doing, all was answered in God's time. Yet today's blind rats of revisionism, revolution and rudeness poke around leading other blind victims as if they had the answers. In truth they haven't got a clue, but rather than admitting such and being humbly obedient to God as the Blessed Mother was, they obstinately and pridefully resist and twist the truth to fit their sinful agenda. Gabriel points out that today's charlatans of choice are truly the blind leading the blind. Not much chance of seeing clearly is there? Like rats in a maze, they have no clue what right means or what is truly right. Yet if they would put their trust in the Blessed Virgin Mary and emulate her, they'd have that 20-20 soul vision necessary for reaching Heaven. He explains in his column Mary's Brand of Choice
  • Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey features on his Christ or chaos site an article we wanted to point out to you and which better fits under "The Fatima File" especially this week when we observe the 87th Anniversary of the First Apparition of Our Lady to the three children at the Cova in Fatima. Tom documents the sad, sad fact that for all practical purposes in his life's actions to this point, John Paul II has no intention of heeding Blessed Mary's request to consecrate Russia, just as no one in the Vatican II era has any intention of admitting what the Third Secret truly is - the Apostasy in the Church which Tom shows is exactly what the modern church is doing in publicly proclaiming they will no longer do what Christ commanded them to do in Mark 16: 15-16, Matthew 28: 19-20 and John 21: 15-17 for 20 centuries. Thanks to such aberrations as the Pact of Metz, the church of Vatican II has abdicated her God-given authority as the bringing souls to Christ. She has become the church of Laodicea in Apocalypse of which the Lord will vomit from His mouth. Such are the fruits of disobeying Our Lady's request as Tom points out the contradictions and lies in his column The Consecration Has Been Done?

  • Monday p.m. News

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    Gov. James McGreevey

    Cardinal McCarrick

    John Kerry

    Cardinal Mahony

    Nancy Pelosi

  • Kerry beams after committing scandal and sacrilege in Pittsburgh Where is Bishop Donald Wuerhl? Why's he smiling when an outrage was just committed in his Diocese for all the world (and God!) to see? Why's he conveniently out of the loop when he knows very well Kerry attends St. Scholastica when in the steel city? It's time for Wuerhl to take accountability along with every other Bishop before God and the flocks as we've been saying for 4 years with our HEROD'S HEROES!
  • At least one pro-abort respects his faith and bishop enough not to scandalize as NJ's Gov. McGreevey agrees to refrain from communion
  • Proselytism, schism, and confusion at heart of cold war between Vatican and Russia. Solution: Consecrate Russia to Mary's Immaculate Heart as she asked 87 years ago!
  • Progressive apostate organizations and over half the priests surveyed in Cincinnati say celibacy a stumbling block. Well, duh, so is sodomy and embracing the world, the flesh and the devil! Sounds like some in the Queen City want more 'queens.'
  • The Bishops would like everyone to forget the abuses while they continue to cover up their own culpability. Abused seminarians won't let them get away with it.
  • ALL targets comfort zone of Cardinal McCarrick in calling him to task with full page ad! Do you think that will get his attention? Shaming these sorry prelates seems, sadly, to be the only answer!
  • Want to see where the church of Vatican II is heading? Take a gander at the Episcopal church!
  • More of the barren fruits of Vatican II in Bean Town: Parish the thought!
  • Circuit Judge plays God once more, yet again Terri Schiavo denied rights to live
  • Altoona-Johnstown's Adamec dealt setback as Judge insists lawsuits against diocese continue!
  • Mysterious European Consortium wants Mad Max for Mouse House! Translation: Mel Gibson to replace Eisner at Disney but only if Mel ponies up a couple hundred mil. Memo to Mel: Do you really want that headache?
  • Archbishop O'Malley finally defrocks Paul Shanley. It's been long overdue!
  • In Ad limina visits to Rome, Pope urges Michigan and Ohio prelates to better educate seminarians. Uh, yeah, isn't that a given? Guess not from the bitter fruits of the past 40 years!
  • Sodomite priests rebelling in Phoenix. Saying non serviam to Bishop Olmstead's mandate to remove names from pro-sodomite statement.
  • More 'fruits' of Kasper's moratorium on proselytizing the Faith: let the Orthodox convert Catholics. It's happening down under!
  • Papal Nuncio to Spain in open heresy by accepting Sodomites
  • Kerry a Loose Cannon and 'Vain Opportunist' - no one mentioned 'accomplice to murder'
  • Viva Christo Rey! Loyal Catholics disrupt blasphemous play in Spain (caution on language in article)
  • UN Whistle blowers threatened as Kofi Annan and others scared over scandal breaking
  • Did Kerry manufacture his Purple Heart? Some suspect he did as more evidence comes out
  • Culture of Death on Catholic Campuses! Cardinal Newman Society publishes five-year Review!
  • As tinseltown taints: Kabbalas, Screaching, Bobbleheads,Gigli and Teddy all working against true values
  • Michigan Bishop flatly refuses to censor pro-abort governor: the hell with Rome!
  • Cardinal Mahony's obstruction of justice in sodomy abuses by priests coming to the surface
  • Vatican Ecumaniac Fitzgerald Praises Pagan Hindhus in direct slap to Catholic Truth
  • Church Strongarms and Fires Priest Known for Defending Victims Don't tell us the bishops aren't continuing to cover up the rot!
  • Pro-abort Pelosi twists Catholic Truth as Catholic League sounds off while bishops remain silent
  • The Ecumania that Weakland wrought: Lutheran-Catholic leaders meet in Milwaukee at end of 10th Dialogue Topic Suggestion for 11th Dialogue: the Dogma Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus!
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    Tomorrow is a Feria Day
    Mass is from the Fourth Sunday After Easter

    White Vestments

    "Cantate Domino"


    A Must Read!

    to order this book click here

    Few scholars have the thorough acumen to trace and document the why, what, when, where, how and who as Atila has done in his marvelous Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani? collection which, book by book, exposes the the massive, murky mess that has been created as a result of the Vatican II agenda. His latest book above Vatican II, Homosexuality and Pedophilia is key to understanding the purpose and rationale of those who would twist the Sacred Deposit of the Faith to accommodate sin and who must be exposed and eradicated for the welfare of Holy Mother Church. It is a must read in order to alert all to how deep the rot goes and why the scandal in America was really only the tip of the iceberg. We encourage you also to read Gary Morella's review of Vatican II, Homosexuality and Pedophilia.

    of the


    With the atrocities that are going on at Fatima, we want to keep you up-to-date with the subversions being planned against Our Lady's wishes. You can call 1-800-263-8160 to petition the Authorities to stop this madness or go to PETITION

    Pray for John Paul II that he will awake from the devastating 40-year slumber and return Holy Mother Church to its rightful place as the true Mystical Body of Christ and consecrate Russia to Mary's Immaculate Heart. Read our editorial The Judas Kiss.


      For those who truly want to delve deeper into what the Faith teaches and what past Sovereign Pontiffs have decreed, we recommend for your vital reading to better KNOW THE FAITH in order to KEEP THE FAITH, pertinent Papal decrees which put to the lie what is being promulgated today by the Vatican II church. We strongly encourage you to read these to understand how today the modern church is in Apostasy when compared to what had always been taught by Holy Mother Church and enforced and warned as most grievous by previous Pontiffs as you'll see in CREDO & CULTURE





    For past 2004 issues, see

    SUNDAY - May 9:
    "Qui legit, intelligat"
    In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the Fourth Sunday After Easter, he reassured us that no matter how bad the Revolution will devastate the Church - and it truly has with a concentrated, well-planned agenda to destroy the Faith and the Divine Immemorial Mass of All Ages: the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - in the end Mary's Immaculate Heart will triumph for God has said so and Christ, in today's Gospel has promised His Spirit for "when He, the Spirit of truth, is come, He will teach you all truth." That same Spirit - the Holy Ghost - is the Divine Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary - the woman of Genesis and the Apocalypse. In turning to her for succor we can find safe harbor and tender motherly love where for us everyday is Mother's Day with the Blessed Mother of God. Father chronicles how the Church and society were infiltrated and how previous Popes tried to stave off the Revolution which was meticulously planned to destroy Christ's One True Church. The greatest obstacle: the True Sacrifice of the Mass. On Mother's Day Father shared the consequences and the hope in his sermon "Thine Eyes of Mercy Towards Us"
    Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi
    Kevin Tierney illustrated concrete examples of how the modern liturgy leaves the door open for allowing one to think Sacred Scripture is not inerrant, that only those points dealing with salvation are infallible and all else is open to conjecture. Wrong! Yet this is insinuated by the omission of key passages in Sunday's Proper within the Novus Ordo synthetic rite. He showed how at the heart of this is an intentional agenda to make Catholics comfortable without tweaking their consciences such as abortion, contraception and the like. While the Traditional Proper includes the why God has done something or why He asks for something, that why is most of the times either left out or blurred so as not to offend the Protestant mentality of today's Catholics who do not want to be held accountable for free will. Kevin pointed out that in the Novus Ordo the idea of the propitiatory sacrifice is vague and that one is free to choose according to their conscience because of the ambiguity - the purposeful ambigious wording of the NOM Propers. If it is not intentional, then Kevin asked them to prove it is not. So far no one has proved the contrary in 35 years. He explained in comparing the Fourth Sunday after Easter with the Novus Ordo Fifth Sunday of Easter in Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi

    Saturday - May 8:
    Gabriel's Clarion
    Gabriel Garnica, in tribute to Mother's Day, illustrated the great comparison of today's selfish pro-aborts with the second woman who was willing to go along with King Solomon's suggestion to cut the live child in two to solve the dispute with the two women arguing over whose child was the dead one and whose was the live one. Conversely the first woman, not wanting to see her flesh and blood murdered, was willing to give her child up. That spoke volumes to Solomon and should speak volumes to us today about women who are willing to kill the flesh and blood in their womb through abortion, even contraception in preventing life. Gabriel showed how the Blessed Mother is the ideal to exemplify for in her humble obedience God gave her wisdom to cope with her seven sorrows and so much love that she shares it with all still today. He explained in his column The Regal Wisdom of a Mother's Worth
    Christ or chaos
    Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey enlightened us about a special priest who today will celebrate his 50th Anniversary as a priest during a noon High Mass in Latin at St. Mary By the Sea in Huntington Beach, California. Father Daniel Johnson has seen it all and stayed above the fray, living in the true ecumenical spirit of bringing many from other faiths not to compromise and tolerance, but to conversion in the Catholic Faith. He has maintained the traditions and built up his parish despite the innovations and aberrations in most other parishes. One way to stave off the devil? Celebrating the Latin Mass every Sunday. With his departure after Sunday, Tom expresses fear that the Modernists will move in and tear down those icons of tradition from the Communion rail to the magnificent statues. How fitting that Fr. goes out in a blaze of glory with the Latin Mass on Mother's Day for he so honors Our Lady and gave her great consolation in building up the parish which bears her patronage. Tom salutes this stalwart sacerdos in his tribute Fifty Years of Priestly Zeal

    Friday - May 7:
    Sanity of Sanctity
    Fr. Lawrence Smith shared some reflections on the attributes of a great saint and the fact that it truly is amazing how souls get well following the powerful prescription passed down by the prayerful persuader Saint Catharine of Siena and the tremendous power of prayer which this persistent Doctor of the Church practiced daily. In these days when wisdom has seemingly taken a vacation, we can take heart from the holy Catherine, who grew in wisdom and grace because she hungered for Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist and would allow nothing to spoil her appetite for Christ. We must strive to develop the same spiritual nourishment and discipline. It begins with prayer, simple prayer; and the noblest of prayers: the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Our Lord present in the Blessed Sacrament was her end-all and be-all. Should It be any less for us? Father Lawrence pointed out the necessity and degrees of prayer and how the Holy Mass is key to our growing in grace as he explained in his inspirational piece Take the Doctor's Advice
    33 Doctors of the Church
    The last and thirty-third Doctor in our chronological series on the Doctors of the Church was not only the youngest, but the most recent. She was raised to the altars faster than practically any saint in the annals of Church history. Little known until after her death, her miraculous intercession has become widely known worldwide and on the centennial of her death millions flocked to see her traveling relics as they were ceremoniously taken to every continent. This October a film depicting her short but ever fruitful life will debut in theaters on the heels of the phenomenal success of 'The Passion of The Christ'. It was Jesus Whom this saint was so in love with and committed to in everything. Who is this saint who has stirred up so much fervor and love, who is known as the patron saint of foreign missions even though she never set foot outside of Europe? It is none other than the Little Flower of Jesus - the "Petal of Perfection" Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus

    Thursday - May 6:
    Gabriel's Clarion
    Gabriel Garnica tried to wave away the putrid pungent smoke that has seeped into everything today. No, it is not nicotine smoke as much as he deplores that, but rather it is the Pro-choice 'Pepe le Pews' who are polluting souls with the stench vapor of lie after lie. Values, morals and common sense are masked in the smoke of satan as lucifer works behind the haze to throw more into the maze of malaise by twisting evil into good and making virtue something that is offensive; something only the devil could accomplish with the hideous acceptance of abortion. Gabriel alerted us that until we add to the "NO SMOKING" signs - so prevalent everywhere in the United States today - with the additional words "OR ABORTIONS!" we are destined to all be tarnished with the tar of terror in the womb masked as a woman's right. Is it really about a woman's right to shoes? That's what they want you to think for it is not just about hard of hearing, but hard of heart as Gabriel explained in his column The Spreading Penumbra of Sin, Smoke, and Death!
    A Chronicle of Catholic Tradition
    In our seventeenth chapter of this mega-series on the History of Holy Mother Church and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, we arrived at the time of even greater conflict with heresies breaking out in the Roman Empire. From this turmoil out of Africa came a giant who would take responsibility before God for his actions in righting the wrongs he had wrought after two decades of ribaldry and veering away from all his holy mother had instilled in the wayward man who sought the riches and knowledge of the world. Yet it was St. Monica's prayers which sent him into the path of God's instrument of St. Ambrose and the source of truth: the Roman Catholic Faith. For his fiat to the Almighty, God blessed his work and abundant fruits were harvested for Holy Mother Church in fighting the heresies of that era, all successfully rebuked by the sound logic and teaching of Saint Augustine - the Doctor of Grace as we reviewed the time from 380 to 430 leading to the Council of Ephesus in studying The Augustinian Era

    Wednesday - May 5:
    IgNOMinious gNOMe Hall of Shame
    We chose May 5th as the day to announce those the readers voted for an igNOMinious gNOMe Award not only because it was the Octave Day of the Solemnity of Saint Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, but also the Feast of the great and holy Pope who codified Trent Pope Saint Pius V. Since he is the one whom the bishops today have been disobeying so blatantly was it not appropriate they be exposed on his feast day? You'll note the bishop above is depicted like the famous gnome who is going doddy-bonkers leaning to the left. You might call him the "Roamin' Roman GNOME" for he's gone whoopsie-daisy with the Sacred Deposit of the Faith. Therefore we presented your choices for the igNOMinious gNOMe Awards and inclusion in the igNOMinious Hall of Shame
    Sanity of Sanctity
    Fr. Lawrence Smith shared reflections on the holy attributes of St. Joseph whose Octave Feast we celebrate today. The traits and human character exhibited by Jesus - known as 'the Carpenter's Son' - came from the tender, patient teaching of His foster father Joseph who, as the Patron of the Universal Church, is the one saint we can call on anytime for he is the Model of Christian Workers, Protector of Children, Patron of Priests and Seminarians, Protector of Virgins, Safeguard of Families and Patron of a Happy Death just to name a few of the grace-filled qualities we attribute to St. Joseph in seeking his intercession. Father pointed out how obedience was at the hub of harmony within the holy family and is necessary for happy families today. The crux of the problem is that work is no longer done as a labor of love but for ends that are not pleasing to God as Father explained in his reflection St. Joseph: Teach us always to labor for Jesus
    Christ or chaos
    Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey completed his two-part essay on the state of politics today and why he is swearing off any further commentary for the lesser of two evils is not the answer as he points out. Until readers realize that the victor will covet the spoils of November and what they have wrought and what they will sow will be more spoils boiled in hell and soiled by a surrender to sin. The entire moral of the story is to forget politics, trust in Our Lady to guide us and work unceasingly toward only one goal. That is to work with every fiber of our being to re-establish the Social Kingship of Christ in America and throughout the world so that God will truly bless this nation and reclaim His rightful place upon this earth which has been wrested from Him by the prince of the world, the very prince of the netherworld - the fallen angel who said: "non serviam." Read Tom's conclusions in part two of his column A Postscript about the 2004 Election

    Tuesday - May 4:
    Christ or chaos
    Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey requested his column be widely circulated in as many Traditional Catholic publications as possible and other venues as well for the sooner all Catholics realize there is no hope in either the Democratic or Republican Party for they are the ideal of the world, not God, will we begin to make progress in the slow rebuilding of our nation as truly blessed by God, under God and dedicated totally to the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ. Tom offered the latest betrayal of pythons eating their own when George Bush and then Rick Santorum swooped down and smothered Pennsylvania constituents with plaudits for a known pro-abort against one of their own. On closer introspection, even Pat Toomey wasn't all he said he was. The moral of this story: There are no more morals. Run from the Two-Party system for, as Father Campbell pointed out Sunday, this country is broken down and cannot be fixed unless they employ the failsafe instructions of instituting the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ and honor the Queenship of Mary. Then, and only then, can we count on not being sold out as Tom explained in his first part of Why Are We So Shocked?
    Gabriel's Clarion
  • Gabriel Garnica may not be calling in any pledges to PBS much longer if the National Public Broadcast station continues its blatant propaganda masquerading as 'news' on Bill Moyers' NOW program in which the N.O.W. manifesto takes a higher priority than God. Gabriel blasted the facade of fiction posited as fact and the false prophets paraded out to turn good and virtue into evil and terrorism and pro-death culture vultures as innocent doves doing only what Almighty God would want them to do: Kill another human being for their own selfish interests! What blasphemy! Gabriel detailed how slyly they slither into the psyche where so many dumbed down Catholics and other viewers buy this rot without ever challenging reason or rationale, let alone God's law: abortion is murder! Gabriel, a man of good taste, is still having a difficult time getting rid of the bitter aftertaste after this garbage aired as he explained in his column Opera, Caviar, and Abomination!

    Monday - May 3:
    The UGLIES Awards
    The readers had the chance over the last month to cast their votes and this past Sunday, the Feast of Saint Athanasius, "Apostle of Tradition," was the time to present the "losers" whom you chose in various categories as the most Unprincipled Garrulous Liberal Idiot Embracing Sin (UGLIES). The whole purpose of the UGLIES is to expose sin for what it is: UGLY, and to discredit those who tolerate it and who seek to perpetuate tolerance by accepting what is unacceptable to God and therefore must be to us as well. It was therefore most appropriate that they were presented on the Feast of Saint Athanasius, the very first holy Doctor of the Church, to expose the persistent sin of these fools so that the sheep might be aware of those promoting the world, the flesh and the devil. Since our modern shepherds have failed us, this was our tongue-in-cheek way to bring it to everyone's attention and you can see who truly were The Losers who were presented an UGLIES

    SUNDAY - May 2:
    "Qui legit, intelligat"
    In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the Third Sunday After Easter, he illustrated how the world is beyond fixing and all the king's horses and all the king's men can't fix it. Humpty Dumpty is doomed. But not Catholics who cling to the sure footing of the tenets of the Church and invoke Blessed Mary through her Rosary. We also have the sure words of past Pontiffs and Saints who warned us to be leery of those serving up easy menus to get by, of pleasing all so all might be saved without adhering to what Christ has demanded. Today's Gospel speaks of Christ's words "A little while, and now you shall not see Me". We know that through the blueprint laid out by His Church we will see Him in eternity. What is sad is how many won't because they have cast their fate with rotten and broken eggs. Father explained in his sermon All the King's Horses
    Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi
    Kevin Tierney showed readers how the modern liturgy has been so askewed that they no longer correspond to the correct Sundays. Such was the case with "Good Shepherd Sunday" which it was last week in the Traditional Latin Rite, but this year it was superseded by the Feast of St. Mark the Evangelist. Thus it was a blessing that the reader could revisit this beautiful Proper from "Good Shepherd Sunday" which shows the fullness of our dependence on Christ. Kevin pointed out that in the Novus Ordo this concept is entirely missing as is the idea that not all will be saved if they do not trust in Him. Such are the Jews and other pagans which the Novus Ordo, in their universalism bent, are loathe to admit. Kevin illustrated the differences in his column in increasing our awareness of the differences for "Good Shepherd Sunday" in Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi

    Saturday - May 1:
    Shears and Tears of a Lamb
    Catharine Lamb asked of Novus Ordo Catholics if they really know what is going on or more appropriately, do they want to know what is going on? Do they want to know the truth? The sad fact is that very few do. They are content to go along with the charade of the "new springtime" and the mirage of the "civilization of love" and rationalize away sin by getting Father so and so to justify their actions to ease their consciences. Sin? What is that? Catharine insisted it is something they had better realize needs to be recognized and each in personal repentance amending their lives. But the NOM, even with the latest band-aid of Redemptionis Sacrosanctum is just more whipcream that will sour and spoil on an already stale piece of cake, molding away. For a brief time the whipped topping only covers that. It will never nourish like the True Mass as Catharine affirmed in her column as she asked Is ignorance bliss or an excuse to avoid the truth?
    Christ or chaos
    Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey in his most recent column delved beneath the ambiguous double-speak of the Vaticancrats and American bishops to show how they continue to deceive through revisionism. Whether it is downplaying the fruits of Pope Pius XII or denying definitive Catholic truths, they continue to keep loopholes open, just wide enough to hang themselves in the end, for the truth will win out. Tom re-emphasized that it will only come when Russia is consecrated to Mary's Immaculate Heart per her request to the children at Fatima 87 years ago. Only then will we see a change of hearts and a changing of the guard. Right now neither looks to be happening too soon considering the sorry track record of the modern prelates who have no desire to uphold the Traditions of Holy Mother Church but have every intent to twist them and suppress them as Tom pointed out in his column Traditionally Hypocritical
    Hope on the Horizon
    Bill Keller of weigned in with why a 40-Day Fasting Period is so vital for saving America's soul. The United States is no longer a Christian nation. If the recent events in Montgomery over the rock with the Ten Commandments, and the current legal challenge to "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance tell us anything, it is that the United States is no longer a Christian nation. One of the biggest misconceptions Christians have today, is that this is still a Christian nation. To read the rest, see America is no longer Christian

    Friday - April 30:
    Catholic PewPOINT
    Editor Michael Cain reminded the reader of the fact we have arrived at a crossroads in our country morality-wise. It is obvious we've allowed ourselves to become confused. The signals are mixed. Stop or Go, or proceed with caution? We have too many signs and not enough conviction. If we love him, we would keep His commandments. Many Americans have not. The great majority of Americans have spurned His love and are deserving of the chastisements that have begun visiting our shores and our families. Whole-hearted prayer and fasting is the way back to God's good graces. That begins in earnest May 1st for 40 days leading up to the Eve of the Feast of Corpus Christi. How you respond will show how important this crisis is to you and your Faith. Cain explained in his editorial A Country at a Crossroads: Pardon or Perdition?
    Gabriel's Clarion
    Gabriel Garnica commented on how many may not have been ravaged where they were last Sunday because satan was busy in Washington D.C. hovering in and around and through the crowd of his very own disciples in revving and riling them to even more hate, as if that were possible. It was, as Gabriel asserted, true gall on the mall for common decency was thrown to the winds of shame. Truth took a holiday and those taking part in this charade were blinded by the stars in their lies. Gabriel also pointed out the hypocrisy of Jewish interests who are the first to cry foul about the holocaust but have ignored the holocaust of the womb where ten-times more have been slaughtered. Is a Jewish person more valuable than an unborn? Not in the eyes of God for each is a treasure to Him. Gabriel got to the bottom line in his column Marching into hell!

    Thursday - April 29:
    A Chronicle of Catholic Tradition
    The Sixteenth Installment of our megaseries "A Chronicle of Catholic Tradition," we cover today the "Father of the Mother Tongue" - the holy Doctor of the Church Saint Jerome who brought the Bible together with the Latin Vulgate translation from the various books in Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic. It was the first time the Bible would be in one full edition and compiled over 350 years after the Ascension of Christ into Heaven. It had been passed down through sacred tradition as is pointed out in today's chapter From the vulgar to the Vulgate
    "By their fruits..."
    Just a few weeks after one Jesuit - Fr. Malachi Martin - was exonerated, another is implicated and much more gravely so as John Vennari details documented facts that the progressivist theologian Karl Rahner, S.J. had a long relationship with an amour who, besides being married three-times, had time to play Rahner against an unknown Abbot. Such are the fruits of Vatican II. Yet the present Pope and his chief right-hand man Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, groomed by Rahner himself, go to great lengths to praise this hypocrite and heretic. What is so sad is the terrible devastation and heresies Rahner left as his legacy. Vennari provides the facts in his revealing feature Karl Rahner's Girlfriend

    Wednesday - April 27:
    Shears and Tears of a Lamb
    Catharine Lamb's column reminded us of the craftsmanship of the old cobbler who took such care in making shoes. With such love for souls they inlaid soles. Quite a contrast to today's modern shoe-factories of the New Order Church which abhors the authentic in favor of synthetic shoddily-made imitations that they try to pass off as acceptable. The shoes just don't fit no matter how hard they try to force their feet into them by opening mouth and inserting their foot. The modern cobblers of cabal have no desire to uphold the tenets and Traditions of the True Faith. Rather than truly studying the craft and the Faith and realizing the importance of the big shoes they need to fill, those who continue to push the Vatican II agenda, try as they might, have not been able to fit into those shoes worn so well by Catholic Truth over the centuries. They may shine them, but they can't walk in the shoes of the saints because they're following in the footsteps of satan! No wonder so many of them slither! Catharine explained the real agenda in her column Shiny Shoes Without Souls.
    Gabriel's Clarion
    Gabriel Garnica pointed to the Holy Family as the ideal antidote to fend off the aberration of the village idiots who strive to do away with God and set themselves up in His place. Hillary Clinton and her hell-bent idiots of The New Order would have you believe they are the only ones with answers since the Church today remains so timid. In times like this it is wise to look to the exemplary ideals of the Holy Family and run from the carping 'carpe diem' deists and die-hards who shun the Commandments. Gabriel showed how it takes an idiot to raise a village, and indeed there have been plenty of idiots resigned to razing foundations and uprooting family traditions. These wreckovators are to be shunned at all costs. We must look to the beacon of hope: The Holy Family as our ideal as he explained in his column The Family and The New Order.

    Tuesday - April 27:
    Mass Confusion
    Jacob Michael set aside his "Quid dicit Scriptura?" role to tackle the prose without power - the latest Vatican II document released by Cardinal Francis Arinze - Redemptionis Sacramentum which, as Jacob pointed out, is more of the same ol' and not even repackaged but just rehashed while trying to justify what cannot be justified. It is like trying to fit the saddle to a dead horse and still trying to ride it, even trying to fit sure iron-clad shoes on the poor beast which, try as they might, will never fit with the new synthetic aberration known as the Novus Ordo. The horse has long been out of the barn and dead on arrival, but the barn keeps filling up with more manuals of manure that only serve to further inflict stench on the dumbed-down Catholics who seemed to have lost all sense of smell. Surely they have lost their sensus Catholicus. The horse is dead and therefore the horseshoes will do it no good. Modern Rome thinks they're coming close, but they're not even utilizing the horseshoes and, as we all know and, as Jacob proved, Close only counts in horseshoes!
    Hope on the Horizon
    George Neumayr reported on Sunday's "March for Murder" in which thousands of hard-hearted women in lock-step with the devil abdicated the gift given to them from God. Neumayr apologized to pagans everywhere for the obscene displays that were warmly embraced by Lesbians, Frances Kissling, and every Bush hater John Kerry's clan could ferret out of their holes, coming out into the daylight to march in maggot-like fashion in shock and arrghh! What surprises us is that he even called these amazons 'ladies' for they are anything but that. If they truly wanted to be "ladies" they would long ago have abandoned their abominable, satanic agenda. They would have been in church Sunday, not massing on the mall, and they would have, like so many pro-life women, emulated the greatest lady of them all - the Blessed Virgin Mary. But her greatest virtue - humility, is sadly lacking in these prideful females who have abdicated their own femininity in their quest to be in control. That's what happens when satan is running the show. Perhaps they want out of the kitchen, but where they're headed is much, much hotter. Neumayr shared some of the absurd in his American Spectator column yesterday Among the Pagan Ladies

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