March 24, 2004
vol 15, no. 84

The Golden Calf Experiment

The Liturgical Revolution in Action

By Kathleen Willet Redle, M.F.A.

Part One - Tossed to and fro

Above original painting to the right of the great spiritual battle on the turbulent sea is by Matthew Brooks and his exclusive copyright. It used here with permission.

    Editor's Note: We are pleased to present a comprehensive expose of the liturgical revolution which the author, Kathleen Willet Redle, called "The Golden Calf Dancers." We have changed the title to "The Golden Calf Experiment" for dancing is merely a component of the experiment and that the entire bent is towards taking away attention from the One True God - Three Persons in the Blessed Trinity - Who alone must be worshipped. Many false idols today pose a threat and Kathleen shows here another insidious agenda that further corroborates that very fact in her multi-part essay. Today she illustrates the great battle for souls, reminiscent of St. John Bosco's and Pope Leo XIII's pertinent mystical visions in which satan is stirring the denizons of the deep in trying to totally capsize the Barque of Peter in these treacherous times.
      "The infrangible truth is that only Christ can bring true peace on earth if his social Kingship is restored- otherwise wars and rumors of wars will continue."

   There are some who feel insulated from the liturgical Conciliar Church Revolution. There are also those within the neo-Catholic establishment who object to the word 'conciliar' or 'post-conciliar' thinking it is a word created by Traditional Catholics. Little do they realize that it was first introduced by one of the leading mutineers at Vatican II.

   For evidence that the Post Vatican II fathers call themselves "conciliar" and that they recognize there is a crisis in the Church here is the following: Fr. Henri De Lubac S.J. stated at the Institute of Renewal in the Church at Toronto in 1967, "It is clear that the Church is facing a grave crisis. Under the name of ‘the new Church,’ ‘the post-conciliar Church,’ a different Church from that of Jesus Christ is now trying to establish itself; an anthropocentric society threatened with immanentist apostasy which is allowing itself to be swept along in a movement of general abdication under the pretext of renewal, ecumenism or adaptation."

   This is rather odd given the fact that he was himself was the chief proponent of the false "new theology" and its pathetic prophet Teilhard de Chardin. He was under censure under Pope Pius XII.

   Also, Pope Paul VI himself identified the Church as not the Roman Catholic Church but as "The Church of the Council" in an address to the Last General Meeting of Vatican II on Dec. 7, 1965 sec 11 said

    "The Church of the Council... has also, it is true, been much concerned with man, with man as he really is today, with living man.......we also more than anyone else, have the cult of man."
Paul VI, alluded to universal salvation in his closing remarks, stating:
    "How could it be otherwise if this council was said to be and is ecumenical, that is to say, universal? Just as the sound of the bell goes out through the skies, reaching each one within the radius of its sound waves, so at this moment does our greeting go out to each and every one of you. To those who receive it and to those who do not, it resounds pleadingly in the ear of every man. From this Catholic center of Rome, no one, in principle, is unreachable; in principle, all men can and must be reached. For the Catholic Church, no one is a stranger, no one is excluded, no one is far away. Every one to whom our greeting is addressed is one who is called, who is invited and who, in a certain sense, is present. This is the language of the heart of one who loves. Every loved one is present! And we, especially at this moment, in virtue of our universal pastoral and apostolic mandate, we love all, all men.

    Hence, we say this to you good and faithful souls who, absent in person from this gathering of believers and of nations, are here present in spirit with your prayer. The Pope is thinking of you too, and with you he celebrates this sublime moment of universal communion. Closing Address by Paul VI.

   Universal salvation? Is that possible in light of Our Lord's command in Mark 16: 15-16? Not unless they believe salvation can only come through the One True Church of which "Outside the Church there is No Salvation" - "Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus." All other efforts to rationalize salvation are non-Catholic and yet that is what has been forced on civilization for the past 40 years. The great conspiracy has penetrated every facet of society, but especially within the Church and, more specifically in the liturgy where novelty has taken over. Oh, you'll often hear neo-Catholics dismissing such 'conspiratorial talk' with negation such as "not at my parish- we have an 'Indult' Latin Mass Parish," or "Our parish has a reverent Novus Ordo which has avoided altar girls, Eucharistic ministers, communion in the hand and liturgical dance." I might add there are too few parishes who can say they have none of those aberrations and novelties. Little do they realize that if they don't have it, well, their bishop will see they have as soon as the present more conservative pastor is shipped out. It is inevitable. That is part and parcel of the revolution.

   Is anyone really safe when the Church is in the throws of liturgical, doctrinal and moral revolutions? The world is not a safe place. One only be reminded of 9-11,the War in Iraq, just last week the terrible bombing in Madrid, and what is next?! It is getting less safe and more dangerous because satan is so powerful in these times. His agenda is almost complete, giving the evil one great satisfaction: God is ignored or reviled. Even those people who attend an SSPX Mass or independent chapels may be affected in some way as the revolution tries to bare down and swallow up even Traditional Catholics in the wake of the storm. No one is safe in these times foretold in Sacred Scripture and many credible prophets when the prince of the world wields the meterology of immorality.

   These spiritual storms drown souls plunging them into deep, murky waters where sharks lurk. That is why those on the storm-tossed ship must be ever vigilant and willing to man the masts and petition the Master to save us and calm the waves. Our Blessed Mother’s Rosary is our compass and weapon. Until, as God deigns in His time, our Lord decides to calm the turbulent seas (cf. Mark 4:38), it is up to us to keep the ship afloat and steer her, patch up the sails and bail out the water that seeps in at a million different cracks in the old Barque of St. Peter’s fishing boat. One need only recall the miraculous and mystical visions imparted to St. John Bosco. While we strive to keep the core of the hull afloat, others need life preservers and ropes thrown to them from other ships who have floundered. These are ships who have not followed the infallible compass pointing to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith.

   One could use this metaphor in a hundred different ways -for instance we may even have to cast out a line to the line of Peter himself for the present successor of Peter is embroiled in geopolitical/interreligious "dialogue" policies. Over the past 40 years is it any wonder the admiral and his appointed commodores of catechism have, in effect, turned the ship over to the ensigns of ecumenism. This has created more desperate innovations which has created even more doubt, causing more to bail ship. This leads to less qualified, true captains of the seas steering in the right direction. Consequently, the ship is sinking, engulfed by the novel political waves. Why? Because the Conciliar Roman Pontiffs have taken their eyes off Christ and His only ark of salvation the Catholic Church.

   Look at our current admiral in distress. Can any traditional or conservative Catholic deny this given Assisi I and II? Cardinal Silvio Oddi affirmed to Tommasco Ricci, in 30 Days, Nov. 1990 p. 64.about Assisi, "On that day ...I walked through Assisi.....And I saw real profanations in some places of prayer. I saw Buddhists dancing around the altar upon which they placed Buddha in the place of Christ and then incensed it and showed it reverence. A Benedictine protested and the police took him away...There was obvious confusion in the faces of the Catholics who were assisting at the ceremony."

   Moreover, even the conservative priest Fr. Brian Harrison stated in Inside the Vatican, May 2003 titled, A Loyal Son Protests, Can a loyal Catholic ever criticize the Pope? "These agonizing question have been presenting themselves increasingly in recent years people who like myself do not consider themselves in any way dissenters...(then Fr. says he teaches at the pontifical university)...I am dismayed at the January 24 inter-religious peace gathering in Assisi. It is well-known that before the first such gathering in 1986, which played no small part in provoking the rupture between Archbishop Lefebvre and the Holy See in 1988, a number of cardinals privately warned John Paul II of the imprudence of such an innovation- utterly unheard of in 2,000 years of Church history. Their concern was shared by thousands of faithful priests, religious and Catholic laity. Perhaps if we had publicly voiced that concern, instead of remaining silent out of fear and human respect, His Holiness might have felt the need for greater restraint in the next millennium. Despite certain precautionary nuances against syncretism.....the practical effect in the minds of millions of observers worldwide can only have been to create or reinforce the impression that the Roman Catholic Church now endorses what Pope Pius XI described as ‘the view that all religions are more or less good and praiseworthy....'" Then Fr. Harrison goes on to say that the "pontiff invites Jewish, Islamic, pantheistic and polytheistic religious leaders to come and practice their respective form of worship inside Catholic churches religious houses,' that Catholics see nothing wrong with that view and "lapsing gradually into naturalism and Atheism" (as Pope Pius XI stated). So we can see this "naturalism at work with (ICEL) and the USCCB who want to bring on the "fancy dancers." In Assisi 2002 the Pope, with other religious leaders, made "The Ten Commandments of Assisi for Peace" in which God’s name was missing. It was all about "dialogue" and nonviolence, solidarity and friendship among peoples. Totally humanistic! A freemason would appreciate these secular commandments for peace.

   Then there is the Interreligious Fatima Shrine scandal that broke this past fall. This latest aberration has even awakened some conservative Catholics. Yes, they're expressing shock at the level of Religious Indifference all in the name of world peace. Father John Echert, a fairly orthodox Novus Ordo priest from the conservative Novus Ordo EWTN web site. said if the story was accurate to intend "to turn Fatima into an inter-religious, ‘center where all the Religions of the World gather to pay homage to their various gods,’ then I condemn such a project as contrary to Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and the whole spiritual message of Our Lady of Fatima, who called instead for the conversion of sinners and the consecration of Russia, not the honor of false gods and the promotion of false religions.

   To those who might doubt this is where the ecumenical mutineers are headed, I invite you to read from the various documented articles available at The Fatima File.

   Several dedicated priests, especially Fr. Nicholas Gruner, who calls for the proper consecration as Our Lady asked, are persecuted by Church authorities. World peace is a worthy goal to be sure but it is of far lower importance compared to the primary goal of the Catholic Church which is to "save souls from the fires of hell."

   It seems that there are too many prelates these days who are of the highly misguided view that very few are going to that fiery pit. Rather than realizing their grave error, they focus their attention on worldly things, far more concerned with earthly peace and the threat of nuclear holocaust, landmines, and tolerance so we can all get along. Didn’t Blessed Mary say that, unless mankind better themselves, whole nations will be annihilated? The actions of the modern shepherds from Rome to the local parishes bespeak a placation of geopolitical tensions through the use of syncretistic religious prayer services- a kind of 'my god’s Ok your god’s Ok so don’t terrorize me or destroy my people.'

   The infrangible truth is that only Christ can bring true peace on earth if his social Kingship is restored- otherwise wars and rumors of wars will continue.

   Unfortunately, many apostles on the boat have abandoned the apostolic charge and become apostates. In casting away the ultimate unsinkable life boat which alone provides the greatest sacrificial prayer of the Church, the immemorial Latin Mass of our fathers, they have opted for the popular, shoddily-made and sinkable New Order Rite rafts. They are punctured through and through with holes and will be no match for the devil and the deep blue sea.

   Yet, stubbornly they paddle onward and away from the True Barque and, in so doing, create even more waves, so much so that a vortex has swirled into a typhoon of worldly "aggiornamento" that has backwashed into the very Ark Christ founded and built. There are many who, over the decades, have been in mutiny, sabotaging the sails and charts. Through the 'pastoral' Vatican II council, they have purposely neglected the barnacles of error and not scraped away the anathemas. Thus, the great ship is weighed down heavier by the bilge that rots beneath.

   The mutineers abandoned their regular sacerdotal tasks to take on what, to them, seemed more important, thus placing the entire universal crew in great jeopardy. First, they created new charts, altering the coordinates which changed the certain direction the ship had always pointed towards for nearly 2000 years. Next, they changed the Mass to fit their new religion of diversity, pluralism and New Age Humanism, thus creating an unparalleled disaster in Church history.

   While the great Barque of Peter has faced violent storms in the past, they pale in comparison with the Tsunami that has resulted from the revolution of satan's last hurrah. This historical disaster is even worse than Arianism because it is as the great and holy Pope Saint Pius X called it: "Modernism - a synthesis of all heresies."

   The Apostasy is even more appalling because it seems to have reached even the seat of Peter- the Vatican itself, as another concerned Sovereign Pontiff foresaw. Pope Leo XIII predicted in the uncut version of his St. Michael the Archangel Exorcist Prayer. We all know the Prayer to St. Michael, yet that is an abridged version of the total prayer which is:

    "O Glorious Archangel St. Michael, Prince of the heavenly host, be our defense in the terrible warfare which we carry on against principalities and powers, against the rulers of this world of darkness, spirits of evil. Come to the aid of man, whom God created immortal, made in His own image and likeness, and redeemed at a great price from the tyranny of the devil.

       Fight this day the battle of the Lord, together with the holy angels, as already thou hast fought the leader of the proud angels, Lucifer, and his apostate host, who were powerless to resist thee, nor was there place for them any longer in heaven. That cruel, that ancient serpent, who is called the devil or Satan who seduces the whole world, was cast into the abyss with his angels. Behold, this primeval enemy and slayer of men has taken courage. Transformed into an angel of light, he wanders about with all the multitude of wicked spirits, invading the earth in order to blot out the name of God and of His Christ, to seize upon, slay and cast into eternal perdition souls destined for the crown of eternal glory. This wicked dragon pours out, as a most impure flood, the venom of his malice on men of depraved mind and corrupt heart, the spirit of lying, of impiety, of blasphemy, and the pestilent breath of impurity, and of every vice and iniquity. These most crafty enemies have filled and inebriated with gall and bitterness the Church, the spouse of the immaculate Lamb, and have laid impious hands on her most sacred possessions. In the Holy Place itself, where has been set up the See of the most holy Peter and the Chair of Truth for the light of the world, they have raised the throne of their abominable impiety, with the iniquitous design that when the Pastor has been struck, the sheep may be scattered.

       Arise then, O invincible Prince, bring help against the attacks of the lost spirits to the people of God, and give them the victory. They venerate thee as their protector and patron; in thee holy Church glories as her defense against the malicious power of hell; to thee has God entrusted the souls of men to be established in heavenly beatitude. Oh, pray to the God of peace that He may put Satan under our feet, so far conquered that he may no longer be able to hold men in captivity and harm the Church. Offer our prayers in the sight of the Most High, so that they may quickly conciliate the mercies of the Lord; and beating down the dragon, the ancient serpent, who is the devil and Satan, do thou again make him captive in the abyss, that he may no longer seduce the nations. Amen.

      V. Behold the Cross of the Lord; be scattered ye hostile powers.
      R. The Lion of the tribe of Juda has conquered the root of David.

      V. Let Thy mercies be upon us, O Lord.
      R. As we have hoped in Thee.

      V. O Lord, hear my prayer.
      R. And let my cry come unto Thee.

    Let us pray.

       O God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, we call upon Thy holy Name, and as supplicants we implore Thy clemency, that by the intercession of Mary, ever Virgin Immaculate and our Mother, and of the glorious Archangel St. Michael, Thou wouldst deign to help us against Satan and all other unclean spirits, who wander about the world for the injury of the human race and the ruin of souls. Amen."
    Roman Raccolta, July 23, 1898, supplement approved 31-7-1902. Burnes, Oates & Washbourne Ltd. of London, official publishers to the Holy See, 1935. twelfth edition.

   This Conciliar Religion represents a New Age Humanistic mentality, whose prophets are Teilhard de Chardin and Hans Kung and its rituals and rites are sensual gnostic songs, intercultural /interreligious prayer services and neopagan dancing. These pagan novelties have been successfully introduced by the Revolutionaries into the Novus Ordo Mass because the following was removed: Christ as the center in the tabernacle and the words of consecration "for the many" - "pro multis" replaced with "for all" - "pro omnibus". This fits in with the belief in universal salvation. To placate the Protestant mentality and to blur the line between the sacerdotal office and the laity's demand for more 'democracy' and decision-making, "the Mystery of Faith" - "Mysterium Fidei" was taken out of consecration itself and placed after the transubstantiation had taken place with the laity confirming the priest. That is totally non-Catholic in every way! Only the priest can confect the Sacrament and only in the infallible words finalized by Trent and placed in perpetuity by Pope Saint Pius V in his Papal decree Quo Primum.

   To cover this all up and further weaken the ship, the the altar rails were eliminated. The Holy Communion railings were always meant to indicate the separation between the Holy/Sanctuary and the secular/court of the Laity, priest as sacrificer in the person of Christ - alter Christus in the ancient and universal Latin language. To further erase this concept, it was necessary for these mutineers to install false substitutes. What better tactics than instituting the ruse that the Church is only returning to original customs? Under this charade they introduced communion in the hand, lay lectors, Eucharistic ministers, and then altar girls. From this collapse of the sensus Catholicus it was a natural step for the presider/facilitator over the community celebration and exclusive usage of the vernacular language.

   You'll note the mushrooming of "Eucharistic Services" due to the orchestrated "priest shortage." These facts are revealed in Michael Rose's book "Good bye, Good Men" in the unraveling the morally corrupt liberal seminary directors, the banishment of the morally upright and orthodox candidates who were disgusted with the rampant homosexuality among their fellow students. For a magnificent explanation of how this rampant homosexuality came to be so harmful, Atila Sinke Guimarăes's "Vatican II, Homosexuality & Pedophilia" holds the answers.

   We can see that the universal salvation message of the ICEL/ Taizé community, which has been a chief instigator of protestantizing the New Mass translation, is a sinking ship in and of itself. Sadly, just this past weekend Brother Roger of the Taizé community and one of the original Protestant ministers who was a key periti in the construction of the synthetic Novus Ordo, met privately with John Paul II (Zenit, March 21). Paul VI couldn't see the danger and evidently this Pope doesn't either. What will it take for these conciliar popes to realize this whole experiment has veered far off track? In bailing the boat, the mutineers have substituted a feel good self-worship of the community and sacrificed the truths of the unbloody propitiatory sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ.

   In an article in the Latin Mass Magazine, Summer 1995, "The Attractiveness of the Tridentine Mass" by Cardinal Alfonso Stickler he discusses the protestantizing of the Mass and mentions that Jean Guitton a friend of Paul VI said his purpose was, to "assimilate as much as possible of the new Catholic liturgy to Protestant worship." Then to directly quote Mr. Guitton in Christian Order, Oct. 1994 "...the intention of Pope Paul VI with regard to what is commonly called the Mass, was to reform the Catholic liturgy in such a way that it should almost coincide with the Protestant liturgy... there was with Pope Paul VI an ecumenical intention to remove, or at least to correct, or at least to relax, what was too Catholic in the traditional sense, in the Mass and, I repeat, to get the Catholic Mass closer to the Calvinist mass..."

   After the revolutionaries throw out everything sacred, (in the hopes of drawing people back who left in droves with exciting shows) they replace the holy with everything profane- including the kitchen sink; Rock Masses, Polka Masses, Life Teen Masses, Folk Masses, Clown Masses, Ball park Masses and Beach Masses, Children’s Masses everything but the over 1000 year old Canonized Mass of Pope St. Gregory the Great and St. Pius V. A special "indult Latin Mass" had to replace what was already canonized at the dogmatic council of Trent and made in "perpetuity in Quo Primum. This Conciliar Church bares similarities to Anne Catherine Emmerich’s prophesy of a secret sect seeking to tear down the Church and build a tower of Babel intended to replace the Roman Catholic Church. We only want our hierarchy to behave like they are Catholic successors of the apostles not like U.N. representatives.

   The Novus Ordo parishes and schools are emptying out because people know something is wrong they just can’t articulate it. In the next installment, I hope to articulate and identify some of the other failed innovations that, despite their pagan nature, are still introduced by the mutineers, who are determined to sink the Barque of Peter yet deny any complicity, for they plan to already be far away from the Barque, in their own hapless rafts hoping to hear the final gurgle of the Ship going down. In these pirates' blind mutiny, they fail to realize the Barque cannot sink per Christ's promise in Matthew 16: 18. He never said the Barque would not be battered and tossed to and fro, and that there would be bad admirals at the helm. Even Peter denied Christ three times. Will we join the mutineers in denying Him, or will we cling to the True Barque and do all we can to keep its keel steady?

    NEXT: Part Two The Resolution to Revolution!

    March 24, 2004
    vol 15, no. 84