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June 24-30, 2004
vol 15, no. 154

The Lukewarm Landslide

"But because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will begin to vomit thee out of My mouth" Apocalypse 3: 16

The Bishops' response in Colorado shows that an avalanche of apostasy is upon us and only when these charlatans in purple and scarlet are rooted out, and the Canonized Mass reinstituted, will God once again shed His graces upon His Church.

      Editor's Note: We are pleased to introduce Father Paul Trinchard, S.T.L. to our readers. His books, pamphlets and tapes are available through and you can see some of what is offered by MAETA below. Father Trinchard is dedicated to reinstituting the Mass of All Ages - the Immemorial Mass of Tradition - the Canonized Mass of Trent for only in the Holy Sacrifice codified by Pope Saint Pius V is there found the Treasures of Tradition that is the divinely ordained Latin Mass.

      "Those, therefore, who, after the manner of wicked heresies, dare to set aside ecclesiastical traditions; and to invent any kind of novelty; or, to reject any of those things entrusted to the Church; or, who wrongfully and outrageously devise the destruction of those traditions enshrined in the Catholic Church, are to be punished thus: if they are bishops, we order them to be deposed..."
      Second Council of Nicea, 787

    Catholics have only begun to bash the bishops!

        In its May 2004 issue, the Associate Editor of Inside the Vatican, called for a moratorium on bishop-bashing ("It Is Time to Stop Bashing the Bishops," George Morse).... "Others besides the bishops failed...attorneys...the laity" (p. 41). "Most of us have joined in the criticism of the bishops or the seminary or the schools, etc., but how many have responsibly acted to try to ascertain the facts and address the problems..." (p. 41)?

        Sounds like Morse just landed from another planet! Conscientious laity (and priests) complained, complained, complained, ad nauseam. However, these complaints wound up in "file thirteen."

        Were I to have stock in a small corporation, or even if I am its customer, I can complain without giving detailed facts. If that corporation is being run properly, it will investigate and address the problem(s) - especially if many customers or stockholders complain again and again about the same issues. Furthermore, as a customer or stockholder, it's not my business to address and solve "corporate problems." That's the responsibility of those in charge of the corporate body. Really, Mr. Morse, what's a customer to do?

        What's a Catholic "customer" to do, especially if it's been drummed into him from his earliest days: obey and trust the bishop? We were led to believe that bishops are clothed in grace and truth. We're now shocked into the reality that the "emperor bishops" are quite disgustingly naked and sinful!

        From the 1960's on, bishops imbued with the "disobedient spirit of Vatican II" have failed to run the Church as God demands (as known from the constant teaching of the Church from the earliest times). In fact, purposely or not, the bishop's actions have led to the cataclysmic deterioration of the semper ubique idem Catholic Church (as "incarnated" or as the existential church - the church of our day).

        Faithful Catholics, their "victims," who adequately perceive the nature and extent of their Bishops' Revolution, should be determined to bash bishops until they properly respond or are deposed. However, the situation worsens as bishops respond with bad will and smiles on their faces to a typical criticism: "Dear.... I appreciate your concern. However, I am the bishop and am doing what is expected of me...blah...blah...blah...." Almighty, conceited and evil bishops know what is best for you. They have all the facts. You are ignorant. Bishop knows best!

        Are ordinary Catholics, the non-episcopates, expected to provide solutions by addressing the problems as Mr. Morse suggests? This is not so, according to your typical response: "I thank you for your concern but rest assured I am the bishop and will do what's best for all concerned..." Shut up and don't bother me! Trust me! Trust me with the authorities and the attorneys and the insurance companies and the churches, schools, seminaries and convents and all other physical possessions you and your ancestors built and paid for. Trust me to ascertain what is today "properly Catholic," your bodies and souls and those of your loved ones! Trust me as I tiptoe around the country in politically correct scene and stand back as abortion continues and same sex marriage looms on the horizon.

        Dear Bishops,

           You have lost your credibility. You have failed Christ and his teachings and government as every ordinary Catholic knows from the constant teaching of the Church. (The government is upon His Shoulder, but you have taken it away). You have failed the faithful clergy and laity. Catholics who were not aware of your failings have now become aware, so baneful and scandalous has been your performance in office.

           Not only have you failed to be adequate administrators of the physical property of the Church, you have perverted the Faith, the Church and even Christ's Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Even had you the desire to attempt to repair the Church and bring it up to "par," you would not know where to begin, so in shambles is the Church under your tenure. You no longer know nor act according to the mind and heart of Catholicism. In your disobedient attempt to do "what no man has done before," you have dethroned God and enthroned man; desecrated Christ and His Holy Church; sacrileged His Holy Sacrifice of the Mass!

           Where is your episcopal challenge? That challenge would be to return Christ and the Catholic Faith to His Church. Put Christ back into His Mass by deposing your fake "New Mass" of the disobedient spirit of Vatican II! Hopefully, this action, as recognized and employed by all the popes (until the disobedient spirit of Vatican II emboldened you to challenge and disobey it) consists of obeying the law of prayer and belief: "Lex orandi, lex credendi." The law of prayer is the law of belief. Repent. Undo your sin - the removal of Christ and His Canonized Latin Mass from your dioceses. Only a humble and repentant return to God on your part can save your earthly office and your immortal soul. Otherwise, for the sake of your salvation and that of others - resign - or be deposed!


        Faithful Catholic

    The Worst Church Scandal

        When confronted with the frightful "homosexual scandal," North American bishops often excuse their behavior on the grounds that they were following the best advice of today's psychiatrists—the same psychiatrists who determined that homosexuality was no longer to be considered abnormal. With that kind of mindset, one could have predicted the homosexual scandal!

        The "homosexual scandal," arguably one of the worst in Church history, has exposed the ugly nakedness of North American bishops. No longer do these bishops profess, " We believe in Christ and His Church." Today, their credo is, "We believe in Freud and his descendants!"

        We have learned that these bishops supported, protected, and promoted homosexual priests (who at times preyed on post-pubescent boys who were not yet legally adults). Their "love" of homosexual priests led these bishops to overlook psychiatric findings on the harmful effects upon "clerical victims." These bishops not only worshipped psychiatrists, they selectively worshipped these alleged experts so as to embrace and promote homosexual priests.

        Here then is the source of this and other episcopal scandals which are native to New Church—modern day bishops have turned their backs on God-given apostolic traditions to embrace alleged "experts" proferring ever-changing human traditions. The root cause of present-day episcopal mega-evils is the enthronement of man and the attempted dethronement of God.

        The bottom line is that North American bishops, and all like-minded "Catholics," are a faithless lot who worship man, not God.

    "Experts-adorers" Commit Child-abuse

        Among the victims of episcopal faithlessness are numerous children. In addition to the boys and girls sexually abused by priest pedophiles, there are countless children abused by effectively mandated, Newchurch-prescribed, sex indoctrination programs. Such programs exist in opposition to eternal Rome's will. They are condemned as violations against the virtue of modesty and as infringements on parental rights and duties.

        Children are also abused by episcopally bestowed annulments and divorces. Episcopal faithlessness has all but destroyed the sacrament of matrimony. Following their revered experts, the bishops have redefined marriage as being a "community of life and love." This loophole-ridden new definition exaults the secondary purpose of marriage (companionship) over its primary purpose (procreation), and gives bishops ample leeway to grant wholesale annulments or divorces when a "community of life and love" ceases to exist or is to have been deficient in the past.

        God's law concerning the indissolubility of marriage has been effectivley rejected, and who suffers? In nearly all cases—the children. Usually, the wife. Seldom, the husband.

        What God has joined, let not faithless bishops dissolve! Legalistic "goobly goo" vainly attempts to justify Newchurch's wholesale granting of annulments, but their mega-error is crystallizing and is increasingly apparent. Sensuous or playboy men and women are enthroned. God and His Will have been rejected. Countless children and families have been, and continue to be, destroyed.

    Accomplices to Murder

        Another mega-evil resulting from episcopal faithlessness is to be found in bishops being accomplices to murder by abortion.

        How are they accomplices? They fail to use the "weapon at hand" — excommunication — to deter the slaughter of innocents. Only bishops can specifically excommunicate legislators who vote to legalize abortion, and doctors and nurses who perform abortions. No other human being can wield this weapon to deter abortionists.

        Why then don't the bishops use this "weapon?" Is their faithlessness such that they prefer Barabas, the murderer, to Christ their Redeemer?

        Sincere and complete rejection of murder by abortion might be shown when and if North American bishops condemn the pill which flushes out of the womb any fertilized ovum. Thus far, they have been silent. The only plausable explanation? They prefer the wills' of sensuous men and women to God and His Revealed Will (e.g. as revealed in official Church teachings).

    The Worst Offense

        Undoubtedly, the very worst scandal resulting from episcopal faithlessness is that bishops have expelled the Sacred Heart of Jesus from their churches.

        New Church bishops have sacrileged the Christ-instituted and Church-canonized Mass and the Christ-instituted Sacraments (within the Latin Rite). In doing so, Pope Paul VI admitted they had given up "something of priceless worth." What reason did they give for this mega-evil? According to Pope Paul VI, the Novus Ordo Missae was designed to enable Catholics to talk comfortably to God, to have "a conversation with God" (as scripted by Bugnini, et al). Let us hope and pray that through the intercession of St. Paul the scales may drop from the eyes of these blind leaders of the blind!

        Only recently have I come to clearly see and repent of my own violation of the Church-demanded Oath Against Modernism, which was taken by all Latin Rite priests ordained before 1970. When taking this oath before my ordination, I wondered why the Oath included a vow to uphold the Council of Trent. Then, in the 1990's, the scales dropped from my eyes and now I see—I vowed to God to say only the Canonized Latin Rite Mass Liturgy! May God forgive me for violating this oath for so many years.

        I pray that the Latin Rite North American bishops who were ordained before 1970 honor their vow to God. May they too confess their gross sacrilege. May they return to saying only the Christ-instituted, Church-canonized, "dogmatically-unchangeable" Mass Liturgy of the Latin Rite (which they vowed to God they would say and protect).

        The Canonized Latin Mass Liturgy provides the faithful with the most-needed Sacred Heart alive among us. No wonder Holy Mary, in all Church-approved apparitions, has always appeared as Our Lady of the Canonized Latin Mass Liturgy. Either she appeared in such a chapel or church, or she commanded that such a chapel be built.

        No one can sincerely claim to be devoted to Our Lady without being devoted to the Canonized Mass Liturgy. As the great salutary sign of Tuy depicted, "the two Hearts" come to us and are to be praised by us, together.

    A Postscript

        I have intentionally employed the term "mega-evil" instead of "mega-sin" to avoid giving the impression I sit in judgement over the bishops. A mega-evil becomes a mega-sin when one knows the truth and freely consents to do evil—to violate God's Will.

        I was mega-evil when I said the New Order Services. I leave it up to God to judge me as to how megasinful I was. Now, I repent.

        Of course, one must recall the Roman's One curse God gives those who reject Him (and His Will). They are given up not only to doing evil but to promoting evil (Rm 1:18-2:5). Has God given up on you as one of their consorts? We'll know on the Judgement Day.

        How can God accept one who has trampled on the Holy Gift, that which is "of priceless worth?" How can one escape eternal damnation if he neglects, or worse yet, sacrileges so great salvation, the Canonized Mass Liturgy? (Heb 2:3, paraphrased)

        Save yourselves and the Church. Stop sacrileging the Holy. Start praying with reverence the Holy Sacrifice AS God and His semper ubique idem Church demand.

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      June 24-30, 2004
      vol 15, no. 154