June 24-30, 2004
vol 15, no. 154

The Medjugorje Menagerie

    Why message chasers won't find the answers on this 23rd anniversary of the purported apparitions in Bosnia-Herzegovina and why since our return to Tradition, The Daily Catholic has distanced itself from any association with Medjugorje.

    The Feast of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist coincides every year with the anniversary of the first purported apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary on a rocky hillside in Medjugorje in 1981. That was 23 years ago, folks, and we're supposed to believe it's still going on? Sorry, I don't.

    Those who have known us and our journey in the Faith, know we began with Medjugorje back in 1990 and followed it closely until after a pilgrimage to another apparition in 2000 - one officially approved by the Church and bearing fruits aplenty: Lourdes. It was the spiritual healing, not to mention a physical healing of a blood clot in my leg, that woke us from the long slumber we and countless other Catholics have been in; a hypnos which has only wrought confusion in the aftermath of all the innovations and novelties and trashing of the tenets and traditions of old. There had to be answers to all this and through Providence in God's time He guided us to them. As we have documented in past editorials, what we discovered once we delved beneath the epidermis of ecumenism and the "New Springtime" were shocking to say the least. What we discovered proved to us that, despite what might have happened in 1981, could not possibly be still going on today because of reasons I will shortly list.

    Our return to Tradition has not come without a price. Six of our members of the Board of Directors, all Medjugorje followers, resigned because they could not abide to the facts we provided in black and white. It's the old "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink" syndrome. It is a fact that Medjugorje has caused confusion for few know where anyone stands when it comes to this. First of all, the Church has made no official statement on this whatsoever. Does that mean it is authentic? Definitely not. Why then does this editor no longer believe in Medjugorje? For the following reasons: First, and foremost, no apparition in the history of Marian apparitions ever lasted more than a few years and then only rarely. Most lasted less than Fatima or Lourdes. Since having returned to Tradition we realize the fallacy of the Medjugorje apparitions for if we were to believe them, then we would have to accept the following:

    1) Our Lady has been appearing daily, conveying a message on the 25th of each month for the last 23 years...without saying anything of true substance, really! In reviewing the messages in 2000 it struck me how repetitive they are and, outside of her initial message on the hill to the six children, there is nothing new or enlightening, and surely not in sync with the Blessed Mother's other stern warnings at Ecuador, Rue du Bac, La Salette and Fatima. In addition several messages contained references to salvation in other faiths and this directly contradicts Catholic dogma. Ergo, just as the current crop of hierarchy from the pope on down, they are in error for no pastoral or novelty-ridden agenda can trump a dogmatic decree! EVER!

    2)Our Lady has changed her mind from what she forewarned at La Salette and Fatima Consider that we are living in the worst crisis of the history of the Church and Our Lady has said nothing about the great apostasy she foretold at three of the sites mentioned above? That's hard to swallow. We have always found it amazing that nothing was conveyed in any of the "countless" Medjugorje apparitions to alert the faithful to what Heaven truly thinks of the newChurch. Another problem that takes away from the tradition of Mary's apparition pattern is that the Medjugorje ones can happen wherever the visionary happens to be: in the middle of a field, a living room in Kansas City, a crowded hotel lobby in Colorado, in a moving car or wherever and then, more often than not the visionary is placed on a pedestal where frantic pilgrims and "believers" in true charismatic fashion fall all over themselves just trying to touch the "visionary." No where is the messenger elevated higher than the message than in the Medjugorje phenomenon. Never has there been anything imparted about the false shepherds, the obvious contradictions and suppression of Truths and Traditions as obediently followed from Peter to Pope Pius XII and the abolition of the most beautiful thing this side of Heaven - the Holy Mass. No, just more of the same ol' 'peace, my children, convert your hearts and march in lockstep with the wreckovation of my divine son's church.' You see, it doesn't add up. It is more like the tail wagging the dog for, when you truly study what is going on it is a backdoor endorsement of Vatican II and the bishops have been playing it cagey, milking it all they can while publicly saying it is not approved. But we know doublespeak is the specialty of these men appointed by John Paul II.

    3) Our Lady finds nothing wrong with the synthetic rite that has stripped the Immemorial Mass of the full sacrificial nature of her Divine Son's propitiatory Sacrifice on the Cross As Father Paul Trinchard, S.T.L. points out, in every approved apparition the Blessed Mother has appeared in a Canonized Mass parish or asked for a Traditional church or chapel to be built. In Medjugorje, while she appeared on the hill similar to the hillside at La Salette or the Cova at Fatima or the Grotto at Lourdes, she supposedly moved inside a Novus Ordo establishment soon after. This she did by altering sites from the sacristy to the choir loft of St. James. This also woke us up for I truly believe Cyndi did receive Heavenly locutions (not visions) from 1990 to 1995 and those messages did contain the human element of the spiritual environment she was in at the time, which was the Novus Ordo and our total obedience to the Pope. Chances are, we'd still be in that same frame of mind were it not for the graces received at Lourdes, prayer, and the internet for through the wonderful world of search engines we have been able to document questions we had, but could not put our finger on the answers. That is one reason The Daily Catholic did not convert to totally Traditional until Fall of 2001.

        That is another reason by early 2001 we ceased marketing the book "I Solemnly Tell You..." which put this ministry in great debt which we are still trying to recover from. Not that there was any false teaching in the messages; indeed, they were most true and most prophetic in looking back, and the facts are that in reading them in the light of Authentic Catholicism, you can truly see them in that light. Yet, because many would interpret them in respect to the doggerel passed down over the past 40 years, we decided to take a financial hit rather than misleading one soul. Because of our discovery of the great deception of Vatican II, we also withheld the meditative books on the Mysteries of the Rosary which we still get calls for almost daily for "Come, Let Us Adore Him", "It is Consummated!" (especially in Lent), and "My Lord and my God!". We may eventually make those three meditative books on line because they truly are inspirational. The other book, based and documented on total Catholic truth in harmony with the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church was called "The Hidden Way." We could not afford to reprint that book, and so chose not to offer any so that no one would be confused for we felt a tremendous responsibility to always impart the truth to our readers and we had to make amends for misleading our readers, albeit innocently and believing it ourselves, from 1990 to 2000. That is why we shut down for several months before coming back in a total Traditional mode. We owed it to our readers; we owed it to God!

       In meditating on some of the tapes of Cyndi's talks in the 90's one can see a truly Traditional bent to Our Lady's words and we hope in the future to be able to transcribe these visual parables to share with our readers. For now, they remain a project. And it was quite a project, to be sure, to amass the information we have garnered to share with our readers, which we have primarily assembled at our CREDO & CULTURE Page. The facts are Our Lady cannot contradict herself just as her Divine Son Jesus cannot deceive or be deceived as we profess in the Act of Faith.

    4) There are so many 'fruits' of Medjugorje that it can't possibly be false. Consider the 'miracles' that have taken place and the fact it is growing so. Yes, I've heard this argument ad nauseum and I can only gage Medjugore by the barometer Our Lord offers: "Wherefore by their fruits you shall know them" (Matthew 7: 20). This is the axiom Our Lord asks us to gage whether it is from God. First of all, I do not doubt that it is very possible Blessed Mary could well have appeared in Medjugorje on the Feast of St. John the Baptist, 1981 and the next day. But at some point the apparitions had to cease, considering the past history of Our Lady's apparitions. Because satan got in - and I personally saw plenty of evidence of this first-hand in Medjugorje in the very early 90's with an American Franciscan whom I tape-recorded - corruption set in and has spoiled the 'phenomenon' of Our Lady appearing. We should not be surprised at this for indeed, as Paul VI acknowledged, "The Smoke of Satan had penetrated into the sanctuary." Well if the devil can so easily infiltrate the Holy See, it is not only easily understood but very plausible that he was able to worm his way into Medjugorje and mimic what might very well have been Our Lady originally. Yet, again one must go to the barometer of Matthew 7: 20. The fruits have been superficial and not lasting. Medjugorje was interlinked with the charismatic movement which also is an antithesis to Tradition. Faith is not about "feeling" good. Many who we knew in the Medjugorje movement have fallen away or split up, greed and other vices set in among the numerous Marian centers that have dwindled to but a few today. There but for the grace of God go we. God allows such things for good and we would like to believe we are one example of that grace for we were drifting, cafeteria Catholics until Medjugorje and its charisms lit us on fire. But because we left it in God's hands to guide us, He steered us clear of the pitfalls so many stumbled into who swore by Medjugorje. Thankfully, through God's merciful and bountiful graces, our ministry is still strong (not financially, but in grace and readership) and that is not due to Medjugorje, but the fact we rediscovered the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church and turned our backs on the false teachings that we admittedly were so blindly obedient to. We have turned our backs on everything connected with the Novus Ordo and any apparition affiliated with it.

    The final severance was granted by the IRS earlier this year with the reorganization of this ministry under the non-profit umbrella of SANCTUS, an acronym for Save All Necessary Catholic Traditions in the United States, and the official dissolvement of MIR-A-CALL Center which was the last vestiges to any association with Medjugorje. It is now a closed chapter in our life.

    I am not going to get into name-calling or bad-mouthing friends who still believe in Medjugorje or denounce Catholics who do believe the Blessed Mother is still appearing there. We were in that mode of thinking once, and can appreciate that it is only "in God's time" that they will see the Truth, and "the Truth will set them free." All we can do now is pray for this to happen and soon for their sakes and the sake of more souls. The facts are greed has taken over on all fronts and it will implode upon itself in God's time in the same manner the Novus Ordo apparatus is collapsing everywhere. We leave memories of Medjugorje there as part of our past, just as the Novus Ordo and all its trappings were part of our past. We cannot hide that fact and shouldn't. St. Augustine did not hide the fact he was a sinner, a notorious one at that. The fact is we were lost as so many are today and now that we have found the narrow path, we want to make it as crowded as possible. The path to Heaven does not lead through Medjugorje; it does not lead through your neighborhood Novus Ordo parish; it does not lead through ecumenical activities with other religions which are not within the Catholic Church; it does not lead through any belief that might be outside the Church and not in full harmony with the tenets of the Sacred Deposit of Faith. No, the narrow path to Heaven starts and ends at the foot of the holy Altar of God as the beautiful antiphon beginning every Holy Mass says: Introibo ad Altare Dei. "I will go in unto the Altar of God." Ad Deum Qui laetificat juventutem meam. - "Unto God, Who giveth joy to my youth."

    And that is the answer to everlasting youth: the Immemorial Latin Mass of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, set in stone by the infallible dogmatic Council of Trent and codified by Pope St. Pius V in his infallible decree Quo Primum intended and enforced forever...or so we thought until the invasion of the Masonic Modernists and Marxists that evolved into the wretched Second Vatican Council. Looking back we can see the error of their ways just as we can see the error of our ways by remaining in the sinking ship for as long as we did. Again we ask your forgiveness, and pray others will come to their senses as we did for the good of souls everywhere. For back then before our epiphany we were frozen to the deck, dazzled by the admiral with no clothes, and maleable prey for the melodious, but malignant mallemuck that swoops so many into the zoo that transforms truth into deception, blinding our obedience to God in favor of obedience to man, which, for us, was all trapped in the Menagerie of Medjugore.

Michael Cain, editor

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    June 24-30, 2004
    vol 15, no. 154