June 19, 2004
vol 15, no. 153

Rocky Mountain Stonewall!

Delay Tactics Continue as Bishops stonewall God and His children

    "The question has been raised as to whether the denial of Holy Communion to some Catholics in political life is necessary because of their public support for abortion on demand. Given the wide range of circumstances involved [?!?] in arriving at a prudential judgment on a matter of this seriousness, we recognize that such decisions rest with the individual bishop in accord with the established canonical and pastoral principles. Bishops can legitimately make different judgments on the most prudent course of pastoral action."
    Bishops Statement of June 18, 2004
Read it and weep!
    June 18, 2004 Statement by the bishops:

    Catholics in Political Life

       We speak as bishops, as teachers of the Catholic faith and of the moral law. We have the duty to teach about human life and dignity, marriage and family, war and peace, the needs of the poor and the demands of justice. Today we continue our efforts to teach on a uniquely important matter that has recently been a source of concern for Catholics and others.

    It is the teaching of the Catholic Church from the very beginning, founded on her understanding of her Lord’s own witness to the sacredness of human life, that the killing of an unborn child is always intrinsically evil and can never be justified. If those who perform an abortion and those who cooperate willingly in the action are fully aware of the objective evil of what they do, they are guilty of grave sin and thereby separate themselves from God’s grace. This is the constant and received teaching of the Church. It is, as well, the conviction of many other people of good will.

    To make such intrinsically evil actions legal is itself wrong. This is the point most recently highlighted in official Catholic teaching. The legal system as such can be said to cooperate in evil when it fails to protect the lives of those who have no protection except the law. In the United States of America, abortion on demand has been made a constitutional right by a decision of the Supreme Court. Failing to protect the lives of innocent and defenseless members of the human race is to sin against justice. Those who formulate law therefore have an obligation in conscience to work toward correcting morally defective laws, lest they be guilty of cooperating in evil and in sinning against the common good.

    As our conference has insisted in Faithful Citizenship, Catholics who bring their moral convictions into public life do not threaten democracy or pluralism but enrich them and the nation. The separation of church and state does not require division between belief and public action, between moral principles and political choices, but protects the right of believers and religious groups to practice their faith and act on their values in public life.

    Our obligation as bishops at this time is to teach clearly. It is with pastoral solicitude for everyone involved in the political process that we will also counsel Catholic public officials that their acting consistently to support abortion on demand risks making them cooperators in evil in a public manner. We will persist in this duty to counsel, in the hope that the scandal of their cooperating in evil can be resolved by the proper formation of their consciences.

    Having received an extensive interim report from the Task Force on Catholic Bishops and Catholic Politicians, and looking forward to the full report, we highlight several points from the interim report that suggest some directions for our efforts:

    • We need to continue to teach clearly and help other Catholic leaders to teach clearly on our unequivocal commitment to the legal protection of human life from the moment of conception until natural death. Our teaching on human life and dignity should be reflected in our parishes and our educational, health care and human service ministries.
    • We need to do more to persuade all people that human life is precious and human dignity must be defended. This requires more effective dialogue and engagement with all public officials, especially Catholic public officials. We welcome conversation initiated by political leaders themselves.
    • Catholics need to act in support of these principles and policies in public life. It is the particular vocation of the laity to transform the world. We have to encourage this vocation and do more to bring all believers to this mission. As bishops, we do not endorse or oppose candidates. Rather, we seek to form the consciences of our people so that they can examine the positions of candidates and make choices based on Catholic moral and social teaching.
    • The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions.
    • We commit ourselves to maintain communication with public officials who make decisions every day that touch issues of human life and dignity.

    The Eucharist is the source and summit of Catholic life. Therefore, like every Catholic generation before us, we must be guided by the words of St. Paul, “Whoever, therefore, eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of profaning the Body and Blood of the Lord” (1 Cor 11:27). This means that all must examine their consciences as to their worthiness to receive the Body and Blood of our Lord. This examination includes fidelity to the moral teaching of the Church in personal and public life.

    The question has been raised as to whether the denial of Holy Communion to some Catholics in political life is necessary because of their public support for abortion on demand. Given the wide range of circumstances involved [?!?] in arriving at a prudential judgment on a matter of this seriousness, we recognize that such decisions rest with the individual bishop in accord with the established canonical and pastoral principles. Bishops can legitimately make different judgments on the most prudent course of pastoral action. Nevertheless, we all share an unequivocal commitment to protect human life and dignity and to preach the Gospel in difficult times.

    The polarizing tendencies of election-year politics can lead to circumstances in which Catholic teaching and sacramental practice can be misused for political ends. Respect for the Holy Eucharist, in particular, demands that it be received worthily and that it be seen as the source for our common mission in the world.

      June 18, 2004 Copyright © by United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
    In a time when the populace, especially Catholics, look for direction it is clear they have not found it from those who should be the shepherds. The men in miters have abdicated their duties in favor of pleasing mammon, not God! The tragedy unfolds in the aftermath of the bishops's closed-door meeting in Denver.

   The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, in a 183-6 vote during a closed meeting in the Denver suburb of Englewood, Colorado, said each decision about denying communion to some Catholics in public life should rest with the individual bishop "in accord with established canonical and pastoral principles." The statement also said bishops can legitimately make different judgments on the "most prudent" course of action.

   Am I missing something here? They say, “according to established canonical principle." Canon 915 of the Code of Canon Law reads: “. . .those who (like Senator John Kerry and many others in Congress) obstinately persist in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to Holy Communion.”

   So, it is apparent the bishops are clueless concerning canon law, or they are talking out of the sides of their mouths – the masters of double speak.

   The only conclusion that can be drawn from the bishops latest proclamation is that if you are a sinner and want to receive Holy Communion and not feel guilty, even if you have a mortal sin on your soul and don’t want to go to confession, your odds are 186 to 6 that you will be in a diocese where the bishop doesn’t care. And if it ever leaks out, who the 6 good shepherds are, who follow the will of God and you abhor Godly bishops, you can always receive Communion in the next diocese. This is what the Catholic Pro-abortion politicians will be doing.

   It is my belief, from their public comments and actions, that the six shepherds who voted against the ambiguous doublespeak were:

    Archbishop Raymond L. Burke of St. Louis, MO
    Bishop Michael Sheridan of Colorado Springs, CO
    Bishop Fabian W. Bruskewitz of Lincoln NE
    Archbishop John J. Myers of Newark, NJ.
    Bishop Robert Vasa of Baker, OR
    The sixth one I am not sure, but it could be either Bishop John M. Smith of Trenton, NJ, or Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted, of Phoenix,AZ or Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver or possibly Bishop Joseph Galante of Camden, NJ

   If you live in their diocese consider yourselves lucky. I know I will be getting mail on this and I may be wrong on one or two, but I doubt it.

   In essence, the bishops have declared that the Eucharist can be received by anyone, in the State of Grace or NOT. Cardinal Walter Kasper in Rome reinforced this heresy just this past week and the Pope hasn't said 'boo.'

   The only way they could have arrived at their conclusion you read above is in two ways, since they readily admit the following:

    Human life starts at conception and ends at natural death. That the killing of an unborn child is always intrinsically evil and can never be justified. Those who formulate law therefore have an obligation in conscience to work toward correcting morally defective laws, lest they be guilty of cooperating in evil and in sinning against the common good.

    1) The 186 bishops who voted for the proclamation do not give a darn about the Eucharist. It is apparent that they DO NOT believe IT IS the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

    2) To leave it up to each individual bishop to deny Communion is the same as saying, we are not sure if an unborn child is a full human being.

   I ask you – would they also make that statement if – instead of 1.4 million unborn children being killed every year, it was 1.4 million born children, or adults who were killed every year and it was these killings which were endorsed by these same Catholic politicians. Of course not. They would not only be denied the Eucharist but they would be excommunicated.

   You can bet that it is one of the above two, or both. Only 6 bishops in the United States would seem to be shepherds true to their calling [despite the fact they promote the abominable Novus Ordo] and willing to protect their flocks at all costs. When the diseased sheep are not removed, or at least quarantined, the entire flock will continue to be contaminated and this is exactly what has been happening in the Catholic Church over the last few decades because of bishops who are impostors.

   It is obvious that these 183 bishops do NOT think that unborn children would be included in “the least among us”

   By this conclusion the bishops have promoted sin and damned souls to hell. Many Catholic women will have their unborn child killed and Catholics will continue to vote for pro-abortion candidates as a direct result of this vote. How can they not? After all, if Catholic politicians are allowed to receive Communion by their aiding and abetting the destruction of human lives, then why can’t the entire flock do the same?

   This decision by the bishops is as bad as the Roe Vs Wade decision in 1973 which legalized the killing of unborn children. Actually much worse, because these people are supposedly acting on behalf of God. Again, the words of Christ in Matthew 18: 5-17 come into play in a most pertinent way. The very fact that it is up to each bishop to determine moral theology is a scandal in and of itself and in no way 'Catholic', but Protestant-oriented philosophy in every way.

   In the Roe decision, they didn’t say that each individual judge in each state should determine if an abortion should be legal? It was the law nationwide.

   The fact is that anarchy now exists in the Catholic Church. There are no longer any absolutes. It all depends on the luck of the draw – who your bishop is. Isn’t it ironic? The unborn child is killed because of the bad luck of the draw. It not only depends on who his/her mother might be, but also which diocese they happen to be residing in. But then, they don't even have to be Catholic. We're all one big happy family on a joy ride slipping faster and faster into hell. Why then are all the prelates from the Pope on down trying to put on such a mask of optimism. Can you say denial and cover-up?

   It appears that most American bishops do not really care about the Catholic Church, just what they personally can get out of it. As a matter of fact, I believe that some actually want to bring the Church down and that’s why they entered the seminaries. There have been reports to this theory that verify it more as fact than conjecture.

   One such person Fr. Drinan who teaches at supposedly 'Catholic' Georgetown University actually admitted that he became a priest just to change things within the Catholic Church. He also congratulated Bill Clinton for his veto of the ban on the barbaric and excruciating painful partial-birth abortion, which was passed overwhelmingly in both Houses of Congress.

   Believe it or not, the man is still teaching there and filling the minds of his students with his liberal, satanic views. Where is Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington D.C. who by the way headed this conference? Cowering in action is where he is as he is the main one who has prolonged a definitive decision on what could be decided in less than a minute by any confessor in the confessional: It is a mortal sin and one in mortal sin cannot receive communion. That is basic Catechism and yet the bishops waffle.

   Why is it that no decision is due until AFTER the Fall elections? Because these wolves in shepherds' clothing get their marching orders not from the Pope, but from the Democratic Party. That may sound harsh, but prove to me that is not the case.

   The evidence is overwhelming over the past 30 years that the pro-abort party of death and the vast majority of men in miters have been in bed together. You can take that figuratively or literally since so much evidence has been presented to the latter in so many dioceses. Christopher Ferrara's latest piece What Have They Got on You, Cardinal McCarrick? really prompts one to realize something is rotten in Denmark.

   With the homosexual and pedophilia scandals, wouldn’t you think that at last the bishops would do the right thing? This decision was the brainwork of satan. Surely, NOT God.

   Did the bishops really need a meeting to decide they were going to stall longer? Don't they realize a closed-door meeting no less only adds to the suspicion of mistrust and their trust is lower than a telemarketer or car salesman today.

   Again I repeat, had the bishops actually followed Canon Law, Catholics in general would finally realize that the killing of unborn children is a serious matter and a mortal sin and when one votes for the enablers of these killings, they also become a party to the American holocaust – 4,000 children are killed every day – 1.4 million every year, which is the reason that one bishop, Bishop Sheridan of Colorado Springs said that all Catholics who vote for pro-abortion politicians should be denied Communion and why not – they, by their voting, have without a doubt, become a party to the killings. There are more ways to be accomplice to sin and crime - in this case murder of both body and soul - than just the one committing it. Those who assist by their condoning such barbarism, or who enable them to do it by their vote or their not taking action against the offenders, they also sin. In law the guy who robs the bank is guilty but so is the getaway driver and the one on the look out. So also before God we will be held accountable for our deeds and how we responded to our Lord's words in Matthew 18.

   Right now as I am plucking at this keyboard, there are Catholic women who are contemplating having their unborn child killed. Wouldn’t it be nice if the bishops would have begun to regain our trust and God's by making their decision immediately, so these women would have known the seriousness of killing their own child?

   Imagine how many lives and souls would be saved if the bishops had done their duty before God and not the gods of democracy and human sacrifice and perversion. If only they had followed Canon Law and made their decision where the vote had been 183-6 in favor of standing united behind Canon 915 and the Ten Commandments.

   And imagine how many lives and souls will now be lost because the bishops, while using the far-fetched excuse that "we mustn't make communion a political weapon" are playing right into the devil's hands by playing politics by stalling a decision until after the elections - after they have accomplished what mammon desires.

   Don't they realize what Christ assured in Luke 16: 9-13? Let me remind them:

    "And I say to you, make friends for yourselves with the mammon of wickedness, so that when you fail they may receive you into the everlasting dwellings. He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much and he who is unjust in a very little thing is unjust also in much. Therefore, if in the case of the wicked mammon you have not proved faithful, who will entrust to you what is true? And if in the case of what belongs to another you have not proved faithful, who will give you what is your own? No servant can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will stand by the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon."

   That about says it all. We can clearly see through their waffling and doublespeak and false rationalizing that they do not truly serve God. Therefore it must be mammon, id est the Democratic Party. For those who don’t know – the rate of Catholic women having their unborn child killed is the same as the general population. So much for a Catholic education and the reason: bad shepherds. The rate of Catholics voting for pro-abortion politicians is even greater than the rest of the population. The reason: bad shepherds. Shepherds who refuse to do what Christ asked "feed His sheep."

   Since 183 of the 189 voting bishops have decided to wait until well after November to fight evil, consider these weak, spineless wolves in shepherds' clothing not only as mere phonies, but dangerous men whom we must resist vigorously. By their actions they themselves have already excommunicated themselves (latae sententiae) for their lukewarmness. We have God's Own word on that from the Book of the Apocalypse, 3: 16 "Because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will begin to vomit thee out of My mouth."

   Do you think that any of our Saints would have waited until after November. That's akin to 183 out of 189 early Christians opting out of martyrdom by saying "I want to die for Christ...but for now let me have some time before I decide so I'll worship the pagan Roman gods while I'm deciding and don't hold it against me if I betray those who persist on upholding Christian principles and are so foolish to want to worship the Triune God."

   Can you imagine the Arian and other heresies of the 4th and 5th centuries and the few bishops who stood for truth in the face of adversity? Men such as St. Athanasius, St. Basil the Great, St. Ambrose, St. Jerome, St. John Chrysostom and St. Augustine - Six bishops who stood against the vast majority of bishops. Can you remember what St. Athanasius said in opposing the majority? He said something that these present bishops should take very, very seriously: "The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of rotting bishops." or St. Augustine who said what every Catholic must realize today: "Wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it, and right is right even if no one is doing it." The facts, folks, is that the saving of lives and souls CANNOT wait.

   We know that John Kerry has vowed that if he is elected president, he will appoint only pro-abortion judges to the Supreme Court and as about three are planning to retire in the next 4 years, if Kerry is elected president you can forget about overturning Roe Vs Wade for the next 32 years.

   Now we know that the terrible response by these weak, rotten bishops has only empowered satan to increase the killing of millions of more children in the womb and even more millions' souls because they are in the grasp of hell's mantle. Personally, I think this helps Kerry even more because it gives him over 4 months to say -- "you see even the bishops voted that I can receive Communion from my own bishop." Remember, Archbishop Sean O'Malley of Boston is on record of saying he would not refuse Communion to Kerry. While these bishops think they're immune from God's wrath, they should realize that as the mortality rate increases, the blood will not only be on the hands of John Kerry and other pro-abort politicians, but also the 183 bishops who chose the cowardly, unCatholic way.

   "Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me" Matt. 25: 40.

   "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart" Jeremiah 1: 5.

   "Therefore when you see the abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place - let him who reads understand - then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains; and let him who is on the housetop not go down to take anything from his house; and let him who is in the field not turn back to take his cloak. But woe to those who are with child, or have infants at the breast in those days!" Matt. 24: 14-19. Truly words to reflect on when the words from those we should trust are full of lies and deception.

Dr. Frank Joseph

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    June 19, 2004
    vol 15, no. 153