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Archbishop Chaput no friend of SSPX

Self-proclaimed pope drawing followers

Bishop Moreno looks more like a pharoah than a shepherd

Fr. Jean-Michael Lastiri, another fallen priest sheltered by parishioners

Archbishop Harry Flynn: are you aware of the scandal?

Intoxication of the world affects Benedictine Andech Monastery

The shadow of the hammer and sickle covers China today. Their goal: tomorrow the world!

The Late Bishop Kevin Britt did not live to see the fruits of his work: the Buddhist reward of $316.22 We wonder what that translates to in 30 pieces of silver.

Bishop Manuel Moreno formerly of Tucson. What has he to smile about?

Denver's Archbishop Charles Chaput comes out strongly against pro-abort 'Catholics'

Bishop Kurt Krenn of Austria under fire for seminary orgy

Bishop Leonard Blair faced with closing 24 churches in Toledo Diocese

Bishop Bernard J. Harrington, Winona Bishop under siege by parishioners

Archbishop John Vlasny, Portland's beleaguered prelate

Bernard Law rewarded for scandal with church in Rome!

Dueling Cardinals: Mexico's Rivera and LA's Mahony's stories don't match

Democrats and the Bishops

Problems in the Gateway City

Pope's Banker

Cardinal Walter Kasper

John Kerry

Bishops Manuel Moreno and Gerald F. Kicanas of Tucson

Cardinal Edward Egan of New York

Louisville Attorney William McMurry tabs Pope as complicit in cover-up

So many questions, so few answers. Why? Can you say 'denial'?

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

    When it comes to all these ungodly laws being passed by liberal judges because of the lobbying and intimidation of a small minority out to do away with the natural and supernatural order, it is wise to keep in mind the following:
"Unjust laws are, properly speaking, NO LAWS!"
His Eminence Saint Robert Bellarmine, Doctor of the Church

  • Chaput displays essence of the 'civilization of love' by showing his true colors: True Mass won't be said on his turf! The Denver ordinary, the darling of the conservatives, isn't as orthodox as many thought as once again, while choosing to schmooze with other religions as part of the ecumaniacal agenda of this regime, Archbishop Charles Chaput will have nothing to do with the True Faith of our Fathers carried out by the Society of St. Pius X whose Masses and Sacraments have been confirmed by Rome as valid and acceptable (how kind of modern Rome's concession! considering it is the same Immemorial Mass of Tradition codified by Pope St. Pius V which he decreed ex cathedra must be said "in perpetuity" and no one could tamper with it or they would "incur the wrath of Almighty God and the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul." Evidently His Excellency isn't too worried about violating an infallible papal decree or angering God! What makes it all the more pitiable is that Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer of the SSPX wanted to hold the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on the land where Mother Cabrini miraculously found mountain spring water that still flows to this day. The Mass was to be the culmination of a 50-mile Chartres-like pilgrimage in thanksgiving for St. Frances Cabrini's intercession. Every sect and cult is allowed on this hill, but not those who merely seek to uphold the Faith as it was practiced for nearly 2000 years. Ah, yes, ain't peace and justice, tolerance and diversity great, folks!?! Welcome to the "civilization of love!"
  • Another Pope pops up - this time in Spain! Our Lord warned us in Matthew 24: 24, "For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders, insomuch as to deceive (if it were possible) even the elect." Taking Our Lord's advice, "Believe it not." Granted, the current pope is Rome is pretty bad, but with the growing popularity of Gregorio XVII in Spain, the throne of Peter is getting crowded out there, folks. There's already a self-proclaimed pope in Canada and one who calls himself Pius XIII. Whose next? Anyone but a John Paul III!
  • Kerry and Dems opt for Cafeteria Catholicism by inviting progressive Paulist 'pastor' for opening invocation Boston's Archbishop Sean O'Malley is "out of town" for the week. How convenient! Typical of how these spineless modern prelates avoid controversy or commitment and are a disgrace before Christ. The shepherd's fur is showing while the devils in Boston roar their approval and the liberal media will portray progressive Paulist Fr. John Ardis' invocation as being 'approved Catholicism.'

  • RICO filed against Tucson Diocese, Lavendar Mafia Michael Rose, author of Goodbye, Good Men, breaks the news that a former seminarian has had it and is filing a RICO law suit not only against Bishop Manuel Moreno and the Tucson Diocese, but also Cardinal William Keeler, Bishop Wilton Gregory and other high-ranking prelates. You'll note the photo of Moreno to the left taken before he resigned in disgrace a year and a half ago. He looks more like a Pharoah of ancient Egypt than a bishop of modern time. How appropriate, considering the culture he cultivated. Tucsonians and all Catholics need to flee from this filth for there will be a cleansing - the vengeance of the Lord - just as God destroyed the Pharoah and his pagan armies. Moses told Pharoah on behalf of the Lord, "Let My people go!" so also a federal RICO lawsuit is one way to free the faithful from the plague of rotten bishops who have been complicit in the cover-up.
  • Merced priest mired in sodomite porn on the web is removed and shipped off for awhile It would almost be considered a joke if it weren't so tragic: a priest is caught in sodomite tendencies and, despite the protests of over-tolerant parishioners, is shipped off to the resort in Maryland where he is put into the milieu of like-minded perverts trying to kick the habit. That is what has happened to Fr. Jean-Michael Lastiri who was dispatched quickly by his ordinary Bishop John Steinbock of Fresno (yes, that Fresno of Mahony fame). Sending wayward priests to St. Luke's Institute in Maryland, which is under the authorization of - who else but Cardinal Keeler mentioned above - is like sending alcoholics into a bar to get well. Whatever happened to cloistered monasteries?
  • Noose tightens on suspected SSJ priest as more victims come forward in Scranton Diocese Long accused and suspected sodomite priest Fr. Carlos Urrutigoity, who was bounced by Bishop Richard Williamson and the SSPX the instant his tendency was discovered at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary, had resurfaced in Scranton with the FSSP and then SSJ and now the bitter fruits of the rot he caused there is surfacing and the bishop who allowed it - Bishop James Timlin - is nervously trying to squirm out of accountability as is the current ordinary Bishop Joseph Martino. Typical of the modernist prelates. This time, with witnesses and an air-tight case against two SSJ priests, justice is being sought. For more on the problems in Scranton, see College of St. Justin the Martyr's notice

  • Supposedly 'Catholic' parish in Minneapolis blatantly flaunting the sodomite agenda Archbishop Harry Flynn is well aware of the scandal of St. Joan of Arc church in south Minneapolis. The question is what will he do about it? The answer is obvious. He will do what the great majority of mindless miters have done: NOTHING! So much for the fruits of the "New Springtime." Never mind that it's July, in the church of the New Order it is the dead of winter - with the emphasis on "dead" - just as the altering of the Church Christ founded and the Sacred Deposit of the Faith have been tampered with to please man, the fruits are barren in the sight of Heaven for it is not only the 6th and 9th Commandments that are terribly violated, but the First Commandment has totally been abandoned.

  • The King of Kings takes a back seat to the beer barrel polka! The progressive polka seems to be the dance one monk has caught himself doing as the head brewmaster of the Andechs Benedictine Monastery in Bavaria where the vow of poverty means nothing to the bonuses he can garner as a consultant. It reminds us of the parable of the rich man who could not follow Christ. At least the abbot realized the reality of Christ's words in Mark 8: 36, and is prioritizing spiritual values over temporal values. Too bad the lure of the world has caused the head brewer to forsake the Body and Blood for the 'fruits' of the barley and brew. Alas, success is not measured by a man's worth, but by what he deems his soul is worth.

  • Schism in the Orient! Chinese Patriotic Church willing to give control to government! Will the Pope inflict the discipline to prevent this? Not on your life, unless they are Traditional Catholics! That is a sad fact for the only ones persecuted today are Traditional Catholics - both priests and the lay faithful. Case in point is the sham going on in Houston where progressive Bishop Joseph Fiorenza has suspended Fr. Stephen Zigrang because Father won't bend to the heresies of Vatican II. See Dr. Thomas Droleskey's latest piece: Father Zigrang Suspended. Father Stephen has discovered the truth and the truth will set him free just as Our Lord has promised. If only the bishops and the Pope would realize this. Meanwhile more in the underground Church in China will suffer because of the sell-out to Communism by those within the Church who should be opposing this evil. Instead, thanks to the Pact of Metz, they ignore it and allow it to spread, further defying Our Lady at Fatima. In America, in Houston, and so many other places it is no different, just masked differently under the sickening shroud of the heresy of all heresies - Modernism. Woe is the hierarchy of our times.

  • What does it profit a man if he gain the whole world - even $316. - and lose his own soul? Considering the bishop who allowed the blasphemy in the Basilica of St. Adalbert in Grand Rapids died suddenly recently, one has to take seriously Christ's words in Mark 8: 36. One also has to question the logic of the idiocy of a Grand Rapids District judge who ruled in favor of the Buddhists because they were disrupted inside a Catholic Church. What duplicates the blasphemy is the hypocrisy of the Buddhist organization TIBETMichigan which claims "morals, not money, were at the heart of the matter." Our question: Whose morals? Certainly not the Triune God's or Holy Mother Church's morals, but the tolerance morals whose author is the prince of the world. To further muddy the situation, the reporter writing this story stated several errors, one that Mel Gibson is a member of the SSPX, and two, that the Society "does not follow tenets of an edict that transformed the Roman Catholic Church during the 1960s." There was no "edict" - no dogmatic pronouncement, but rather subterfuge; but they do have it right in saying "transformed the Roman Catholic Church" for the present church which promotes tolerance over truth has been transformed from Catholic to whatever. The faithful will easily make up for the $316.22 Fr. Michael McMahon was ordered to pay for, as Our Lord says, "if they have persecuted Me, they will also persecute you" (John 15: 20). We refer you back to the excellent article written by Jacob Michael who was there, which appeared on these pages in our February 12th issue Booting the Buddhists from the Basilica.

  • Ex-Tucson Bishop admits cover-up as he comes clean in deposition Bishop Manuel Moreno, the man who plunged the Diocese of Tucson into inevitable bankruptcy and scandal has finally come clean that he did indeed know of the actions of pedophile priests and did not suspend them. Is the proverbial iceberg beginning to show more than the tip?

  • Denver's Chaput goes public with the fact that those who support abortion CANNOT be Catholic! In reaffirming what Gary L. Morella wrote last week on these pages, Archbishop Charles Chaput, OFMCap, has joined St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke, and Colorado Springs' Bishop Michael Sheridan as well as a few others who have come out strongly in opposition to any Catholic receiving communion if he persistently supports or legislates abortion in any way whether as a voter or a politician or physician. Perhaps he along with the others who seem sincere in upholding Catholic truth will go further and abandon the ambiguities and heresies of Vatican II and embrace once again the Truths and Traditions that sustained Holy Mother Church from Peter through Pius XII. We can only hope and pray!

  • Wouldn't the Trappist that started it all - Thomas Merton - have been proud?! Jesuit Superior blesses priest as new Zen Master! Ah, the fruits of ecumenism translate into a complete sell-out of Catholicism in favor of getting in touch with whatever! From praying to the triune God in contemplative prayer, the Trappists/Jesuit cabal have now turned to worshipping false idols. Bang the gong loudly! The First Commandment is relative, folks. To add to the insanity is that this happened in the most liberal state in the U.S. - Massachusetts, not California...yet, and the one holding court over the new Zen Master was none other than one Fr. Robert Kennedy, S.J. We kid you not! Those Kennedy's get around in fouling up whatever they touch!

    Terrorists on the loose: 16 Catholic pro-abort senators who do not treasure the Sacraments! Ergo, they are part of Lucifer's Legion.

     Ted Kennedy Dick Durbin Chris Dodd Tom Harkin Jack Reed Barbara Mikulski Susan Collins Tom Daschle Mary Landrieu Pat Leahy Joe Biden Maria Cantwell John Sununu Patty Murray John Breaux
  • The proposed constitutional amendment to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman, in accord with God's natural and supernatural laws went down to defeat in the Senate Wednesday because 15 senators, who should treasure matrimony as a sacrament mainly because they are supposed to be Catholic, sabotaged what God has put together. They are out to put asunder even more and the facts are these 16 'Catholic' senators are not Catholic, merely imposters who cause great scandal and blasphemy. An interesting side note to all of this is to note who was missing in action, as usual, for yet another senate vote: You guessed it, Mr. Dependable Bendable John Forbes Kerry. Thus this "do-nothing but-muck-up-the-works-senate-full-of-fillibusters" has handed the baton of legislating to the very ones who were not elected and are even more liberal than these raging progressives: the liberal, activist and godless judges. Please tell us how anyone in their right mind could ever vote for a candidate of the Democratic Party? Their mascot makes more sense every day, because they're making ja's of themselves before God, and their proverbial beast of burden will be too much of a burden when Particular Judgment time comes around. Memo to the Dems, it won't get you over the hump, but if you're really that anxious to go to hell, then have at it, but resign first so you don't take more with you!

  • The Requiem Mass for Father Paul A. Wickens was held Tuesday July 13, at St. Anthony of Padua Chapel in West Orange, New Jersey. He was interred on the grounds of the church where he will forever be remembered by the parishioners of St. Anthony. Fr. Wickens was the long time pastor there and a Traditional priest since 1984 (ordained in 1955). He succumbed in West Orange, New Jersey on Thursday, July 8, 2004 after a four-month battle with cancer of the esophogus. We ask your prayers for the repose of the soul of this good priest and so many others who were with us not long enough. As God chooses to take more from us in these trying times when good and holy priests are so rare, pray for them and that God will send more priests, many more priests, many more good and holy priests. Those who have Traditional priests, cherish them and listen to them. They hold the key for the future of Holy Mother Church and we need them around as long as God will allow in order to mold and prepare more apostles of the end times to carry on the Lord's work after this last generation of truly ordained and consecrated men are gone. Dr. Thomas Droleskey's article Saints for All Seasons includes a tribute to Fr. Wickens. Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine. Ex lux perpetua luceat ei. Requiescat in pace. Anima ejus, et animae omnium fidelium defunctorum per misericordiam Dei requiescant in pace. Amen.

  • More Scandals seeping into the sewers of European dioceses: this time Austria with Priests 'in Orgy' at Seminary The ordinary of the Diocese of St. Poelten, Bishop Kurt Krenn is under fire by Catholics in Austria who are demanding his deposition following revelation of scandalous sodomite activities on the web of priests and seminarians in the seminary just 50 miles west of Vienna where the Dominican Cardinal Christoph Schonborn holds court. This is the same country where the disgraced Cardinal Hans Herman Groer resigned because of homosexual tendencies and child abuse. As to the evident sodomy pictures on the web, Bishop Krenn poopooed it as "silly pranks that had nothing to do with homosexuality." Right! And the Hapsburgs still rule Austria! We wish! No wonder outraged Catholics want Krenn removed, but it's doubtful, from his miserable track record that the Pope will depose him or even call for his resignation unless the secular media intensifies the heat. More of the abundance of the New Springtime in Austria, folks. "By their fruits you shall know them."
  • HOLY TOLEDO!!! Two dozen churches to close in Diocese of Toledo Shortage of priests and financial crunch are the chief reasons for paring back to 143 churches in the entire diocese of 314,000 church-goers. Two have already closed as of July 1st and 24 will learn their fate in September. While many are upset, they'll eventually accept it just as they've accepted all the novelties and inane innovations that have produced the bad fruits to bring this result - close the churches that sustained souls for so long because few opposed abortion or the protestant travesty to the Holy Mass. Priests who might have been there to provide the sacraments were killed in their mothers' wombs or dissuaded from a vocation because they were too orthodox. Woe is this generation!
  • Lay Catholics say 'no', bishops say 'yes' to gay predator priests Sick priest in Winona Diocese causing problems for Owatonna parishioners, but the facts are Bishop Bernard J. Harrington is sicker by endangering the parishioners to a known sexual predator who continues to practice as a priest. More of the same ol' as Michael Rose explains the sordid matter that continues to plague the Vatican II church, pulling it into the sewers of sin.
  • Portland Archdiocese Filing Chapter 11 Though Tucson hinted they would have to, Portland has no choice thanks to the sordid scandals that have rocked the American church as the rotting fruits of Vatican II take their toll. Portland may be the first to officially file bankruptcy, but they surely will not be the last as the domino effect takes place in an implosion of the novelties that have rendered the hierarchy impotent and soiled from the sins wrought by the aggiornamento introduced in the 60's when the disciplines and doctrines were relaxed in favor of favoring the world, the flesh and the devil.
  • Cardinal Law living the high life in Rome to the chagrin of practically all camps A picture is worth a thousand words and a good editorial cartoon can be worth ten times that. Such is the case with The Remnant cartoon which appeared in the June 30th issue of The Remnant. It says it all. There Law sits, feet propped on the desk, being waited on hand and foot in his palatial estate near the Basilica of Saint Mary Major's - visible out the window - while he reads the Boston Globe's article about churches closing in Beantown, evident by the headline on the front page: "65 Parishes to Close." In the words of Alfred E. Newman: "What, me worry?" Not Cardinal Law nor, it would seem the Pope himself. It's a sad situation that only further indicts this postconciliar regime over moving offenders around whether they be priests or high-ranking prelates, and keeping them in their scandalous comfort zones rather than disciplining them as they should be.
  • The Dallas Morning News provides more proof of cover-up as two cardinals get caught in their own bafflegab Despite denials by the Salesians in ZENIT, no proof has been offered by them or by anyone else that the newspaper's accounts are not factual and the latest revelation shows a doublespeak between Mexico City's Cardinal Norberto Rivera and Los Angeles' notorious liar Cardinal Roger Mahony. In fact the latter had the audacity to state "we do not admit priests with any homosexual problems" when everyone and their brother and sister know that is a laugh, especially with Mahony's track record, the sodomite bishops on the west coast and the homosexual sexcapades in Camarillo and San Diego documented by many sources, particularly Stephen Brady of Roman Catholic Faithful. The story revolves around a Mexican priest, but the real culprits are the wolves in shepherds' clothing both north and south of the border.
  • Proof positive that the Bishops and Democratic Party have been in cahoots since the Johnson administration An article released in America magazine for its June 21-28 issue reveals that Joseph A. Califano Jr., President Lyndon B. Johnson’s top aide for domestic affairs and President Jimmy Carter’s secretary for health, education and welfare reveals why and when the bishops compromised the Faith and jeopardized countless souls in selling out to the Culture of Death. Califano affirms: "We crafted an uneasy truce: If the president used the term ‘population problem’ — which also allowed for solutions like increasing available food — rather than ‘birth control’ or ‘population control,’ the bishops would stay silent." Because of that silence millions upon millions of babies have been aborted and countless souls lost to perdition. Ah, yes, the great compromise!
  • The Dallas Morning News breaks story on "Runaway Priests Hiding in Plain Sight" Evidence of more cover-up by Religious Orders and the prelates in charge. More of the "fruits" of Vatican II.
  • Insurance firm suing St. Louis Archdiocese over sexual abuse settlement Poor Archbishop Raymond Burke. He has inherited a mess from the previous administration of Archbishop Justin Rigali as the insurance company of the see is now balking at paying 1.5 million the Archdiocese expected them to pay. They are using the excuse they were not notified within 30 days of discovering the abuse. This kind of disavowal by insurance companies could have repercussions with other dioceses around the country and world.
  • Alleluia! Mel Gibson named most influential and powerful celebrity in the world! Whoda thunk it? A Traditional Catholic as the most powerful and influential person in the world!?! What better time to strike than when the iron is hot for the cause of Traditional Catholicism? No one is hotter right now and could do more for the cause in so many ways from saving the abandoned churches for sale in Boston and New York, to funding a national network to reach Novus Ordo Catholics with solid Catholic Truth and Tradition compared to the pabulum being produced on EWTN and in neo-conservative Catholic publications who only parrot what they are told. Mel could be such an influence in helping establish the new Christ the King College and so many other ways in helping bring down the revolutionaries. Pray he will and pray others will come forward to uphold the Faith who have the kind of influence Mel presently enjoys.
  • Pope's Banker tells all in a book with accounts, agendas, rogues and intrigue right out of a Malachi Martin novel The late Fr. Malachi Martin was closer to the truth than many give him credit and a book by the Pope's personal banker Angelo Caloia will bear this out as a reporter Sandro Magister writes, including the subhead: The Pope’s Banker Speaks: “Here’s How I Saved the IOR” After almost fifteen years as the head of the Vatican bank, Angelo Caloia breaks his silence. He gives the names of both friends and enemies. And he accuses Catholic finance of selling its soul for power. Where have we heard that before, the Church selling its soul? Too many times for our own good. The article definitely brings to light the corruption that has been going on since Vatican II and the temporal treasures modern Rome has sought at the expense of spiritual treasures being sacrificed.
  • Kasper the friendly ghost is at it again with more anathemas What won't this apostate prelate say next? Now he is justifying non-Catholics receiving the communion wafer. As one writer submitted, This sounds like an endorsement for:
      A. O'Malley permitting non-Catholics like Kerry at Communion
      B. The South African bishops support for Clinton's (sacrilegous) Communion
      C. The Pope handing out Communion to the pro-abortion protestant Tony Blair
      D. All of the above
  • 'Pope' Kerry calls Bush "out of line" for asking John Paul II to uphold Catholic truth You knew it would be only a matter of time before Kerry betrayed the fact that he is in no way Catholic whatsoever and that was made evident when he stated that the President was "out of line" for asking the Pope's support for upholding the sanctity of life and necessary morals by entreating the bishops, which John Paul II appointed, to toe the line and uphold moral virtue in all areas. Memo to John Kerry: There is no separation of Church and State when it comes to morals and God's infrangible laws!!!
  • The Inquisition was not all it was trumped to be by foes as Vatican report verifies Despite unwarranted apologies by John Paul II during the Jubilee Year, there was a necessity for the Inquisition and it wasn't as bloody or as unyielding as many - especially revisionist historians - would make it out to be. These were some of the findings of a commissioned panel which just released their conclusions. Maybe we need to bring it back not just for infidels, but to hold the bishops in line. If only there were someone holy enough to enforce it and to run it. Morality and righteousness would return with such disciplines in place. The revolt from the Faith is what prompted the Office in the first place. If it was ever needed, now is the time!
  • Sun setting on the Diocese of Tucson as bankruptcy looms from poor management. Though Tucson's Bishop Gerald F. Kicanas inherited the vast majority of the mess Bishop Manuel D. Moreno left him, is coming back to bite both the bishops as Tucson runs dry on funds siphoned to pay for a failed Television station and sex abuse settlements. More of the barren fruits of Vatican II, folks.
  • Senate Adds Sexual Orientation, Gender to 'Hate Crimes' Law Thank you, Ted Kennedy for being such an apostate where you celebrate and promote the sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance. Soon, your legislation could become law and to hate sin will be a crime. Welcome to the tribulation! To see who voted for this abomination, see Those promoting an anti-Christian agenda
  • Thank God He stays in the Pledge of Allegiance Supreme Court comes to their senses and throws out lawsuit by atheist agitator in California. Now lets throw out the rest of the activist judges and depose the ACLU for their insanity! It's time to restore God in America, not store Him!
  • Are we going to let the Bishops get away with RAPE?!? It stands for Ruses, Abuses, Pathetic Excuses in a strongly-worded no nonsense news editorial by Anthony Flood of As the mitred ones gather in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains do they realize what they have become? They could move mountains if they but had the faith of a mustard seed, but because they have deceived so long their faith is dead. Cardinal Edward Egan has clearly exhibited his callous attitude about closing churches - Traditional churches in New York. Flood provides the evidence on his web page with various articles.
  • Louisville Attorney taps top man in the Church as culprit in the sex scandal cover up Attorney William McMurry has named John Paul II as a defendant in Class Action Cover Up Suit against the Church for the silent complicity in the sex scandal abuse. As Father Moderator says, "Has the Pope met his avenging angel?" It was bound to happen for in any organization the buck always stops at the top. Those who think this pontiff knew nothing or is trying to right the ship never heard of the smoking gun or still have their heads buried in the sand. The truth is, folks, the emperor isn't wearing any clothes! The bad fruits of his humanist ecumaniacal agenda and his appointments of the sorry group of modern prelates, which almost every diocese is stuck with, have stripped him of any credibility or, sadly, trust.
  • Here we go again! Abe Foxman is at it again! This time it's Mel's totally Catholic inspiration: Anne Catherine Emmerich Sure enough the ADL is trying to pressure the Vatican into rethinking the Pope's plans to beatify Anne Catherine Emmerich, mystic and visionary whose work The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ inspired Mel Gibson in his masterpiece The Passion of The Christ. Foxman, like Caiaphas, won't stop until it's too late! What is even more shocking is that the Vatican has admitted that her book is not being taken into consideration regarding her beatification! Since when is a candidate not scrutinized for all their works? Again more of the disintegration of the canonization process that used to be so trusted and cherished. Other than a few "certain saints" like St. Padre Pio, a vast number of the plethora of candidates elevated have come into serious question and, for the present, it is this editor's opinion that all beatifications and canonizations should be halted until a fail-safe Devil's Advocate system can be re-established. Discretion is always the better part of valor and the more who are elevated only cheapens and demeans the process and diminishes the validity of those worthy. Enough is enough. In this case we must agree with Foxman but not for the same reasons because we truly believe Anne Catherine Emmerich is worthy of sainthood, but in God's time, not man's. Therefore, we entreat the Holy Father to restore sanity and sanctity to the process and be motivated by God and not man or money, such as was obviously the case in so quickly elevating the questionable Jose Maria Escriva!
  • We Must Resist This! Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey has just released a startling news article that makes it imperative to prepare our sons and daughters and to put on the Armor of God for the denials of the draft are a smokescreen. It's a reality of the New World Order and few there are who will escape this Masonic plot. Tom shows how so cleverly they have concealed it until the citizens are so dumbed down they'll go for anything. Our Lady warned at Fatima of this very thing.
    Bush Brought a Gift for the Pope: The Alliance Between Catholics and Evangelicals In a news piece from we can more readily see how the Great Facade is using more smoke and mirrors to fool so many as the One World Religion continues to take hold with the Protestants proud of the way Catholics act today. Why not? They're no longer Catholic but practicing the very same apostate beliefs that caused the Protestant Reformation and the spill-off of thousands of sects away from the True Church. Read it and weep.
  • Where is the Devil's Advocate when you really need one? No where to be found as is evident from the latest announcement of the fact the Pope is getting set to beatify the co-founder of the very questionable Focalare movement. The fact is he wrote 4,000 articles. Has every one of those been studied with a fine tooth comb to assure there is no heresy? Of course not. To overlook this was unheard of before Vatican II.

  • 'The Passion of The Christ' to be released on Video and DVD AUGUST 31st! Twentieth Century Fox, which originally passed on the rights to distribute Mel Gibson's masterpiece have decided they better not pass on a sure bet the second time around and thus have announced they will be releasing on video and DVD Mel's masterful film on the Tuesday just before the Labor Day Weekend. Gibson's own film company Icon Productions released the news in a news release Monday. It is expected that over half the people who saw it in theaters will purchase the video or DVD to own and to have as meditation and inspiration, especially for next Lent and Holy Week. It also coincides with the news that the mystic Sister Anne Catherine Emmerich has been slated for beatification in the fall. It was her book as the result of her private revelation from our Lord The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ which inspired Mel to do the film.

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