July 11-14, 2004
vol 15, no. 158

Stupid is as stupid does!

    Like Forrest Gump, so many have been waiting at the bus stop of expectations thinking Rome would right the course. Folks, the bus is not coming if the modernists can help it. The longer we wait, the farther away the Truths and Traditions passed down from Peter to Pius XII fade.

    With deference to the mythical Forrest Gump, the title of this commentary sums up the state of the hierarchy of today's newChurch. Topsy-turvy would best describe these past few months. It began with the blasphemous syncretism at Fatima on May 5 - the feast, no less, of the great Pope Saint Pius V who set in stone forever the form and function for the Immemorial Mass of Tradition - or so he thought. Had he realized the scope of the Masonic mantra that has so infiltrated Holy Mother Church over these past 40 years he might well have made Quo Primum even stronger. Yet how can one make any more forceful such words as "in perpetuity" "forevermore" and "will incur the wrath of Almighty God and the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul"? I mean, folks, incurring the wrath of God is the last thing we need. But alas, we have gotten it because of aggiornamento which prompted the Church to lower her guard so the enemy could slither right in. Talk about stupid is as stupid does!

    And yet, the word "stupid" has not been introduced into the equation by the modernists. Yet, as I write this on the historical feast of St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More modernists would accuse these notable English martyrs as "stupid" for not cozying up to the king and patronizing his desires. After all, they would rationalize, eventually through "dialogue" Fisher and More would have gotten their way and the king would bend to whatever they wanted. To these proponents of modern enlightenment, More and Fisher might be termed radicals who didn't think before they acted. These politically correct posers would say the same about Traditional Catholics today who have deliberately cut off friends and opportunities by "stubbornly sticking to medieval out-moded customs that are alien to this modern world."

    Yes, in the ways of the world, the flesh and the devil Traditional Catholics are stupid like a fox; actually, with the cunning of a serpent as St. Paul says in counseling wisdom. And he also tells us to "put off, according to the former conversation, the old man, who is corrupted according to the desires of error" (Ephesians 4: 22). And so, in following the heroic example of More, Fisher, all the English Martyrs, the early Christians and countless other holy souls throughout the history of Holy Mother Church, we enthusiastically follow them in whatever way God so deigns. For we seek, as Paul notes in Ephesians 4: 14, not to be "tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, in the wickedness of men, in craftiness, to the machination of error."

    The latter have been brought about by loose lips and slips caused by Vatican II and one need look no closer than the words and actions of the American bishops to see they have, almost to a man, jumped ship and abandoned the True Barque of Peter. Save for a few, they have expanded the ranks of the mutineers. Bishop after bishop are sending their "bishop spokespersons" forth with more skimble-skamble in trying desperately to protect their interests and their credibility takes a tremendous blow on the truth-meter, administered by the secular media. Sorry, but blaming the media is old hat. It won't cut it anymore. A lie is a lie is a lie. I for one find it not humorous, but tragic that a bishop cannot remember such things as an important document which had to pass through his hands administratively in order to grant faculties in his diocese to priests who were not only accused of sexual abuse, but proven true. The pathetic depositions of men like Bishop Joseph Adamec in Altoona-Johnstown or Cardinal Roger Mahony in LA give credence to the flat-out lie. I know, you say, these men are under oath so surely they know the severity of their words before God. I say they don't care about God and that is evident in their actions. I cannot know their heart, but their actions speak volumes. Besides, they've already violated their vow to God when they took the Oath Against Modernism for they were ordained before it was conveniently omitted by Paul VI. One has to ask, what was the man from Milan thinking? Truly stupid in light of the wreckovation of the Church and so many souls.

    On that very concept of "stupid," let us delve deeper. Alright, class, here's the first question. Who says the Pope and the cardinals and his appointed bishops are smarter than the normal loyal Catholic? Thought so. Nowhere does it say that. Yet, over the past 40 years we've been dumbed down to buy anything we're told. Talk about stupid. Next question: Where does it say we must bow to "intellectuals"? And who has made them "intellectuals"? What does that mean? Consider a July 7th article from the Jewish site in which they reported the following:

    The Catholic Church condemned anti-Zionism as a cover for anti-Semitism by means of a joint statement issued by a forum of Catholic-Jewish intellectuals this week.

    The announcement was made at a gathering of religious, academic and other leading Jewish and Catholic figures in Buenos Aires.

    "We oppose anti-Semitism in any way and form, including anti-Zionism that has become of late a manifestation of anti-Semitism," the statement said.

    This is the first time that anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism have been equated by the Catholic Church.

    The statement also includes a stern condemnation of terrorism, particularly terror in the name of faith.

    "Terror is a sin against man and against God. Fundamentalist terrorism in the name of God has no justification and cannot be justified."

    Ilan Steinberg, director of the World Jewish Congress, one of the forum's organizers, described the joint statement as "an historic moment."

    "For the first time, the Catholic Church recognizes in anti-Zionism an attack not only against Jews, but against the whole Jewish people."

    Senior Jewish figures called the announcement a significant, public statement of support by the Catholic Church in the face of anti-Zionism.

    "In the past, Zionism was equated with racism, and this statement turns anti-Zionism statements to a form of racism," a Jewish leader said in New York.

    The statement joins a prior European Union announcement and UN declaration of war against anti-Semitism as part of a global front fighting the scourge.

    Well, well, that terrorist Ariel Sharon must be ecstatic. The Zionists have totally buffaloed the modern Catholic Church, but you see by calling them Zionists as opposed to Jews I could get in trouble. Well, Thomas More could have softened his rhetoric with good King Henry too and looked the other way regarding Ann Bolynn, but he didn't. And as a responsible journalist, I cannot either. I've never subscribed to being politically correct and I'm not about to change now. These abominable hate crime bills being passed left and right by the left and unopposed by the right thus surrendering their rights, are setting up the New World Order to establish the One World Religion and if one is truly Catholic, we cannot be part of it in any way.

    The facts are that the Jews of Christ's time are no more. Their descendents scattered and inter-married and there are no pure descendents. Moreover, there is no more Jewish religion as practiced before Christ for the Old Testament has been fulfilled, as in completed, i.e. no longer in force. Thus to continue the charade is a farce and a lie. Only those "Jews" who accept Christ as their Messiah have a prayer's chance of salvation. Christ said it, I believe it, that settles it. Don't believe me, read Mark 16: 15-16. Yet the propaganda machine that has so controlled the Protestant evangelicals has steamrolled truth right into Zion's rump. Folks, it's stupidity to believe that the Jews' wait for the Messiah is not in vain, that He will come again for them. If we are to believe that, which the modernist Pontifical Biblical Commission tried to pass by us when we were sleeping, then the question is: What is the necessity of being Catholic anymore? Duh! I mean really, talk about being stupid. Christ warned of these very times in Matthew 24 and yet we never learn.

    And speaking of never learning, I ask you: When can a pastoral-only council take precedence over a dogmatic council with infallible declarations? Answer: NEVER! Yet, we're told that Vatican II trumps everything that went before it? Talk about stupid. Yet no one questions the fact that almost every document coming out of Rome these days only reference Vatican II and later docs with a rare reference to anything pre-Vatican II. Why? Oh, we know the answer to that don't we?

    Next question: Which would you prefer: something that has the stamp of divine revelation upon it and can be traced back to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Himself, foretold in the Old Covenant, and fulfilled in the New with something very special that offers unfathomable divine grace; or would you settle for something totally synthetic that was concocted behind closed doors that undermines all that is Catholic and blasphemes what should be sacred? Answer: The former, of course; and yet the vast majority of Catholics have blindly followed the latter dismissing the former as "disobedient" and "nostalgic" and "radical." I am, of course, referring to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass which has been so distorted in the New Order that it is no longer recognizable.

    To give you an example, a few weeks ago I had the privilege to attend at Our Lady of the Snows Shrine in Belleville, Illinois a 40-plus year reunion with many of my former seminarian buddies at Our Lady of the Ozarks in Carthage, Missouri. The all-classes reunion, which drew fellows who had attended from 1944 to 1970 was a blast even though yours truly was the only one out of the 130 attending who still practices the Faith as it was taught to me back in the 50's. Even among the 24 priests who made it, not one Traditional Catholic. That was made evident on Saturday evening when the group celebrated - and I do mean celebrated the Novus Ordo. It was the first time I had stepped back inside a New Order church since Ash Wednesday 2001. I felt as if I was in a Lutheran or Presbyterian church and what I witnessed without taking part in any way, confirmed my fears. Other than a very good homily that really had nothing to do with the Mess that evening, it was a trip into the bizarre as Dan Schulte's anthems took center stage and come communion time every one, whether still Catholic or not, traipsed up to partake of the kommunion kookie and kup, as Father Moderator so aptly puts it. No mention or indication of sacrifice - let alone propitiatory sacrifice - was ever made or noticed. In attendance were several priests who had imparted the Truths and Traditions to me while in the seminary. Yet they had sold out to the New Order. Why? That was the sad question that I continued to struggle with, almost bringing tears to my eyes to see how what was once so sacred has now been reduced to such Protestant pomp. Did not More and Fisher give their very lives rather than succumbing to this profanity? Yet today 99% of the hierarchy are in lockstep with all that anti-Catholics Thomas Cranmer and Oliver Cromwell and before them, Martin Luther and John Calvin called for. We have surrendered. Well I won't. I refused to take part in that 5 p.m. circus and stood well in the back as merely an observer in a vacant section of the cavernous 'church,' which by the way, in no way resembles a church but rather an assembly hall with the Vatican II fan layout as opposed to the cross-shaped nave mandatory prior to Vatican II. I admit I did not recognize anything Catholic about it.

    While the weekend was wonderful in catching up with old friends, I realized Thomas Wolfe was right, you can't go home again for the family I was raised with in my formative teen years has abandoned the true Church in favor of the post-conciliar novelties that are more readily identified with Protestantism than Catholic. Later that evening during the banquet and main event, it made me sadder to see a few who are no longer priests garner more applause than the men who have been loyal to their vows such as the vocation director who replaced our dearest friend and counselor Father Al Svobodny, OMI as Oblate Vocation Director. The former's track record for finding vocations pales in comparisons to Fr. Al's track record from 1955 to 1964. Yet, this ex-priest drew the greatest applause. Sorry, but I couldn't agree. I tried to get the attention of one of the speakers, but was too far back in the room to give Fr. Al his due. God knows and that is all that matters.

    The next morning while most were sleeping in or teeing off on the nearest links, I found my way to an old log cabin church where the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has been said for well over 200 years. In fact, it might very well be one of the oldest in the country. It was Holy Family Church in Cahokia, Illinois and it was, sad to say, an Indult, yet it was the Latin Mass with the proper consecration. To my knowledge, no Novus Ordo has ever defiled this church for it was like stepping back 40 to 50 years. Truly exhilarating.

    Not having attended an indult in many years, I forgot that John Paul II did away with the second Confiteor. But I was not to be denied and recited it myself even above a whisper as the choir chanted the Agnus Dei. Why the Pope dropped the second Confiteor is still a puzzle to me for it is part and parcel of purifying us of all venial sins before we approach the communion rail . If one were truly smart and in tune with the Holy Ghost, would one have abolished something that has been a staple of the Catholic liturgy for centuries and strengthened us in grace? Again, stupid is as stupid does.

    Immediately after Mass, Father held Benediction and it was truly Catholic in every way from the vestments to the Tantum Ergo. Afterwards I asked one of the parishioners why there is not a daily Latin Mass and they said they had asked Bishop Wilton Gregory but he would not permit it. Typical of the modernists. Give them bread crumbs, but don't dare give them the Bread of Life daily. Again, talk about stupid!

    This, of course, is the same Bishop Gregory who heads the USCCB and the bishops' insanity in Colorado defies description. The Vatican is tripping all over itself in a charade reminiscent of the flap on 'It' depends on what 'is' was! as is evident in the leaked documents between Ratzinger and the USCCB, most notably Gregory and Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. The latter must really think the flock is stupid to tell us it is something that needs to be studied - whether to deny communion to a persistent sinner. Duh! Can you say, "I take my marching orders from the Democratic Party, Rome be damned!"? That's the message coming out loud and clear from Washington D.C. especially in light of the fact that "no decision will be made before November." How convenient for the Kerry camp. When will Catholics realize these bishops have long ago abandoned Catholic truth? Are Catholics really that stupid to believe otherwise?

    And why has Rome been so slow to reply or to discipline? One hint was provided by Zenit on July 7th when it was confirmed, that despite the Vatican having a deficit of $11.8 million, the US still led as the top source of funding. In other words you don't bite the hand that feeds you and so the American bishops have bought their way to apostasy by doing as they please with Rome remaining mute on the subject. How times have changed from the encyclicals of Pope Leo XIII who condemned 'Americanism" as diametrically opposed to true Catholicism. Yet he and so many other past popes and their wisdom have been silenced or retired to the dust bin in favor of modern opinion. Never mind dogma or doctrine, opinions are what permeate the scene today.

    One such example of this miasma is provided by Ben Douglass in his masterful essay on Robert Sungenis' site New American Bible: Is it Good for Catholics? Douglass proceeds to answer that as a definite NO! In fact, it is POISON with a capital 'P'. He lists countless places where it is directly heretical and writes,

    Bear in mind the NAB is the U.S. Catholic Church's official translation of the Bible, and that is the only translation which Roman Catholics may use in their lectionaries ...In effect, our bishops are forcing this translation upon us. That our bishops have so little reverence for Scripture that they would force a translation which inserts contradictions into the biblical narratives upon the faithful is a testament to the massive apostasy which characterizes the hierarchy of today. Not since the Arian heresy has the Catholic Church been in this sad of shape.

    Was it smart to abandon the Douay-Rheims Version of the Bible (DRV)? I don't think so, but again, stupid is as stupid does. But then could there be another equation at work here? Could it be that it is not stupidity that has motivated or generated these changes, but deliberate sabotage? If one reads the many respected works available in which the architects of Vatican II have boasted of their intent - such as the noted books by Atila Sinke Guimar„es such as 'Animus Delendi-I' and 'Animus Delendi - II' which document this subterfuge - one realizes this is no conspiracy theory but fact. Translated: "The Desire to Destroy." Think about it and weep.

    This week, though his feast is not observed, July 13 is the historical feast of Saint Eugenius, a bishop from Carthage during the Arian heresy in the fifth century. Consider the body of bishops today in the VaticantwoArian church and ask which kind of prelate is better for the flocks. About St. Eugenius, says Butler's Lives of the Saints, "His virtue gained him the respect and esteem even of the Arians." Can you name one modern bishop whose virtue has gained respect today? Yes, the silence is deafening. What was Bishop Eugenius' reward for serving the episcopal see of Carthage? More persecution not from the Vandals, but from the Arian bishops. Consider this: "Many nuns were so cruelly tortured that they died on the rack." Can you think of any modern nuns who would be so willing to stand for their faith? Again, silence. Now contemplate this: "Great number of bishops, priests, deacons, and eminent Catholic laymen were banished to a desert filled with scorpions and venomous serpents." One would think no one would want to go near that area. Yet, to show the faith of their flocks, Butler's reports the following:

    "The people followed their bishops and priests with lighted tapers in their hands, and mothers carried their little babes in their arms and laid them at the feet of the confessors, all crying out with tears, 'Going yourselves to your crowns, to whom do you leave us? Who will baptize our children? Who will impart to us the benefit of penance, and discharge us from the bonds of sin by the favor of reconciliation and pardon? Who will bury us with solemn supplications at our death? By whom will the Divine Sacrifice be made?' "

    Truly do you see the parallel to today's plight where there are only 600 Traditional chapels in the whole United States and people travel hundreds of miles to go to confession, to gather together to pray the Holy Rosary before Mass and then the true Holy Sacrifice of the Mass crowned with the Bread of Life which Father Louis Campbell speaks of in his sermon this week in compliance with the Epistle and Gospel of the Sixth Sunday After Pentecost in Bread in the Desert. Yes, the very same situation exists today that did during the Arian crisis and our St. Eugeniuses are the pastors who defy these modernist prelates and rely on the perpetual celebret of St. Pius V to provide the Immemorial Mass of Tradition. While we lament that there are so few Traditional priests, we should be thankful they still exist considering the total brainwashing that has gone on over the past 40 years. I saw firsthand how men I would have bet would never turn, fell right in lockstep with the rest. What were they thinking? Were they really that stupid? Or were they, like the vast majority of Catholics, lulled into thinking they knew their faith and in so doing were ripe for the picking? The latter sounds more reasonable and charitable. Yet there are no excuses for such cowardice in the face of the devastation that has been wrought. Today the fruits of the work of men like Father Gommar DePauw, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, Father Frederick Schell and the late Father Paul A. Wickens have left buds of hope in the flocks who flock to these Traditional chapels. Were it not for brave pioneers of Tradition like this and such orthodox organizations as the Society of St. Pius X, do you really think we'd have half the Traditional chapels there are in the U.S. Not on your life. It could be worse, think of China.

    It would be stupid to think, outside of direct divine intervention, that this apostasy that has so ravaged the modern church, especially in America, will be cast out soon. It will take time, a long time, and much reparation for sins to make up for the offenses against God and His Holy Church. It will take a long time for the Barque of Peter to be righted and a dedicated, holy crew working together to steer her back in the right direction between the two pillars of Salvation. But we can hope, and therein is our joy. Sadly, we cannot rely on this current crop of apostates who are afraid of their own shadow. I dare say there is not on among the Novus Ordinarians who could walk in the shoes of Thomas More or John Fisher today. That is sad and tragic. The fact is folks, that outside of the faithful remnant remaining true to the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church as they have been passed down from Peter through Pius XII, the modern church is devoid of saints. Oh, this pontificate is churning out saints left and right, but they are from the past. The problems arise when those who come from the modern era are averred for elevation. That is when we must fight for that is the greatest blasphemy.

    Consider one of the more recent saints, St. Padre Pio. It is a known fact he never accepted the Novus Ordo, yet the modernists blur that fact and have built a mausoleum-like gymnasium passing as a shrine in his honor at San Giovanni Rotundo, Italy because "he asked that a bigger church be built." I can guarantee you he asked for a church, not the monstrosity they built that in no way resembles a church. It is said that he bilocated while he was on earth. Maybe we can expedite divine intervention by praying that he will bilocate now from his Heavenly plateau and pay a visit to a few of these blind ones inside the Vatican from the Papal Palace on down and tell them to their face: Stupid is as stupid does!

Michael Cain, editor

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    July 11-14, 2004
    vol 15, no. 158