January 20, 2004
vol 15, no. 20

State of Unity!

    Allow us to pre-empt the President and mount the podium so that we might give our 'State of Unity' Address. Why? Because the message we present has a proven solution that cannot be denied.

   Tonight President George W. Bush goes before the nation with his "State of the Union" Address. This, then, on a much smaller scale, but of no less significance - in fact, of far greater significance and poignancy - is our "State of Unity" Address.

   It is appropriate that we talk about 'Unity' for that is very much on the lips of neo-Catholics this week. I will deal with that a little later in this address. First, we must understand what 'Unity' means. The dictionary defines unity as: "the fact or state of being united or combined into one, as of the parts of a whole."

   All Catholics know that as baptized members of the Mystical Body we are parts of the whole - the 'Whole' being Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Head of His Church. Unity with Christ means the mutual adherence of all He asks and has passed down through Divine Revelation and the Truths and Traditions of the Church He founded. You'll note He did not found two or three or many churches, but only one per His words in Matthew 16: 18, "Thou art Peter and upon this rock I shall build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." Nothing could be clearer. His Church and the successors of Peter have always provided this ideal vehicle for unity.

   Then what shape is this 'vehicle for unity' today? Truth be known, in terrible shape. Turmoil everywhere. It is imploding because rather than working harder to bring others to the safe harbor of the 'rock,' it has abandoned the 'rock' and dug its girders for the four pillars of liberty, equality, fraternity and tolerance into the sands of dialogue, humanism, ecumenism, modernism and every other ism for the sake of appeasing man, not God. While they continue to pontificate the 'New Springtime' and 'Civilization of Love,' Muslims are slaying Christians, Christians slaying Jews, Jews slaying Muslims, Christians slaying Muslims and Muslims slaying Jews and Jews slaying Christians. Let's not forget the Hindus slaying Christians and Christians slaying Christians and Buddhists, and Buddhists slaying...well, you get the picture. Not much can be said for the 'Civilization of Love.' Those who subscribe to this utopian temporal dream are today being washed away into an endless nightmare of despair; this despite the fact the great majority, from the Pope on down to the go-through-the-motions-only 'Catholic', are in total denial - like ostriches with their heads in the sand as the waves threaten to submerge them forever in a sea of perdition.

   "Think ye that I am come to give peace on earth: I tell you no, but separation" (Luke 12: 51) and "Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you: not as the world giveth, do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, nor let it be afraid" (John 14: 27). Notice "Not as the world giveth" - yet, modern Rome aligns with mammon in promising the world.

   With that kind of scenario, it is no surprise that we do not have unity. With that kind of scenario, it is a given then that we have more disunity today than ever before. Why? Ah, there's the million dollar question. And here we are in the midst of "Why? Week." I call it that because the only response to the activities that litter this third week of January is "WHY?" It began Sunday with two titles sharing this week.

   One is, as every pro-life advocate knows "Respect Life Week." Why this week? Because it is the 31st anniversary of that abominable Supreme Court decision that legalized murder in the United States on January 22, 1973. This license to murder is better known as "Roe vs. Wade."

   Today, despite the latest daring appointment of Charles Pickering, the other surface efforts of President Bush to "change hearts" and eventually overturn Roe v. Wade remain in limbo while millions and millions of unborn labor in Limbo waiting for redemption through God's providence in the same manner as Christ descended into Limbo to free the souls imprisoned there since Adam.

   But the hereafter doesn't seem to phase people today. That especially holds true with the political correctness of choice. Despite promises from pro-life politicians and others, all we get is merely rhetoric as more innocents are murdered in what should be the safest place in the world - the mother's womb. The unity of mother and child has been split asunder as well as the unity of families as the state takes over the rearing and educating (read brainwashing) future generations. And we have a Pope, the very one who should be promoting true Unity in Christ and Christ alone, who is advocating that the responsibility that has always been the God-given right of the Church now be placed with mammon: the UN. And we wonder why there are so few of faith?

   And how will Roe v. Wade be overturned? Through the courts? Please. Poor Anthony Scalia and Clarence Thomas can't do it by themselves. That is why they need help, but the Democrat pro-aborts have filibustered any attempt for Bush to appoint pro-life judges. His latest actions are laudable, but every time he takes a step forward on behalf of pro-life, he seems to take a sidestep, straddling that fence of political correctness, and then takes another step backwards to appease the pro-aborts and other constituents. Meanwhile Planned Parenthood recruits the ACLU to do their bidding while they continue their dirty work unabated. But you've heard all that before. You know about PP's supporters - all the so-called 'Catholic' senators - infamously known as the "Dirty Dozen," though God knows there are so many more - who passionately promote two of the perverted sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance: Abortion and Sodomy.

   Three years ago we ran an extensive series identifying every so-called 'Catholic' Senator, Congress person, and Governor and their respective bishops of responsibility in HEROD'S HEROES in hopes of unifying the bishops against this abominable sin and those who promote it. Needless to say, that list has grown since, and, mea culpa, I have not had time to update it to include such 'luminaries' as the Michigan, New Jersey governors, or the Governator, to name a few. And we ask why has it grown?

   We also ask why, in three years only one bishop took any kind of outward action to heed Catholic doctrine. Yes, it took three years for Bishop Raymond Burke to finally censure men like David Obey in Wisconsin. And for this, now he is lauded as a hero, even one of the top ten Catholics of the year by INSIDE THE VATICAN magazine. Yet, when you look at some of the others on ITV's list other than Mel Gibson, J.R.R. Tolkien (both Traditional Catholics) and, quite possibly Mother Dolores Hart, the rest are all practicing EcumenArians. Can you say "pander?" And that, to this editor, is what it looked like when Burke took no action until he had been appointed the Archbishop-elect for the Archdiocese of St. Louis. As Dr. Frank Joseph adroitly wrote in his column last week, Miters Without Muscle, could it have been to appease his new flock of St. Louis?

   Of course, unless one expresses their intent, we cannot know the mind of a person so we cannot judge intent. However, we can judge possibilities and it is a fact that the precedence has been set that being Archbishop of the Gateway City can lead to the cardinalate, evidence by the fact Cardinals John Glennon, Joseph Ritter, and John Joseph Carberry all were appointed to the College while head of the See of St. Louis. In fact, many have proffered that the late Archbishop John May was going to be appointed Cardinal in the Consistory of June 28, 1991. But influential saboteurs convinced John Paul II to appoint Archbishop Roger Mahony of Los Angeles instead so there would be west coast representation. Rather than appointing May as well, he lost out to probably the most apostate of the cardinals still wearing the scarlet today. Another great error by the Pope as we can see by the bitter 'fruits' of all that Mahony has wrought. It might be a mute point in the fact that May died three years later on March 24, 1994. But a dead 'cardinal' would have been far better for the Church than a living one who has so distorted the holy Faith and lead so many souls astray as documentation proves Mahony has done.

   The interesting thing is that the Pope appointed Archbishop Justin Rigali to replace the dying May on March 16, 1994 and, as all know, Rigali was made a cardinal in the most recent consistory of October 21, 2003 shortly after replacing the retiring Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua in Philadelphia. So, if St. Louis isn't a direct connection to the cardinalate, at least it is a springboard. That cannot be lost on Archbishop-elect Burke. Another interesting sidebar that might or might not have a connection is that Rigali and Mahony were classmates in the same seminaries in Los Angeles...yes, the same ones which have been documented to have fomented the seeds of sodomy and tarnished the souls and actions of so many clergy in Southern California and beyond. So much for the 'fruits.' Again, we have to ask 'why?'

   That brings us to the other 'celebration' this week: "Week of Prayer for Christian Unity." Now this sounds so edifying and proper that all will convert to the true Faith and be united in the One True Church under one shepherd and one flock, and...erh, ah, wait a minute. That's not the intent? You're kidding me?

   No, sadly it's no joke. Did you realize that the concept of this week did not start with true Catholic initiative to bring the lost souls back into the fold as Holy Mother Church has always taught in accordance with Christ's command in Matthew 28: 19-20, Mark 16: 15-16, and John 21: 15-18. No, it began back in "1740 in Scotland as a Protestant Pentecostal movement with North American links, whose revivalist message included prayers for and with all churches" (ZENIT, Jan 15, 2004). That's right.

   In fact, ZENIT lists that in "1820 the Rev. James Haldane Stewart publishes 'Hints for the General Union of Christians for the Outpouring of the Spirit' ", another Protestant concept. ZENIT or whoever provided the input to ZENIT, seeks to tie in a Catholic-bent to it by including a Father Ignatius Spencer, "a convert to Roman Catholicism, who suggested "Union of Prayer for Unity." Now he may very well have, but in what context? Perhaps the very same context Pope Leo XIII intended - that all might be one under one shepherd - the Vicar of Christ - as one flock. In other words, abandoning the false faiths they had embraced. That is true unity. Yet, the fabricators of 'Christian Unity' dared to suggest that Leo was a promoter of Ecumenism by stating "1894 Pope Leo XIII encourages the practice of a Prayer Octave for Unity in the context of Pentecost" (ibid.). Folks, what Leo encouraged was that all would be Catholics - not that all would live in the 'solidarity of justice and peace in the freedom of religious unity to practice whatever they want in the new civilization of love in order to be part of the new springtime' - well you get the picture of the bafflegab that regularly emanates from Rome nowadays. Also realize the only time any Supreme Pontiff from Pope Pius XII on back are mentioned is to twist a meaning that the Popes never intended. When modern Rome aligns itself with the World Council of Churches then you know what ecumenism is: Live and let live as long as you accept all diversities and are tolerant of sin. Salvation be damned!

   Speaking of diversities, justice and peace and all those other lexicon legumes dangling out there on the barren trees today, another question I have to ask is why is today a holiday? Oh, Martin Luther King you say. Okay, was he a great president in the mold of George Washington or Abraham Lincoln? No? Well, was he a saint? Definitely not. Did he start a religion? No, that was the other Martin Luther, you know, the notorious one who revisionist historians are trying to paint as a hero, even though that disgruntled Augustinian monk relished sinning and shocking others. So what did Martin Luther King - or MLK as he is referred to on every road sign in every major city of the United States in the black sections of town - do? He fought for civil rights you say? Very good, then he was a great patriot and served his country? Oh, he didn't serve in the armed forces? No purple heart, but he did muster thousands of troops in the south. Now don't get me wrong, slavery was wrong and always condemned by the Church, unlike capital punishment. The suppression or persecution of one race by another is wrong just as Hitler's gassing of the Semites was horribly wrong.

   However, the whole civil rights movement was a humanist effort with political underpinnings that gave credence to the mania of the political correctness movement that has tilted this world on its axis. While King was greatly admired and could in no way be considered 'lukewarm' as Our Lord referred to in Apocalypse 3: 16, he was in every way Protestant - a Baptist, if you will, who was first and foremost a humanist dedicated to sowing the seeds of rebellion against the 'great white faces' that monopolized the political caucus rooms (and we're not talking Iowa here, folks). It was the part of the swell typhooning into the 60's of the great 'unwesternizing' of values, morals and ethics for political expediency. Again, we cannot judge the heart or intent of Dr. King, but we can see the ambitious 'fruits' of his efforts with the NAACP latching onto the pro-abort Democratic Party in a last ditch effort to save the donkey party. The facts are that while Northeasters still canonize John Fitzgerald Kennedy, he was a cad who couldn't care less about his Catholic upbringings unless it swung votes or agendas. The same with King and every politician since. There is a saying about politicians that should be heeded: "Believe half of what you hear, and forget the half you heard."

   The same abandonment of truth and values can be said sadly, for every president from Franklin Delano Roosevelt to Bush. Whether liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, they were all humanists. And even sadder is that the same can be said for every Pope since Papa Pacelli passed away. From John XXIII to John Paul II humanism has been the battle cry. Indeed, the latter has taken the humanist manifesto to new, novel levels. But then novelty and innovation are part and parcel of the whole humanistic Vatican II agenda.

   No, I see no reason to celebrate a man-made event promoting humanism when you consider the contrast of what Holy Mother Church has promoted for centuries and which was divinely inspired - the celebration of men and women of great accomplishment - true accomplishment: the saints. Take for example, on the day the country celebrates Martin Luther King, the Church celebrates the simple feast of two little-known saints Saint Canute and Saint Marius and his family. The former was the King of Denmark, a ruler who, realizing the error of his ways, confessed his sins and repented; shortly after being slain at the foot of the altar. The miracles that ensued confirmed his sanctity. He was anything but a humanist. The latter was a common family. Now Marius, with his wife Martha and their two sons Audifax and Abachum, might have been considered 'humanists' in the vein of King and Mother Teresa in the fact they visited prisoners and the sick. However, the difference is that Marius and his family were not as interested in the temporal welfare of the prisoners as their spiritual welfare, making sure they did not forget the True Faith. For this they gladly gave their lives. Yes, like MLK, they had a dream, but unlike MLK, they are living their dream - one that has come true forever more.

   The same with all the other true saints celebrated by the Church in the one year Roman Calendar Liturgical cycle. In fact, in this week which newChurch promotes the false unity and pro-life pundits think politicians can change the moral compass, only the True Church seems to have things in perspective. It is about sacrifice. No guts, no glory. The entire week is dedicated to those who would not compromise - the holy martyrs. People like the Virgin and Martyr Saint Prisca on Sunday, Sts. Marius, Martha, Audifax, Abachum and St. Canute yesterday, today Pope Saint Fabian and Saint Sebastian, tomorrow the young Saint Agnes, forever included in the Canon of the Mass, Saint Vincent and Saint Anastasius on Thursday, Saint Emerentia, Virgin and Martyr and foster sister of St. Agnes on Friday, and the Double Feast of Saint Timothy, Bishop and Martyr, on Saturday. It is interesting that these all lead up to the Double Major Feast of the Conversion of Saint Paul, himself a Martyr. This year the Third Sunday After Epiphany supersedes this feast where Saul was struck from his horse on his way to Damascus. It took three days, but it was an awakening. The kind of awakening, we hope and pray, that will wake up so many lukewarm and in-denial Catholics to the reality of what is happening today.

   The Church has always led the way. She has provided us a treasure of role models to emulate and to celebrate. So, no offense to the politically correct, but you can have your Martin Luther Kings, your pompous politicians thumping for votes in Iowa, New Hampshire and other climes. You can have your men in miters who do nothing, your princes of the church whose spirituality and behavior more represents the ideals of the-one-formerly-known-as-Prince than true successors of the Apostles. You can have your judges, and your leaders, your secular heroes. And yes, you can have this Pope, too, as long as he continues down this maddening, abominable ecumaniacal NON-CATHOLIC path of schmoozing with and applauding those who have rejected Christ - from Protestant to Pagan to the Satanic United Nations. What kind of example is that for a shepherd to show his flock? I don't care if it's the Pope pushing this or politicians or pimps, we will have no part of that kind of 'globalization of solidarity' for the 'New Evangelization' which, in truth, by denying them the uncompromising and salvific truths of the Catholic Faith, is killing countless souls rather than saving them. No, we will have no part in the worship of Baal! We choose the difficult, narrow path, the same one strewn with suffering, not roses; the same one the holy martyrs, who we honor this week and every saint throughout the year, chose: Christ's uncompromising way. There can be no other option.

   This then, in the third week of January in the fourth year of the third millennium Anno Domini, this is the condition we see the Church and the faithful facing. We can be optimistic in realizing God will win out. We know Mary's Immaculate Heart will triumph and the devil's head will get crushed but good and hard and final. But before that, we must prepare for the purification that is part and parcel of the chastisement. It's a fact and the sooner we all deal with it and accept it by returning to our roots as committed Catholics, the better we will be able to handle the slings and arrows that are most definitely heading our way. Like St. Sebastian whose feast we celebrate today, let's not run but stand bravely and take whatever they can hurl at us. If we are strong in our convictions then we know they can kill the body, but not the soul. It is those who can kill the soul (cf. Matthew 10: 28; 16: 26) who we need to fear and avoid.

   That is the answer to 'why' we at The Daily Catholic have dedicated our lives to placing more importance on the spiritual welfare of souls than on the temporal welfare. Because we have a dream, that all may be one and share in the Kingdom of Christ. That is True Unity. This is the same hope Our Lord seeks for His children. The problem is that so many have forgotten the Divine Mandate and opted for the profane manifesto. In truth, rather than being free and forever content to bask in the glow of salvific sanctifying grace, too many have chosen to take the opposite tack; opting in reality to shackle their souls to the pillars of mammon and plod around with the mask of unity of community when, in truth, they are more divided than ever. There can be no true unity, without Christ as the uncompromising center of that goal.

   While Christians of every sect proclaim Christ, recall His words in Matthew 7: 21-25,

    "Not every one that saith to Me, 'Lord, Lord,' shall enter into the kingdom of Heaven: but he that doth the will of My Father, Who is in Heaven, he shall enter into the kingdom of Heaven. Many will say to Me in that day: 'Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Thy name, and cast out devils in Thy name, and done many wonderful works in Thy name? And then I will profess unto them: I never knew you: depart from Me, you that work iniquity. Everyone, therefore, who heareth these My words, and doth them, shall be likened to a wise man who build his house upon a rock. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and they beat upon that house, and it fell not, for it was founded upon a rock."

   Fast-forward to Matthew 16: 18, and we see that only those houses built upon the rock shall be saved for "the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." Therefore, true unity can only be found within the fold of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church founded by Christ and passed down from Peter on. The present Peter who sits in that august chair had better realize this truth before it is too late for him.

   We pray, though the odds are not good, that John Paul II will right the terrible wrongs he has done. As much as we pray and hope for a miracle of that magnitude, chances are he'll go to his grave still touting the insane ecumenical agenda and be canonized by not only the world, but the blind sheep who will place him on an even higher pedestal and literally speed through his canonization. Why not, he's already set the precedent with Mother Teresa and others such as the very, very questionable coronation of Jose Maria Escriva. We can only pray that God will intervene and that some way, somehow, in the coming Conclave, which for some reason I believe is closer than many think, the Holy Ghost will somehow win out and a good and holy man will once again occupy the Chair of Peter in the fashion of a Pope Saint Pius X and return Holy Mother Church to her rightful position in the world. Note, that is in the world, never, ever of it. Only when we can forever banish such dangerous ambiguous agendas as Pacem in terris and Gaudium et Spes and all the rest of the abominable Vatican II and post-Vatican II documents and enactments to the dustbins of oblivion, can we begin to hope that unity can be achieved. To attain unity we need to pray for a purging from the Church the dividers who have followed a different 'master' than the One Whom the true Saints of Holy Mother Church followed. We need to pray that the College of Cardinals will have an 'awakening' - a conversion of heart and soul - and will, when the time comes, elect for the good of the Mystical Bride of Christ a worthy, holy 'groom' who will return honor, respect, dignity, reverence and uncompromising truth to the Chair of Peter.

   Just as Jesus says in Matthew 6: 24 and Luke 16: 9, "No man can serve two masters" so also no man can serve two churches. There is only one Church, and the Popes and Councils have set this truth in stone as dogma: Extra Ecclesiae nulla salus - Outside of the Church there is no salvation. While many, who are so mesmerized by the charismatic spell of this Pope and the mantra he chants to the world of 'unity of community' and 'can't we all just get along.' may not want to hear that absolute of salvation, that, and only that absolute dogmatic truth can bring about the true State of Unity!

Michael Cain, editor

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    January 20, 2004
    vol 15, no. 20