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Double Feast of the Martyrs Pope Saint Fabian and Saint Sebastian

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Missa "Intret in conspectu"

updated: January 20     12 p.m. CST
Editor Michael Cain presents his 'State of Unity' address in identifying the problems and solutions for the only way to find true peace, true unity in this world in his commentary State of Unity!
Few would expect a defense of Tradition from one of the authors of the Novus Ordo, but indeed, as Michael Davies documents, it came from the unlikeliest of sources as he explains in An Unexpected Defense of Tradition .
The countdown continues as momentum builds for the release of The Passion of The Christ
TUESDAY      January 20, 2004      Volume 15, no. 20
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Tomorrow is the Double Feast of Saint Agnes, Virgin and Martry

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Missa "Me exspectaverunt peccatores"


of the


Pray for John Paul II that he will awake from the devastating 40-year slumber and return Holy Mother Church to its rightful place as the true Mystical Body of Christ and consecrate Russia to Mary's Immaculate Heart.
With the atrocities that are going on at Fatima, we want to keep you up-to-date with the subversions being planned against Our Lady's wishes. You can call 1-800-263-8160 to petition the Authorities to stop this madness or go to PETITION

Tuesday Afternoon News

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   Because enough Catholic theology has been removed that Protestants can, while keeping their antipathy for the True Roman Catholic Church, use the text of the New Mass without difficulty. Protestant Minister Thurian (co-consulter for the 'New Mass' project) said that a fruit of the New mass "will perhaps be that the non-Catholic communities will be ale to celebrate the Lord's Supper using the same prayers as the Catholic Church." (La Croix 4/30/69)
    As you will see in Michael Davies' article in Traditional Thoughts, Thurian, who converted and became a priest still continued his Protestant Taizé community, praised today by John Paul II and the rest of the VaticantwoArians. After all, there really is no difference! Not! The Vatican was warned of this catastrophe. See The Ottaviani Intervention This is the twentieth of 62 reasons which were submitted by the Priests of Campos and endorsed by the late great Bishop Castro de Mayer. Each day we will publish one of the 62 until they're all complete
Conversely in the
True Holy Mass of All Ages:

   He also makes reparation for many of thy sins of omission, when thou didst leave undone the good thou mightest have done.
    This is the twentieth of at least 77 Graces derived from participation at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - the Mass of All Ages - the Latin Mass of the Roman Rite which was decreed to be said "in perpetuity" by Pope Saint Pius V in codifying the infallible decrees of the dogmatic Council of Trent. These graces are taken from Father Martin von Cochem's Explanation of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with an imprimatur by New York's Archbishop Michael Augustin on June 24, 1818 during the Pontificate of Pope Pius VII.

  For those who truly want to delve deeper into what the Faith teaches and what past Sovereign Pontiffs have decreed, we recommend for your vital reading to better KNOW THE FAITH in order to KEEP THE FAITH, pertinent Papal decrees which put to the lie what is being promulgated today by the Vatican II church. We strongly encourage you to read these to understand how today the modern church is in Apostasy when compared to what had always been taught by Holy Mother Church and enforced and warned as most grievous by previous Pontiffs as you'll see in CREDO & CULTURE



The entire thrill-packed suspense novel on the fight to preserve the True Faith and the world against the nefarious Legion of the Basilisk is now on-line
Catholic PewPOINT
Editor Michael Cain gets the jump on the President's 'State of the Union' Address tonight with his 'State of Unity' Address in which he identifies the smoke and mirrors that may reflect that there is unity when in truth there is none. That is no surprise, despite the fact that campaigns and efforts to publicize unity - whether with other churches or in the pro-life movement or in the cause of Martin Luther King - may posture that progress is happening. Yet, Christ has clearly said that His Peace is not what the world promises or can give. Any promises that there can be peace - well, run from it. All the rhetoric: it all doesn't amount to a hill of beans until we realize that the only True vehicle Christ left for true unity is His Holy Church. The problem is not just convincing non-Catholics of that, but Catholics themselves, beginning with the Pope himself as Cain explains in his Address State of Unity
Traditional Thoughts
We bring you an article by Michael Davies which not only verifies the Protestantization of the Mass by one of its chief architects - Max Thurian of the Protestant Taizé community in France who converted and became a priest, but one in the New Order. Just prior to his death, even he wrote that the Church had gone overboard with the reforms. Few would have expected Thurian to defend tradition. Davies also shows how the declining numbers are showing that in the most Catholic country in the world - Brazil - more Protestants worship on Sunday than Catholics! One wonders if those figures include the Novus Ordo services as 'Catholic' or, what they properly should be referred to: Protestant. If they considered them 'Catholic' then the declining numbers are even worse! Much worse! Davies documents the numbers in An Unexpected Defense of Tradition .

Gabriel's Clarion
Gabriel Garnica observed this constructed Ecumenical Week with a humorous piece, showing the insanity of the New Order and a clear insight into the insanity the Church of Vatican II promotes with the game of Ecumania! It's the hottest game - and we do mean 'game' - going today. Everyone is going bonkers over the novelty! It's a mind game and the more you play it, the more you get sucked in. There is a downside to this however. While you are mentally sucked in, your Catholicity and spiritual essence is sucked out. That's the goal of Ecumania. But that is of minor consequence to those so caught up in the game. Learn the new lexicon. Don't miss out! Get with the program of all-inclusivity or be excluded from the planned One World Religion. Everyone is going crazy over this game. And we do mean 'crazy' - as in insane! Gabriel informs as to the pc jargon to appease man, never mind God for that is not their concern here as Gabriel pointed out in his ingenious column Let's Play Ecumania! .
"By their fruits you shall know them"
As an antithesis to the insanity of this week of ecumaniacal madness, the District Superior of the SSPX in Asia weighed in with a pertinent article on how blatant is the intent of the ecumaniacs in their agenda to appease all religions and deny the Roman Catholic Church as the only true religion. Father Daniel Couture documented this and points to the prophecies of Our Lady at La Salette as evidence of what she predicted has indeed come true as he pointed in his letter The sour, rotting 'fruits' of Ecumenism .

Qui legit, intelligat
In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the Second Sunday After Epiphany, he showed where the 'woman' in Genesis 3: 15 could be none other than the Blessed Virgin Mary, whose virtues are displayed in part by various great women of the Bible, but none to the fullness of pure virtue exemplified by the Mother of God. In these times when feminism rams its collective head at the walls of decency and tradition, it is time for all to realize the true role models are not found in the entertainment industry, or in political or pagan movements, but in the woman above all women - the Immaculate Virgin - Morning Star - Stella Matutina - our Janua Caeli - Gate of Heaven who tells us in the simplest way "Do whatever He tells you" as Father explained in his sermon The Woman of Genesis 3: 15.

Shears and Tears of a Lamb
Catharine Lamb applied the heat lamp to the frozen tundra of the "New Springtime." While Novus Ordo Catholics await the 'promised' 'season of renewal' their hearts grow colder, unable to thaw in the endless winter of discontent that shivers in schism and apostasy. Yet they plod on thinking things will warm up. Oh they will, but unfortunately not here on earth which the New Order focuses so much on, but in the climes of hell which may freeze over to accommodate all the clueless souls who don't realize this "New Springtime" and "Civilization of Love" are a snowball growing larger as it rolls downward towards the abyss as Catharine warned in The Novus Ordo and the New Winter

Traditional Insights
Mario Derksen returned with a pertinent column on something those within the Novus Ordo establishment hear very little of, and when they do, the spin is placed away from sacrifice and accountability. As we have seen with the glut of canonizations over the past 25 years, after death we all go to Heaven. Don't you wish! The truth is in what Christ taught and what Mario reminds us of, the essence of this always preserved and emphasized in the necessary Requiem Mass of the Latin Rite. If you're planning your funeral, don't worry about where you'll be buried, but where your soul is headed as he explained in his column Reflections on Requiem
Gabriel's Clarion
Gabriel Garnica continued to peel away the onion of the New Order. Friday he hit at the core of the bitter fruit of Ecumenism. Despite so-called Catholic organizations whose novelties and heresies are lauded by the highest echelons of Rome - even John Paul II who called both Assisi ecumaniacal summits and has given his 'silent consent' to the outrage planned at Fatima as an interfaith shrine - ecumenism is a rejection of the One True Church and a pact with the devil as Gabriel pointed out in his column Modern Ecumenism's Unity - The False Religion of The New Order .

   We invite you to find out for yourself the truth as we present a compendium portal of documents on the Faith in all aspects, past, present and to come. We guarantee what you read is in full harmony with the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church, and we guarantee you that if you read it all with a discerning heart you will be able to decipher the wheat from the chaff. You will better understand what the absolutes of our Faith are and not be fooled by modernism and ambiguities, no matter how cleverly they are couched. Remember satan is the father of half-truths. Read the fullness of the Truths and Tradtions of the Roman Catholic Faith in the sections below.


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