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  • January 3, 2004
    updated: January 3, 2004   3:30 p.m. CST                           Volume 15, no. 3
    Know the Faith in order to Keep the Faith!
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    TODAY'S PROPER OF THE HOLY MASS: Tomorrow's SUNDAY MASS is the Double of the Second Class Feast of the HOLY NAME OF JESUS.
    For the Proper of tomorrow's Sunday Mass, see Missa "In nomine Jesu"
    REASON #3.
       Because the New Mass leads us to think "that truths ... can be changed or ignored without infidelity to that sacred deposit of doctrine to which the Catholic Faith is bound forever." *
      * The quote is from Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani and Cardinal Antonio Bacci to Paul VI on September 25, 1969 in the The Ottaviani Intervention This is the third of 62 reasons which were submitted by the Priests of Campos and endorsed by the late great Bishop Castro de Mayer. Each day we will publish one of the 62 until they are all complete.
    Conversely in the True Holy Mass of All Ages:

    GRACE #3.

       For thy sake the Son of God comes down from Heaven and conceals Himself under the form of the Sacred Host.
      This is just the third of at least 77 Graces derived from participation at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - the Mass of All Ages - the Latin Mass of the Roman Rite which was decreed to be said "in perpetuity" by Pope Saint Pius V in codifying the infallible decrees of the dogmatic Council of Trent. These graces are taken from Father Martin von Cochem's Explanation of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with an imprimatur by New York's Archbishop Michael Augustin on June 24, 1818 during the Pontificate of Pope Pius VII.

    For Yesterday's TEXT issue, see JANUARY 2


    On this First Saturday of the month, the first of the new year, we focus solely on Fatima today with three articles on the VaticantwoArian spin.

  • First, we provide a Rebuttal Statement by John Vennari on the claptrap that appeared in ZENIT's news service on January 1st.
  • Secondly, editor Michael Cain weighs in on that very ZENIT piece about the Fatima confusion and who is really to blame in our HOT ISSUES commentary Blame Father Gruner.
  • Thirdly we delve into the Third Secret of Fatima, opening THE FATIMA FILE as Ron and Kirstie Finster present a fascinating feature on Saint Augustine and the Psalms

      Today is the First Saturday of the new year. As a follow-up to First Friday devotions, both the Mother of God and her Divine Son the Child Jesus appeared to Sister Lucia in the convent 8 years after appearing at Fatima and asking for First Saturday Devotion which are necessary for further reparation of the sins against the Immaculate Heart of Mary as you can see in FIRST SATURDAY DEVOTION

    For links to past articles, columns, series, etc. of contributing writers found in The Daily Catholic as well as the ARCHIVES for the past two years, see PORT 2004

    The entire thrill-packed suspense novel on the fight to preserve the True Faith and the world against the nefarious Legion of the Basilisk is now on-line at WHITE SMOKE, BLACK FIRE!
      For those who truly want to delve deeper into what the Faith teaches and what past Sovereign Pontiffs have decreed, we recommend for your vital reading to better KNOW THE FAITH in order to KEEP THE FAITH, pertinent Papal decrees which put to the lie what is being promulgated today by the Vatican II church. We strongly encourage you to read these to understand how today the modern church is in Apostasy when compared to what had always been taught by Holy Mother Church and enforced and warned as most grievous by previous Pontiffs as you'll see in CREDO & CULTURE

  • Today:
    John Vennari, editor of Catholic Family News and one who was actually present at the now infamous Fatima Conference this past Fall issues a blatant rebuttal statement to the irresponsible journalism of ZENIT and the double-speak of those prelates who should be trustworthy, but have long ago foresaken Catholic doctrine and the wisdom of the Church and her Supreme Pontiffs. For John's Rebuttal, see Rebuttal Statement from John Vennari on ZENIT's 'Fatima Report'
    When sleeping dogs like the Rector of Fatima and the President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue lie, they really lie. In trying to divert the obvious attention away from their hidden agendas, they do what any deceiver would do, blame someone else. Who? Who better than Father Gruner? He's the Vatican's favorite whipping boy. While every abuse in the world goes on under these curiouser and curiouser (as Lewis G. Carroll would put it) curial canines' noses, they ignore the stench of their own scent and blame the one whose purpose is to clean out the pens of all the excrement piled up over these past 40 years. Editor Michael Cain fires back on this Hot Issue with his tongue-in-cheek title Blame Father Gruner!.
    Ron and Kirstie Finster continue with their on-going series on the Third Secret of Fatima with a most fascinating look at the Psalms 55-57 to which the vision released by the Vatican appears to direct us by the use of the phrase "bullets and arrows." In striving to grasp a correct understanding of the meaning hidden within these psalms, they turn to the holy Doctor of the Church St. Augustine of Hippo who wrote extensively on the psalms over 1,500 years ago. Oh what prophetic words David penned that apply most especially today when Tradition is so under assault by those very ones who were weaned on the Faith. For their interesting take in a follow-up to their first two installments, see Saint Augustine and the Psalms.

    Outstanding Recent Columns
    on the Fatima Confusion

    Traditional Insights
    Mario Derksen pulls no punches as he documents the Newchurch's relentless, blatant and blasphemous efforts to destroy Fatima and its importance in Church annals for, like any criminal, they must destroy the evidence or else be caught for the deceiving liars they are and their agenda which is, pure and simple, dictated by the prince of the world - the winged warrior of all evil who directs the obliteration of the beautiful Fatima basilica so that the most mundane monstrosities of the new age can be erected to all the gods who serve at the altar of lucifer. Mario outlines how this subterfuge has been able to gain legs as he explains in his column Finishing with Fatima - How much the New Church hates Fatima

    On the BattleLine
    Atila Sinke Guimar„es points out that no one should be surprised by the progressivists' attempts to dishonor and discredit the message of Our Lady in Fatima. If only we had kept better vigil, we would have seen well before now how they were so methodically blurring the Message of Fatima...back when the influential Modernist Yves Congar so deftly undermined Our Lady and the importance of Fatima. Cardinals Sodano and Ratzinger fell in line with no resistance from one of Congar's biggest fans - Karol Wojtyla, and so the subterfuge continues - from fabricating the Third Secret to turning this Catholic shrine into a sterile, circular pagan interfaith center. Atila provides three major steps of why, how and who in his article The Progressivist Challenge to Fatima

    Also see these articles on the Blasphemy at Fatima:

      Gabriel's Clarion
      Just as Adam and Eve rationalized that one little bite of the apple, no matter what effort went into it, would be okay, so also today this thought process - which is deadly poison - continues unabated as Gabriel focuses on how it has infected the New Order - both the Novus Ordo Seculorum of the world and the Novus Ordo Missae of the Church. Even such closet liberals as the so-called conservative Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger has admitted that this poison now permeates the modern Church. And why not? With all the dialogue going on it is easy to rationalize anything they want in destroying the principles of truth. Gabriel writes in part today, "Rationalization entices us to focus selfishly on our interests and agenda; away from reality, honesty, and sacrifice and toward deception, dishonesty, and selfishness. It is grounded in obsession with popularity and popular notions and beliefs, since siding with such things usually leads to relative comfort and societal stability. Its ultimate harm to our spirituality and faith is that it encourages us to anchor our spiritual life to comfort and consistency rather than service, charity, and reality. In the long run, rationalization causes us to forget what we sincerely stand for or what we should fight for because it asks us to overlook, ignore, and even defy our previous positions." That's exactly what has occurred as Gabriel points out in his column Rationalization and The New Order.

      Features from New Year's Day:

      Qui legit, intelligat
      In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the Double of the Second Class Feast of the Circumcision of Our Lord on New Year's Day, he emphasizes the salvific essence of love and sacrifice, two elements sadly lacking in the New World Order 'Mass' and the tenets of the 'New Evangelization' which seem to bypass the Cross in going straight to the Resurrection. It cannot be done. There is no shortcut! We can only pray the administrators of the New Order apparatchix and the so-called 'Civilization of Love' in the 'new springtime' will realize this before more souls are sacrificed to the false values of mammon. True love means to turn away from sin, away from false prophets and listen only to the One Who is the Truth, the Way and the Life. He is Love and Sacrifice

      Catholic PewPOINT
      On Christmas day editor Michael Cain found a bit of the 'bah humbug' in his e-mail box - a letter from an embittered, hurting woman expressing feelings that seemingly sum up the discontent of so many who have trusted in mammon for the answers and always end up unfulfilled and bitter. If only they would understand that everything Our Lord did or underwent, including His Circumcision, had a specific purpose for us. He shares his response to this poor soul with so much sadness and bitterness in her heart on the day which should have been for everyone the happiest day of the year - the Birth of our Lord and Savior. What she ridicules, Cain exalts as God-given for all the right purposes in his editorial The First Baptism of Blood.
      Gabriel's Clarion
      Gabriel begins today a feature on the poisons that have infected the New Order - both the Novus Ordo Seculorum of the world and the Novus Ordo Missae of the Church. Both have become victims of the deadly toxins that so contaminate and kill souls. Why over these past 40 years have we so ambitiously sought after the forbidden fruit of earthly perfection at the expense of our immortal souls? Gabriel responds in part, "The tradition of our Faith is one of redemption, forgiveness, sacrifice, mercy, and charity, which all embrace imperfection. Even Christ, perfect as He is, allowed Himself to be subject to the limits and sufferings of this imperfect world. Today's Feast of His Circumcision confirms that. The Holy Bible is nothing if not an encyclopedia detailing humanity's imperfection and God's love and assistance to relieve and transcend that imperfection." Gabriel delves into the prognosis and the cure in his column Perfectionism and The New Order.
      Father Moderator separates the wheat from the chaff with no-holds barred candidness in keeping the faithful abreast daily with feedback and comments of all that is happening in the Church today. Besides the best available list of Latin Masses throughout the country, he tells it like it is, never pulling punches in punching holes in all the charade that is the Vatican II church as you'll see in Traditio.com

        KNOW THE FAITH in order to KEEP THE FAITH!
           We invite you to find out for yourself the truth as we present a compendium portal of documents on the Faith in all aspects, past, present and to come. We guarantee what you read is in full harmony with the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church, and we guarantee you that if you read it all with a discerning heart you will be able to decipher the wheat from the chaff. You will better understand what the absolutes of our Faith are and not be fooled by modernism and ambiguities, no matter how cleverly they are couched. Remember satan is the father of half-truths. Read the fullness of the Truths and Tradtions of the Roman Catholic Faith by clicking on any of the bars below to go to that particular section.


    Preserving the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church
      We invite you to find out for yourself the truth as we present a compendium portal of documents on the Faith in all aspects. For thumnail descriptions and links to the other sections of this issue see:

    Traditional Priest Needed for Latin Mass in beautiful, scenic SW Missouri Branson Lakes area.

    Copying and disseminating written material is permitted provided nothing is taken out of context and the URL and sources are credited.    For pertinent questions referring to this, contact the Editor
    JANUARY 3, 2004
    Volume 15, no. 3
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