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This is a new feature we present to keep our readers informed. We provide you with articles from all over the world so you can see the Revolution for yourself and we - or selected traditional commentators - add our own brief commentary when it fits the situation in order to magnify for the reader the problems that grow more evident each day.

Saturday, February 5: Pilarczyk the Pillar of Prelate Deception in Sex Scandal Exposed by Cincinnati Investigative Team
    Cincinnati's Investigative Team at Channel 9 WCPO have unraveled the shroud which Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk had woven in covering up serious sodomite priests who had ravaged young men for years. Despite his vapid denials on tape, they broadcast undeniable evidence that he was lying through his teeth. This, as we stated several years ago when the Boston scandal was just breaking, is only the tip of the iceberg. Now that iceberg is cracking up and the ruins evident in the corrupt Novus Ordo establishment which was born of mammon and will answer to mammon after it is done with those who have sold out the True Faith and betrayed Our Lord in order to please man and go along with the crowd. Pilarczyk is one of "Bernardin's Boys" having succeeded the Chicago prelate in the Queen City which used to be the jewel of Catholicism. Thankfully, there is a stronger Traditional presence in the southern Ohio metropolis so confused members of the Novus Ordo can seek redemption in those bastions of the True Faith that have thankfully been preserved and saved from the clutches of the New Order and its corrupt, conniving prelates. And what does the President of the United States Bishops Conference of Catholic Bishops have to say about this? Oh, that's right, Bishop William Skylstad has his own problems in Spokane with the very same predicament. Thankfully Spokane also has a strong Traditional presence to offer an aspiring alternative. The I-Team presents the Facts in Ohio
Wednesday-Friday, February 2-4: Wojtyla to be kept in hospital until at least the end of the week
    Having defied medical 'experts' in the past, it would seem this time it may be much more serious. His time is waning and for authentic Roman Catholics they know that means his Particular Judgment is near. John Paul II was rushed to Gemelli Hospital in Rome early Wednesday morning because his acute breathing problem has been growing worse and the time is nearing when all will admit to being in the state of sede vacantism just as Holy Mother Church has always taught. Pray that on his deathbed he will realize - through the Mercy of God - the grave damage he has inflicted on billions of souls and will repent and recant the heresies of Vatican II before his time runs out as the media swarms into Rome and the 'Death Watch' begins. While his closest associates pooh-pooh the seriousness of his condition on Zenit, the facts remain that his immune system is breaking down because of age and other infirmities most specifically advanced Parkinson's, and the breathing problems are the key to his condition growing worse because of complications from pneumonia that can arise. For the latest on his status, see the news report
Tuesday, February 1: World's Oldest Profession trumps Morality and Stability in Germany
Is Germany really better off today than they were during the Third Reich? While that may seem like a stupid question and could raise the wrath of many, consider the wrath of God that has been raised by the total abdication of morals for the good of the state. Consider Our Lord's words in Matthew 10: 28, "And fear not them that kill the body, and cannot kill the soul: but rather fear him that can destroy both soul and body in hell." Then read the shocking situation in Germany where one woman will have her unemployment benefits cut off if she doesn't continue working in a house of prostitution. The London Telegraph has the amazing, shocking and all too realistic story of how far society has plunged as the German states unequivocally:

February 1: Canadian Prime Minister and Pastor worship at the altar of Political Correctness and Sodomy
That flushing sound you hear is Canada's soul being sucked into the sewers of immorality for the Prime Minister's own pastor - a supposed 'Catholic' is fine with sodomites continuing as they are as long as they're accepted in their sin into the community. That's what it's all about in the new church of Roman Protestantism: Unity of the Community. The hell with observing God's Laws and common sense, we must worship at the altar of political correctness. Lifesite News has the shocking story of how the Canadian media refer to the apostate Prime Minister Paul Martin as a 'devout Catholic.' There is nothing devout about a persistent sinner. Don't reform, but repent. That should be the battle cry of our neighbors to the north. Wrap yourselves in sackcloth and ashes, not pink velvet. Oh, and one more thing about the nomenclature trap that even Christian media fall into: There is nothing 'gay' about sodomy!

Saturday, January 29: Coalition for Jewish Concerns threaten to take witch-hunt of Pius XII to court
Can you imagine that all the Propaganda, Bargains, Sell Outs and Compromises have not seemed to please the Zionist powers in New York. Now the vice president for the Coalition for Jewish Concerns [sounds like a Curial office doesn't it?] Rabbi Schmuel Herzfeld, who looks as though he was born after the death of Pius XII, nevertheless still wants the skull of this besieged Pontiff. Despite the fact that three million documents verify Papa Pacelli's dedication to the Sanctity of Life in helping all races during World War II, this young American whipper-snapper is threatening legal action to make the Vatican turn over their archives. Like that's going to work. Yet knowing the apparatchiks in Modern Rome, they'll bend over backwards to accommodate Jewish interests just as they did 40 years ago [see article above]. Though veteran journalist John Thavis lays out the logistics of the Vaticanistas, that doesn't seem to matter to the young lions of Zion who are on the prowl as usual. It amazes us that such a small minority could dictate to the worlds' largest religion. Such are the casualties of war and the spoils of apostasy.

January 29: Archbishop Flynn sandbagging to placate militant sodomite lobbyists
With all the denials coming out of Rome where the new Vatican is getting the same reputation as John Kerry as in waffler, one doesn't know who to believe. We know for a fact they don't know what to believe. After getting caught in doublespeak about directions from Modern Rome, the friend of the sodomite society is now using stall tactics that should wake every Novus Ordinarian to the apostasy of the New Order, especially the Archbishop of St. Paul-Minneapolis who still thinks a committee needs to be formed in order to define what is a sin. Evidently he has aids and abettors in Rome from his way of thinking. We know one thing for sure: he has disregarded Holy Writ and, as Gary Morella commented, "These 'bishops' never cease to amaze me. They have to debate and/or be told what any child after two years of the Baltimore Catechism would know as dogmatic Catholic truth not subject to debate." It is sad fact that in Flynn's see there is a blatantly homosexual parish - St. Joan of Arc in South Minneapolis - which not only accommodates the sodomite sector, but flaunts it. And Flynn does nothing about it, only criticize those who bring it to his attention. Who appointed this guy anyway? Oh, yea, right. Figures. More of the skimble-skamble, baffle-gab of the New Order of the Roman Protestants.

Wednesday-Friday, January 26-28: Bias pours through with Hollywood Sanhedrin's snub of Mel and The Passion in major categories of Oscars
Though the eyes have it and see clearly, the Hollywood industry is apparently blind to quality. For example, as far as outstanding acting performances last year, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp,and Clint Eastwood, all excellent actors, couldn't hold a candle to Jim Caviezel in his role as Christ in The Passion of the Christ. Yet it was the left's way of snubbing not just Jim, but especially Traditional Catholic Mel Gibson who circumvented the system and showed 'em all with a record-breaking 600 million worldwide and climbing with the release of the CD, which should receive an extra spike in sales with Lent just around the corner. Hollywood's opinion and the public's can be determined by nearly three-quarter of a billion dollars in profits from Mel's movie. Despite an effort to include Mel's film by a massive write-in campaign, Hollywood elites looked down on the Christian values of Middle America as they have been doing for several decades. Yes, the divide grows wider and the Oscars have lost whatever luster they may have had left. Many are so upset that they have begun circulating the idea of forming boycotts of the movies, but hey, too many take it too seriously. One who doesn't is Mel himself who, despite refusing to spend one dime in the shameless shilling of films to buy votes from the Academy members, still received three token technical nominations for Best Cinematography, Best Makeup, and Original Score. How nice of them to patronize Mel. While many are crying anti-Catholic bias, the left exposed itself in proving how Christ's words in 16: 9 are so true for they turned on one of their own - Michael Moore, who spent millions in trying to bribe them to nominate his biased subjective film Fahrenheit 9-11 and shut him out totally. Maybe his next project will be investigating the voting procedures of the Academy. Nevertheless, the nominations are such this year that Mel might be relieved not to have to put on a tux, put up with the raunch of Chris Rock as MC of this year's celluloid ceremonies, and have to schmooze with such phonies or recognize some of the filth touted such as Vera Drake and Kinsey to name just a few films and performers among the many who flaunt vice as virtue. Let's face it, Mel knows his priorities. He's more at home assisting at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass then making small talk at the parties while dodging the paparazzi. The truth still echoes: long after its critics are dead and gone, The Passion of The Christ will remain a masterpiece for generations to come. But then that is just art imitating Life as in the Truth, the Way and the Life!

Tuesday, January 25: Albany's Bishop Howard Hubbard Haunts the Helpless Parishioners with Threats of Church Closures
Why is it that the dioceses which are having the greatest problems in consolidating churches are the very same ones who have been so enmeshed in the sex scandals? Coincidence? We think not. The latest diocese where they need to close six churches is Albany, the very one headed by Howard Hubbard, the bishop who is believed to be strongly involved with the mauve mafia and the murder of a priest who had threatened to squeal. Roman Catholic Faithful's Stephen Brady called him on this and he blinked as most of these thin-skinned spineless prelates of the Novus Ordo do when push comes to shove. If only the bishops had the same kind of determination and faith those holding vigil at the churches threatened to be closed had. All these churches need are one traditional priest per parish and they'd be fine. But do you think Howard or any of the bishops of the New Order would allow such a Catholic idea? Not on your life because that would be for the good of the flocks and beneficial to souls. That, as we have seen over the past 40 years, is not part of their agenda. The Albany Times Union has posted a story showing the plight of those hoping against hope.

January 25: Terri Schiavo out in left field with Supreme Court decision
On the subject of hoping against hope, that is the predicament poor Terri Schiavo and her parents are in thanks to the system which condemns babies in the womb and now refuses to show any kind of justice for a woman who has been wronged by a philandering adulterer who has used the law to deprive his own wife of her life. Horray for the system! Not! Washington may be getting a major league baseball team this spring, but the Supreme Court has already struck out. With this pompous body of justices (Scalia and Thomas excepted), turning down the formal request to hear Terri's case, there really are no other alternatives left except to pray for a miracle...and that's what it will take to save Terri's life. Ninth inning, two out and the tying run not even at the plate. It will take a real rally. Interesting isn't it that the New Order bishops will speak out vociferously against a murderer on death row being executed but remain absolutely silent over Terri's case. Ah the politics of convenience. It will not be convenient for them when they have to make an accounting for their vocations to the Lord at their Particular Judgments. Pray they realize the error of their lukewarm ways before it is too late.

Monday, January 24: Why today's colleges are not the best idea for your sons or daughters
Vigen Guroian, a theology professor at Loyola University in Baltimore sounds the alert of the crux of college life today and it in no way coincides with living as a good Catholic. In fact, while Loyola may only be one of the hundreds of corrupt curriculums and cultures that breed sin and sorrow, it really is just the tip of the iceberg in relation to what has happened with society today. He gives a frank, honest vision of what has happened to our 'Catholic' colleges and while he points the finger at the administration, it should be aimed at the bishops whose jurisdiction they are responsible for. In this case it would be William Keeler who is better known for aberration of seminary life with the notorious Pink Palace in his see which has fostered homosexuality. Whether homosexual, heterosexual or metrosexual the atmosphere on campuses these days is anything goes and a stern 'beware' to parents everywhere to be very careful where you allow your sons or daughters to matriculate. Considering the conditions and curriculi today, wouldn't it be better if they stayed home and learned the Faith rather than be subjected to satan in campus dorms and classrooms? Vigen answers that fairly well in an extensive article for Christianity Today with "The new debauchery, and the colleges that let it happen."

January 24: A Supreme Court Justice with a true respect for the Supreme
While in Baton Rouge, Louisiana this weekend Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia exhibited the strength of Catholics of old by holding up as a role model St. Thomas More and stating clearly and unequivocally to "Have the courage to have your wisdom regarded as stupidity. Be fools for Christ. And have the courage to suffer the contempt of the sophisticated world." Of course you won't hear that from most bishops today, but rather the very man who has challenged John Paul II on the death penalty, reiterating over and over that Holy Mother Church does not condemn capital punishment and that it can in no way be considered on the same plane as abortion. But the Vatican II church, in their effort to apply the seamy seamless garment theory in their 'bargain' with the Democratic Party and mammon, have refused to acknowledge that Scalia is right. If President George Bush has any decency and truly believes in Christ as his Savior, then he'll take Scalia's words to heart and appoint men like Scalia in order to turn America back to God. Likewise, if there are any Novus Ordo bishops out there who have any sense of decency and conscience left, then they'll take what Holy Mother Church has always taught seriously and flee from the NOM and the conciliar church and return to the Truths and Traditions taught from Peter through Pope Pius XII. We can always hope and pray.

Sunday, January 23: $11 Million to demolish another house of God
Oh, Rochester! No that's not Jack Benny calling his valet, but rather God casting His disgust on another of His once edifying cathedrals. The conciliar church has squandered $11 million to demolish the sacred and renovate another Masonic temple, this time Rochester, New York whose diocese is not unfamiliar with the attempt to renovate. The irony of the VaticanTwoArians in their attempt to ransack the true faith for this very order of a Rochester church was issued back in 1966 and the man they chose to do the dirty work was, of all people, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen. To understand how the modernists permeated even those we had trusted, see Fr. Moderator's insight in his commentary for the Feast of St. Blaise. Little do we realize how deep the infiltration went and how many were tainted by blind obedience to the progressive protestantism of Vatican II. Even the man Catholics considered the rock of the Faith wobbled and waffled.This should remind all to stand fast to the Faith and be not lured off course by the glitter and glamor of the new. The once magnificent cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Rochester, New York has been gutted and replaced with almost a clone of the Taj Mahoney in LA. Matthew Clark, New Order apostate prelate of Rochester and known protector of pedophiles and sodomite sympathizers ignored the pleas of over 7,000 petitioners to preserve Sacred Heart. Mammon wants any semblance of the sensus Catholicus destroyed and Clark is the perfect foil for unlike Sheen, the former doesn't seem to have a conscience. Rather than upholding the Faith, he'd rather party as is evident from the pictures in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle and the propaganda by a totally clueless reporter. Note the photo above of all surrounding the pool - erh, 'baptismal font' - ready, set, everybody dive in. Dangerous waters indeed.

January 23: Sodomy trying to gain a stronger foothold in every church
Thanks to the rampant abandonment of the Faith by so many prelates in Illinois beginning with Cardinals Cody and Bernardin in Chicago, Illinois is now ripe for being the first state where it will be a crime for a church to turn away for hire a known, blatant sinner who boasts of a sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance. That would be sodomy and abortion, with the former taking center stage with a swish and a swash cut through the hearts of all the faithful who feel persecuted by such an illegal and unjust law as the one written by the Illinois governor, the hypocritical Rod Blagojevich who tried to twist it as if Christ would be for such an abomination. Thanks to a lukewarm church since Vatican II, the enemy has gained a strong foothold and is in our midst everywhere. World Net Daily describes the resulting havoc that can come from this unjust law, which as we know, St.

January 23: Tracing back to the roots of the Boston filth leads to the progressivist Cardinal Cushing
As we commiserate the 32nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade and the never-ending morass of the conciliar church in seeing the corruption wrought by Vatican II prelates, one of the leading Novus Ordo news organs Catholic World News & Report has uncovered where the whole sordid snake-infested den began. It goes back to that fateful year 1965 when the vipers began to slither out into the daylight. One of those reptiles we can now see was Boston's Cardinal Richard Cushing, who, as one of the leading progressivists and sabotagers at Vatican II, enabled the liberal agenda and fostered sodomite priests. Back on August 21, 1964 he got his ego pumped up when his unflattering portrait was plastered on Time Magazine. This pursuit of fame and ultimate infamy led him to compromise his faith and open the door for the eventual corruption of morality with Roe v. Wade nine years later. We know now the legacy Cushing left of comforting the enemy and the resultant rot that Madeiros and Law wallowed in, first created by Cushing in his push for power. Thus is the lure of mammon and its reward and the spoils of war for all who veer one iota from the truths of the Faith are spoil for satan. Truly more of the barren, damning 'fruits' of Vatican II.

Saturday, January 22:


Over 50 Million Murdered in the Womb
over the past 32 years!

Pray to Stop the Madness
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, we love You, Save souls!

Saint Michael the Archangel, Defend us in Battle!
Be our Defense against the wickedness and snares
of the devil.
May God rebuke him we humbly pray
and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host,
by the Power of God,
thrust into hell
satan and all the other evil spirits
who prowl about the world for the ruin of souls.

January 21: Powerful Jewish Push Underway to Oppose Pro-Life Measures in Bush's Second Term
In the last few issues some might think we have been pretty hard on the Jews but this article appearing in the Jerusalem Post should tell you exactly why. This article only confirms that they are not God's chosen people but an alien nation in exile because they refuse to acknowledge the King of kings. While they pound their chests in a 'woe-is-us' attitude over the holocaust in World War II they are accomplices in perpetuating a far, far worse holocaust - the one in the womb in which nearly ten times the amount killed in death camps in the 40's. We're speaking of abortion and powerful Jews are trying to recruit Rabbis to ensure abortion rights. You heard right. And their rationale for murder in the womb is "religious liberty." Was it not Patrick Henry who said, "Give me liberty or give me death." He definitely wasn't referring to the right to kill one's own child. The article reveals that powerful Zionist lobbyists are underway to thwart any chances of pro-life supreme court justices being appointed. Read the article and see how the principals interviewed are speaking out of both sides of the mouth. Until they are ready to obey God's laws and accept Jesus as the Messiah, they will remain the "perfidious Jews" who we continue to pray for, but must also oppose, especially on this issue.

Thursday, January 20: Wanted: A Jewish King. The True King of the Jews need not apply!
Just as the Israelites built a temple to Baal after being delivered out of Egypt, a new sanhedrin is being concocted to praise a Jewish King. Bulletin to them: They have had a Jewish King for 2000 years! His name is Jesus Christ, the Messiah Who has promised eternal life if they would believe and be baptized. But in the geo-political push to re-establish the kingdom of Israel, they seek to counter all that Our Lord said and seek to blot that portion of history out while they try to link back to David. It can't be done for the direct link to David is Jesus! Yet, these ambitious and radical Jews are planning to build a second temple. If only they realized the New Jerusalem has existed for nearly 2000 years and exists in all its glory as the Church which Christ founded upon the Rock. Yet, they don't get it. Listen to this: "One of the ideas, members said, is to climb the Mount and build the altar within minutes and sacrifice the lamb before security forces can stop them. Another, said leading Sanhedrin member Baruch Ben-Yosef, is to pray for a tsunami-like disaster on the Mount. 'In one second, God wiped out 150,000 people,' he said. 'Who knows? Maybe he'll help us if we show him we are ready'." First of all, the sacrifice of the Lamb in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - the Latin Mass - has continued non-stop for the past two millennia and by their words and lack of faith, they have shown they're not ready. Be careful what you pray for, Baruch Ben-Yosef, you may get it: gone in seconds!

January 20: Roe launches official overturn of Roe v. Wade
Armed with the testimony of over a thousand women ravaged by the pangs of abortion and with "5,300 pages of significant, sufficient, and compelling evidence of substantial changes in factual and legal conditions," Norma McCorvey, the original 'Jane Roe' of Roe v. Wade, filed on Tuesday a brief asking the Supreme Court to overturn that hideous judicial decision made 32 years ago. Represented by Allan Parker of the Justice Foundation, McCorvey, who has since converted to Catholicism, claims that the irrefutable information on the physical, mental and moral dangers of abortion and the undeniable fact that life begins at conception should prompt the justices to reopen the case and hopefully overturn the unjust law that made murder in the womb legal back in 1973.

January 20: More 'Fruits' of the demolition of the True Faith: neo-Pentecostal wizards draining victims through simony!
In an article that will truly amaze you at the gullibility of Catholics who have no idea what happened to their faith, a flim-flam neo-Pentecostal sect is scamming the rich and the poor by promising miracles. Can you say simony? That doesn't matter to the matchstick men in the pulpits who until now have flown beneath the radar of criminal investigation. But the scam and hypnosis over so many and the new-age materialism promised begs for some one to dig deeper into these blasphemers who would not have gained a foothold were it not for the compromising conciliar church which has preached tolerance to such anathema. Truly more of the barren fruits of Vatican II and the parched tree withering away in the desert. In the land won by Our Lady of Guadalupe nearly 500 years ago, satan is exacting his revenge and the newchurch of Vatican II hasn't got a clue what to do about the Brazilian-based "Universal Church of the Kingdom of God".

Wednesday, January 19: Calling Novus Ordo a Protestant rite is even an insult to the Protestants!
Attention all Novus Ordinarians. The pictures to the left illustrate two rites. One is a Novus Ordo rite, devoid of any semblance of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; the other is a Lutheran service. Can you guess which is which? Of course, most would say picture A is the Novus Ordo and the group gathering in picture B is the Lutheran celebration. One might think so were one not to realize how even the Protestant churches are more reverent than the New Order Church and its incessant novelties. The correct answer is A is the Lutheran rite - the very mass Martin Luther concocted which is still not as sacrilegious as the Novus Ordo which is being celebrated (we have no idea how) in picture B. For more on this, we recommend Fr. Moderator's comments for the Feast of St. Peter Nolasco and also scroll down to read more about the article we broke in yesterday's issue on the Syro Malabar sellout and, even more importantly, scroll to the Feast of St. Polycarp and an important fact that one has no obligation to attend the NOM when one cannot get to a Traditional Latin Mass. In fact, as Father points out, on has an obligation not to attend the "abomination of desolation."

January 19: Suicide suits the conscience of Archbishop of Canterbury
What is it with the anti-bishop of Canterbury? Anglican Rowan Williams, through his spokesman - yes, Anglicans and Novus Ordophiles love to employ "spokespersons" which for the latter is usually 'spokeswomen', read: liberal, dissident nun - has greased the slippery slope to hell by advocating that sometimes euthanasia is permissible. Oh yeah, when? Is it not God and God alone Who can determine such a thing. That is the Catholic way and up to now, even though the Anglicans said non serviam when they broke away from the True Church in 1531, still they had a sense of decency and morality about them. No longer under the lunatic rule of the looney Rowan Williams who has not spoken out forcefully against abortion, has been silent regarding an openly sodomite bishop, and allows souls to further deteriorate while he trims his beard. When will Anglicans wake up to the fact that the Archbishop of Canterbury can't do what he has done and be obeyed. Oh, that's right, Vatican II can't do what they have done but they demand obedience. Have they forgotten the words in Acts 5: 29? "We ought to obey God rather than men." Yet in this week of observing the necessity for Christian Unity you won't hear a word of criticism from the New Order church of Rome for fear of offending those who have already greatly offended God. More of the 'fruits' of the ecumenism of Vatican II.

January 19: The Mein Kampf of the Times: Suppress any story favorable to Pius XII
While powerful Zionist interests seek to impede the progress of Papa Eugenio Pacelli's march toward being recognized for sanctity, they have also done whatever they could to suppress factual reports that German Chancellor Adolf Hitler was so upset with Pius XII that he actually issued the order to "Get the Pope." Fortunately such a missive was intercepted, but it shows clearly that Pius XII was never sympathetic to the Nazi cause and did all in his power to help save those oppressed by Fascism and Communism, including sheltering Jews. Yet so many of the rabble-rousing Jews today, beginning with the ADL and Abe Foxman and the powerful Zionist interests who run the liberal secular media, have been mute on these truths. Why? Wouldn't you think the fact that the Jews and Pius XII had a common enemy, none other than Adolf Hitler would unite them in a common cause? It surely did Pius XII in doing all he could for the children of Israel for they were made in the image and likeness of the God. Yet for his heroic charity he is maligned today. Can you say special interest conflict by Foxman and foes? Or could you say this is a plot silently sanctioned by modern Rome to denigrate Pius because he stood for Tradition and Catholic truth regarding the people of the Old Covenant. The new modernist Rome have turned their back on dogma and doctrine by issuing the blasphemy that Jews no longer need to convert and that Nostra Aetate which was issued 40 years ago this month stood as the new dogma! Sorry, but there can be no new dogma. Ergo, preaching such errors nails the fact that the hierarchy and 'magisterium' of modern Rome can in no way be Catholic. Wouldn't that make interesting headlines in the NY Times. But since it would expose their vehicle of manipulating the VaticanTwoArians for the purpose of destroying the True Catholic Faith, they'll guard that secret very, very carefully while publishing lie after lie about a good Pope - His Holiness Pope Pius XII. P>
Tuesday, January 18: Anything Goes with Syro Malabar Rite as Sacraments Sacked for Novelty
Cardinal Varkey Vithayathil Some have had the mistaken notion that the Eastern Rites have not been tainted by Vatican II's progressivist and heretical programs. Here is proof that one Oriental church is in even worse shape. In the headlong rush to please modern Rome and appease the Hindus, the Syro Malabar church, which has no valid consecration whatsoever, is making such drastic changes that even Novus Ordinarians might not recognize how bizarre the alterations are in another attempt to take the divinely ordained mandate of Christ and muck it up beyond recognition by man-made synthetic, syncretic rites that reek of novelty and apostasy. Forget the universal church, they are inculturating and destroying any semblance of faith they had. The latest is the apostate cardinal Varkey Vithayathil (pictured left) directing the people that they must follow the 'new book of sacraments'...right into hell if they do. The whole purpose is to be more like the Hindus. Can you say sell out? Can you say thou shalt not have strange gods before Me? Evidently the Syro Malabar bishops on the strings of the hindu gods and the modernists in the Vatican don't care. Read the shocking article yourself.

January 18: Apostle of India St. Thomas makes good on his promise!
Speaking of India and the people St. Thomas sought to evangelize, true to his words that the sea would not pass further than the wooden log post he planted prior to his death in 72 A.D., the holy Apostle made that promise and while all else was destroyed by the terrible Tsunami, the cathedral built over his tomb was spared. One of the priests saw the waters surging toward the cathedral, but subsided at the post, now imbedded in cement. Just as Attila could not enter Rome because of the vision he saw behind Pope St. Leo the Great, so also the angry sea obeyed Thomas' decree not to come further. Not that the Apostle might want to retract his statement considering the cathedral of Santhome has been renovated and desecrated with the Novus Ordo. Nevertheless, it has enhanced the Faith of countless Indians and, in the face of so much devastation of Hindu shrines, it could be a rallying point for conversion of the pagans just as Thomas intended nearly 2000 years ago. In the face of so much disaster, God can bring good out of all the bad through prayer and trust in His Divine Will.

January 18: Killer Tsunami could be just an inkling of what is to come
While millions are rallying to assist financially the Feast of St. Stephen Tsunami victims, Russian scientists do not have good news for the future. Our Blessed Mother foretold at Ecuador in the late 1600's that these times would occur, just as Our Lord prophesied in the Sacred Scriptures. Now we are beginning to see a manifestation of these words with the latest info that the world is in for an intensive increase for nature is upset. Another indication that when man goes against both the natural and supernatural, there will be an eruption both on the earth and in the Heavens. There is very little we can do about the commotions on this planet, but there is so much we can do to soothe the rolling, thunderous anger from the Father above: prayer and penance in making reparation for the sins of the world, and striving to convert as many souls as possible to the True Faith. It is never too late to start. In fact, if you don't start, then it will be too late!

Sunday, January 16:
ADL's Fox continues to claw away against Catholic Truth
As has been pointed out a few days ago in EyeOpeners, other factions have decided they now can dictate to modern Rome; one of the consequences of giving into mammon dating back to the Pact of Metz in 1962 before the Second Vatican Council convened. First Soviet Patriarch Alexii II tells John Paul II that the Church cannot carry out the mission it was ordained to do from the time Christ gave the charge to His Apostles. Now the ADL and that persistent pest Abraham Foxman, the same one who fabricated the reaction that would occur from Mel Gibson's film being shown, is at it again. Though his credibility was totally destroyed over the flap about The Passion of The Christ, it doesn't faze him because he has a patsy in the modern Vatican who seem to jump through hoops when this loudmouth speaks. Our question is: Why? The ADL and their leaders are a small, infinitesmal voice and yet they are given credence by the newchurch. What irks us is that they're even responding to the pressure to hold up on the beatification of His Holiness Pope Pius XII. First of all, if any Sovereign Pontiff since St. Pius X deserves such recognition, it would be Papa Pacelli. But to be "elevated" by the same man who defied all logic and sensibility, let alone defying God Himself, in beatifying John XXIII whom Pacelli had exiled for very sound reasons, would do little for the memory of Pius XII. However, to be directed by outside anti-Catholic interests is unpardonable. Advice to modern Rome: If you can ignore infallible Truth and Tradition when it stares you in the face, at least have the decency to ignore Lies and Fabrication when they threaten your status. The truth, folks, is that modern Rome has no desire to recognize Pius XII for he represents Eternal Rome whereas Roncalli and company represent modern Rome with all its fruitless garbage.

January 16: Liberation Theology Raises its Ugly Head in Open Rebellion
Of course, as we have seen over the years, pressure is not just coming from the modernists and communists outside of the church but especially from within the church such as the liberation theologists of South America, who are demanding change, demanding socialist measures which only give fuel to the surging inferno known as the red dragon. Just as Atila Sinke Guimarães wrote last week about the rise of the red sickle, there is a news report that confirms the open rebellion from the bishops of Brazil. Leading the charge is the 77-year-old rabble rousing Red archbishop Pedro Casaldaliga who has refused to step down until he learns of his replacement. He is demanding that the people and the local bishops have more say in the selection of the bishops. Casaldaliga has long used the communist prelate Oscar Romero, who was slain a few decades back, as a battering ram to hammer home the necessity of establishing the hammer and sickle liberation theology as the law of the land. Considering the waffling condition modern Rome is in, he figures to strike while the waffle iron is hot. Can you see the waffle marks on the backsides of the Vaticancrats? Only too evident. More of the rewards of mammon when trying to please man rather than God. No man can serve two masters and this is only too evident in the news report from, of all places, sin city's own Las Vegas Sun.

Saturday, January 15: The Blind Leading the Blind
Father Moderator asks whether John Paul II is really as blind as he shows in his actions. Is that a blindfold or is it a stubborn streak that prevents him from dispatching true Catholicism to the universal flock? Father asks in his commentary for January 24th already, what the heck is going on when Wojtyla is actually opening the door wide to satan's powers by denying the devil is powerful. Pope Leo XIII knew how great that power was and so composed the powerful Prayer to St. Michael which the conciliarists disgarded in 1964 as unimportant. No wonder satan has made so much headway and had a field day with the Novus Ordophiles over the last 40 years. The commentary for January 23 focuses on what we ran yesterday and what Tom points out in his article above. The Macular Degeneration of modern Rome is blurring everything.

January 15: But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in Me, it were better for him that a mill-stone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea" (Matthew 18: 6).
Anthony Flood of takes New York's Cardinal Edward Egan to task for his demolition of many beautiful and necessary churches that represent rich property and the archdiocese can sell off. Therefore they condemn the very property that is holy either by putting the churches on the market for secular interests or by desecrating the cathedrals with the "abomination of desolation" - the Novus Ordo man-made, synthetic, syncretic rite. Flood will not take it sitting down as he fires a volley at the charlatan posing as the Archbishop of New York. Regarding St. Ann's Church above, Flood holds nothing back in rightfully and canonically lambasting Egan: "You, Sir, may be finished with this church. But we are not finished with you. You may think you have won, but we will not rest until your name is blackened in the annals of the Church and the mere mention of “Egan” nauseates the faithful as does “Esau” and “Judas.” To see the travesties committed by the Novus Ordophiles posing as bishops, see

Friday, January 14: Twisting the Meaning of "Traditional" Inside Out
Get ready for the propaganda that hisses from modern Rome around this time of the year as the ecumaniacs coil all over everyone in a one big happy family attitude where everyone is going to Heaven except the narrow-minded, mean-spirited, misguided and medieval Traditional Catholics who are demonized by the ecumaniacs. Why do you think that is? Simply because the ecumaniacs fear the loyal remnant of the faithful more than anyone else and will do all they can to discredit and derail Traditional Catholics. Beware of the forked tongue of the ecumaniac. A news release from Zenit News illustrates this only too well. It is priceless for its twisted tolerance and intent to transfer the name "Traditional" from what it should be to the bizarre. Who ever would consider animism "traditional"? No one in their right mind, more like new age or can you say "pagan"? But leave it to one of the leading ecumaniacs of the New Order to turn the tables in their fetid fetish to destroy the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church. The problem is that men like Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald have the vehicle to do further damage by making such idiotic statements like: "When we speak of traditional religions, we often think primarily of Africa." Maybe he and the rest of the ecumaniacs do, but not anyone who knows their Catholicism. Such nonsense was unheard of prior to the debacle known as Vatican II. But now, in an effort to denigrate what traditional religion really is - the True unchangeable Faith - the ecumaniacs have consigned "traditional" to the pagans. Heaven help us that people are buying this rot being pedaled by the Pontifical Council of Interreligious Dialogue - an anomaly if there ever was one. But this is the poison that is poured out every year at this time when the modern church trumpets the Week of Christian Unity by focusing on everything that is alien to Christendom.

January 14: In San Francisco the Evidence, my friend, is Blowing in the Wind Away from any semblance of Catholicity
Referencing the above Zenit article, Fitzgerald goes to great lengths to distance himself from new age with the comment, "We avoid the word 'animist,' as it gives the idea that animism considers wind, water and animals as inhabited by spirits which demand worship: In reality, it is not so." But in reality it is so and we furnish exhibit A for your perusal to see that is the case. On the official website of the Archdiocese of San Francisco headed up by Archbishop William Levada, the very same prelate who has remained so silent in the face of so much militant lobbying for sodomy in Sodom by the Bay, the San Francisco chancery kills any credence of Fitzgerald's words by posting a new age tribute to the winds, water and animals with no mention of Jesus Christ or even God! So much for the VaticanTwoArians' "unity of community."

Thursday, January 13: "No Man Can Serve Two Masters"
What is it with the II's? We have John Paul II and the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Alexii II and both are TOO MUCH! Look whose calling the shots now! The former KGB Operative, in manipulating Karol Wojtyla, is telling the modern church of Rome they can no longer seek to convert the Russian people. That sure plays well with the Fatima message now doesn't it? Kind of reminds us of the temptation of Christ - not the movie, but the holy scriptures, specifically the Book of Matthew in which the evil one tried to bargain by saying: "All these will I give thee, if falling down thou wilt adore me." To which, as we know, Jesus responded: "Begone, Satan, for it is written: The Lord thy God shalt thou adore, and Him only shalt thou serve." That's exactly what the Bishop of Rome should say to the schismatic KGB agent. But we know he won't because of the track record of the conciliar church who long ago sold out Catholics and the Faith in Russia with the despicable Pact of Metz in 1962 just outside Paris. The bargain was struck where the modern church would no longer condemn communism as the curse it was, but subject the most powerful and respected institution in the world to ridicule with the blood of millions and millions and millions of martyrs on the hands of the conciliarists for their betrayal. Any one with a semblance of intelligence can see that John Paul II and his cronies have painted themselves into a corner for that is the way of mammon. When one sells out, mammon owns them and can set the terms. A true Pope would tell Alexii to take a long walk off a short pier and then gather all the authentic bishops of the Church and consecrated Russia to Mary's Immaculate Heart. She's already promised conversion. But that seems too simple to those who have double-crossed Our Lady by fabricating the Third Secret to cover their own tracks. Knowing the modus operandi of the church of Vatican II they will compromise more and totally accept the schismatics on the latters' own terms, further besmirching the Faith held so sacrosanct through 260 Sovereign Pontiffs and costing salvation to countless souls. It's a pattern that can't be changed by the charlatans of aggiornamento who have trashed Catholic integrity.

January 13: Nazi Storm Trooper Tactics 2005-style
While the hammer and sickle reach all the way into the modern Vatican where soon the red flag will fly over St. Peter's, another evil is raising its ugly head in Germany where Nazi-like tactics are reminiscent of the Storm Troopers of Adolf Hitler. German families who want to homeschool their children in Northwest Germany have been told that the state will do what they want to and for their children and parents have no say. Almost sounding like a Novus Ordo bishop or a liberal Democrat or a diocesan spokesperson, Heinz Kohler, the county education director, is dictating to the parents, totally ignoring the families' beliefs and rights. Evidently, according to Kohler, Germany no longer is a country free for parents to raise their children. Kohler's insult says it all: "'you and your children are not living in isolation on some island but rather in an environment posing intra- and extracurricular situations where you'll have to accept that your world view will be curtailed.' Mr. Kohler further explained that homeschooling could not be allowed as "children should not be encapsulated or kept apart from the outside world. In these cases, the parents' rights to personally educate their children would prevent the children from growing up to be responsible individuals within society…" Hmm, we can hear the goosestepping in the distance. The more things change the more they stay the same. The scary part is that it is not just happening in old Allemagne, but also in Canada and right here in the U.S...all part of the one world order, the globalization of man! Our advice: Run and hie from those who would corrupt our youth, whether it be the government or the newchurch operatives. Take refuge in a traditional community before it is too late! Read the horror story of the rebirth of Nazism in Germany:

Wednesday, January 12: Smoke of Vatican II is choking Catholic Truth
Now we have so-called 'Princes of the Church' denying dogma and paying more attention to being politically correct rather than being obediently spiritually correct. This is nothing new, but German Cardinal Joachim Meisner is now backtracking from telling the truth because Jews are offended that he compared abortion to the Holocaust. Well, duh! We have been doing that for years. It's the truth! Yet Jewish leaders in Deutschland, so enraptured with monopolizing victimhood, are threatening legal action! The Jews should be the first to realize what Meisner said is true, and be first in line protesting the holocaust in the womb, but they are not are they? Ah, why not? And why is Meisner lacking the conviction of Catholic truth by trying to backpeddle? Does he realize the scandal of recanting truth? Evidently that isn't important to Meisner, just making sure he is accepted as a tolerant Novus Ordophile. The same with his assimilating abortion to the horrors of Hitler and Stalin. Evidently the Germans didn't like that either even though it is the unmitigated truth. Do they really want another Fuhrer? Why would Germans be upset at comparing Stalin to the horrors of abortion? It doesn't make sense and yet it does in this topsy-turvy world where cardinals haven't a backbone nor moral sense to uphold Catholic truth and be a "contradiction to the world." Ah, there's the rub for they have embraced - thanks to the aggiornamento of ecumenism and modernism - mammon. Has anyone alerted the cardinal of Cologne that what he is now denying has a fragrance that rises putrified to Heaven? Evidently not. Meisner regrets his holocaust remarks. We regret he was ever elevated to the episcopate, let alone the red-hat, but then we have come to expect lukewarmness and uncatholicity from the German prelates. Can you say Cardinals Walter Kasper, Karl Lehmann, and, yes, Joseph Ratzinger? Why is it that the only time these men employ Gestapo tactics is against Traditional Catholics? Good question, and don't bother to file an offense complaint for that remark because it's the truth, it's documented and we stand by it. We will not regret stating the horrors of the Holocaust in the Womb. What we will regret - and every Catholic must realize this as well - is if we don't sound the clarion for the innocent the consequences will be dire at each person's Particular Judgment for we all have a far, far superior Authority to answer to.

January 12: CSI Vatican City
You could call it "CSI-Vatican City" or "Cold Case" but one way or the other, the mother of tainted Swiss Guard Cedric Tornay is demanding justice and looks like she's going to finally get her day in court. Sandbagged by the Vatican who quickly came up with the scenario that Tornay murdered Swiss Guard Commander Alois Estermann and his wife, the case was supposedly closed. But through determination to clear her son's name, Muguette Baudat has sought out the Johnny Cochran of Europe - high-profile attorney Jacques Vergès - to reopen the case in the homeland of her son, Switzerland. Over the nearly six years since the scandal erupted on May 4, 1998 inside the Vatican, there have been several sources that purport a cover-up by newchurch and Baudat is determined to get to the bottom of this. That is where this could lead - to the bottomfeeders' appetite for there are many scandals that have been rumored and even documented, such as Atila Sinke Guimaraes filed in his book Vatican II, Homosexuality, and Pedophilia on the sodomite trysts within the Papal Court of Paul VI. Baudat and her lawyers claim there have been too many contradictions and inconsistencies that only promises more implosion of the conciliar church. Stay tuned for

Tuesday, January 11: Mel's Passion Popular at People's Choice Award
To the chagrin of most in Hollywood, but to the wild applause of those who know quality and substance, Mel Gibson appeared in person to receive the 31st People's Choice Award on Sunday night in Los Angeles for the people's favorite movie drama of the year for his masterpiece The Passion of The Christ. The crowd in attendance and television audience were delighted to see Mel personally be there to accept an award that many sadly feel may be the only recognition he receives. He was gracious in accepting, but noticeably choked up for he kibitzed with the adoring audience and it seemed to detour him from making a statement to trust in God and you can't go wrong. He thanked the people, saying, "More than any other thing I have ever worked on -- when you circumvent the system -- I depended on you and you were there. So this means a lot more to me this time than anything before, if it wasn't for you guys we'd have been dead in the water," Gibson said. "Now, I'll just be brief and get off -- God bless you all." Gibson has won the People's Choice Award a few times before and, as his films have proved, he is popular with the public. Not so with industry insiders who are doing their level best to shut him and his masterful film out as best director and best film of 2004, as well as the Oscar-deserving performance by Jim Caviezel. But there is a campaign to put some fairness into Oscar nomination and Passion for Fairness has mounted a campaign to level the playing field. To read about the campaign for fairness for Mel and his movie, see

January 11: Prelates Prisoners of Sorcery & Spin
While we are on the subject of movies, there is another movie that has won the approval of the bishops at the chagrin of parents everywhere. We don't usually refer to definitive Novus Ordo sites, but Michael Brown of Spirit Daily, who often times is way out there in "charismatic land," lands one this time squarely on the jaws of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in taking them to task for their including Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on their own Ten Best Movies of 2004 list. Contrary to what some may think considering all the bizarre practices of the Novus Ordo, the gentleman above with his arms spread is not a NOM bishop, but one of the 'wizards' from the film. Brown brings up something that many of the spineless shepherds may not even realize - at least they would be the first to admit they don't know in an effort to cover for their lack of integrity - and that is the demonization factor through sorcery. Brown adds something so refreshing in these times of ecumenism, modernism and humanism, even in his nomenclature of the Church - not Holy Mother Church, but the "modern Church" as in modern Rome as opposed to eternal Rome. He writes: "Let's not just pick on Harry Potter. What it all really points out is how lightly the modern Church considers evil. Apparently, many priests no longer believe in Satan's existence. It is 'old-fashioned.' It is 'superstitious.' At least that's what the devil wants us to believe. We have gone so far as to remove the prayer to the Archangel Michael, and the result has been a disaster. But let's get back to Scripture. Let's get back to Jesus. He came to destroy precisely the kind of idolatry endorsed in witchcraft and He was constantly confronting evil and casting devils out -- something very few priests any longer do or even mention, whether in official diocesan offices or from the pulpit." Hmm, could he be referring to the Novus Ordo church? Ah, the 'fruits' of Aggiornamento! Read it for yourself.

Monday, January 10: John Paul II's Burke Poles Apart from St. Louis Parish
For his commentary on the Ides of January, Father Moderator issues his caveat emptor on how Karol Wojtyla has even sold out his own countrymen in siding with the thugs in purple and scarlet to cover-up more sins and emblezzle what they did not earn. Case in point, as featured in EyeOpeners on January 6th from Father's earlier revelation of John Paul II's hand-chosen prelate in the Gateway City - Archbishop Raymond Burke, the conservative's darling, has his "black hand" in the vice-grip of extortion, despite the pleas of impassioned parishioners to the New Vatican. We should know by now that the flock doesn't count, even Polish flocks which would include the Polish parish of St. Stanislaus Kostka in St. Louis - the parish of St. Louis Cardinal hall of famer Stan Musial's youth when it was still Catholic - truly Catholic. The caricature of Burke above, taken from Father's site, shows instead of a crozier, a broom in sweeping so many souls away from Heaven just as the Book of Apocalypse and Our Lady have warned of "stars that will be swept from the Heavens." Father reports that modern Rome has furnished the straw for the brooms as the Mafia Don, condoning the embezzlement of ten million dollars by forcing the Polish people to surrender their beloved church up to the Cosa Nostra of the apostate church. The consecrated sanctuary and statues, the very cornerstone and beautiful windows and altars were built by immigrants from Poland through their own blood, sweat and tears. Much sacrifice, but today all for naught for they are being sacrificed at the altar of power. This is causing many tears today to parishioners whose life blood has been their independence from diocesan control for well over a century. There was never a problem before, but today, thanks to the usurpers in Rome and collegiality, the bargain has been struck and the blood money, which Burke is extracting by putting St. Stan's up to the highest bidder, shows that indeed it is harder for a rich man to get to Heaven than for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle. Father's comments rightfully needle every Novus Ordophile into sweating more - primarily because the "sauna" that is the newchurch is getting too hot. They need to get out now or get scorched. Flee the counterfeit church and return to the True Church. Demand the Latin Mass at St. Stan's and every other parish or perish. It couldn't be clearer. Too bad so many members of the abominable Novus Ordo persuasion are so blind, so dumbed down to the obvious obfuscation of the Faith as Father points out in his poignant short commentary.

Sunday, January 9: More of the Same ol' same ol' but not the Same God!
For the Feast of St. Hilary on January 14, Fr. Moderator sets the record straight about belief in the same God between Catholics and Muslims. It is not the same God and every Catholic should know that, except for a little thing that has corrupted the Faith called the abominable Catechism of the Catholic Church, which, as Father points out quite clearly, is not Catholic in the least, but more of the sell out of the True Faith in favor of modernism and accommodating man toward the globalization of the New One World Order. He emphasizes the pathetic and wasted efforts by Karol Wojtyla to try to change the Traditions and Truths of the Faith and that is a plus because, despite their best efforts to destroy the guarded Sacred Deposit of the Faith held so sacrosanct for nearly 2000 years, their ecumaniacal agenda has been an abysmal failure. Think God has a hand in that? You better believe it because He will not allow a true Pope to teach error. Now John Paul II teaches that Muslims and Catholics have the same God and goes so far as to kiss the satanic Koran. Ergo you make the equation.
Saturday, January 8: Tsunami Relief is Damned Up!
In a region of the world where families have been completely wiped out by the killer Tsunami the day after Christmas, you would think authorities would be concerned with how to rebuild families before rebuilding material facilities. But the luciferian UN has no intention of helping refurbish families and continue the generations because the pro-abort agenda is paramount to these satanic manipulators. In fact, while Congress strives to not turn over funds to the US for abortion, the UNFPA is trying to stick the US for 28 million dollars not for food or clothing or any kind of life-saving efforts, but, just as they did in other disaster areas in the past - from Iraq to the Philippines - give 'em all condoms and other contraceptive and abortient materials. Just great for continuing life, right? Those arguing that God was sending a message with this killer Tsunami which has claimed over 150,000 lives and displaced over six million people to date won't want to know what God will do over the blatant flaunting of the fifth, sixth and ninth commandments. And this is the organization Paul VI and now John Paul II tell their flocks to trust by their own actions? Puhlease!!! Said the spider to the fly...
Friday, January 7: Surge to Save Terri Schiavo's Life Gains Credibility
Hopefully this time the judges will come to their senses and put Michael Schiavo where he belongs: behind bars for embezzlement and cruelty. How he can still be calling the shots when he is an adulterer and a thief is beyond us. Perhaps all his claims that his wife is a mere vegetable that should conveniently (for his own lust and greed) be killed so he can be rid of the inconvenience of a sick wife will be exposed for what it is: lust and greed, oh and the intent to murder. If anything can do it, besides the perseverance of her parents, it is the eye-witness unbiased revelations of attorney Barbara Weller who was actually shocked to see someone so vibrant. From all she had heard, this person was nothing but a vegetable with no hope of living. What she discovered is a person made in the image and likeness of God bearing up under her cross as the scribes and pharisees - from the liberal media to the spineless Florida prelates - call for her death.
Thursday, January 6: Burke Uses Bully Pulpit
One darkhorse candidate for the upcoming gNOMe Award includes Archbishop Raymond Burke, the cameleon in sheep's clothing who has so many Novus Ordinarians blinded by his politically incorrectness while he slithers into St. Louis and uses the Eucharist as a weapon not to halt pro-abort politicians, but to try to gain control of a conservative parish. There are two stories on this, one from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the other a commentary that hits the nail on the head by Fr. Commentator.
January 6: Ubi Ecclesiae
And speaking of Fr. Moderator, if you scroll down you will see two commentaries - one for January 10 on the refreshing, encouraging and absolutely sensus Catholicus words of the holy Doctor of the Church and Apostle of Tradition Saint Athanasius fifteen plus centuries ago. Father wants every Catholic to know and live his words printed to the right. Never forget them in these days of papolotry and prelate pressure to conform to the "unity of the community" in the slippery slide away from true Roman Catholicism.

The second commentary from January 9 shows another UN-type scandal happening within the Vatican for the Secretary of State, power monger Cardinal Angelo Sodano is involved with a company that specializes in buying up and disposing of grand old cathedrals for the profit of the conciliarcrats in paying off blood and scandal money. Haliburton has nothing on the Follieri Group in Italy in which a member of Sodano's family is heavily involved. Can you say 'conflict of interest' to the enth degree!?

Wednesday, January 5: More Monkeying Around with the Faith
To somewhat paraphrase Charlton Heston in Planet of the Apes:
    "Get your hands off our Church, you filthy progressivists!"

   This year there will be many articles on the Second Vatican Council as it marks the 40th year since that aberration closed. Right out of the chute we have a few articles for you to peruse that show the surface optimism of the progressivists who even prefer to be called optimists. In scanning the wreckage we can see very clearly there are no fruits, only devastation, but that doesn't seem to phase the "optimists" who if they don't believe in something, will fall for anything. We can only pray that Catholics will not allow further ruination by buying into the claptrap that Vatican II hasn't been fulfilled yet and only when that happens will the fruits become fully evident. To that we respond, Horsefeathers! The barbarians are at the gate and they need to be resisted or else we're going to have more disintegration of the Sacred Deposit of Faith at the expense of ecumenism, humanism and secularism. The three articles below prove that point.

The first is a stunning revelation by Sandro Magister, a staple of Italian journalists, about who governed the 1978 Conclaves. Hint: It was not the Holy Ghost! It also confirms the necessity, credibility and authority of the authors of the work We Resist You to the Face in exposing the collegiality plot to do away with the Papacy as it had been from early times. This article seals it
  The second is a rehash from an article by James Hitchcock in the June Crisis just before there was the "crisis" at Crisis with editor Deal Hudson. Hitchcock shows his naivete to what the progressivists really intended for, as Bishop Williamson said a few years ago, you have your nasty liberals and your nice liberals, but the fact remains they're still liberals. Translate that to 'progressivists' and you get the point, especially when Hitchcock says that there were two camps of thought dominating. The fact is, as he identifies in the names, both camps were littered with heretics. It makes for revealing reading in confirming the culprits whom Atila Sinke Guimarães in his books The Murky Waters of Vatican II, Animus Delendi I and II and Romano Amerio in Iota Unum and Fr. Ralph Wiltgen in The Rhine Flows Into the Tiber, and several of Michael Davies' works, had already identified those same progressivists as the guilty parties.
   And speaking of progressivists, no publication rings more so than the National Catholic Reporter and John Allen checks in with more puffery in trying to justify the insanity suggested by Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor. In fact, Allen's December piece reads like a how-to for progressivist from "mega trends in Global Catholicism" (One wonders if they've ever heard of the "Universal Church") to more skimble-skamble on trying to "fix" the sex abuse scandal. That one is choice, folks. How many knew that one of the most sodomite-friendly prelates in the U.S. - Harry Flynn of the Twin Cities, is the Chair of the Ad-Hoc Committee on Sexual Abuse!?! Talk about in your face! If you think that is bad, get a load out of who else is on the Commission to revise the norms for sexual abuse: men like Cardinal George of Chicago, and bishops William Levada, William Lori and Thomas Doran. Talk about the foxes guarding the henhouse. Frank Keating was right on the money when he likened the U.S. Bishops to the Mafia. This just confirms it. You'll also find in Allen's ramblings more denials by the Vatican as to the mounting sexual abuse evidence against the founder of the Legionnaires of Christ and more erosion of Catholicism with the abominable French Revolution creed of religious liberty which Allen and his cohorts are all for. Figures. Read it and weep.

Tuesday, January 4: The Ruins of Rowan
   It is sad that the best that the heretical loon, Rowan Williams, can say about the Tsunami disaster is that it makes Christians doubt the existence of God with prayer having no magical solutions. Does this mean that man should not pray for the repose of the souls of those lost in this horrific tragedy since we are just dealing with magic, as opposed to the supernatural? Similarly, does this also mean that man should not pray for the survivors, something every bit as necessary as material aid? Williams' comments show a complete disregard for the spiritual, and the knowledge that while God does not cause evil, He allows it so that good may come of it - a mystery to be sure but true none-the-less. How can man begin to comprehend the Infinite otherwise? Many who died in Asia might have a much better chance at salvation, the only reason for their creation, instead of being allowed to go on living, succumbing to the temptations of the devil, thereby putting their souls at a greater risk of eternal perdition. Where is that in the ignorant comments of Williams, as reported in the news story below? Williams gives no evidence of being Christian in his focusing solely on the natural, which is a red flag exposing those professing to be religious who, in reality, are not. It is not just "passionate engagement with the lives left," that matters, per Williams, but rather the big picture in terms of immortal souls who may require our constant prayer to get to Heaven, for those who died, and to see the eternal truths of the Faith for those who survived in order to have the best chance for salvation. Therein lies the difference between the heresy of Anglicanism and the one true Faith founded by Jesus Christ upon the Rock who is Peter. - commentary by Gary L. Morella
Monday, January 3: Et Tu, Brute Bishops
Michael Forrest, Personnel Director for Robert Sungenis' Catholic Apologetics International cautions the apostate USCCB for their continued bashing of Mel Gibson and his film The Passion of The Christ. In reading Forrest's plea in which he refutes the bishops' statements and lists what these pathetic prelates should be doing, we can read between the lines to realize why the bishops hate Mel and his movie so: his film and he are through and through true to the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church and the revolutionaries do not like that one bit. That's the bottom line no matter what spin they might drivel on about. Cozying up to the ADL is only a desperate sign of misery loving company.
January 2: Clear up the Smoke of Satan Before Clearing Out Cigarette Smoke!
UPI has a short article which is typical of the apostate church of Vatican II: March in step with the political correct nazis. Let sodomites run wild, let children fall away from the faith, let bishops continue to cover up and spout heresy because a promotion or retirement perks await them. Traditional Catholicism isn't the only enemy on the VaticanTwoArians' list, now you can add smoking as a heinous sin that must be eliminated. We can just hear those spineless prelates gnawing at the bit to condemn smoking while they refuse to condemn abortion or censor pro-abort 'Catholic' politicians, while they continue to deceive so many souls in so many ways including concealing the truths of the Immemorial Latin Mass of Tradition. Maybe newchurch is getting sensitive to what hell will be like and, as they have in so many things,don't want to be reminded of necessary Catholic negative theology. Our advice to Traditional Catholics everywhere is light 'em up if you got 'em and let's smoke out the charlatans posing as the modern hierarchy from the top down!
Saturday, January 1: Shaking 'em Up!
From Koenig's International News we discover that the four most disastrous earthquakes in History coincided with either Christmas, All Saints Day or Good Friday. Hmmm, do you think the good Lord is trying to tell us all something? Like "Repent and return to the Church I founded."? What happened the minute Christ died on the Cross. Can you say 'earthquake' as in rent the Temple in half!? Man has been so dumbed down over the last half century that he can't even see the signs when they are so obvious. God help our generation. We already know the conciliar church didn't learn from the earthquake in Assisi, so why should we be surprised if people don't learn from the Tsunami in Southeast Asia. In today's issue we cover the Creation and the natural order of things created by God. Man has disrupted the natural order physically, spiritually and morally. Why shouldn't Almighty God be raving mad? The real surprise is that more disasters haven't happened. We can't say we haven't been warned!
We especially recommend as an eyeopener Fr. Moderator's commentaries for the beginning of the year which expose the underbelly of the beast with:
January 1: A Fool and His Flynn-flam are soon parted
Harry FlynnAlso, you must read how the Novus Ordo bishops are being played for the fools they are in Catholic Citizens' inside look at the enemy among us.
January 1: The Betrayal and Besmirching of a Great Priest
Father Paul Wickens And Free Republic discussion page focuses on the struggle for control of the late Father Paul Wicken's beautiful St. Anthony's traditional parish. The rationale reminds us of exactly what happened in Campos. If someone still says the Novus Ordo don't trust him with preserving the Traditional Latin Mass. We've already seen the prognostication of so many Traditional Catholics come true when the Society of St. John Marie Vianney put their trust in Bishop Rifan. Read all about the struggle for power in

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    When it comes to all these ungodly laws being passed by liberal judges because of the lobbying and intimidation of a small minority out to do away with the natural and supernatural order, it is wise to keep in mind the following:
"Unjust laws are, properly speaking, NO LAWS!"
His Eminence Saint Robert Bellarmine, Doctor of the Church
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