February 3, 2004
vol 15, no. 34

John Kerry is no hero! He's a coward, a deserter and guilty as charged!

    For far too long the junior Senator from Massachusetts, who has learned at the knee of his Caligulan master Ted Kennedy, has waged war on the innocent. Now many are touting him as a war hero for his feats in Viet Nam. Do they really know what they're talking about? The facts speak for themselves and the bishops will soon reach a crossroads where they will have no choice but to take a stand against Kerry for his pro-abort, pro-sodomite stand. If they don't, well then you'll know once and for all where the New Order men in miters stand! Like Kerry they stand convicted because they did not stand by their convictions!

   Those who call themselves Catholics in the United States are heading for a showdown. If they are not already in fail-safe mode on the doomed Flight 1962 which Father Louis Campbell's sermon so brilliantly illustrated in his parable on The Decline and Fall of the Civilization of Love, then they had better heed the warning signs for not to - well, it'll be crash and burn time.

   And it isn't just the lay faithful heading towards this clash between civilized Christian culture and chaos - total chaos and catastrophe of the soul. No, the bishops are in the direct line of fire. And this year's presidential campaign will be the line in the sand to see where they truly stand. So far, the only bishop who has finally taken an uncompromising stance against any pro-abort politician who might consider himself or herself a 'Catholic' is Archbishop Raymond Burke, formerly head of the Diocese of La Crosse and since last Monday the new Archbishop of St. Louis. Hmm, that's Missouri isn't it?

   Yes, it is and today across this wide state from the banks of the mighty Mississippi to the banks of the muddy Missouri River and the plains extending eastward from Kansas to the rocky bluffs of the Ozarks, voters are going to the polls to vote in the Democratic Presidential Primary. Of course, yours truly will not be taking part in this process here in Kimberling City for the last Democrat I would have ever voted for was Harry S. Truman and then only because he was so much better than F.D.R. and was not afraid to take responsibility for his actions; something so lacking in practically every political leader since. Since I was only 6 years when last ol' Harry ran for the office, I was ineligible to vote and not eligible to vote until 1965 when it was anyone but L.B.J. ! Since then well, no Democrat has ever gotten my vote. This is not because I am a died-in-the-wool Republican even though I was a member of the Republican Caucus in Minnesota for a time; no, I have always gone by the principle of voting for the man. Yet, therein is the problem for too many of us put our trust in man and indubitably our expectations fall short, far short.

   No politician or secular ruler since King St. Louis IX of France has ever fulfilled what Christ demands. That is because they have, to a man - at least the ones elected - sold out to the compromise of principle and truth. The few uncompromising men and women who have tried to make a difference were terribly underfunded and snubbed by the media. A few examples of this are the estimable Ambassador Dr. Alan Keyes and the noted Traditional Catholic Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey who has often graced our pages with his wisdom, as well as the Traditional Catholic Maria Guadalupe Garcia, a staunch Roman Catholic who attended the same Latin Mass Chapel we frequented, who dared to go up against the well-oiled Zionist machine of pro-abort, pro-sodomite Congressman Bob Filner in Southern California. An interesting side-note: all of these committed candidates seeking office truly for the welfare of the people, not their own agendas, all ran on Republican tickets.

   In the days of Al Smith, a Catholic Governor who upheld the sanctity of life in every way, most Catholics were Democrats for the Party back then embraced the principles of Catholic teaching. But through the contamination of such corrupt machines as Tammany Hall in New York, Beacon Hill in Boston and the Ecclesial Mafia in Chicago, they sold out their values. Once you give in a little to the devil, well the rest is easy. And so we have today, as so many of our contributing writers have documented, most notably Dr. Frank Joseph and Tom Droleskey, the Democratic Party is now the Party of Death for the body and the soul. The values and causes they might have upheld for our grandfathers and great grandfathers have caved to political correctness and the Masonic creed of greed.

   What it basically comes down to, as we have been saying for years and documented in our HEROD'S HEROES series, is that any Catholic knowingly voting for a Democrat who supports his party's platform is akin to condoning sin in every way. In addition, by their silence they are consenting to the will of the devious ones. How much worse then if the person on the ballot claims to be a Catholic and yet vociferously spews the Party's culture of death platform, indeed brags about it. If that is not flaunting God in the face, I don't know what is.

   And that brings us back to Missouri. Being here in the Show-me State, I am hereby asking His Excellency in St. Louis to show me he meant what he said to so-called Catholics David Obey in the U.S. House and others in Wisconsin. Put your actions where your flock are and let them know, in no uncertain terms that no Catholic in good conscience can vote for a pro-abortion politician, but more importantly never for one who claims to be Catholic. Case in point: Senator John Kerry, probably the second worst offender of Catholic values after Senator Ted Kennedy. Kerry has a 100% pro-abortion voting record in legislating murder and recently since it came into vogue, a horrendous legacy of supporting sodomite agendas. How, in God's good name, can he call himself Catholic?

   In that same vein, how, in God's good name, can the Pope sit idly by not saying a thing directly. What is it, hands off when it comes to the politicians in America? We know that doesn't wash for the Vatican was plenty opinionated and accusatory when it came to the U.S. and the war in Iraq. They had many good points; on others they were way off. Nevertheless, the precedent had been set. Don't give me the lie that the Pope can't do anything or pass judgment. He's already proven that's a lie, look at the railroad job on Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in 1988. Be honest and tell it like it is: the Pope won't do anything for that would contribute mightily to the house of cards of his ecumenical agenda. Why, it might totally collapse if the sheep realized what it really is. The sad, sad fact is that no Pope in the last 50 years has pronounced any kind of anathema and so sin multiplies, errors are enhanced, immorality increases and amorality abounds.

   Kerry was the ward of Cardinal Bernard Law whom we begged back in 2001 to extend the same warning Bishop Burke finally did over two and a half years later. Law, as we all know, did not and the maggots of mammon caught up with him. The same with Archbishop Rembert Weakland who chose deceit and the lie over being a true shepherd. He now is left to the mercy of mammon just as Our Lord expressed in Luke 16: 9-10. From the rumblings we have heard, don't look for this proud modernist to repent anytime soon. How sad. And don't look to Archbishop Sean O'Malley or Cardinal Edward Egan or Cardinal Theodore McCarrick or Cardinal William Keeler or Cardinal Roger Mahony - especially these last two - for any kind of moral leadership. Indeed the last good bishop who had the attention of the faithful was one Bishop Fulton J. Sheen. Since then, we have had a wasteland of shepherds. No wonder the sheep have scattered so.

   Is it a coincidence or God-incidence that the orthodox Archbishop who we made our fictional hero in our novel "White Smoke, Black Fire!" is the head of the Archdiocese of St. Louis? Our fictional Cardinal Gregory Zachmunn was chosen by us long before Burke was even named a bishop. We can only hope and pray that from the actions taken of late by Archbishop Burke in his closing months in La Crosse that it will signal more true Catholic actions in the manner of our fictional Prince of the Church from the Gateway City, and that fiction will become fact with Archbishop Burke being the shepherd Catholics expect and that he will eventually realize, by the grace of the Holy Ghost, that the life of the Church can only survive by returning to the Truths and Traditions that sustained Holy Mother Church from Saint Peter through Pope Pius XII.

   Two good ways to start are to, one, make the Traditional Latin Mass widely available in his See. Maybe, just maybe his neighboring bishops such as Bishop William Leibrecht of the Springfield-Cape Girardeau Diocese will be shaken out of his comatose Protestant mind-set and follow suit. One can only hope for the latter will not allow one single Latin Mass anywhere in his diocese that spans the entire southern portion of the great state of Missouri. Why won't he allow it, despite the very questionable Ecclesia Dei "indult"? Because it would offend and confuse Protestants! That's Liebrecht's excuse. I kid you not. But then what do you expect from this diocese for it is the very same diocese that gave Boston a man named Law. Yet it is here in the enemy's lair that we make our stand for the banner of Christ and Tradition. Viva la Resistance!

   The second thing, and immediate action Archbishop Burke must do is publicly proclaim the gravity of voting for any pro-abortion candidate and especially one who claims to be Catholic. In other words, never vote for a hypocrite. And John Kerry is a hypocrite of the enth degree. With his 'anyone-but-Dean' wins in poorly represented states of Iowa and New Hampshire - a far cry from providing a barometer what America represents - he has suddenly been propped up as not only the odds-on favorite, but a war hero. Come again? How can someone, as we wrote in our Herod's Heroes piece on March 1, 2001, who served as an officer in the Mekong Delta, not see the emotional effect of killing and the tragedy of tortured bodies. Doesn't he realize the same thing happens to the innocent unborns thorough the hideous act of abortion? Evidently not for he has a record that would make him more akin to the dreaded Vietcong 'Charlie' than a war hero.

   No, when it comes to deserters from the tenets of the Faith, Kerry leads the way. So let's get the rest of the story out there that John Kerry is no war hero, chiefly because the freedoms he fought for in Vietnam are what he is fighting to take away. Ann Coulter in her column Just A Gigolo last week nailed it:

    "Physical courage, like chastity, is something liberals usually deride, but are tickled when it accidentally manifests itself in one of their own. One has to stand in awe of Kerry's military service 33 years ago. Of course, that's where it ends, including with Kerry -- inasmuch as, upon his return from war in 1970, he promptly began trashing his fellow Vietnam vets by calling them genocidal murderers."

She goes on to tell us about that this 'brave' vet trashed Viet Nam war medals at an anti-war protest a year later. Do read her article for it will tell you so much more about the 'Catholicity' of this man who has no respect for the Sacrament of Matrimony and, like his mentor, Teddy and before that J.F.K. have flaunted their sins with no fear of reprisal by the Church.

   How terrible you agree, but then if there is no one to rein him in, why should we expect him to observe and respect limits? John Paul II can say all the platitudes he wants, but if his bishops don't exact discipline and enforcement of Canonical and God's laws, then it is all for naught. What is needed is a tough, no nonsense, uncompromising Pontiff who will insure his bishops toe the line. I know, it's been a long time. Let's hope and pray it won't be as long in waiting for a good Pope again.

   While Kerry has become the enemy in every sense and must be exposed as such, so also for his accomplices in crime - the bishops and priests and laity who, knowing what the Church teaches, look the other way and claim the narrow-minded logic that abortion is only one issue. Wrong! IT IS the ONLY issue! Fr. Frank Pavone stated in his most recent Priests for Life letter entitled "Sinful Voting", that "there can be no democracy without virtue, and there can be no human activity divorced from the moral law. And in matters of the moral law, the Church does not have the right to be silent." Want a more succinct quote? How about Saint Robert Bellarmine, the holy Doctor of the Church and the Council of Trent who stated flatly, "Unjust laws are, properly speaking, no laws."

   Yet the American mindset from politician to bishop is to bow to the great secular gods rather than the One True God. The sad fact is they respect the unjust judicial laws of the land, such as Roe v. Wade, more than Gods' moral law of the decalogue which commands: "Thou shalt not kill." Yes, hypocrisy abounds. This also applies to the other rancid list of pathetic, incompetent candidates the mule party has thrown at the presidential-material dartboard hoping one would stick. So far their aim is way off. They're flailing and failing. Thank God. No, neither John Kerry or General Wesley Clark of any of the rest of the Democrat pack preying on the innocent are heroes in any sense of the imagination.

   You want heroes? How about those who uncompromisingly press on, marching and praying in front of abortuaries every month putting up with ridicule and worse? How about those who go out of their way to adopt unwanted children? How about those who stick it out and bring their babies to full term even though they are despised and forgotten by those very Planned Parenthood piranhas who had earlier encouraged her to abort her child? Yes, a mother is a hero? And any mother who aborts her baby is a coward, a traitor, a sinner. But she is not alone. The father bears equally the guilt for it is his seed, his flesh and blood. Just as Eve succumbed first, Adam took part and for that they were both expelled and incurred original sin. So also anyone who supports the actions of abortion by commission, omission or consent through legislation or knowingly voting for a pro-abort shares the guilt. Folks, it doesn't really matter the degrees of the sin, it is a sin. And it is a mortal sin because one knew it was serious, knew what they were doing in the voting booth or in Congressional chambers and willingly assented by their own free will to doing it anyway. Either way, in God's book it is a sin. You know the rest of the story there. Get ye to the confessional before you would perish into eternal hellfire. Yes, we do indeed need to hear that more from the pulpits for the bishops and priests, not to mention the pope, and the politicians, especially men of influence must be held accountable by God's measure of justice, not man's. The higher the responsibility, the greater the crime. Recall Christ's assertion in Luke 12: 48, "And unto whomsoever much is given, of him much shall be required; and to whom they have committed much, of him much they will demand more."

   Because of the scope of what Kerry, through his legislation and lobbying, has effected in prolonging the culture of death and now perversion, he is held to a higher standard - much higher not only by God but by his constituents. Prior to now that was the State of Massachusetts, never known for its conservative principles; the very same state that hangs on the precarious ledge of the abyss over the passage of an abominable sodomite "marriage" bill. How sacrilegious and profane can these politicians get? Now Kerry is being pushed on the rest of the country as a viable candidate and his Catholic upbringing will not go unnoticed. Opponents will capitalize on that, but never go far enough, always fearing to hurdle that great stumbling block - 'offending the sensibilities of the offenders' - thus they inevitably always trip on their own tongues. Kerry's people will twist it to somehow rationalize his actions as being in conformity with the Church. Maybe the church of Vatican II - the false religion of the past 40 years, but never the True Church. You just know that the false misconceptions of Separation of Church and State will come up and Kerry will side with whichever side is advantageous to him at that time and place. Coulter's article is a scream on waffling.

   Haven't people realized yet that Democrats have no convictions? If they realized that the only way to garner votes from the large Catholic bloc was by adhering to Catholic teaching fully, they'd change their agenda and condemn abortion and sodomy. Ah, but the only way they will do that is if the Catholic populace are placed on noticed as well. Let's get serious here, folks. Past Popes have set the precedent that if a leader openly violated God's laws and Church teaching, entire cities and kingdoms have been excommunicated. Maybe that kind of threat is needed today.

   I know that won't sit well with the 'civilization of love' mites who will allow the foundations to continue to crumble by not fending off the attackers who are ramrodding the ramparts. Note to the bishops: Unless you want to be enshrouded in rubble, it is time now to reinforce the girders and sound the clarion from every chancery that no one who claims to be Catholic can morally vote for a known pro-abort politician. Conversely, no one who claims to be Catholic can knowingly vote or legislate or promote the sin of murder. For any party to do so would incur a severe excommunication. So far, as everyone knows only too well, it has only been words - hollow words. Even with Archbishop Burke - recently chosen as the 8th most effective Catholic of 2003 by INSIDE THE VATICAN Magazine - issuing his statement, there has still been no action. Yes, folks. So far it has been all show and no go. Pray that His Excellency would just follow through on his convictions if, indeed, they are true convictions.

This just in

    Life News editor Stephen Ertelt reports in today's edition (February 3, 2004) that indeed Burke has made a stand, saying: "I would have to admonish him not to present himself for Communion," said Burke. "I might give him a blessing or something. If his archbishop has told him he should not present himself for Communion, he shouldn't." We can only hope and pray that he will not just leave it at that, but let all Catholics know the severe penalty for one who persists in their sin, even flaunting it above the Faith as Kerry has done. Burke has signaled the clarion and for that he is to be commended. "On life issues, this is a serious issue for bishops, a grave problem for the church, which has to be addressed." Read the rest at LifeNews.Com

   We pray this is a beginning, yet in the time since Burke's last pronouncement late last year and his most recent one this past weekend, millions more souls have been lost because they were not given the truths of salvation, because they were accommodated in their sins and false faiths out of fear by those who should be evangelizing but are more afraid of offending the sinners' sensibilities or, to put it more bluntly, the asinine agenda of ecumenism. Thanks to this humanistic Universalism towards a New Order, hundreds of thousands more innocents have been slain in the womb and untold millions wallowing without the sacramental grace of baptism or sanctifying grace. Who will be held accountable for those souls? Think about it and think very hard about it? Then pray, and I do mean pray as you've never prayed before. Pray that at your Particular Judgement of Nuremberg, so to speak, when you stand before your Creator and Judge, you will not be indicted for complicity of the crime.

   No, right and wrong, good and evil are today topsy-turvy. Kerry stands for evil in every way, Keeshan, though not a Catholic, stood for good and values as every kid growing up would attest to before the advent of MTV. You'd do wise to reject Kerry and the rest of the vindictive vipers of viciousness and vile who slither in under the pretense of defending human rights and women's rights. There is no such animal when the rights of life are violated in the womb. If you truly consider yourself Catholic, then you have a serious moral responsibility before God to bounce Kerry out, because there are no bungee cords in Heaven. Don't be a donkey's you-know-what, quit braying over the hypocrites. Because, the fact of the matter is the Massachusetts senator is no hero, but a killer, a serial killer. For all the years he has marshaled the executioners through his deadly legislation and his encouragement of the Holocaust in the womb, he has become far worse than Adolf Hitler. And you can quote me on that for, though he has many accomplices beginning with his bishops, he has been killing souls and allowing innocent ones to be ripped from the safest refuge possible - their mothers' wombs and sacrificed on the altar of political expediency. Yes, he could definitely be considered a serial killer as well. The bottom line is that John Kerry is no hero! He's a coward, a deserter and guilty as charged!

Michael Cain, editor

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    February 3, 2004
    vol 15, no. 34