February 17, 2004
vol 15, no. 48

The Passion and Conversion of Hearts!
        It is uncanny how the events and players surrounding 'The Passion of The Christ' in 2004 so clearly replicate the very characters of that very real drama in 33 A.D.when an innocent Man was persecuted, slandered, and condemned unjustly. From the Sanhedrin baiting Our Lord to the modern Sanhedrin, Scribes and Pharisees baiting another man today, nothing seems to have changed in 1971 years. The players, both good and bad, retain the same characteristics. Just as they did not get the message the first time, so too they do not get it this time around. That is why prayer is so vital right now!

   February 17th will always remain special to yours truly for today I am quietly celebrating the 45th anniversary of receiving the cherished Junior Oblate Cross as a Sophomore at Our Lady of the Ozarks Seminary in Carthage, Missouri. It was this very place where I was privileged to be able to revisit this past Friday. The Oblates of Mary Immaculate are gone now, like so many Orders, the seminaries dried up once most orders embraced the errors of the New Order. In its place is the very Marian Vietnamese Congregation of the Mother Co-Redemptrix. Other than their saying their entire liturgy in Vietnamese, very little has changed with the exception that the main altar has been moved from the sanctuary in the main chapel to one of the ten crypt chapels below where we would serve Mass each morning for over twenty priests at the seminary. There was no greater privilege, other than being ordained, than to put on the cassock and surplus and assist at Holy Mass. I was elated that this beautiful carved altar was placed against the wall beneath the Crucifix. Though I could not find anyone who spoke English well enough, I would imagine it is used by one or several of the retired Vietnamese priests who still cling to the ancient Traditions of Holy Mother Church, since all the other chapels are now confessionals. That in itself is encouraging. The magnificent altar was still intact with it's relics encased in the marble stone which I remember the rector Father Michael Deis, OMI setting into the altar at the dedication in 1959.

   In the main chapel it was like a trip back in time, a much better, more absolute and innocent time. Though the Congregation has caved to the newChurch in liturgy, they have not tampered with the beautiful Tabernacle front and center rising up from the magnificent marble wall beneath the life-sized crucifix of Christ. The statues and Fatima grotto and stained glass that we helped inlay are all still there as are the original pews and confessionals, Stations of the Cross. All that is missing other than the main altar, is the communion rail. The polished Carthage marble that graced the entire sanctuary has been covered with a plush red carpet which at least maintains the reverence of this hallowed house of God where I was refreshed daily with the Bread of Life and spent countless hours in meditation and prayer.

   In traversing the corridors and rooms of the rest of this wonderful seminary which I called home for the best six years of my life, so many memories, good and lasting ones of where the good seeds of the Word were planted on good soil - as today's Gospel affirms - flooded into my mind and heart. Though I did not continue with the Oblates, I have always had a very special place in my heart for the Missionary Order. I am so grateful for what I was taught: the true, orthodox tenets of the Church before the virus of Vatican II could infect seminaries. To the day I die I will be eternally grateful. And on that day, I ask only that my Junior Oblate Cross be placed on my casket at my Requiem Mass. In life and in death I will not only always be an Oblate, but a devoted son of God, loyal to His Church - His True Church.

   To this day I still proudly wear the special crucifix on a long black cord at every Holy Mass and in daily prayer. Since February 17, 1959 it has always been my custom to clutch it after Holy Communion and gaze upon the corpse of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on the gold and black replica of the official Oblate Cross while praying the Anima Christi and The Prayer Before the Crucifix. I think of what He went through for me, for you, for all of His children standing below and afar that day and ever since. Thoughts of faith, hope, charity and forgiveness flood my heart and I harken back to the very words I told my Novice Master on Holy Saturday morning in 1964 when I announced to him, after seven years of Seminary study, that my vocation was not to the priesthood but a preparation for something else. Even though I have 'sometimers' disease where I vaguely recall what I did yesterday, I can remember my exact words, as though it was just yesterday, to Father Leo Figge, OMI: "Somehow I just know, Father, that I can reach more people without a Roman collar. God has other plans for me."

   Little did I know then what He was preparing me for in the future. I can only thank Him profusely every day. And adding to the repertoire this week are an additional Novena of Rosaries for the conversion of hearts through the fruits of 'The Passion of The Christ'. I strongly encourage all to join us in this cause.

   In just one week we will be at Fat Tuesday, known the world over by the French term which equates with unfettered ribaldry and a lack of moral turpitude: Mardi Gras. It's all part of the big Easy way of life - a life that, sadly, few the next day repent of. They are too hung over. But that is not the purpose of this editorial today. No, this year more than ever, Lent has been accelerated where Ash Wednesday will approximate both Palm Sunday and Good Friday.

   The scenario is playing out so close to the script that it is truly, truly clear who the players are and what will be the results. Consider, if you will first of all the major principles.

   The first is one man, a single man, who has dared to bring to the people a radical truth. That man has dared to bring to life in the most vivid, realistic form the Passion and Death of the Word made Flesh. One man dares to affix forever on celluloid the infrangible truths of Divine Revelation. How dare he rock the politically correct revisionists' agenda. Another Man two millennia ago dared to rock the politically correct hypocrites who used the laws to suit them. You've heard of Him and His words to those who sought to discredit Him. A man named Matthew recorded it for all posterity in his account; chapter 23 it was, verses 25-34:

    "Wo to you Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites: because you are like to whitened sepulchres which outwardly appear to men beautiful, but within are full of dead men's bones, and of all filthiness. So you also outwardly, indeed, appear to men just: but within, you are full of hypocrisy and iniquity. Wo to you Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, who build the sepulchres of the prophets, and adorn the monuments of the just, and say: If we had been in the days of our fathers, we would not have been partakers with them, in the blood of the prophets. Wherefore you are witnesses against yourselves, that you are the sons of them who killed the prophets. Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers. Ye serpents, generation of vipers, how will you escape the judgment of hell? Therefore, behold, I send to you prophets and wise men, and Scribes: and some of them you will put to death, and crucify, and some you will scourge in your synagogues and persecute from city to city."

   Today one of those wise men is Mel Gibson who is being persecuted by both the Jews and the Romans of modern times. The saga of Mel's persecutions approximate that time recorded in Sacred Scripture. Consider the Annas and Caiphas of our times, are Rabbi Marvin Hier and Abraham Foxman respectively who have relentlessly hounded Gibson, attempting to trap him and to implicate this staunch Traditional Catholic as an anti-Semite, whatever that is in today's twisted logic. It is not a religious agenda, but rather a political agenda. This modern high priest, so crafty and devious in purpose, has had the help of the Scribes, the liberal media - most notably The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN News, Time and Newsweek who are urged on by the moguls who own these news and entertainment conglomerates - the modern Pharisees. All are launching vicious, insidious attacks on Gibson and his life's work. "Wo to you Scribes and Pharisees, ye hypocrites."

   Why can't they hear what Mel is really trying to say? That it has nothing to do with blame, but about faith, hope, charity, forgiveness and repentance? Our Lord tells us in John 8: 43-47:

    "Why do you not know My speech? Because you cannot hear My word. You are of 'your' father, the devil, and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he abode not in the truth: because the truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof. But if I say the truth, you believe me not. Which of you shall convince me of sin? If I say be truth to you, why do you not believe Me? He that is of God, heareth the words of God. Therefore, you hear them not, because you are not of God."

   The false witnesses called in to disgrace Christ are assimilated in the false witnesses who today speak with fork tongue, and truly do not know their Faith. One such unfortunate soul is Father Thomas DeYoung, pastor of St. Adalbert Basilica in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He, if you recall, was the one who called in the law - the Judas who betrayed Christ by inviting pagans into the holy temple of God. And what do these false witnesses do in the face of truth? They renounce it and stand with the Sanhedrin. We have just been sent an e-mail DeYoung sent a concerned Catholic by the name of Mrs. Jo Dermody who initially wrote him the following:

    Father DeYoung,
    I was shocked to learn that a group of Buddhists were being allowed to come into the Basilica and perform. I am glad a traditional group of Catholics made themselves known at this time and prayed the Rosary as loud as possible. I wish I could have joined them.

    The Vatican II church has lost it's way, sadly so. Three of my four children lost their faith in God while attending Vatican II CCD classes and attending the confusing Vatican II masses.

    I wonder Father how many Buddhist temples in this world have invited groups of all Catholics choirs to come into their temples and sing Catholic hymns, beginning with "Ave Maria."

    The only apology I think you should have made was to Our Lord for allowing his Church to be so misused by those who do not belong to the One True Church, the Church of centuries. The Catholic Church.

    Mrs. Jo Dermody

   How does the 'false witness' Fr. DeYoung respond? Here is what this blind man to the True Faith said about Father Michael McMahon and the Holy Name Society from the Society of Saint Pius X at St. Margaret Mary's parish in Allendale, Michigan in his terse reply to Mrs. Dermody:

    I am shocked that so many well meaning people like you are so ignorant of the teachings of the Catholic Church and of the Buddhist traditions as well.

    The group that took over our church was NOT Roman Catholic but rather are members of a schismatic sect who's leader was excommunicated by the Pope. Their actions were expressively violent, sacrilegious, misplaced, and a scandal for themselves alone. These religious terrorists instilled terrible fear in many who came reminding them of the actions of the Nazis, and differ only in degree to the terrorism going on in the Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine. Such intolerance can never be acceptable in a free society like ours.

    The invitation to these holy and wonderful monks was not unlike the one extended by the Holy Father to their leader, His Holiness The Dalai Lama and others to pray together for peace at Assisi. It was completely within the practice of our Catholic church. These good men came in peace. They did not come to proselytize or to convert, but only to share their peaceful journey toward peace and enlightenment. They posed no danger to us, but only offered to walk the common journey with us.

    Mary would weep at a scandalous use of her prayer as was demonstrated by this non-Catholic group of disrupters.

    Throughout the ages, our churches have been gathering places for people of peace and good will. Throughout the ages we have been a church of welcome. It is sad that people like you have decided that we should be exclusive, unwelcoming, intolerant, hypocritical, defiant of the teachings of Christ, and too full of the cardinal sin of pride to see the good in others. No wonder your children left the church if that is what you taught them. Shame on you for destroying their faith through your terrible example.

    I hope you attain a repentant heart and find your way back from the extreme views you hold to the True Faith of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

    Father Thomas DeYoung

  Oh, where do we begin to unmask these pretenders of the Faith? Poor Fr. DeYoung, forgive him for he knows not what he does. They are so ignorant to the real 'True Faith of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.' What Fr. DeYoung is promoting might be acceptable to the New Order but not to Holy Mother the Church from Peter through Pius XII. DeYoung is parroting the same tired but, unfortunately, persuasive arguments of the Sodomites, the Zionists, the pro-aborts: We must all get along so sin is no longer a component. Anyone who condemns sin or seeks to correct his brother is 'intolerant, hypocritical, defiant of the teachings of Christ,' and it is 'people like you' who these VaticantwoArians refer to in trying to discredit loyal Catholics and sounding more like the ADL, NARAL, and Democratic candidates with their Nazi and terrorist insinuations than a parish priest in the mold of a Saint John Vianney. Those kind of men of character and piety can, for the most part, be found only in the Traditional sectors today. Case in point: SSPX pastor Father Michael who led the 'religious terrorists' and group who 'attacked' and 'terrorized' on their knees while reciting the full 15 decades of the Holy Rosary.

   Yes, Mary is weeping, but not over Fr. McMahon's actions and that 'violent, sacrilegious, misplaced, and a scandal for themselves alone' actions on their knees. No, Our Lady weeps over DeYoung's spineless actions in being a lukewarm shepherd as so many are today. She weeps because he has eschewed the traditions of his youth in favor of the golden calf in calling the pagan Dalai Lama 'His Holiness.' Please! What blasphemy! You see DeYoung, along with practically every other priest and bishop who do not have the backbone or intelligence to truly know their Faith, have sold out, while pretending to be the just and righteous. "Wo to you Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites: because you go round about sea and land to make one proselyte: and when he is made, you make him the child of hell two-fold more than yourselves" (Matthew 23: 15).

   DeYoung's ordinary Bishop Kevin Britt has allowed anything and everything to go on unfettered in his diocese as have so many other bishops, but as has been said before and written up so eloquently by Jacob Michael in last Thursday's issue Booting the Buddhists from the Basilica and Saturday's Finish the Race!, the only threat to the New Order are the Traditionalists. Why? Because they have the truth. Yet men like DeYoung twist it to deceive so many Catholics. Oh, satan is clever.

   The evil one is so clever that he has marshaled the men in miters to pronounce unnecessary warnings against 'The Passion of The Christ', which only shows the hypocrisy of their hearts by remaining silent on things that truly offend God. That would be the bishops, practically encompassing the whole of the United States. Did you realize that many, many dioceses are issuing a 128 page booklet entitled "The Bible, the Jews and the Death of Jesus: A Collection of Catholic Documents" ? In truth it is a document in which they expose their own guilt and their entrapment in the great compromise with the Jews. It is nothing but an extension of the abhorrent document issued by the Pontifical Biblical Commission a few years ago which Cardinal William Keeler has bought into in selling out his Faith and his flock. But then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger signed off on the anathema that is that document as well. For more, I strongly encourage you to read a thorough study and documenting of the errors of the New Order in Atila Sinke Guimar„es' "The Biblical Commission on the Jews: Changes in Doctrine and New Anathemas"

   In promoting the lie the false witnesses will stop at nothing. As an example in Cleveland, where the notorious Bishop Anthony Pilla rules over his fiefdom of the New Order, he has issued an all points warning to be on the look-out for anti-Semitic movies based on the New Testament. You'll note the films 'Luther' and 'The Gospel of John' got a complete pass, as did the horrendous, blasphemous 'The Last Temptation of Christ', but not so a masterpiece of unparalleled excellence that equates the actual account of the Gospels. Who's kidding who? Catholic Citizens of Illinois reports that this warning was "not issued to the Rainbow Gay Pride banner that still flies on the Gay Catholics of Cleveland website, nor against the V-Monologues at John Carroll University, nor the heretical group Futurechurch that continues to reside on diocesan property while encouraging local Catholics to not believe in Catholicism. The warning does not concern a long overdue apology for the Cleveland diocese giving thousands of dollars (from collection plates) to an organization which had the National Abortion Rights Action League as one of its members." The warning does not concern a know porn star signing autographs at a same function where the diocese took part nor does it concern issuing an edict to pro-abort 'Catholic' politicians that they will be refused the sacraments per 'latae sententiae' excommunication if they persist in violating God's law or warnings to any Catholic that it is a sin to vote for a known pro-abort whether that candidate be Catholic or not. Wo to those who are Catholic and still stubbornly leave their Faith at the door. They are not Catholic! No, Pilla saw no need to issue such a warning. There are very few Archbishop Raymond Burkes among the men in magenta, purple and scarlet today.

   No, as the Citizen attests, "the warning concerns an upcoming movie. Sure, there are scores of movies every year that mock the Christian faith, that are crude and pornographic, that exploit women, that demean the intrinsic value of sacred human life. The diocese has not seen fit to warn about these, of course. The movie they wish to warn Catholics about is different. As the Cleveland Plain Dealer noted, 'The Diocese of Cleveland sent a February memo to all its parishes asking Catholics to be aware of the potential for anti-Semitism. On Friday, a trio of prominent Jewish, Catholic and Protestant leaders sent a letter to 300 of their colleagues urging them to address the issues raised by the film in their churches and synagogues'."

   Folk, the issue here is salvation, plain and simple. There is no other issue. The issues the Scribes and Pharisees have fabricated are to belittle Holy Scripture. And the false witnesses are playing right into their hands. At the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' website this statement is on-line in promoting an 'explanation' of how Catholics 'should' believe. Never mind that it is in error, never mind that the modern Pharisees and false witnesses skewer the saints of old and denigrate the doctrines of our forefathers handed down from Christ through Peter and His successors and the successors of the rest of the Apostles. Here is the blatant heresy they are advancing on the USCCB website:

    Behind all of these statements lies the determination of the Church to oppose anti-Semitism and to understand more fully the salvation of all humanity in Christ while affirming the unique place of Jews and Judaism in the unfolding of the mysteries of salvation universally proclaimed by the Church. We trust they will be useful for those entrusted with preaching and teaching in the Church, and in parish discussion and Catholic-Jewish dialogue groups.

   This folks, is absolutely bogus! There is no unfolding of the mysteries of salvation for the Jews. They have abdicated that and Christ completed the Old Covenant with His New Covenant just as He affirmed at the Last Supper. Even neo-Catholics should recognize the words, "of the New and Eternal Testament." The only salvation for the Jews is through Baptism as Jesus asserts in Mark 16: 16. Those who do not believe, sorry! That's the way it is. There's no hedging on that as much as the compromisers and hypocrites would like you to believe. When they say "proclaimed by the Church" they have conveniently forgotten anything proclaimed from Peter to Pius XII. It is all Vatican Two-speak, double speak. In a word: they lie. Yet they sit in their ivory towers looking all pompous and pure, where inside they are rotting sepulchres. "O ye hypocrites."

   Fr. DeYoung might call it 'exclusive'; Christ calls it 'free will' to believe or not believe His uncompromising Truths. "Will you also go away?" (John 6: 68). While we shudder that there are so many DeYoungs, Britts, and Pillas out there misleading their flocks, their own words confirm their own ignorance: If the Pope does it, then it's okay. No moral theology here, folks. Truly the emperor has no clothes.

    "Wo to you blind guides, who say: Whoseover shall swear by the temple, it is nothing: but he that shall swear by the gold of the temple, is a debtor. Ye foolish and blind: for whether is greater, the gold, or the temple that sanctifieth the gold? And whosoever shall swear by the altar, it is nothing: but whosoever shall swear by the gift that is upon it, he is a debtor. Ye blind: for whether is greater, the gift, or the altar that sanctifieth the gift? Whosoever shall swear by the temple, sweareth by it, and by him that dwelleth in it. And he that sweareth by Heaven, sweareth by the throne of God, and by Him that sitteth thereon" (Matthew 23: 16-22).

   Who cannot see today the likeness of the Roman governor Pontius Pilate to the present Roman "governor" - John Paul II? Just as Pilate could not control the Jews, this Pope cannot control his bishops. Rather than taking control he has gone in the opposite direction in his maddening obsession with ecumenism which has so demeaned the Papacy. Let us count the ways. He has abdicated the authority of Holy Mother Church to the Sanhedrin of the UN, just as his predecessor Paul VI did. Like Pilate, this modern Roman "governor" is afraid of the power of the Sanhedrin and the Pharisees, and surely the Scribes. How many have forgotten that the bishops and Pope, for that matter, though little did he do in correcting the situation, finally acknowledged the scandal of sodomy and cover-up only after it was uncovered by the Scribes?

   This is the same Roman 'governor' who has ruled for 25 years through intimidation and deception. Just as the Jews were 'free' to practice their faith under special directives and always under the watch of the Roman guards, so also today through the illegal directive Ecclesia Dei Traditional Catholics who cling to the tenets and traditions practiced for nearly 2000 years are granted an 'indult' but only under modern Rome's stipulations and then only if they accept sight unseen the Roman gods of the New Order in liturgical reform, ecumenism, humanism, Modernism, and every other ism save for one: The Truism of Catholicism. Those who do not go along with such unjust 'laws' are hounded, demeaned, slandered and persecuted. Is it any wonder Mel Gibson is a marked man?

   Like Pilate, John Paul fears the masses, and therefore, to avoid insurrection of his bishops, he whimpers in private while pandering to the wants of the politically correct whether that be entertaining the profaners within the Vatican itself - be it a rock concert, a circus, an ecumaniacal event, or a hip-hop break dancing sham. Like Pilate, he causes greater scandal by washing his hands of any guilt or association with this 'controversy' of 'The Passion of The Christ' going so far as to deny, through his wards, that he ever uttered the theologically, poetically brilliant endorsement "it is as it was." Why? We have treated this at length in our previous editorials, most specifically A man of his word true to the Word and in 'It' depends on what 'is' was! but again all of this posturing by the Pope and the modern Vatican was to please man, not God. Read the Apostle Paul's words in Galatians 1: 10, "For do I now persuade men, or God? Or do I seek to please men? If I did yet please men, I should not be the servant of Christ."

   How can a servant of Christ praise false religions, give credence to satanic idols and kiss the blasphemous Koran? How can a servant of Christ justify the further desecration of the Mass which is already more Protestant than the Protestants? How can a servant of Christ turn a deaf ear to the faithful when they clamor for justice in his appointed bishops who have so besmirched Christ and His Mystical Body? How can a servant of Christ allow the destruction of countless souls by concealing the truths of Mark 16: 16 and giving false hope to those who reject Our Lord and the Father? Platitudes are wonderful, but they are hollow, empty - like rotting sepulchres - when they are not followed by firm action that seeks to establish Christ's Kingdom upon this earth through the Sovereign Kingship of Christ. Has anyone since the death of Pope Pius XII heard that phrase out of a Roman Pontiff? No, they haven't. How can a servant of Christ ignore the teachings and wisdom of the Fathers, Doctors, Saints, Councils and Traditions of Holy Mother the Church from Saint Peter through Papa Pacelli? How can a servant of Christ abandon the constituted evangelic traditions of the Church which he is vowed to uphold and never change? The facts are folks, he cannot and still be loyal to his Lord and Master Jesus Christ, Son of God and Savior of the world. And so we have today's Pilate.

   Not all the Pharisees were dishonest. There were Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus. The former, a senator of the Jews, refused to take part in the trials of The Christ. The latter was notable by his lone dissenting voice. That man today could very well be Rabbi Daniel Lapin, President of Toward Tradition whose enlightening piece Mel owes one to the Jews in our Saturday issue shows his staunch defense for Gibson just as Nicodemus defended Our Lord against all odds.

   Then there are the masses. There are millions who are raising Hosannas right now, especially the Evangelicals and millions more Protestants who have bought up so many tickets to the film. I equate them with the crowds who flung palm fronds in front of Our Lord on Palm Sunday but five days later clamored for his execution. How can this be, you say? Consider that Mel has been totally open and honest in the reasons why he has made this film and where he stands in proclaiming the dogma of Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus - "Outside the Church there is no salvation." I personally have heard media personalities disputing that Mel "would never say such an idiotic thing" and that surely he was misquoted. When more realize he is not misquoted, but is quoting from Catholic Dogma that has been in effect for 2000 years, will they still be praising him? When they realize that the wide path that many are following is the wrong path, will they opt for the narrow path? Only God knows and only God can turn hardened, icy, lukewarm hearts to Him. But chances are, if this film doesn't thaw cold hearts, nothing will.

   The Gospel of Luke for Sexagesima Sunday, which is so wonderfully and sagely repeated four times this week in Ferial Days - thanks to the inspiration of Holy Mother Church - says it all. For the Word of God, likened to the parable of the seeds, are heard and perceived in different ways.

   For some the seed is scattered on the wayside and left where the devil makes easy work of it for the hearer is uninterested and lukewarm. Because of their lukewarmness they have already been vomited out of the mouth of the Lord (cf. Apocalypse 3: 16).

   Then there are the seeds that land on the rock but have no way to penetrate the hard surface and grow. Thus so many, caught up in the moment of feelings and emotions, are overjoyed such as the crowds on Palm Sunday, but soon lose that euphoria and return to their old ways when temptation or pressures arise for they have no roots to keep them anchored in truth. They believe for a while and then they fade away. Can anyone say 'Charismatics'?

   Then there are the seeds that fell among the thorns and, though having the best intentions, the hearers try to stay the course. They are like the disciples who followed Christ until His arrest, and then they scattered. This included His hand-chosen ones - His Apostles. Only one Apostle remained with Him through it all: Saint John the Beloved Disciple. So also today so many are full of good intentions, strive to live right and do good. But the powerful lure of the world, the flesh and the devil in the end is too much to overcome and so they compromise their principles, and, as Christ says "yield no fruit." I would unhesitatingly lump every neo-Catholic in this group for though they think they are being loyal, they are following false tenets and have abandoned Christ and His True Church by embracing the synthetic liturgy of the New Order. "No man can serve two masters" (Matthew 6: 24).

   Finally, there are the very, very small contingent who have planted the seeds of Truth on the solid, rich soil of the Truths and Traditions of the One True Church Christ founded. Because they realize the truths of Paul's warning in Galatians 1: 8-10, they abhor the New Order and cling to all that was taught and practiced for nearly 2000 years because it, unlike its usurper, "yielded fruit a hundredfold." Those who stand upon the good ground are assaulted by all as they are spit upon, and derided for standing with and for a condemned man. Those who stand upon good ground realize they cannot remain in this one spot, but must walk the lonely, rugged and difficult path to Golgotha. Few there are who finish the course. "For many are called, but few are chosen" (Matthew 20: 16). Only those who are strengthened in the Faith, who truly KNOW and KEEP THE FAITH intact and unsullied, will arrive at the foot of the Cross to stand unashamedly with their Lord and Messiah.

   Just as the Sorrowful Mother along with Mary Magdalene, St. John and a handful of others stood beneath the almost imperceptible emaciated and tortured Son of God, throughout the ordeal even unto death and after, so also faithful Traditional Catholics lament the almost unrecognizable condition the Mystical Body of Christ has become. He has been mutilated and scourged beyond recognition. Yet it is still the Body of Christ. They stand with Him not because He makes them feel good, or because He promises them riches in this world, but because He and He alone offers everlasting life. No one else can. No Buddhist, no Hindu, no Muslim, no New Ager, and no Jew - other than the Divine Jew Who ended the Old Covenant because the Jews rejected Him - can. No Protestant can assure that he is in sanctifying grace and through sacramental and actual grace will be saved. He has only words of belief "Jesus is my Savior. I am saved." Words are cheap and hollow if not followed through sacramentally, in order to be enshrouded in the ever-protective shell of sanctifying grace. Traditional Catholics - Authentic Catholics - understand this and no amount of distractions, illusions, worldly rewards will sway them from keeping "a good and perfect heart." so that "hearing the Word, keep it, and bring forth fruit in patience."

   Mel Gibson exhibits 'a good and perfect heart' who, hearing the Word, has not only kept it, but is about to bring forth fruit in patience. It has been a long ordeal.

   Let us pray that the Hosannas will turn to conversions and not chants of 'crucify him, crucify him.'

   Let us pray that every person of Jewish descent will see the Truth and hear the Word and their hearts will be awakened to what they need to do. This is not anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism is non-Christian. No true Catholic hates Jews. He loves them and wants them to share in eternal salvation. That's love, folks, not hate! The same holds for the Muslim, the Hindu, the Buddhist, the New Ager, the Agnostic and the Atheist.

   Let us pray that the Protestants will realize in this film that the only complete re-enactment of what they are seeing on the screen is carried out fully and exclusively in the unbloody propitiatory sacrifice on the altars of the Latin Mass where the true Holy Sacrifice of the Mass takes place. It is divinely ordained and nothing can trump this worship so pleasing to God, especially a synthetic, fabricated liturgy that seeks to please and entertain man first and foremost.

   Let us pray that Catholics everywhere will clamor for the return of the Latin Mass and that more will be made aware that the Latin Mass was never and can never be abrogated and that any bishop forbidding it is standing against the Church and God, and has, in the words of the holy Supreme Pontiff Saint Pius V, incurred "the wrath of Almighty God and the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul."

   Let us pray that concerned Catholics, realizing this, will storm the chanceries and demand the bishops toe the mark and tell the truth. No dogma, no dollars!

   Let us pray, though it could well take a miracle, that when the Bishops convene in Rome in October of 2005 for the Eucharistic Synod either with this pope presiding or his successor, that they will, as one, elect to return the treasured Mass of the Catechumens and Mass of the Faithful unsullied over the centuries in order to restore order and to effect fruits which have so long lain barren lo these last 40 years. It is time to transfer the seed to good ground.

   For these intentions, we again entreat our readers to join us in a nine-day Novena of Daily Rosaries, begun yesterday in the nine-day countdown to Ash Wednesday for the success of the film; not at the box office, though Mel deserves it, but in conversion of hearts - "the conversion of sinners and the freedom and exaltation of Holy Mother the Church" as Traditional Catholics pray after every Holy Mass.

   We have the players. As you can see, the similarities are uncanny. Now let us pray there will be fewer Judases and more Nicodemuses and Joseph of Arimatheas, less doubting Thomases and more St. John the Evangelists, less souls denying Christ as Peter did before the Crucifixion and more Peters of post-Pentecost times courageously proclaiming the Word. We are all like Peter, sinners. Mel has emphasized this at every turn. He has consistently emphasized that this film is not about blame, for he readily admits his own guilt first and foremost in the death of Christ through his sins. Each shares that guilt through Original Sin. Let's be man enough to admit it and move on for Mel's purpose is to show what the story of the Passion is really all about: faith, hope, charity and forgiveness. That is why Christ died for us!

   Let us pray the Passion will transfer from the screen the Truths of the Word to every heart! Let us pray there will be fewer Sauls and more Pauls among our Jewish brethren. That is Mel's goal and should be every Catholic's in prayer and action - a fervor for saving souls. For the sake of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary we pray for The Passion and Conversion of Hearts!

Michael Cain, editor

    For past CATHOLIC PewPOINT editorials, see 2004ed.htm Archives
    February 17, 2004
    vol 15, no. 48