February 19, 2004
vol 15, no. 50

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How the sly fox Abe Foxman is hounding the Romans, trying to stir up the frenzy of the people over something that doesn't even exist except in the mind of the perpetrators. He is desperately trying to stifle the Truth Mel Gibson is endeavoring to convey on film.

   It's official. Abraham Foxman is a bonafide liar!

   Less than 24 hours after stating one thing on national TV, he has said just the opposite. A little background first: when asked by ABC whether Mel Gibson or his film were anti-Semitic this is exactly what he said:

    "No, Mel Gibson is not an anti-Semite and I do not believe it's an anti-Semitic movie."

Wow! This from the man who, prior to that very question, posed a 180 degree stance that it was anti-Semitic. Oh, and where did the anti-Semitic smokescreen begin? Why, of course, with Foxman, head of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) which encompasses every liberal cause and abhors conservative ones. It has nothing to do with religion but everything to do with politics and agendas. Aided and abetted by Rabbi Marvin Hier on the Left Coast, head of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and the scurrilous scribe Frank Rich of the notorious deceitful New York Times they have single-handedly blown the whole anti-Semite accusation out of proportion. With a match right out of hell they have ignited the bonfire that has raged out of control and then, like the modus operandi of any liberal arsonist, they wash their hands of any responsibility feigning ignorance how such an idea even started as the casualties mount up from their nefarious 'damage control.'

   Sound familiar? It is the liberal manifesto, the progressivist manifesto, the Modernist manifesto, and yes, the Vatican Two manifesto. Ah, yes, Vatican Two. You just knew they would come into play but few expected it in the way it is playing out. It's a given that John Paul II and his people caved on the "it is as it was" thumbs-up comment immediately after meeting with the chief Rabbis of Israel in the Vatican for an ecumaniacal concert. I actually thought it was humorous how the principles from the Pope's Polish secretary Archbishop Stanislaw Dziwisz to Vatican spokesman Dr. Joaquín Navarro-Valls tripped all over themselves after being caught in the tall grass of the canard. After all, we have come to expect doublespeak from the VaticantwoArians. That's because they have lied so often they have forgotten what truth is.

   Now the interesting part. Guess where Foxman showed up on Tuesday? You got it. The Vatican. Why? To plead for the Vatican to continue the sham begun at Vatican II that veered away from the True Church from the first Pope Saint Peter through the last Traditional Supreme Pontiff Pope Pius XII, a man Foxman and his Sanhedrin cohorts have tried to vilify as not doing enough to help the Jews during World War II, where, in truth, as has been documented by countless Jews in personal testimony that he went far beyond the call of duty. Yet that is never good enough to those who have no intention of absolving the good Papa Pacelli. So also with the latest bump in their road toward the One World Order, manufactured from the beginning by the Zionist-run Illuminati. Mel Gibson, an internationally known and most popular Hollywood icon now threatens to unmask the pretenders and deceivers by displaying on film the very Truth that they so fear: the Truths of the New Covenant and the Truths that "Indeed this was the Son of God"(Matthew 27: 54).

   So here is Foxman barging into the Apostolic Palace, literally pleading with the Pope and his minions in miters to do something. In my editorial Tuesday The Passion and Conversion of Hearts I assimilated Hier with the high priest Annas, Foxman with the chief priest Caiphas, and the Roman Pontius Pilate to John Paul II. Did anyone underestimate how right on I was? Just as Caiphas sought to cajole Pilate into condemning Christ so also Foxman has gone directly to the Roman 'governor.'

   Now is this not the same man who admitted Monday night to millions about 'The Passion of The Christ' that it was not anti-Semitic? Here is what the Catholic News Service and Reuters News Service reported yesterday as to what Foxman said about Gibson, behind his back, of course: "He is marketing this film as the Gospel truth, the historic truth in a way contrary to the teachings of the Second Vatican Council and church guidelines on the presentation of the Passion." Yep, ol Caiphas said it.

   And he played the typical card every liberal resorts to when they are losing badly, "we have all been betrayed." Betrayed? Was that not Christ by Judas? Just as satan mocks, so also Foxman is being used by the evil one to twist it in the following manner:

    "He said he wanted to use the opportunity to express his concerns about Mel Gibson's film and to seek a Vatican statement about it.

    "I'm reaching out to the Catholic Church and saying, 'It's time for you to step up to the plate. Mr. Gibson is challenging your teaching.'"

   Yep, that's exactly what the modern Caiphas said, folks. Here he is, trying to tell the Vatican what is Catholic and what is not. But then modern Rome is used to that for ever since the Council began in 1962 the Catholic hierarchy has been listening to everyone but true Catholics. That, folks, is documented. No wonder the New Order is so messed up, so lost.

   To these witless wonders of the New Order Foxman has turned in desperation trying to keep the embers hot. He, Hier and Rich and the liberal media, try as they might, have not been able to halt the swelling tide of enthusiasm for the film and so he has gone to desperate measures. Foxman thinks this will be the coup de grace, but we all know he's playing right into the Holy Ghost's hands through Mel's film. What better forum than to have the enemy expose themselves as the charlatans they are? Mel and every Traditional Catholic could not have hoped for a better scenario than for the Vatican to get caught with their pants down in public. We know that has been happening in private in practically every diocese and covered up so deftly by the Modernists and Masons in miters. But now it is all unraveling. Neo-Catholics are more confused than ever.

   Wait a second. Is that true what Mel said on national TV? He said, "the Latin Mass has never been abrogated." He clarified it for those who may not understand that word such as the clueless Sawyer herself, who replied, "such a big word." Mel responded with emphasis, "it means it was never forbidden." Whoa, how many neo-Catholics caught that? How many will admit they've been lied to by their pastors and bishops? We've been saying this for four years now. Others have been saying it for ten, twenty, thirty, forty years. But none of us have had the forum of national television where tens of millions were watching. Oh, the power of the Sanctifier to use the medium for His ordaining will.

   There are a few who feel Mel blew it when Diane asked him if others can be saved and Mel said sure, it's just that True Catholics have a sure ticket. They felt that was his opening to proclaim the dogma "Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus" which he definitely believes in. However this wasn't the forum for now. Consider that his time was limited and it wasn't the time. He will have more opportunities. Believe me he will. In fact, modern Rome has painted themselves into such a corner that this will come front and center sooner or later. Mel is smart, as cunning as a serpent, and as guileless as a dove (cf. Matthew 10: 16).

   What did bother me however was what ABC A-B rolled over Sawyer's explanation of the Traditional Catholicism ways Mel practiced. While the aerial shot of the church in Malibu was most probably the one Mel has built, the rest of the footage the network shot was of a Novus Ordo service where, though it was reverent and the church truly beautiful (some say it was St. Ann's in New York that is being demolished to make way for a Post Office! Typical of the New Order!) it was not Mel's church. The give-away was not only in the vestments, but in the absence of mantillas and veils on the women, sloppy jeans-wearing people standing slovenly while holding out their grimy hands for the host rather than kneeling at the communion rail. Yet few would realize that since Sawyer's subject matter which she was speaking over the film was about Traditional Catholic ways; not what was on the tube. Was it ignorance of true Catholicism or deliberate on ABC's part? Good question that we may never find out. Yet, considering it was the anti-Catholic network ABC whose parent company Disney have put out so much trash under the watch of the Fuhrer of filth Michael Eisner, I wouldn't put it past them to deceive and sabotage. After all, along with CBS, ABC has been among the most vocal in keeping the whole anti-Semitic tag alive.

   But none have sought to keep stoking the fires of controversy more than Foxman. It reminds me of the pathetic images of John Paul II at the Holocaust museum Yad Vashem in Jerusalem on March 23, 2000 humped over the burning fire poking at the coals solely as if he, on behalf of the Roman Church, were responsible for the Holocaust in Germany. Ah, do you get the irony? Who killed the Jews? We all know it was the Nazis and the maniacal satanist Adolf Hitler as Gibson so clearly related Monday night, but if we harken back to that day during the Jubilee year you had to be as pained as I to see this old pope shuffling across the stone all but selling out the entire Church in asking forgiveness for what the Church caused. No, it wasn't the Church for She cannot sin. It was men in the Church and men outside the Church and men of Jewish descent as well who share the guilt for the killing of Jews over the centuries. But to hear ol' Abe, it seems as if Jews were the only ones persecuted or killed. That's what he wants to convey. As I have said before, the ADL relishes hoarding the holocaust, playing the poor victim so they can collect unjust rewards from others through assessing guilt. To share the Shoah one must admit guilt. Only the guilty fall for this ruse and cave. The innocent take it, even turn the other cheek, but never compromise. That is verified in the thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands, perhaps millions of martyrs for the Faith from the beheading of Saint John the Baptist to St. Maximilian Mary Kolbe giving up his life for a Jewish family man in Auschwitz. Yet Foxman and Hier don't want to recognize that. But they do want to keep the guilt alive so they have once again sought the Roman 'governor's ear to convince him that he must do as they want, not what God wants.

   I wrote in my editorial Tuesday about the heretical book being pawned by the USCCB. Now we know who put them up to this effrontery. Foxman himself as he admitted to Cindy Wooden of Catholic News Service, one of the puppet mouthpieces for the Bishops. "Foxman said the Anti-Defamation League was urging bishops' conferences around the world to repeat the council's teaching and to point out that 'The Passion of the Christ' is 'Mr. Gibson's version of the Gospel, not the Gospel version.'"

   Huh? What does the sly ol' fox think is the Gospel version? Well, according to him "For almost 2,000 years four words - 'The Jews killed Christ' - were the rationale for anti-Semitism." That, folks, is a lie and totally deceptive. Many Supreme Pontiffs of the past have specifically addressed that as fallacy. And Mel himself, during the interview with Sawyer went to great lengths to explain true Catholic teaching and what he believes - what he must believe. He emphasized that must part often. "To be anti-Semitic is un-Christian. I cannot be a Catholic and be anti-Semitic," Gibson assured Sawyer. "Anti-Semitism is a sin that goes against the tenets of my Faith." And that is the Faith that has been taught in its fullness from Peter through Pius XII. When asked pointedly by Sawyer 'who killed Jesus?' Mel didn't blink. "The big answer is, we all did. I'll be the first in the culpability stakes here."

   Mel really hit the nail on the head, and I don't mean just his hand - which, as he said he used his left hand, the sinistra in Italian from which is derived the word 'sinister' - literally being the one that nailed the spikes into Christ's hand, but on what the critics are really assailing. "Critics who have a problem with me don't really have a problem with me in this film. They have a problem with the four Gospels. That's where their problem is." Bingo. And this is what the VaticantwoArians have compromised with their heretical documents claiming the Jews wait for the Messiah has not been in vain and that the Old Covenant is still valid. For documentation that this is truly anathema as the Apostle Paul affirmed and warned in Galatians 1: 8-10, see Anathemas as part VI of Atila Sinke Guimarães's thorough review of the whole heretical agenda of the New Order on the Jewish issue, entitled "The Biblical Commission on the Jews: Changes in Doctrine and New Anathemas." The entire treatise can be found in our series Defending Catholic Truth and Tradition.

   Even though the President of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications Archbishop John Foley, who actually endorsed the film wholeheartedly, met with Foxman to allay his fears, that was not ol' Abe's agenda. He doesn't want to allay them, he wants to incite them. Can't anyone else see that? It is Foxman who is keeping this bonfire alive even though countless Jews, including leading rabbis have attested that the film doesn't convey in the least any hints of anti-Semitism. Evil is in the eye of the beholder and just as the asexual evil one slithers in and out of scenes in the movie, so also Foxman slithers in and out of sound-bytes and press opportunities leaving the lie linger where doubt sets in. Ah, just as he intended. And then he moves on to spread more venom while feigning the innocent victim. Begone, satan!

   Here is how he so deftly insinuates as recorded by Philip Pullella of Reuters. "Foxman says, 'it is the old, medieval, classical interpretation of deicide which blames the Jews and it will be seen by millions of viewers." There, he has planted a thought and allows it to ferment. This, of course is what the modern Romans want to hear for any degradation of anything 'medieval' is fine with them for they associate 'medieval' with Trent - even though the Council of Trent was half a century after the discovery of America. I doubt America was ever considered medieval. At least I never saw Knights of old riding around the old west, but then I was never unfortunate enough to have revisionist history shoved down my curriculum. I guess you might say I was born with the silver spoon of True Catholicism in my mouth and heart. Deo Gratias!

   Foxman then got to the crux of why he hates Gibson's depiction of the Gospels' Via Crucis. "I would hope that the Vatican and the Catholic church would stand up to defend its teachings because in fact what the film is an interpretation that challenges what the Church has been teaching for the past 40 years." Ah, there's the rub: "the past 40 years." Foxman assumes this will prompt the modern Romans to march to his drum and well they might because they so totally lack any moral or theological backbone, but if they were smart they would realize that Mel has so wonderfully set the trap and Foxman is unknowingly aiding Gibson and True Catholicism by exposing the anathema of Vatican II.

   Now what do the modern Romans do? Do they fall in line with the ecumaniacal order and bow to Foxman's demands or do they, as is their custom, try to straddle the fence for one reason and one reason only: not to give themselves away? A dilemma to be sure.

   Right now the church of the New Order, its synthetic girders buckling and crumbling, is out on the highwire and Foxman has not even guaranteed a net. Instead he demands, "If the Church reminds those viewers of its interpretation of history, its interpretation of the Gospel, its understanding of Biblical will act in a large measure to inoculate against the possibility of anti-Semitism." Will it really? Not on your life because, folks, the truth is any anti-Semitism that has resulted from this controversy is not coming from the film but from the dumb, obstinate Jew who has embarrassed his fellow Jewish constituents. Read Rabbi Daniel Lapin's brilliant feature on this in our countdown series Mel owes one to the Jews for verification of this.

   Now won't it be interesting if the Vatitoucan pokes its beak into more anathemas by caving to Foxman's latest exigency. Especially when they have 'officially' gone on record as saying they would not pass any public judgment on the film or controversy. I quite suspect that the bogus book the USCCB is promoting has the stamp of approval, unofficially, of course wink, wink, from the highest echelons of Vatican City. Multiply that by the other episcopal conferences around the world and, well, the dirty work is done and Foxman is appeased. Yes, Caiphas breathed easier once the Nazarene expired on the Cross.

   The foxy one, after meeting with Foley, expressed that he 'appreciated the fact that many Vatican officials and other Christian leaders felt the film cast the blame for Christ's death on all human beings and on their sins. But many Jews experience the film differently,' he said."

   Ah there we go again. The great 'but' which Foxman has turned into an art. Consider if you will, as Sawyer stated Monday night, that in the United States, of which a fourth of the population is Catholic, there are 2% Jewish representation. I'll repeat that. 2% of the population is Jewish. At least 25% are Catholic, or at least call themselves 'Catholic', making up the largest contingent of any one religion in America.
Another fact that seems to fly below the radar is that Traditional Catholics can easily match the Jews in percentage so, how about equal time, Caiphas and Pilate? That brings up another point. Sawyer related that only 1% of the population is Muslim. Then why do we have to all of a sudden be so tolerant of their pagan faith? And what do you think the percentage of sodomites are? You guessed it: 2%. Yet you would think half the country is 'gay' from the media and lobbyists whom the politicians and prelates are kowtowing towards for they dare not lose those valuable votes or stipends. Puh-lease! For the life of me, I cannot see why those in authority are afraid of the sodomites or the pro-aborts or the Jewish bloc or the Muslim muscle. We've been wimped down and dumbed down to cave to the loudmouths, the demanders who, truth be known, haven't got a leg to stand on. Servants do, but not serpents.

   The true servants of Christ, those who uncompromisingly cling to the tenets of the True Faith, better start realizing the clout they have if they would just start exercising their God-given rights to practice the Faith of our forefathers. The actions of the SSPX in Grand Rapids is such an example of asserting that right and standing up for Christ when He is assailed by pagans. Now we have a golden opportunity staring us in the face thanks to Mel Gibson and his masterpiece and, though the enemies of Christ do not realize it, the needless noise being made by the modern Caiphas and the helpless Pilate of our day.

   Foxman wants Mel to put a disclaimer at the end of his film that the two-hour emotionally-packed drama they had just witnessed and felt in the depths of their souls, was not anti-Semitic. Mel has said a flat-out no to such a trick like that for it would be akin to him admitting that there might be a hint of anti-Jewish sentiment in his film. Of course there is not and so why should Gibson include something that isn't there? Stands to reason for any person of logic. But then, did we mention that Foxman defies logic?

   As Brent Bozell, President of Media Research Center, wrote in his column yesterday,"Our cultural elites are worried not about how the film is 'anti,' but how the film is 'pro.' They know this film has the potential to light a fire under traditional Christianity in America and around the world." And that is exactly what has the church of the New Order quaking in their ecumenical slippers because one little push and countless neo-Catholics are going to wake up. Mel has said one of the purposes of his film is to push them to the edge. Let's hope we're prepared enough to soften their fall and help them up, to join the swelling ranks of Traditional Catholics. The fact of the matter is that the whole foundation of the Vatican II church is a house of cards. Just a few firm nudges and like brittle dominoes they will tumble. On your knees. Get ready. Get set. Let's push!

Michael Cain, editor

    February 19, 2004
    vol 15, no. 50
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