2006 UGLIES HALL OF SHAME (uglies06.htm)

May 29, 2006
vol 17, no. 136

2006 UGLIES Presentations

    The readers have cast their votes and now finally it is time to reveal whom you chose. Like the past two years, we have taken the top ten in various categories as the most Unprincipled Garrulous Liberal Idiot Embracing Sin (UGLIES). The whole purpose of the UGLIES is to expose sin for what it is: UGLY, and to discredit those who tolerate it and who seek to perpetuate tolerance by accepting what is unacceptable to God and therefore must be to us as well. Thus the third annual UGLIES awards are meant to expose the persistent sins of these fools so that the sheep might be aware of those promoting the world, the flesh and the devil. Since the modern shepherds have failed miserably, revealing themselves as wolves and hirelings, this is our tongue-in-cheek way to bring to everyone's attention how the world, the flesh and the devil are suffocating the sheep as we present the 2006 Losers!

2006 Inductees into the UGLIES Hall of Shame

Click on the picture of each inductee to see a brief rationale on why they were chosen

  This year the "I don't need the Church to tell me I'm going to hell" category wasn't even close. TED KENNEDY won in a rout. Surprisingly, he hadn't garnered enough votes until the third year of the UGLIES, but considering last year's loser Gavin Newsom for Sodom-by-the-Bay and 2004's candidate for President John Kerry it is understandable unsteady Teddy didn't get his due recognition until this year, but he has done much to earn his UGLIES: from pushing for same-sex marriage to championing the the demands of the queers, Kennedy was abhorred by one and all who understand the abomination of sodomy. To add insult to injury, the youngest brother of the notorious Kennedy clan of the sixties - yes, that time of revolution - made a total fool of himself as a filibuster and he has plenty of girth to fill. Add to this the hypocrisy of his promoting late-term abortions while out of the same side of his jaw touting the freedoms of illegal aliens and doing all he can to undermine military efforts worldwide. No wonder he received so many votes. One would have to call him "Teflon Teddy" because he gets away with murder, literally, and no one will do a thing about it. God will and Teddy's time is coming so put him at the top of the list because few need prayers more. Others receiving substantial votes were Senator James Durbin, Mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin, Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm. Also receiving more than his share of votes was Bill Frist for his flip-flop on stem-cell research. Finally, Rick Santorum better be careful for he is gaining more votes each year.

  In the "Open Mouth, Insert Foot!" Award, the movie Brokeback Mountain offended most with its director ANG LEE getting the nod for an UGLIES because he dared to promote the vile anti-family sodomite film as a "love story." Puhleaase! The very same ones who later promoted The Da Vinci Code teamed to promote Brokeback Mountain as a family film. They dared to present it such to middle America and middle America would have nothing to do with such perversion and filth. What redeeming value is there for a film that destroys two families for the sake of a perverted relationship where sodomy is elevated to the heights of morality and anyone criticizing or badmouthing this trash is considered a hate-monger, a homophobe and to be dealt with through politically correct indoctrination as they are doing in the public school systems thanks to the greatly infected liberal body known as the NEA - National Education Association which could be a bed partner with the ACLU for they are both perverted and beyond resuscitation. We still do not know one soul who has seen this film, but then we travel in traditional circles and try to stay clear of those testing the waters for the absurd, and the story line we have read is truly absurd as is the entire agenda of those intent on justifying a sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance. How could this Taiwanese director bore so many with films like Eat Drink Man Woman, The Wedding Banquet, The Ice Storm, and that real clunker that defied imagination and gravity, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Drag -on and on and on. If anyone understood the latter, let us know. On second thought, don't bother it's not worth it and Lee's work isn't worth the celluloid it's imbedded on. To reach the status he has, souls were definitely sold and only God knows how many. But even one is enough to say "Enough!" Ang Lee is angling for a prime perch in hell whether he knows it or not. The winner of last year's award for this category Abe Foxman received his share of votes once again, as did Pat Robertson who has a penchant for putting his foot in his mouth. Plenty of conciliar potentates were also nominated for this category, but those votes were transferred to the igNOMinious gNOMes Awards which will be announced later this week. Others receiving hundreds of votes were so-called celebrities on various Reality Shows such as Oprah Winfrey, Simon Cowell, Donald Trump, Martha Stewart, Paula Abdul, Survivor, Dr. Phil McCraw, Paris Hilton, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Prince, Mick Jagger and Vince McMahon to name a few.

  This year's category of "Catholic-bashing 'Comedians' once Catholic" was close. The actual winner was last year's loser blaspheming Bill Maher, but since he already has been enshrined into the Hall of Shame, we had to pick the next receiving the most votes and those went to the creators of "South Park" TREY PARKER and MATT STONE. The latter is proof that mixed marriages do not work for his father was Catholic, his mother Jewish and he has turned into an agnostic. Their installation into the Hall of Shame was warranted for their filthy betrayal of Mel Gibson in mocking his movie The Passion of The Christ and for their ultra-controversial episode that New Zealand and Australia refused to air called "Bloody Mary" in which they obscenely blasphemed the Blessed Virgin Mary. They have no shame but now they have a Hall to realize they should truly be ashamed of their sacrilegious agenda. They claim nothing is sacred and no one is exempt, but they lie about that, refusing to lambast Mohammed but reserving their greatest mockery of Jesus Christ. Howard Stern again received plenty of votes, but like Maher, he's already firmly entrenched in the Hall of Shame. Michael Moore received more votes than last year, but so did Penn Teller and Ellen DeGeneres and Rosie O'Donnell as well a covey of comedians from Will Farrell to Rob Schneider to Jon Stewart to Larry David to the cast of Saturday Night Live and Comedy Central. We must admit there were many comedians and comediennes we had never heard of...and hope to keep it that way for there is nothing funny in mocking God.

  The winner this year might surprise many, but the one garnering the second most votes among the "Talking Air Heads" category was BILL O'REILLY of FOX News. Like in the comedians category, the one receiving the most votes this year was again Chris Matthews but he's already in the Hall of Shame so O'Reilly got the bid. The number of votes indicates ol' Bill has gotten too big for his britches. Supposedly the crusader to keep Christmas Christian, it would seem that any talk of patronizing Christians is just a facade for the pompous O'Reilly has numerous times publicly said he has no problem with people sinning in their own homes when referring to homosexuality. He blatantly condones sins of every kind except political ones, saying "I have no problem with that." Well, God does and so do those who voted for him. To compound the matter he claims he is Catholic, but his 'catholicity' is liberally bent, which is interesting for a right-winger which O'Reilly will be the first to deny. Several of his cohorts received votes, all promoting Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. Katie Couric was up there again, but ineligible, but Rush Limbaugh gained votes this year as did Sean Hannity and Keith Olberman among the talking heads on the networks and cable. William Donoghue brought in a surprising number of votes as he rants on about only those things which have great visibility but won't say boo against true desecration of Christ's consecrated churches such as St. Ann's and other churches being closed by the Lavender Mafia in New York, Boston, San Francisco and other major cities. He has, in essence, become a spokesman for the USCCB which also has received an UGLIES this year.

  This year's "Chief Wizard of the One-World New Order Agenda" category was close - nip and tuck right until deadline. Though Kofi Annan received his share, he was, of course, ineligible since he too is already in the Hall of Shame. The one edging ahead of the others was Iran's President MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD who barely beat out Abu-Musab al-Zarqawi of Al Qaeda in Iraq, North Korea's President Kim Jong II, Israel's comatose Ariel Sharon, President George W. Bush, Brazil's President Luiz Lula da Silva, Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez, Russia's Soviet President Vladimir Putin, Mexico's President Vincente Fox, and Canada's Bob Ferguson who quite a few readers from north of the border flooded us with. Those not familiar with Mr. Ferguson, he is the one who promoted the idea that the Church should take orders from the state and that women should be ordained regardless of celibacy, and that, like engineers, every priest or bishop must pass muster with the godless state and not speak out against sodomy. Yes, that Bob Ferguson. Needless to say, there might not be much difference from what the modern hierarchs in Canada are presently doing to what they would be forced to do, that's how bad things are in mounty land. But they are much worse in Iran and that is where the major threat lies as most voters recognized in choosing Ahmadinejad. Most just said "the President of Iran" because they couldn't spell, let alone pronounce his name, but many fear it is the rebirth of Adolph Hitler and this fear has been borne out by his recent declarlation that Jews, Christians and Orthodox must begin wearing badges or insignia to identify them as such. Yes, history does repeat and Iran is the greatest threat today, especially wit hour troops right next door and becoming demoralized in Iraq. Many suspect Armaggeddon is right around the corner. The signs are there, but few realize it.

  It was no surprise that the winner in the "Evil portrayed as Good, Good now depicted as evil" award would go to either The Da Vinci Code or Brokeback Mountain. True to the numbers, the former won out with an overwhelming number nominating RON HOWARD and TOM HANKS as well as DAN BROWN in that order. One would think Brown would have received more votes, but Howard has a bigger name since so many remember Opie from the wholesome Andy Griffith Show and Richie Cunningham from the less wholesome Happy Days. In fact, Howard best represents what has happened to innocence. It has been tainted and compromised and his life is a compendium of the revolution of the sixties. Hanks started out on Bosom Buddies and showed he had no regard for Christian values by portraying a sodomite with AIDS in Philadelphia. Brown has already shown he has no ethics, being guilty of plagiarism - the mortal sin of literaries - but the evidence wasn't conclusive enough to convict him, but in the court of public opinion Brown is guilty not only of that, but of fabricating a massive lie that he will have to answer to God for. And speaking of answering to God, Brokeback Mountain received its share but those went to Ang Lee above. Thus The Da Vinci Code was the hands-down choice for the UGLIES, spread out over the three above. Sony Corporation also garnered quite a few votes as the Japanese-Jewish Connection to further bash Christian values and Jesus Christ, the Son of God because Jewish interests played a big part in pushing the blasphemy of The Da Vinci Code with Brian Grazer, a Jew, producing the film, Akiva Goldsman, a Jew, doing the screenplay, and Columbia Pictures releasing the film, headed by, you guessed it, Amy Pascal, a Jew. Oh, did we mention the head of Sony in America is Howard Stringer, a Jew? And that Sony bought out MGM, Columbia and United Artists in the late 80's and made Stringer head honcho, the same Stringer who was the former pres of CBS. Other networks have fallen in rote in praising The Da Vinci Code and one has to wonder if their Jewish heads have anything to do with the unusual promotion; such luminaries as Jeff Zukor at NBC who promoted the senseless Book of Daniel; or Michael Eisner of ABC who single-handedly wiped the family aspect out of Disney; or another Jew as head of CBS Sumner Redstone. Add to that the Jewish interests behind the major media publications such as Time, Newsweek, New York Times, Boston Globe, and Washington Post not to mention the Los Angeles Times. No wonder last year's Hall of Shamer Abe Foxman has been so quiet since attacking the New Testament as "hate speech"; his fellow Zionists are doing the hatchet jobs for him!

  The final category was inevitable: In the "Real Terrorist Organization." While last year the U.S. Judicial Tyranny brought home the prize for the UGLIES, this year it was the ACLU who claims that dishonor. The American Civil Liberties Union is a misnomer, better its acronym spells out what it really is: The Anti-Christian Luciferian Union for the ACLU has worked overtime to eliminate any remnant in the public venue to Christ or His Cross. While the ACLU looked the other way when they taught Islamism in public schools in California, but came down hard on the panty-waist San Diego City Council, already infiltrated with queers galore, to kick the Boy Scouts out of Balboa Park and not satisfied with that, they coerced the judge to declare Mt. Soledad's Memorial Cross must come down. Is that the last straw? We'll see for many rallying to stop the ACLU's demonic agenda for it is anything but libertarian today and definitely not civil. Heck, it's not even American and the problem is it's one of those many-headed monsters where one person cannot be held accountable but behind the scenes? Well, it could be the same very operatives we spoke of regarding Sony above. No one should be surprised if it is for no matter how small a minority might be today, the vox populi means nothing as the ACLU has pressured one judge after another to over-rule votes of the populace, especially regarding abortion and same-sex marriages. The ACLU was formed as a communist front whose goal was to undermine American culture, morals, religion and values, and remains as such, yet more powerful today as it willingly plays right into the hands of the enemies of the state. The ACLU is definitely a cancer that must be eradicated, but then considering America's sins, we can't say we don't deserve the punishment. You would think the Jews would have learned this lesson long ago, but today they continue to bash Christ and coerce religious leaders into pandering to their paranoias, including Joseph Ratzinger who Sunday in an unscheduled, but highly-covered even media-wise, visited Auschwitz where many Jews did die, but so did many, many, many Catholics. It's time the Jews owned up to the fact that they do not have a monopoly on suffering and that true Catholics will continue to pray for the conversion of the perfidious Jews who continue to reject the Son of God. Anathema sit. What is needed in Hollywood, in the media, and in the hearts of men, is a balance and the return to the only government that will succeed - that founded upon the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ! Others receiving votes were FEMA, the U.S. House and Senate, the Supreme Court, Ninth District Court of Appeals, California Democrats, the TV Reality Show phenomena, OPEC and, yes, the USCCB. All (un)worthy runner-ups to the ACLU for an UGLIES.