2005 UGLIES HALL OF SHAME (uglies05.htm)

April 27, 2005
vol 16, no. 117

2005 UGLIES Presentations

    The readers have cast their votes and now it is time to reveal whom you chose. Like last year, we have taken the top five in various categories as the most Unprincipled Garrulous Liberal Idiot Embracing Sin (UGLIES). The whole purpose of the UGLIES is to expose sin for what it is: UGLY, and to discredit those who tolerate it and who seek to perpetuate tolerance by accepting what is unacceptable to God and therefore must be to us as well. It is appropriate that they be presented on the Feast of the holy Doctor of the Church St. Peter Canisius for this Dutch roto-rooter drove out sin and heresy by always uncompromisingly speaking the truth. Thus the second annual UGLIES awards are meant to expose the persistent sin of these fools so that the sheep might be aware of those promoting the world, the flesh and the devil. Since our modern shepherds have failed us, this is our tongue-in-cheek way to bring it to everyone's attention as we present the 2005 Losers!

2005 Inductees into the UGLIES Hall of Shame

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2004 Charter Members of the UGLIES Hall of Shame


  The "I don't need the Church to tell me I'm going to hell" category was closer than we thought it would be and there was a darkhorse who came out of this the winner, or should we say in this case - the LOSER. That would be San Francisco Mayor GAVIN NEWSOM, a supposed Catholic who has constantly spurned God and His Laws, not to mention Church Doctrine and common decency and morals by consistently flaunting sodomite unions at God and the people. Surely he knows it is one of the four sins which cries to Heaven for vengeance, yet he persists in his own sin and accommodating others in their sins, causing great scandal. A well-deserved award for so failing to use his talents to serve God. Instead he has chosen mammon. Newsom picked up steam in the late weeks to overtake Senator John Kerry whose votes were split by Senator Ted Kennedy in third and Kerry's outrageous wife Theresa Heinz-Kerry. Coming in a close fifth was Governor Kathleen Sebelius who should have received more votes. We were surprised that Governor Jennifer Granholm did not receive as many votes as last year. She hadn't changed her tune of promoting abortion. Are the voters getting soft?

  In the "Open Mouth, Insert Foot!" Award, one of last year's runners-up easily cleared the hurdle this year to take home the honors as the most obnoxious. In fact, he was a runaway winner. That would be ADL head Abe Foxman. While he finished behind Andy Rooney and Frank Rich last year, mainly because of their stronger rants against Mel Gibson, that furor died down without any of the apocalyptic doom Zion's leaders and liberal media had predicted. But it didn't stop ol' Abe from continuing the rants. Instead of graciously scraping the egg off their faces, Foxman turned his barrels on Pope Pius XII again as the lonely illogical voice. Yet the modern Vatican was intimidated by this man and gave him a platform to speak against His Holiness despite all the proofs provided that Pius went above and beyond anything that was expected of anyone - let alone a Sovereign Pontiff - who chose to truly be a "servant to the servants of God." Foxman also garnered votes for his lambasts against modern Rome at Yassir Arafat's death. In other words, open mouth, insert foot. Foxman fits that to a tee!

  This year's category of "Catholic-bashing 'Comedians' once Catholic" was no contest. Blaspheming Bill Maher won it in a route. The elections quite possibly were what brought this foul-mouthed one to the public's eye, but considering his snipes - mean-spirited snipes, no less - against anything Catholic, he fully deserves the Hall of Shame. That snide sneer won't be so fun-loving when he someday wakes to reality that he has caused great harm to souls and the fragile psyche of the young who think this man has any intelligence whatsoever. Pray for him for he is a bitter man who hides behind his attacks against all that is decent. Michael Moore received a few votes, but that is surprising in that this is the comedian category and Moore has never been funny. Neither has the even fouler-mouthed Chris Rock or Howard Stern who garnered the regular number of votes, most likely by fans of the latter for we received some pretty nasty notes usually accompanied by a vote for Stern. What is it with that guy? What is it with any of these so-called comedians today who have to resort to gutter garbage and the profane to be funny? It's not funny, it's tragic!

  We received enough to create a category called "Talking Air-heads" which incorporated all the talking heads on the networks and cable. This one was close and, in fairness, we have provided the network winner NBC's Katie Couric and the cable winner Chris Matthews of MSNBC. The Peacock sweeps. They beat out the likes of Dan Rather, Al Franken, Janeen Garafolo, Bill O'Reilly, Andy Rooney, Alan Colmes, Tim Russert, Tom Brokau, Rush Limbaugh, Cokie Roberts, Sean Hannity, and even a few votes for Pat Buchanan and William Donoghue Opinions were even enclosed. The one for Donoghue was short and sweet: "Where did this guy learn the Faith?" As for the others, there were several who claim to be 'Catholic' but are obviously 'cafeteria Catholics' such as Matthews. His nomination was duly justified by the voters for even after the close of the voting, he showed how clueless he really is during coverage of proceedings in Rome. Couric was even meaner and just as clueless. To the voters, congratulations on getting this one right.

  This year's "Chief Wizard of the One-World New Order Agenda" category was Kofi Annan's to lose and he didn't. Rather he was the hands-down pick of 3 out of every 5 votes. Osama bin Laden, last year's pick basically dropped off the charts just like he has with most people if he's even still alive. But Annan is and he has no plans of going away and hiding soon, though most would like him to. To that he has responded curtly, "Hell, no!" What he's been doing reminds one of what hell is full of - corruption - for the Secretary General of the United Nations for what seems like forever has been responsible not just for the cover-up and funneling of funds in the food-for-guns program, but has adamantly pushed the pro-abortion platform with a few "you shouldn't do that's" from the modern Vatican without any clout behind them because Annan knows that modern Rome is just a toothless, paper tiger. That's one reason the UN has been able to usurp the Church as the international authority. We have Paul VI and John Paul II to thank for that surrender.

  In our "Who's Kidding Who?" or "Evil portrayed as Good, Good now depicted as evil" Category, the voters were all over this one. It was team effort beginning with Michael Schiavo, the shifty, shafting estranged adulterer and faithless husband of Therese Marie Kathleen Schindler-Schiavo who finally won his long battle to kill her. Of course, he needed help to do this under cover of the law and broad daylight and who better to call in than euthanasia enthusiast George Felos who stacked the deck with propaganda and false reports. Of course, one still needed a compromised judge to carry this all off - even in the face of the United States Congress and the vox populi, not to mention the Governor of Florida and an overwhelming pro-life majority. Didn't matter with Judge George Greer sitting on the bench! Thus we present the "legion of death" squad as a trio. They deserve each other and the readers could see this with their votes which ended with Michael Schiavo in a route and Felos and Greer in a dead heat, no pun intended...or was it?!

  The final category was inevitable: In the "Real Terrorist Organization" it was a close race between the modern church and the eventual winner U.S. Judicial Tyranny. The latter won handily, aided by the Schiavo fiasco which exposed how bad our judicial system has become when judges conspire to keep out evidence for fear of upsetting the apple-cart of their fellow black robed ones. The face Congress right now is embroiled in a filibuster by the agents of the culture of death - namely the Democratic Party - shows all the more the need to wrest the unbalance of power that the unelected ones have grabbed and balance it as it should be. There is something very wrong when a Supreme Court Judge (Judge Antonin Scalia - one of the few good judges in the land) has the integrity to recuse himself just because he affiliated with someone totally above board outside the court, yet a sitting judge is taking campaign contributions from one of the lawyers in his court and there is no conflict of interest? The liberals are quick to look the other way, but when a judge seeks to uphold the Ten Commandments, he's sent packing while the bad ones continue on behind their life-long tenure. Time for reform big time to stop the Judicial Tyranny.

    2005 UGLIES Hall of Shame
    April 27, 2005
    Volume 16, no. 117